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Hi, this is my first attempt at submitting my experiences to a website, I hope you like the result. Both me and my husband love reading the stories on this site and deciding which are real and which are fictional, I can assure you that mine are real.

Let me describe myself first, my name is Rose, I am 27, I have long brown hair and dark eyes, I am slim with 34c breasts and I am 5” 6 tall. I have always been interested in sex from the age of seventeen but I had never felt really satisfied with all the boys I had been with. I never considered myself “easy” but I did have plenty of partners from the age of seventeen to about twenty-two. I then met Gary, who is now my husband, and my life changed for the better.

Gary was like a breath of fresh air, he enjoyed talking about sex, not just being rude but really discussing it openly and he encouraged me to broaden my horizons. Although he is 12 years older than I am we hit it off immediately and I felt very much at ease with him and he soon convinced me that sex was to be really enjoyed not just a way of gaining an orgasm.

Although I was already sexually active I had never really done anything even slightly kinky or risky but that was soon to change. We didn’t actually have sex for the first five weeks and I was beginning to think that he didn’t fancy me and I had contemplated finishing with him as I was getting incredibly frustrated. He then asked me to go to London with him as he had business there, he said his work would last no more than two days but we should go for a week and pamper ourselves. I got time off work and we went down to London and booked into a very plush hotel on Monday morning. The rooms were magnificent and I pampered myself with facials and massages all day as Gary went to his meetings. That night we ate in the hotel restaurant and had a bottle of Champagne which soon had us quite tipsy and we found a quiet corner of the bar as we chatted. It must have been the drink talking but I suddenly found myself asking him if he found me attractive. He looked at me and smiled as he took my hand and lead me back to our room.

That night he blew my mind, bringing me to the point of orgasm before slowing down again and again until I was begging him to make me cum. When I finally did it was magnificent, I screamed out loud until it subsided and then he held me for a few minutes before going down on me. No guy had ever performed cunnilingus on me before and I was a little apprehensive until his tongue made contact with my pussy and sent incredible sensations through my body. He soon brought me to orgasm again as he found my clitoris and I had to hold onto the bed for fear of falling off. We finished with me wanking Gary off onto my tits as I fondled his balls. He produced gallons of cum and we showered together before falling asleep in the big King size bed.

I spent the next day in the hotel gym and seeing some of the sights before Gary returned back from his last meeting of the trip and we went for a bite to eat. Later that evening as we sat talking in a quiet bar we discussed the previous night and I told Gary how marvellous it had been and he thanked me for a great evening. I felt a bit embarrassed talking about it but Gary soon got me to talk about my likes and dislikes. He seemed surprised when I told him that he was the first guy to perform oral sex on me and we discovered that I really was very inexperienced in sex, not on the numbers of partners, just on the variety and experiences. Gary asked me about my fantasies and I became shy, telling him I didn’t really have any. He didn’t believe me and encouraged me to talk about it. Another drink helped and I eventually confessed that I got really turned on when guys looked at me sexually and I sometimes masturbated over the thought of them thinking about me. He was very intrigued about this and asked how often I played with myself, and I told him I did it quite often, maybe two or three times a week. He asked if I had ever let anyone watch me do it and I looked shocked and said that I hadn’t but he replied that it was quite normal and nothing to be ashamed of. He could see I was a little shy so he didn’t press the subject and we changed the subject. We eventually got round to talking about clothes and I confessed that I had never really tried wearing sexy clothes and that it was something I would like to try. Gary picked up on this straight away and asked what sort of clothes I would like to wear. I said that I didn’t really have any sexy underwear and I loved the clothes that girls wore at nightclubs but I would never have the confidence to try. Gary told me that I had a wonderful body and that I should be proud of it and again I blushed.

That night in bed we again made passionate love and he fucked me from behind which is by far my favourite position, I love feeling him deep inside my pussy, slowly sliding in and out of me as he holds onto my waist. After he had cum inside me I was still horny and felt a little naughty, so thinking about our earlier conversation I took a deep breath, threw the bedclothes off and started to touch myself. Gary was watching intently as I played with my hardening nipples and gently stroked my pussy lips. It felt good and knowing that Gary was staring at me made it even better. I felt very dirty but was loving every minute of it. I slowly slipped a finger inside me as Gary inched closer so he could have a better look. My nipples were incredibly hard now and I was breathing very heavily as I rubbed myself harder and faster. I soon had two fingers deep inside me as my other hand gently touched my throbbing clit and I soon came violently. I had almost forgotten that Gary was there but when I opened my eyes he was kneeling up frantically stroking his lovely hard long cock. He asked if I would take over and I readily agreed as I grabbed his hot pole and started to pull his foreskin back and forth. It felt wonderful and I suddenly had the urge to do something I had never done before, suck it. I knelt at the side of the bed and started to lick his big purple plumb like helmet. I had already confessed to Gary that I had never sucked cock before and he now said that I didn’t have to do it but I could tell he badly wanted me to continue. I carried on licking him and eventually took his tip in my mouth, my lips gently sucking him. By the noises he was making I knew that I was doing something right and I took more of him in my mouth. It tasted wonderful and as I licked his shaft and kneaded his balls his cock twitched in my mouth, showing his enjoyment. I was quite gentle at first but as I got more adventurous and I must admit, hornier, I became a bit more aggressive, taking more of him in my mouth and using my tongue and teeth on him. After about ten minutes Gary muttered that he was close to cumming, I wasn’t sure that I wanted him to shoot into my mouth so I carried on rubbing his cock until he shot his load all over my face. It went everywhere, all over my face, neck and hair and I was feeling incredibly dirty.

I was so hot that I asked Gary to lick me and he didn’t need asking twice. I came pretty quickly and we cleaned ourselves up and sat in bed holding each other. I told him how sexy I felt asking him to lick me and he said it was a sign that I was feeling more confident in my sexuality. I asked him about his sexual likes and dislikes and he was very open about his sexual preferences. Some of the things he said shocked me, and some baffled me but they all sounded very hot and I found myself wondering why I did not find any of them disgusting.

The next morning Gary took me shopping, he said that I should throw out all my underwear and that he would help my pick out some new stuff. I headed for the department stores but he steered me to some more specialist shops that dealt with only lingerie. Some of the stuff we saw was amazing, fantastic designs and materials and he spent a fortune on dozens of items. Some of the stuff was tacky and I kept away from them but some of the stuff was very sexy and skimpy. After that we sought out some outfits for me to wear at night and I got some incredible dresses and tops, Gary kept telling me to be proud of my figure and I was surprised at how much confidence I had found and it reflected in my purchases.

That night we had tickets to a show in the West End, We had dinner in a lovely but busy restaurant, along with a bottle of wine, before we went to the show and I was a little tipsy. Before we had gone out I had dressed in my new clothes, in very sexy black knickers, which just covered my pubic hair, and a lovely matching half cup bra which really emphasised my breasts. Over them I wore a shortish black sleeveless dress and black high heels together with stockings and suspenders, something I had never worn before.

Gary had wanted to fuck before we left the bedroom but I managed to restrain him, although I was feeling very horny myself as we sat eating desert. Gary kept saying how sexy I looked and touching me up under the table until I was very wet. He then looked me in the eye and told me to take my knickers off. I thought I had misheard him but he repeated it and I laughed at him. He asked me again and I suddenly felt very wicked and smiled at him as I went to the bathroom. I returned a minute or two later and Gary looked intriguingly at me. I opened my bag to show him my knickers and his face lit up. I offered him my fingers to lick and he called me a dirty little slut, as he tasted my pussy juice on them.

We where both aching for a fuck now but we had to get to the theatre. As the show progressed, Gary put his hands on my leg and worked his hand underneath it. He got to my stocking tops and soon forced his finger into my hot wet hole, not that I offered any resistance. He played with my clit until I was close to cumming and I had to stop him as I just wanted to scream. I was on fire now and I am sure the couple sat next to us must have smelled my juices, which seemed to be flowing down my thigh. As soon as we opened the bedroom door we were on each other. Fast, hard and furious is the only way to describe our lovemaking that night. We fucked long into the night and I experienced a number of firsts including being tied up by scarves to the bed, being fucked as I was still clothed, being called a whore, slut and dirty bitch and finishing by swallowing Gary’s cum which tasted wonderful. Afterwards Gary was very concerned that he had not gone to far and I assured him that I had not done anything I didn’t want to. I went for a shower and remembering something he had said the previous night I shaved my pubic hair off completely. When he saw it he went wild and threw me onto the bed as he buried his head between my thighs. It felt wonderful to be shaven and the sensations were certainly enhanced because of it.

The next day I asked Gary to take me to Soho and I was soon entering my first ever sex shop. It wasn’t at all like I imagined as I looked around the bright clean shop. I noticed another woman in there browsing and it filled me with confidence, as I was a little nervous. I had never looked at porn before and was amazed at the sheer number of books, videos, DVD’s and toys they had. I was soon in my own little world reading the magazines and video covers. We where in for an hour and purchased a couple of videos, a few magazines and two vibrators which looked intriguing. One was a small silver one about five inches long and a larger, black one complete with foreskin and I couldn’t wait to lock the bathroom door and try them out.

As soon as we returned to the hotel I left Gary at the bar went to play with my new toys. They were amazing and I was immediately hooked on them as I had three orgasms within the hour. I asked Gary if we could go clubbing and he agreed on the condition that he could pick the outfit I was to wear. I nervously agreed and he smiled as I went for a shower. When I came out he had laid my outfit for the night on the bed with a note to meet him in the hotel bar. He had chosen a white G-string, very short cotton skirt, a tight backless blouse that revealed quite a bit and strappy high heels. I immediately noticed that there was no bra for me to wear and I started to dress feeling very excited.

On my way to the bar I got a few stares from guys I passed on the stairs and it made me feel very good, Gary was pleased that I had worn the outfit and after a drink we went straight to the club. Once there I felt great, I got plenty of attention from guys in there and as most of the other girls wear dressed as scantily as I was I felt really comfortable. The feeling of my nipples against the material of my top felt wonderful and my nipples stuck out prominently all night, which hot a few cheeky comments. Gary was not keen on dancing so spent most of the night watching me dance on my own or with a group of girls I met. I was asked by plenty guys if I wanted a dance or drink but I refused all of them. I later told Gary and he said he had no problem with me dancing with other men as he trusted me.

The next night we stayed in the hotel with a bottle of wine and I felt so comfortable with Gary that I thought nothing of him watching me with my vibrators. Seeing him get so excited really turned me on and I again swallowed his cum that night.

Once we returned back to Manchester our sex life continued unabated and I got used to going out dressed very sexily. I started to wear stockings and suspenders much more, together with short skirts or dresses and loved the attention the outfits gave me. I also went out quite often without any knickers on and one night I felt really dirty and flashed my shaven pussy at Gary as we sat outside a pub having a drink. This really turned him on and I did it more often.

We started making love in more unusual places and positions and I found that I love fucking in the open air. One evening as we were fucking in a local park a guy walked past us with his dog. He didn’t see us but the thrill sent me into orgasm and Gary teased me relentlessly for the following few weeks saying how much I enjoyed flashing. I eventually admitted that I had found it very excited so Gary dared me to go with him to the pub wearing a short dress, stockings and no knickers. I was used to this now so I agreed but he said that I must flash at him all night whenever he said so. I agreed and got ready quickly and we drove to a pub a few miles away.

The pub was quiet as it was early and we got a table in the garden near the door. He told me to show him my cunt and his dirty talk really turned me on. I lifted my dress and let the cool air roll over my now hot pussy as he watched. After about an hour I had flashed at him about five times and I was also feeling a little drunk. The pub had got busier and Gary told me to sit facing out from the table so I did as I was asked and I was now facing the door to the pub. Gary started to play with my pussy lips and I was really horny when he told me to lift my dress up. I did as I was told and he said that I had to keep it lifted for twenty seconds. I was very excited as anyone could have come out of the pub and seen me but no-one did. I called him a bastard as I laughed but he said that I seemed more than happy to do it and I couldn’t argue.

Ten minutes later he told me to do it again and I smiled at him as I readily eased my hem up to show my stocking tops and pussy. This time I was not so lucky and almost immediately a middle aged guy came out, I started to shake with fear but forced myself to stay exposed. Fortunately he was carrying a few drinks and was busy concentrating on them so did not notice me. When he had passed Gary laughed and said my face was bright red, but he said he was proud with the way I had not panicked. Shortly after we walked back to the car and as he opened the door he told me to sit in the car with my legs outside the car, and with them wide open so anyone could see me, for one minute. I sat down, opened my legs and carried on chatting to Gary as if nothing was going on even though my stomach was full of butterflies. After about forty seconds a young guy of about twenty-five walked to his car and almost stopped in his tracks as he saw my pussy. His eyes were wide open as he slowed until he was almost stopped and just stared at my thighs. I could feel myself getting wet as he got closer, I found myself hitching my skirt up a bit more and opening my legs wider to give him a better view. All to soon Gary started the car and I got in as we drove away.

Gary was thrilled at what had happened and I was shaking with lust as we sped home. I could not wait and started to finger myself as Gary told me what he wanted to do to me. We fucked in the garden that night knowing that any neighbours could see us but not caring.

As we lay in bed I told Gary how much I had enjoyed displaying myself and he said he was amazed at how much I had changed since we first met. He asked if he could have some photos and I said that he could, but he said he wanted some special photos, and I eventually understood him. The idea excited me and I agreed so the next day he bought an instant camera and started to snap away. We soon used all the film and we lay in bed looking at them as we fucked slowly. There were no outrageous ones, just me in various states of undress and playing with my tits but they really turned us both on. We took some more risqué ones over the next few weeks and admired them all regularly. One night after a party at some friends we invited a friend of Gary’s to stay the night. David was a great lad, quite quiet but very funny and I must admit really great looking. Back at ours we had a nightcap and I went to bed shortly. After about twenty minutes Gary came up and sat on the bed with a gleam in his eyes. He said that him and David had started to watch a dirty video and that Gary had told David about our photos. I was a bit annoyed but when he said that David wanted to see them I was horrified but also very excited. Gary laughed when I didn’t speak and asked that he knew I fancied Dave and I blushed as he picked up a bag of photos and left the room. I lay in bed masturbating for half an hour at the thought of David looking at the photos and orgasmed three times. Eventually Gary came back and fucked me twice as he told me how impressed David had been at the pics.

The next morning I was to embarrassed to face Dave and didn’t get up until he was gone. Gary told me that David had taken a photo of me with a dildo deep inside my pussy and the thought of him seeing me like that made me demand that Gary fuck me hard from behind which he did.

Gary asked me to marry him shortly after that incident and I agreed there and then. Our fucking became more and more intense, I became more confident and my flashing increased enormously as well as experiencing many other outrageous incidents. If you would like to read more of them and believe me they are worth reading then please do contact me and if I get enough replies I will continue writing my experiences. Any comments would be gratefully received.

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