tagLoving WivesShy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 02

Shy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 02


Shyam moved in to the house next to ours. I knew Shyam vaguely from a few company conferences. He used to work in the Ahmedabad factory, and had risen from being a common daily wage worker in the factory to manufacturing supervisor. He was about 40, older than me, but would be working under me. I showed him around the factory, explained him all the details and called up Bela to tell her he'd be dining with us tonight.

That evening when I reached home with Shyam, I saw that Bela was back in a sari after many days. She welcomed us home, and served us some drinks and snacks. After taking a few things off the stove, she joined us in the living room. The conversation between Shyam and Bela was very limited. She never really talked too much with men outside the family. Shyam too seemed like a conservative guy, and except for briefly praising the snacks, didn't even look at Bela, much less talk to her. Bela was back to her docile self, just sitting silently, while Shyam and I talked.

Shyam told us that his family was back in Ahmedabad, and they would not be joining him for at least a year. He had one son who was in Class 12th and it being such an important academic year, his wife was going to stay back with their son. In a year, after their son was off to college, his wife would move here. So I told him not to bother with cooking. Bela would pack two lunch boxes everyday and for dinner, he should join us. He protested, saying he did not want to impose, but I waved off his protests. Even Bela broke her silence and said it would be no trouble for her at all. Soon we finished our drinks and went to the dining table.

With Shyam's arrival, Bela seemed to have gone back into her shell. She stopped wearing western clothes altogether, even when we went for evening walks. On our walks, if I tried to kiss or fondle her, she would not stop me, but I could sense the passive resistance, so I stopped trying, and our walks soon became completely uneventful. They were often cut short too, because Shyam would be coming to dinner and Bela had some more things to finish in the kitchen.

Shyam started having dinner with us every night. Bela and Shyam still didn't talk very much, beyond the pleasantries and compliments about the food. Once in a while, Shyam and I would drink together. Some times, we'd buy some movie DVDs and watch them all together. In some ways, I have glad to have some company. But in other ways, I was frustrated at how Shyam's arrival had messed up things. How Bela had taken many steps back.

And the effects started showing in the bedroom too. Before he arrived, Bela had been showing signs of becoming a regular tigress in bed. Now she was mostly back to her pliant obedient self. We still had regular sex, but that honeymoon-like spark was missing. A few nights after Shyam left, I got Bela to change into skimpier clothes, and it did help a little. But most nights, she'd be too tired with all the cooking and cleaning and I didn't have the heart to make her do much more.

So I started coaxing her gently to dress a bit more liberally when Shyam was around. Nothing too revealing. To start off, I asked her to wear jeans. Which she did. And Shyam barely noticed it. That night I said to Bela, see, you are making too big a deal. Nothing wrong with dressing comfortably just because Shyam is around. And she agreed. For the next week or so, Bela wore jeans and tshirts when Shyam came over without any more fuss.

Almost immediately, I sensed a slight improvement in her attitude in bed, and I realized something. My shy wife is a bit of a closet exhibitionist. Even the slight change from saris to jeans got her worked up. And of course, I remembered how wild she had been in bed after that fruit seller woman had caught us. Maybe all Bela needed was a little more coaxing. So I coaxed her into wearing shorts. I reasoned with her that jeans are fine, but not really as comfortable for cooking and housework as shorts might be. She agreed.

The next day when Shyam came over, Bela was in knee-length loose shorts and a tshirt. Her perfectly shaped milky white calves were on display. Over the course of the evening, I noticed Shyam, for the first time ever, sneaking a few glimpses at Bela. He did it artfully when she was not looking, and when he thought I was not looking either. But I noticed it anyway. That intrigued me.

That night in bed, I casually mentioned to Bela that I had seen Shyam look at her legs. She blushed a little, but said nothing. I asked her the same question I had asked her before. If she liked others admiring her. She blushed again, and buried her face in my chest shyly without saying anything. She stayed like that for a few minutes as I rubbed her back. And then she jumped on top of me and started getting naked. We had some awesomely passionate sex that night.

The next day, Bela's shorts got a little shorter. And Shyam's staring became a little more blatant. The day after that, she switched from t-shirts to tank-tops. And Shyam was positively loving it. He started making more conversation with Bela, probably because that would give him an excuse to look at her. One night Bela told me she had also noticed Shyam staring at her legs. And this made our sex life better with each passing night.

Then came the day when things went to a different level for the first time. It was a Saturday, and like we did on most weekends, Shyam and I were drinking. Both of us were a few drinks down and Bela had been working in the kitchen, making snacks for us. She was wearing shorts which, while not quite hotpants, were still skimpy enough to show her smooth and fair thighs. Shyam had by now dropped any pretense and used to admire my wife quite openly. He had probably realized that I wasn't saying anything, so it was okay to look.

Since there were a lot of snacks, we were sitting on the dining table, drinking. Both of us were a bit tipsy. Bela was about ten feet away, her back towards us, cooking. The shorts were not skin-tight, but they did outline the shape of Bela's ass really well. As we were talking, Shyam kept looking at her ass every couple of minutes. I had been thinking of doing something for a few days. The alcohol in my system gave me the impetus to actually do it. The next time Shyam turned his head to look at Bela, I said,

"What are you looking at so much, Shyam?"

Shyam jerked his head straight and looked at me,

"Hmmm? What?" he said, slurring a little.

"I asked you what you were looking at there" I said, pointing my thumb in Bela's direction.

"Nothing, Sir. Sorry, Sir." he replied. Although he was my subordinate, he was almost a decade older than me, so I had told him to address me by my name. But he was a little old-fashioned and insisted on calling me "sir".

"Nothing or sorry? If it was nothing, no need to be sorry. If you are sorry, it can't have been nothing." I said, pointing my finger at him.

Shyam looked at me, panic dripping from his face. I saw a couple of beads of sweat appear on his forehead. He stayed silent. I stared at him for a few seconds, letting him panic a little more.

"Tell me something." I said "Do you think my wife is hot?"

"Sir?" he blurted out, now shaking a little.

"It's a simple question. Do you think my wife is hot? Is she beautiful?"

"No sir....yes sir..." he said.

"No sir or yes sir? Can't be both, Shyam. Just answer me honestly. I'm not going to eat you alive, you know. Is Bela beautiful?"

Bela could hear all this, but she had kept on cooking, without stopping or looking back.

"Yes, Sir. Sorry, Sir." Shyam said, wiping his forehead.

"There's nothing to be sorry about, Shyam. Of course she is beautiful. Relax. I am not offended that someone finds my wife hot." I said, and downed the drink.

Shyam's drink was almost finished too. So I took the bottle and poured us both some more.

"Have a drink." I said. "You look like you need it."

Shyam gladly took the glass and downed about half of it in one gulp. I started sipping mine and started talking about something at work.

Five minutes later, I asked him nonchalantly,

"Shyam, don't you think that Bela has the most amazing ass you have ever seen?"

Shyam almost spit his drink out, in shock. Even Bela froze for a second, before continuing with her cooking.

"Sir, I think I'll get going." Shyam said, now in panic again.

"Nonsense. Stay seated. Now answer me. Does my wife have the most amazing ass you have ever seen?" I asked in a slightly raised voice.

"Sir, I think we have both had a lot to drink and..." he said, starting to get up.

"SIT DOWN!" I yelled and he sat down at once. "Now answer my question. Look at her ass."

Shyam reluctantly turned his head and looked at Bela's ass.

"Tell me what you think." I continued.

"Sir...I.... I mean....please sir....I...." Shyam stuttered,

"I know what you are trying to say. You haven't really seen her ass well enough to make that judgment. Isn't that right?" I asked, getting up.

Shyam shrank back in horror, probably scared that I was going to hit him. But instead I walked towards Bela and stood behind her.

"I agree that you haven't seen enough to make a judgment. So let me help you." I said, and grabbed the bottom of the back of the legs of her shorts in each hand. I then pulled them up, rolling them in my hand, until half of each asscheek was visible, with a bit of her panties. "So now do you think her ass is the most amazing one?"

Shyam kept staring at Bela's ass with his mouth open. At this point, I expected Bela to say something to me in protest or slap my hands away. Instead, she just kept doing whatever she was doing, as if oblivious to everything. I finally let go of her shorts and they rolled back down.

"Well, it seems like you still can't decide. Maybe because...." I said, putting one hand on my chin pensively "...you still haven't really seen her ass."

And then I did what I had been imagining myself doing for days. I put my fingers into Bela's waistband and pulled her shorts and panties down, until they were bunched up around her lower thighs. Her naked ass was now on full display for Shyam to see. Bela froze for a couple of seconds, as if trying to decide something. I was positive she would put and end to it. But to my amazement, she unfroze and then kept cooking.

I smiled, walked back to the table and sat down. Shyam was still staring at Bela's beautiful ass, like a kid staring at ice cream. Bela was standing there, her naked ass exposed, her shorts and panties bunched around her thigh, as she kept cooking. I started admiring Bela's ass too, this time in completely new light. Ever since I discovered Bela's hidden exhibitionist tendencies, I had been thinking about exposing her to Shyam for a while, but hadn't been sure if I could actually go through with it.

And now that I had, Bela had reacted to it very calmly. I was reminded again of the time the fruit seller woman caught us. Bela did not panic then, and did not panic now. Instead, she seemed to be filled with the kind of confidence that she otherwise never displayed. As if exposing herself raised her self-esteem.

All three of us stayed like that for about ten minutes. Shyam and I both admiring Bela's ass, and Bela cooking. Finally Bela said,

"Dinner is ready."

She then bent in her waist, pulled her shorts back up and started serving dinner. We all ate dinner in silence, and then Shyam left.

That night, Bela was insatiable in bed, and very loud and expressive. She still did not use any dirty words, but the lust in her voice was amply evident. Neither she nor I spoke about what had happened that night. Finally, at about 4 am, after having sex more times than we ever had on a single night, we both drifted asleep, naked in each others arms.

The next day was a Sunday, and Shyam usually came over for lunch too. But that day, he did not turn up. When I called him up, he said he had gone to the town for some shopping. I told him to make sure and come over for dinner, to which he hesitantly agreed.

At night, when Shyam came over, I waited for half an hour before doing anything. Bela was in shorts and a tank top, working in the kitchen. Half an hour later, I told Shyam we should move to the dining table in the kitchen, and as soon as we got there, I went over to Bela and quietly slipped her shorts down. I pulled them all the way down to her ankles, and she stepped out of them, leaving her completely naked for the waist down.

Shyam and I then got back to talking and admiring Bela's naked ass. He appeared a lot more relaxed. Since we weren't drinking, he now realized that the previous night's events weren't some drunken folly, and both Bela and I were okay with whatever was happening. Once she got done cooking, Bela put her shorts back on and joined us on the table.

From then on, as soon as Shyam came over, I took off Bela's shorts and panties. For the first couple of days, she would cook half naked and then put the shorts back on before joining us for dinner. But later, she stopped doing that too. Bela was now mostly bottomless when Shyam was around, and he got quite used to seeing her naked ass and her shaved pussy regularly.

A week or so later, Bela had gotten so used to the routine that she even stopped wearing anything below her waist in the evenings, and I didn't need to take anything off. Above the waist, she still dressed as usual - a bra, a top and her mangalsutra. Shyam would still ogle at her, but had never made a reference to what was happening, and neither had I. That's when I decided to take a step further.

One night, as Bela was cooking, I went over to her and started pulling her top off.

"Wait." she said, and I stopped, wondering if I had crossed some limit. But she continued, "My hands have spices all over them and it will mess up the top. Let me wash my hands."

So she took a couple of steps to the kitchen sink, washed her hands, dried them, and the raised her hands. I took her top off and she got back to cooking, wearing just a bra. And of course the mangalsutra. Shyam seemed to love it all of course. That night, Bela walked around the house, cooked and even had dinner with us wearing just the bra. She was completely naked otherwise, and even through the bra, the shape of her amazing tits was very clear. For the next few days, that's how Bela would be when Shyam was around. In just a bra.

As expected, taking this next step made Bela even randier in bed. I would wake up almost every morning to find my wife naked, with my dick in her mouth. And having sex two times in the morning before heading off to work became common.

We all knew what the next step would be. Getting her completely naked. So far I had been escalating things one by one, and both Bela and Shyam had been passive participants in our kinky little game. I decided to prolong their agony a bit. Almost two weeks went by, and things stayed the same. Bela would be in a bra and nothing else. Shyam would stare at her all the time, and I was sure he jacked off every night thinking about her body and her beautiful face.

After two weeks, I decided it was time. Bela had finished cooking and joined us at the table for dinner, with only her bra on, and the mangalsutra resting in her cleavage. Halfway through dinner, I nonchalantly reached behind Bela's back, and unhooked her bra with my left hand. Bela got a very serious expression on her face and kept staring at her plate. I then moved the straps down through her arms to her elbow and her bra cups fell forward, exposing her boobs to Shyam.

Shyam for the first time made an appreciative noise, moaning slightly. He stopped eating and kept staring at her boobs for a few minutes. Bela meanwhile took the bra off carefully, and put it on the chair next to her. She was now completely naked. Shyam finally got back to eating, but his eyes were glued to Bela's boobs the whole time. Finally, we got done with dinner and Bela, still naked went to the kitchen sink and started washing the dishes.

Now that the final line had been crossed and Shyam had seen her naked, Bela almost stopped wearing clothes around the house altogether. She would cook naked, clean naked, stay naked during the day, and when Shyam came over, she was fully naked. The only thing she wore was the mangalsutra, the necklace married women wear, and seeing her clad only in that somehow made things seem even kinkier. And things in the bedroom got crazier than ever.

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