tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Girl Becomes a Dirty Girl Ch. 02

Shy Girl Becomes a Dirty Girl Ch. 02


This story directly continues from Shy Girl Becomes a Dirty Girl...

John held me close as I trembled from the aftermath of my first orgasm with a man, my naked breasts crushed against his warm shirt, then he gently lifted my face up towards his and he looked into my green eyes and very gently he kissed me on the lips. My heart was still racing and my mouth was half open from the pleasure of it all, giving his tongue easy access to the inside of my mouth. I licked along the length of his tongue and pushed my own into his mouth in turn which was hot and tasted vaguely of tobacco. We snogged long and hard for some minutes in the warm shed, the smell of sun-baked wood and creosote mixed with grass, tobacco and my own juices which were now lubricating my over-heating pussy. Everything in my upbringing was telling me I shouldn't be doing this, but that just seemed to make me feel dirtier and more horny, I felt so naughty snogging this older man with my bare breasts on display and I was so grateful to John for the new sensations he had aroused in me I didn't want to stop yet. I felt his hand move up my bare thigh and slip in between my legs and close around the whole front of my pee-soaked knickers and my head rolled back involuntarily as my mouth opened wide and I let out a low moan. John looked down at me and said.

"Harriet, you're knickers are rather damp down here."

"I know." I said, and then whispered. "I wet myself." as I blushed again madly.

John smiled back at me, and brushed my hair out of my face, all the better to see my shame. His fingers were still pushing lightly against the wet fabric of my knickers. He pushed a little harder with his index finger and it eased the dampness into the soft mound of my thick pubic hair. Then lightly, in the same movement, I felt the impression of his finger tracing along the wet slit of my vagina and I groaned and raised up my shoulders making my young firm breasts rise up in the warm air. He smiled knowingly into my eyes as his fingers flicked up to the top of my panties and felt along the elastic edge tickling the bottom of my stomach and making me squirm a little as I giggled. Then his fingers slowly pulled the top of my knickers away from my body just a couple of inches and his eyes glanced down momentarily as he surveyed the top of my hairy bush. He looked back into my eyes as two of his fingers delved down and brushed over my mound. I stared back intently at him as I felt his fingers inspecting me.

"Take off your knickers Harriet."

He said quite calmly, but with an air of authority. My mouth opened wordlessly a little taken aback by his sudden command and I hesitated.

"Take them off you dirty little bitch."

He said again quite calmly. The coarseness of his words sent a sudden thrill through my body and my bare nipples prickled with excitement as he stepped back expectantly and I slowly lowered my hands and pulled my skirt right up over my hips revealing the whole of my bare pale thighs and my wet flowery panties. He adjusted his cock in his trousers as he looked down between my legs waiting. I felt so sluttish as I smiled back hooking my thumbs into the sides of my knickers and slowly peeled them down. The dark bush of my pussy contrasted against my creamy thighs and seemed to exaggerate my nakedness as I shuffled my hot little bottom on the workbench, liberating my bare cheeks against the cool polished surface as I pushed my knickers down past my knees and they dropped to my ankles. I flicked my feet a couple of times and they fell to the floor past my dangling long legs. John just sighed as he looked me up and down, but mainly down!

"Open your legs Harriet, show me that lovely bush."

I smiled an embarrassed smile but obeyed as I parted my knees against the workbench.

"Wider!" He commanded.

I obliged by lifting my feet up onto the top of the workbench and spread my legs as wide as I could for him. I felt unbelievably aroused, and his avid gaze and broad smile made me feel truly wanted, truly desired, I felt so sexy as I allowed him feast his eyes on my bare pussy.

"That is stunning Harriet." said John. "Wider!"

His last command confused me a bit. I really didn't see how I could open my legs any wider than they already were without falling off the bench!

"Hold your pussy open!"

I felt a little naïve that I had initially misunderstood and I was a little shocked when he spelt out exactly what he wanted me to do in front of him. Every time I thought he had pushed me as far as I wanted, he had a knack of surprising me and of raising the temperature. My mind was suddenly racing again at the immensity of the situation, but he looked so calm and expectant that I decided to do it. I bit my lip feeling a little trepidation and looked down between my legs as my hair fell over my face. Slowly I sunk my hands down to my thighs and smoothed their soft warm skin as I thought about it momentarily. Then I brought both hands down to my pubic hair and brushed my little forest aside feeling for my lips. I was amazed how wet I was as I pushed my fingers down into the little groove between them and I slid the index finger from each hand between my lips and slowly pulled them apart exposing my glistening pink hole in all its glory.

"Oh yes!" said John in admiration.

I hadn't dared look at him in my shame. My eyes were facing away blankly towards the door, into space. I could hear his breathing though becoming a little laboured.

"Wide open now, that's a good girl." He said again.

I spread my vagina as wide as I could, holding open the lips with my fingers, my bright pink wetness in stark contrast to my thick dark patch of pubic hair outlining my most intimate place to him. I held myself in my humiliating pose for what seemed an eternity, though in reality it was nearer a mere couple of minutes, but the silence seemed to exaggerate my shame, offering no other distraction to my display. Finally I glanced at his face. He didn't even notice me looking. His eyes were glued to the sight between my legs, but I noticed he had undone his zip and his right hand was inside his trousers playing with his cock as he watched me. When he did finally speak I was once again dumbstruck.

"Show me your arsehole." He said softly.

My eyes widened as I at last caught his gaze as he finally managed to tear his eyes away from my open pussy. I swallowed nervously thinking that maybe I had misheard. He looked me straight in the eye again and repeated his command.

"Show me your arsehole. Lie back, put your arms behind your legs and spread your cheeks."

I hadn't misheard! I was mortified. I really didn't know if I could do this, it was so unexpected, but he really did want to see every inch of me in my naked glory. He realised I was hesitating, and swiftly added a little more sternly.

"You're a dirty girl aren't you?"

I looked back at him, still holding open my pussy in my confusion, but couldn't answer. It was like being scolded by one of my teachers, a rare occurrence in itself.

"Show me how dirty you can be Harriet."

It suddenly felt like a game, and he was challenging me. He smiled slightly and I smirked back at him inhaling the warm air deeply, all the summer odours of the interior of our little wooden boudoir filling my heaving lungs. I glanced behind me and noticed his jacket on the edge of the bench. I picked it up and placed it down behind me cushioning the hard wooden surface looking into his eyes again as I slowly reclined adopting the position as he had instructed. I tucked my elbows behind the back of my thighs, brushed both hands over my exposed bottom and put my fingers between my cheeks and then held them apart leaving John with a perfect view of my anus.

"Oh you little slut!" he said.

He stepped up to the bench smiling down at me and ran his hand down my bare thigh, the other he kept in his trousers slowly moving up and down. His fingers brushed down very close to my exposed arsehole and he gently smoothed his finger over it sending a shudder up inside me. He tickled my little rosebud with his fingers and I moaned gently below him, then he pushed his hand up through my bushy mound. His fingers tugged lightly on my pubic hair until I felt his fingers slip a little deeper as he found my moist lips as he massaged them, gradually easing them apart and pushed his middle finger up into my vagina. I let out a little cry,

"Oh god."

"You like that Harriet?" he asked smiling down at me.

My mouth and my eyes were wide open as I looked up at him and answered breathlessly,

"Oh god yes, I love it."

He quickened the pace, and I bucked against his finger as he pushed it in and out of me up to his knuckle, my bare breasts swaying slightly with the momentum. I was moaning constantly, and John had to remind me 'not too loud' once or twice. My eyes were rolling in my head from the intense pleasure from his fingering when I suddenly glanced to my side and saw he had his cock fully out and was slowly wanking next to me. It was a good six inches and looked very firm in his strong grip and I could just make out the tip shining from his own excitement. This tipped me over the edge, and as he inserted a second digit up me I came almost straight away still staring as his hard cock.

When I had calmed down a little and the rhythm of his fingers slowed to a stop, and my feet rested back on the workbench feeling drained, he finally spoke again.

"You like being fingered then Harriet?"

"Hmm, I love being fingered!" I answered with a giggle.

"Do you like anything else?"

He asked with a smirk as he waved his hard cock close to my face.

"Hmm, maybe!" I said smiling back at him and moistening my lips slightly.

He picked up my right hand and placed it around his warm hard cock and with his fingers around mine; I slowly pulled back his foreskin and saw the engorged shiny head of his penis. He pulled my hand up and down three or four times slowly and then, sliding off my hand, moved down with his torso positioned between my legs. He spread them wide and lifted me down a little closer to the edge of the bench top by the hips. I swallowed as he told me to lift my head up so I could watch. Then holding open both my thighs with his hands he carefully positioned the head of his penis against my pussy lips and just by tensing his muscles slightly, he slid his cock up and down my wet slit and pushed the length of his cock along the damp groove of my lips. I watched, mesmerised as he then slightly adjusted his angle over me and pushed down against my body. The tip of his cock disappeared between my lips and I felt them yield to his manhood just an inch or so as he stopped still. I held my breath.

"How's that Harriet?" he asked.

"Ok." I answered tentatively, then realising there was no pain at all, "It feels nice!"

"You want some more?" he asked, still poised with just the head of his cock in me.

"Yes!" I said adamantly.

"Ask nicely then." He said, his tongue flicking along his bottom lip.

"Please put your cock up me!" I said, my enthusiasm giving way.

He gently pushed another couple of inches up inside me, and I felt the lips of my vagina slick against the heat of his cock as it seemed to suck him inside me. He withdrew again slowly and then pushed back up my wet hole and I inhaled deeply as I watched myself being fucked for the first time. He quickly got into a rhythm and now confident that I was certainly enjoying it, he started to thrust his whole length in and out of me. My mouth hung open from sheer joy as my every breath was pushed out by the force of his every thrust. He fucked me like this for a few minutes and then pushed the fingers of his right hand into my mouth and told me to suck. I could taste my own juices still sticky on his fingers that had been up me moments before, and I dutifully licked and sucked away on them as he continued to pound into my pussy. His breath seemed to quicken as did his thrusts as he suddenly pulled out of me and told me to,

"Lie back!"

Sensing his urgency I did as I was told and he quickly held the back of my head, pushing my face to the side towards him.

"Open your mouth!" he called.

A little shocked, but with no time to think I duly complied and he shoved his sticky cock straight into my mouth pushing the back of my head onto it and came in my mouth. My eyes opened wide as he fucked my open mouth and I tasted three or four big wads of spunk shoot over my tongue and slide down my throat.

"Oh you dirty little bitch!" called John, as his energy subsided and he let out a long slow breath.

He took his hand away from the back of my head and wiped his penis all over my face and then told me to clean his cock. I took hold of it with one hand and squeezed out the last drops of spunk and licked them off with my tongue and swallowed. I had never tasted come before. It was quite strange, but not unpleasant. I thought that I was going to enjoy sucking cocks in the future.

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