tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Auditor Shows Her Assets Ch. 06

Shy Auditor Shows Her Assets Ch. 06


As we walked, Tam told me how Meg and she had roomed together all through college. They hit if off right away and totally bonded. They also shared a room on the road. After a big win against UCLA, they were in their room high on adrenalin. They were jumping around and giving each other chest bumps. Tam said they still don't know who made the first move, but they went from bumping to kissing. Soon, they were naked on Meg's bed, doing things to each other they had never done to another woman. As they lay in each other's arms, sweating and breathing hard, Tam asked if they were going to be all right. Meg said she was not sure, but maybe if they did it again it would give them a better idea. So, they did and decided they were definitely going to be all right.

From that night on, they were lovers on a regular basis. They tried to keep it a secret and each went as far as dating guys, even sleeping with them. Tam and Meg admitted they enjoyed sex with guys and a hard cock inside was a great feeling. Then, they would have fantastic sex and soon forget the feeling of cock.

Eventually, their close friends knew what was going on, and soon most of the team and others on campus. It didn't bother them and they were not the only girls on the team who enjoyed girl on girl. Tam estimated that just about everyone tried it at one point or another. She admitted that they invited a third girl into their bed. It was wild but complicated. They kept their three-way as a regular thing until the girl graduated. In their senior year, they were exclusive with each other as far as women, but still screwed guys. They even shared one guy. They liked that, but he got too possessive. They both dreamed of having the perfect relationship with a man who could love them, make love to them and be comfortable with them making love to each other.

Enter Jeb. Meg and Jeb were both playing for pro teams in the same city. They would run into each other at charity events and a couple mixed-sex exhibition games for charity. Tam was playing for another pro team and although she and Meg shared a condo, they only saw each other a couple times a month. Jeb asked Meg out. She talked with Tam and they both agreed it could be fun.

On the second date, they went back to Jeb's penthouse. He told her to make them a drink and excused himself. He returned a few minutes later, totally nude. She took one look at his cock and started stripping. Tam said that Meg told her they did it all night long and he could make it last forever. In the morning her pussy was so sore, she could hardly pee. Jeb took pity on her and ate her to a new climax. After that, Meg was in love.

About a month later, Tam and Meg were enjoying a rare two night stretch in their condo. Meg asked if Jeb could come over.

"For what?" asked Tam.

"For the fucking of both of us," she said.

Jeb arrived to find two tall, beautiful naked women waiting for him. He dropped his clothes, paused while Tam admired his now rock hard cock and then was led into bed for a night of absurd sex with uncountable permutations.

The next day they picked up where they left off. At one point, Jeb's cock was rammed deep in Tam's ass as she buried her face in Meg's crotch. Feeling Meg climax, Tam looked up as Meg watched her face register the climax from the ass fucking. They knew they had found the one guy they dreamed about.

Jeb agreed the three should be a household. He said he wanted to marry both, but that was not possible and would freak out his parents. Tam and Meg agreed Jeb should marry Meg. They would have a solid pact that they were all one, but legally have a marriage. Tam proclaimed there was no jealousy and that sex was fabulous.

I asked if the three were monogamous with each other.

Tam said they were open to occasional flings. Tam had brief affairs with three or four women and one man. In the end, she said, she prefers women, except for Jeb.

"Sweetie, you cannot imagine what that cock feels like inside you."

Meg had a regular on and off thing with a guy she met here at camp. Jeb is straight, but has brought a number of women to their bed for a short period, often one night. He does not want to have sex one on one, but loves sharing with either one or both of his women.

"So, am I the sacrificial virgin tonight?" I asked as we neared the house.

"No shit, are you a virgin?" said Tam with a hint of fear in her voice.

"No," I said, "I am speaking figuratively. Are you bringing me here for an orgy?"

Laughing, Tam said they never consider their lovemaking an orgy. Getting serious, she said that the three of them found her to be extremely attractive. Not only her physical beauty, but her intelligence and shy manner made her desirable to them.

"So," I pushed, "Am I just supposed to fuck all three of you. And, for the record, I have never had sex with a woman before."

Tam slipped her hand into mine, "Before! Ah, that means you are thinking about it. Believe me, Ann, it is better than anything you could ever imagine. I can't say which of us is the better lover, Meg or me, but I can say you will never find another, man or woman, who will lift you as we will."

I could feel my juices starting to escape and run down my thighs. Just recalling how turned on I got with Carey's simple caresses, I could not imagine the ecstasy that Tam promised. My senses were hyper-activated and my brain screamed run. Instead, I squeezed Tam's hand and said, "I guess a hot tub wouldn't hurt."

As we neared the house, Tam called out to a young man jogging. She asked him to go to the guest cabin and tell the others that I would be with Tam and not to worry. He agreed and with a bouncing dick, off he went.

The house was a large log cabin on the lake shore. We entered from the back into the kitchen. I could see Jeb standing a doorway. At first he just seemed to be rocking back and forth, but then Meg's face appeared with her mouth buried in his crotch. Tam and I stared in silence for a second, then she called out.

"Nice welcoming ceremony."

Meg pulled away and Jeb turned to face us. My knees went weak looking at the size of the thing pointing our way.

Jeb just shrugged and smiled and Meg rose and stood in front of him, trying to cover the raging hard-on.

Tam said, "Well, I guess you two were not into waiting."

"Just warming up, actually," said Jeb. He stepped out from behind Meg and came up to Tam. He opened his arms and she settled in for a long hug and a deep kiss. He turned to me and said, "Welcome." He opened his arms and I tentatively stepped into his embrace. The strength of his arms was only matched by the sheer force of his erection pressing against my tummy and reaching up to my navel. We broke and Meg came and hugged me tight.

"We're so glad you joined us, Ann" finishing with a soft kiss on my lips while her hands pulled my butt tight to her.

"Uh, well, I just said a hot tub would feel good," I mumbled.

"Of course," Meg replied. "I meant nothing else."

Jeb had pulled some beers from the fridge and handed them around. His erection did not seem like it was planning to go anywhere and he was totally nonchalant about it.

"Jeb, give Ann a tour of the house, while Tam and I set out some snacks and open up the tub," said Meg. "And, try not to impale her with that thing."

He laughed and said it is what it is and took my hand. He was so at ease with his aroused state that I began to relax a bit, although I sneaked a look at it about every five seconds. He showed me the upstairs bedrooms and the living and dining rooms down stairs. He said there was a man cave and wine cellar down stairs. We ended our tour in the family room with windows opening on to the lake. On the side wall were large French doors leading to a deck. We went out and below saw Tam and Meg pulling the top off the tub. They had already set a bucket of beers, cheese, crackers and salami on plates accented with baskets of crackers and nuts.

As we walked down the stairs, I watched as Meg and Tam fell into each others arms and kissed passionately, their hands free roaming around the other's body.

They sensed us and turned.

"Great game, Ann," said Meg.

"Yeah, except for that steal that made me look like a rook," I answered. "I was a little distracted."

The others laughed. "I know, it's a cheap trick, but usually works on newbies to the game. And, if it's any consolation, I got turned on rubbing up against you."

We finished our first beers, grabbed a second and slipped into the spa. It was now dark and the night air had cooled enough that the warm water felt good.

After a bit of silence enjoying the view of the lake in the moonlight, Tam said, "That was quite a show when we came in."

"Ah, nature has a way of reminding us we are all just base creatures," offered Meg.

"Well, Jeb, is it still being a base creature?" asked Tam.

He stood from the water exposing his still rigid member. Putting her beer on the side, she moved across the water. "Forgive me, Ann, but I just have to get some of this."

I watched with my jaw down to my chest as Tam took most of the huge cock in her mouth. She worked him up and down, licking, sucking and deep throating.

"Jeeze, that is tasty," she proclaimed after taking a break. "Interested, Ann?" She stroked Jeb's hard-on and pointed the tip in my direction.

"Not now," I said softly. "Thank you, though. It is an awesome sight."

Jeb bowed and slid back into the water and Tam repositioned herself next to me. She placed her hand on my knee and gently stroked my thigh, stopping before she reached the Promised Land. Under the water Jeb took my hand and placed it on his cock. I was amazed at the hardness of it and to find Meg's hand joining me as we silently stroked him.

Tam explained to the others what she had told me about their relationship and how she offered me the opportunity to explore. Jeb and Meg nodded in encouragement. She emphasized the point by putting her hand atop mine and we both squeezed the giant.

"Ok, guys, I gotta' say I don't get it," I announced.

"What?" asked Meg.

"I mean you are surrounded by beautiful women, and men, and many of them seem to be open to whatever. Why do you have this interest in me?"

"You are beautiful," replied Tam. Meg and Jeb quickly agreed.

"Ok, I'm not going to debate my own attractiveness, but that still doesn't answer why me."

A look passed among them and finally Meg spoke.

"We all agree you are beautiful," she said. "We all think you are a nice person and, well, let's say a bit on the introverted side."

I snorted and said, "More like fucking socially retarded when it comes to things like walking around nude."

They laughed in agreement.

"So, it's the classic turn the virgin into a slut scenario?" I asked with a hint of hostility.

Meg spoke again. "Ann, I frankly never heard of a classic like that, but, no, we are not trying to turn you into a slut. Nor, do we consider ourselves sluts. We are good people, Ann. We enjoy life and are open to many things, including the pleasures of the flesh. So, to be clear, we are not pressuring you to do anything. You can go or stay. You can participate or watch. It's up to you. Just like right now. We both have our hands on Jeb's hard cock. I suspect that Tam is touching you in some way. You can stop any of this with a word or by leaving."

I thought about what Meg said. I did not make a move and enjoyed the sensation of touching and being touched.

But, as an accountant I keep digging until I get the right answer. "Ok, I understand, but, once again, why me?"

After a long silence, Tam said, "Because I have a crush on you."

Shock would be a mild word for what I felt. "But, we just met."

"So?" she replied. "When I saw you standing in the conference room that first day, I felt a kick to my gut. I could hardly take my eyes off you. You were so appealing that I knew I wanted you. So, when I told Meg and Jeb, they told me to follow my gut. I know I risk being a fool. I didn't know then how shy you are. Even if I did, I'm not sure I would change anything. And, when you walked on to the court tonight and I saw how, shall we say, gorgeous you are, I went weak in the knees."

I thought about what she said.

"But, I've never really been with a woman sexually," I said.

"Hmm, what does 'really' mean?" asked Jeb.

I explained about Carey grooming me and kissing me down there and on the lips.

"How did that feel?" asked Meg.

"Actually, pretty good," I admitted. "But that doesn't mean I want to make out with a woman."

"Does it mean you don't?" asked Tam.

"I don't know. Honest, I don't. I admit I am horny and seeing naked people all night makes me hornier. Then, seeing two stunning people doing what Meg and Jeb were doing, well that is a turn on. And now having my hand on the most incredible cock makes me wonder."

"What were they doing when we saw them?" asked Tam.

"You know. You saw them, too."

"What were they doing? Tell me in your words," she urged.

"Well, Meg was...I mean she and Jeb were...I don't know."

"Yes, you do, Ann. What were they doing?" said Tam once more.

"Ok," I said with some venom. "Meg was giving him a blow job and he was enjoying it, and his cock looked like a fucking horse. There, satisfied?"

The three of them laughed and I started to get really pissed. Tam put her arm around me and said, "No, don't get mad, Ann. It's good that you can say these things. These aren't bad things. Now, tell me, one last thing."

I paused and looked at her smooth face reflecting the moonlight.

"How did it make you feel? I mean right here." She slid her hand onto my pussy for the first time and softly rubbed.

I groaned at her touch and finally found the words. "It made me feel sexy. It made me feel excited. It made me feel like I wanted a cock like that in my mouth, inside me."

"Ah, perfect," Tam said as she continued stroking me under the water. "See, sex is exciting and its purpose is to make you feel good. Don't ever feel bad about feeling good."

She rubbed some more and moved her face toward mine. I knew what she wanted and closed my eyes. I felt her soft, warm lips touch mine as a finger slid inside me. I kissed her back and let her tongue explore my mouth. We kissed some more, while she worked her finger in and out, using her thumb on my clit. My skin was electric and I feared getting shocked in the water I was so turned on. Tam pulled her lips away and whispered, "Touch my breasts, Ann."

Slowly I moved my hands to her chest, regretting I had to let go of Jeb's cock. The soft flesh melted under my touch and the hard nipples felt great between my fingers.

Meg said, "Let's go inside."

We grabbed towels and went in and up to the master bedroom. Jeb was as hard as ever. We all fell on the bed and Meg took my hand, kissed my palm and placed it on Jeb's erection. As I had said before, it was a long time since I had a cock in my hand, and this one felt great, especially since I could now see it. I stroked him and fondled his balls. He reacted to my touch. Tam and Meg sat on either side of him and kissed each other while I let my hand run all over his sex.

"Take him in your mouth, if you want," said Meg. I wanted to, but felt this was a bridge I was not ready to cross. I did lick it up and down a few times and sucked briefly on his massive tip. As far as going further, I slowly shook my head. Meg smiled and leaned in and kissed me. She took my hand and placed it on her breast. I touched her soft flesh and her hard nipple.

"I understand, Ann," she said. "So, now I will take my man."

I pulled my hand away as Meg lay back. Tam leaned in and kissed Meg's pussy and tongued and fingered her until the wetness ran freely. Meg then climbed up and hovered above Jeb's erection. Tam worked Meg's juices on Jeb's cock. She told me to help and I took his cock in my hands. I positioned the tip at Megs opening, brushing my finger against her wet slit. Slowly, Meg eased down on Jeb, gasping as the huge organ slid inside her. When she had taken as much as she could, she began moving up and down.

Tam pulled me and I sat up on the bed, my ass even with Jeb's head. I marveled as his thickly veined member worked in and out of Meg. He worked her breasts with his hands, evoking short cries from her.

Tam kissed me as I watched, then slowly made her way down my body, kissing my breasts, navel and finally coming to rest in my crotch. I pulled my knees up and pressed my thighs tightly to each other. Tam stroked my legs and put her hands on my knees. Slowly she opened my legs. We locked eyes for a long time and I nodded. I felt, for the first real time, what a woman can do for another woman.

I was dizzy with lust. Between watching this beautiful couple screw and having my pussy eaten like it had never been before, I was in another world. I pulled my nipples, causing exquisite pain.

Meg cried she was close. I said I was as well.

"Tam, finish Ann, then I will come and pull off Jeb so we can enjoy his climax."

Tam slid two fingers inside me and in a second found my G-spot, which I never believed I had. With her tongue on my clit and her fingers on my G, I could hold back no longer. I screamed, convulsed and came in long, violent waves. I thought I peed, but then realized I was squirting—something I had only read about. Tam kept working fingers and tongue until I hoarsely begged her to stop.

I opened my eyes to see Meg and Jeb watching me with expressions of joy.

Meg had stopped pumping while I was coming, but now picked up the pace with a fury. She called out "Yes!" and shook with her release.

Looking down at Jeb she asked, "Are you ready?"


She pulled off making his cock bounce. She grabbed the shaft and stroked viciously. In a moment his body tensed and the first explosion of liquid burst from his tip. Meg surrounded the tip with her lips and took a second burst, Tam followed as Meg pulled away and took a third. They looked at me, and I quickly took the monster in my mouth and, tasted, again a first for me, salty cum as it filled my mouth. I feared choking and pulled off. I swallowed and then felt Meg's lips on mine, her tongue seeking to taste what was left in my mouth. I allowed it and then pushed my tongue into her mouth. She pulled away and Tam was kissing me, repeating what Meg and I experienced.

Tam and I kissed many, many more times, our bodies now pressed tight against each other. Tam took my hand and placed it on her naked sex lips. I tentatively rubbed. She spread her legs and pushed at my finger. I could go no further and slid my hand away, grabbing her ass and pulling her on top of me.

We kissed some more and I felt a finger at my sex. I looked over and saw Meg with her extended hand nestled between Tam's sex and mine. Meg worked her finger in and out of me and I soon felt the rising tide of a second orgasm. I cried out and we fell apart on the bed. Looking over, I saw Meg resting her head on Jeb's shoulders. His cock lay soft on his thigh.

Tam gestured for us to get up and holding my hand led me into her bedroom. We fell on her bed and snuggled.

"Tam, I'm sorry. I just couldn't."

"Sshh," she said. "It's fine."

"But, after what you did for me. God, I have never come like that. Never."

"Well," she said with a kind smile, "you did also seem to enjoy the one Meg gave you."

"I did, but it was no where near what you did for me."

Tam took my hand and placed it on her breast. I massaged it, enjoying the feel and the sight as my fingers brought her nipple to attention.

"See, this I can do," I said, pulling the nipple to stretch out the skin. "But, I can't go further, not now."

"Honey, don't worry," she said and bent to kiss my breast. Her hot breath felt wonderful and her teeth tortured my nipple. "I understand. I loved making you come."

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