tagLoving WivesShy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 04

Shy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 04



The story of her past might again seem too tame and anti-climatic to some of you, but if you consider the town she grew up in, and how conservative her parents were, it is somewhat of a big deal.

Right from her childhood, Bela was known to be a very attractive girl. Her parents were very old-fashioned, conservative and obviously protective. So when their cute and pretty little daughter hit puberty and started blossoming into an undeniably gorgeous young woman, their protective instincts were heightened. Her mother and father started keeping a very strict and watchful eye over her.

They escorted her to and from school personally. She had already been put in an all-girls school. So there was no question of boys in school hitting on her. But her parents also made sure she didn't get friendly with any boys in her neighborhood. And of course, her mother kept brainwashing her about staying away from guys, saying girls from "good families" do not have affairs or boyfriends. Girls from "good families" are supposed to save themselves for their husbands.

Although Bela did well in school and could have gone to a better college, her father insisted on sending her to an all-girls college run by the local nuns. He said that as it is, they would get her married after college, so what was the point of going to a fancy college? At least by sending her to an all-girls college, they knew she would stay "pure".

All this might seem very draconian to you, as it did to me, but Bela insists that growing up, she never felt bitter or caged. Most of her female friends had been brought up in families like that too, and in their town, girls who had "boyfriends" were considered characterless sluts. So Bela was convinced she was doing the right thing by obeying her parents. A few times that guys would approach her, like at the movies or in the market, she spurned their advances. She dreamed about the time she would get married to her ideal guy (chosen by her parents) which would happen soon.

So by the time Bela finished college and got her bachelor's degree, she was 21 years old, extremely pretty, but had never as much as held hands with a boy, much less kiss or do anything more. Her parents might as well have fitted her for a chastity belt and it would not have made a difference. She also dressed more or less conservatively, with even the jeans and trousers she wore being of loose fitting.

After college, her mom started "training" her to become a suitable bride for some nice guy, by teaching her how to cook different things, do housework, laundry, dishes and so on. Her parents also started hunting for suitable grooms, and a couple of contenders even came to their house to "see" her, but things didn't work out for a variety of reasons. Bela's father thought the guys were either not qualified enough, or rich enough, or good looking enough, or then their horoscopes weren't perfect enough. He had brought up his pretty daughter to be a perfect catch and he'd be damned if he got her married to anyone but the perfect guy.

A few months later, her grandfather who lived in the village passed away, so her grandmother came to live with them. Their house wasn't too big. Her parents' room, her room, a kitchen, a dining room, a big living room and a couple of bathrooms on the ground floor. And on the roof was a small room (called a barsati in India) that served to accommodate guests when they came over.

The grandmother however was old and had dodgy knees, so could not live in the barsati. So it was decided that grandmother would stay in Bela's room and Bela would shift to the barsati. As it is, her father remarked, Bela would not living with them for too long. So Bela moved her stuff to the barsati and started sleeping there. During the day she would be busy with her "training" anyway, so the only use of that barsati was for sleeping.

And so it continued for a few weeks. Her father kept trying to find the perfect groom, and her mother kept training her in the ways of an ideal housewife. Then came that fateful night. They had some guests over, and by the time they left, and she finished helping her mother clean up the kitchen, it was past midnight. Exhausted, Bela went up to her room, and started changing into her night clothes.

At this point, a description of the surroundings might be useful. Bela's house shared a common wall with another house, that of their neighbors. The neighbors didn't have a room on their roof. They were an old retired couple whose kids had moved to bigger cities, and the only other person living with them was their servant-cook Chandan. Chandan was about forty years old and had been with the family for many years. Bela and her family also knew Chandan and the guy had literally seen Bela growing up.

That night, when an exhausted Bela forgot to close the window, a window that faced the roof of the other house, she did not realize right away that Chandan was standing on the other side of the wall separating the two roofs, smoking. There were no lights on their roof, and when she walked to her room, she did not notice him, although he noticed her.

Bela took off her salwar and her kameez, and clad in her bra and panties, turned around and walked to her cupboard to get her night clothes. The cupboard was next to the window and that's when she realized to her horror that someone was standing on the neighbor's roof, looking at her. Instinctively, she darted behind the cupboard door to hide her semi-exposed body. Then she slowly poked her head out and saw Chandan standing there, cigarette in his mouth, staring at her.

Bela immediately put on her pyjamas, closed the window, turned the lights off and went to sleep. But she could not sleep. Her mind was very chaotic. There was an overwhelming sense of shame and guilt at having left the window open and let a man see her in just her underwear. But there was also an undeniable sense of excitement. She felt very strangely aroused by the thought that for the first time, a man had seen her like that.

It took a couple of hours before Bela went to bed. The next morning she thought of telling her mother what had happened. But she decided against it. She was sure her mother would yell at her for being careless enough to leave the window open. It wasn't Chandan's fault that he happened to be on the roof. He had a right to be on the roof. So Bela decided to keep mum and just be careful in the future.

The next night when she went up to her room, she saw Chandan was standing in the roof. Not only was he on the roof, he was right next to the wall separating the two roofs and facing the window of her room. She saw him and instantly turned her gaze downwards.

"Namaste memsaab." Chandan said, greeting her.

"Namaste." she curtly said, went inside her room and closed the door.

She then went to the window to close it, and saw Chandan standing there, smiling at her suggestively. She ignored him, closed the window, changed and tried to sleep.

After that every night for a couple of weeks, when she went up to her room, Chandan would be standing on the other roof. he would greet her, she'd reciprocate, close the door and the window, and go to sleep. But with each passing night, what had happened initially kept playing on her mind. She knew that he had enjoyed the show, and he was standing there hoping that she would repeat her mistake. She considered telling her mother but again decided against it.

Finally one night, after the whole routine had repeated itself - Chandan on the roof, she goes in the room, closes the door and the window, lies down on the bed, a thought struck Bela. She wondered, how long does he lounge around? So after about half an hour, she got up, softly walked to the window, opened it very slightly and peeked out. What she saw, disgusted and intrigued her.

Chandan was lying down on the short wall separating the two roofs. His pyjamas were undone, and his dick, erect, was out, and in his hand. And he was running his hands up and down the dick, with his eyes closed. Bela did not realize it right away, but Chandan was masturbating!

Bela knew about the birds and the bees and what went where, based on what her mom and some girlfriends had told her. But she did not know too much in detail, and she certainly did not know how exactly men masturbate. So she did not know what exactly Chandan was doing. All she knew was that his dick was out, and he was playing with it. And she did not realize it, but he was probably thinking of the time he saw her in her underwear while he was masturbating.

Bela was mesmerized by his erect dick. She had never actually seen one in person. Even the movies some of her girlfriends had shown her were softcore. So Bela's visualization of an erect penis for the first time had a big impact on her. And she could not help but watch spellbound.

After a couple of minutes, Chandan started cumming. She watched in amazement as his semen spurted out of his dick and sprayed all over his body and the wall. She opened the window a little more to get a better view of what was happening. That is when Chandan opened his eyes and sat up. Immediately, he realized that the window of Bela's room was open. When Bela saw Chandan look in her direction, she immediately closed the window, confirming his suspicions that the window hadn't just happened to open but that she had been watching.

A few minutes later, Bela heard a soft knock on the door. She knew who it was. It had to be Chandan. He must have jumped over the short wall, and come over to their side of the roof. But just to make sure it wasn't someone from her family, she asked,

"Who is it?"

"It is me, memsaab, Chandan." came the low voice from the other end.

"Go away. I am sleeping." she said, pulled her blanket over her face and closed her eyes.

Chandan knocked for a few more minutes. Then the knocking stopped. And Bela fell asleep after a while.

The next night when Bela went up, she was dreading seeing Chandan again. But to her relief, he wasn't around. She went into her room, changed and lay down on the bed. But she couldn't sleep. All day she had been replaying in her head what she had seen Chandan do. Thinking about his erect dick made her feel funny "down there". She knew it was wrong, but she could not help thinking about it on a loop.

After an hour of tossing and turning, she got up to drink water. Then, as if on some sort of a hunch, she went to the window and opened it. She almost yelled in horror when she opened the window and saw Chandan standing right in front of it, a couple of feet away.

"Namaste, memsaab." he said with an evil smile. "Did you miss me? Sorry, I was busy downstairs."

Bela immediately slammed the window shut and went back to the bed, terrified. Now he started knocking on the window.

"Come on, memsaab." he said. "I can understand if you don't want to open the door. But at least open the window. It has bars, so I can't do anything to you even if I wanted, which I don't want."

She said nothing and just sat there cowering.

"Open it, memsaab, or else I will have to tell your parents how you spied on me during my.....private time." he said.

That turned Bela's fear into anger. She got up, opened the window, and said to him,

"What??? I spied on you? You were the one spying on me when I was changing. I have half a mind to go down and tell my parents about you. They will speak to your employers and you will be fired."

"Ok, ok, memsaab." Chandan said, taking a couple of steps back in deference, "listen, how does it matter who spied on whom? Why tell anyone? Your parents will come to know, my employers will come to know, then everyone in the neighborhood and the town will come to know. No good will come out of it. I will lose my job and you know about you..."

"What about me?" Bela said, breathing fire.

"Well, what will people say...about a young woman from a nice family getting involved with some old servant. How will your parents find a nice groom for you?" he said.

"Me getting involved? I have done nothing wrong!" Bela shot back.

"Yes, I know that and you know that. But you know how people in this town love spreading rumors." Chandan said.

Bela quietened down and thought about it. She was too naive to realize that Chandan was just bluffing. If it came down to his word against her, she had such a squeaky clean reputation that no one would believe him. In fact everyone in the neighborhood would probably beat up Chandan for spying on a nice girl like Bela. But Bela did not realize it then.

"Okay fine, I won't tell anyone." she said reluctantly.

"I also promise I won't tell anyone." Chandan said.

Bela started closing the window when he stepped forward and grabbed it to stop her.

"Wait, one more thing." he said.

"Now what?" Bela asked, annoyed.


"Did you like it?" Chandan asked with a wry smile.

"Did I like what?" Bela asked.

"You know, my...dick" he said, using the hindi slang, of course, not english.

"Eww... don't use such crude words." Bela said, blushing.

"Hehe, ok, did you like my thing?" Chandan asked, laughing.

"What's there to like or dislike? It's just a body part all men have." Bela said, hiding her true emotions. Yes, she told me, she had liked looking at it. It was the first dick she had ever seen after all.

"Yes, but you are a nice girl who has never seen it before, right? Everyone knows what a goody two shoes you are." Chandan continued.

Bela said nothing, just blushed some more.

"Have you ever had a boyfriend?" Chandan asked.

"No, of course not!" Bela said emphatically.

"Hmm, so you have never seen a man's dick... I mean thing." he corrected himself when he saw Bela make a face. "And you are going to get married soon, aren't you?"

"Yes." she said.

"Aren't you the least bit curious how your husband's thing will look like down there? On your wedding night? Won't you feel clueless?" Chandan asked.

"We shouldn't be talking about such things." Bela said, unsure of what to say.

"Okay, just answer my question. Did you feel nice and excited looking at my erect thing?" Chandan pressed on.

"You should go now." Bela said with some finality in her voice.

Chandan just looked at her and smiled. He took his hand off the window, and said to her,

"Okay, you are feeling shy. I understand. So here's what I am going to do. I am going to take my thing out again..."

"No! Please don't!" Bela said in an alarmed voice.

"Listen. I am just taking it out." Chandan said "You don't have to look at it. Close the window if you like. I'll go away. I'm just trying to help you become a good wife for your husband."

With that he started untying the knot on his pyjama. Bela immediately pulled the window and closed it shut. She bolted it and stepped back in horror. What a perverted old man, she thought to herself, wanting to show me his thing. She felt disgusted. But she also felt a little curious. Chandan was right. She had never seen a penis, and often got nervous thinking about her wedding night. What if she froze with shock when her husband got naked, and she could not do anything? What if he thought she was too immature and ignorant about sex? What if he started cheating on her?

All these thoughts started running through her mind as she stared at the closed window. And a small voice in her said, what's the harm in just looking? At least it will take the fear of unknown out of her heart. Maybe she should open the window and look, she thought to herself. Chances are that he must have already left. In fact, she should probably open the window to make sure he has left, she told herself.

It had been barely a minute since Bela closed the window, but to her it felt like an hour as thoughts cascaded through her mind. Finally she convinced herself that she should open the window just to make sure Chandan had left. And she stepped forward and opened the window.

Sure enough, Chandan was still standing there. His pyjamas were dropped and around his knees with his loose striped underwear. And sure enough, his dick was hanging out. Bela looked at it spellbound, now even closer than when she had previously seen it. It looked fascinating to her. It was fully erect, tilted slightly upwards, veins throbbing. Below it, she saw his hairy testicles handing from his body like two oranges.

As she stared at it, it seemed to be getting bigger and more erect. In a few seconds, it seemed like it was coming towards her. That's when she realized, Chandan was slowly advancing closer to the window. She felt like looking up at his face, and telling him to stop walking towards her. But she could not take her eyes off his dick. Finally the dick was almost touching the window sill. It was inches away from her hands, which she realized were gripping the window bars very tight.

"You can touch it if you like." said Chandan in a very kind and gentle voice, as if telling some child to help himself to ice cream.

Bela shook her head furiously, her eyes still riveted on his erect and throbbing dick.

"Go on, you know you want to. I won't tell anyone." Chandan said, and then she felt his rough callused hand on her fingers which were still wrapped around the bar.

He tried to pry her fingers loose. Bela resisted at first, but then her curiosity and instincts got better of her and she loosened her grip. Chandan took her dainty little hand into his strong thick hand and guided it towards his dick slowly. Bela was dreading and anticipating touching him in equal measure. To her mind, it seemed like her hand had been moving for days, until it finally came to a stop just half an inch away from the bulbous foreskin-covered head of his dick.

At that point, Chandan let go of her hand, and it was just suspended there in mid-air. If Bela wanted, she could have withdrawn it back. But she didn't. She just kept it right there, unsure of what she wanted. Then Chandan swung his dick, up and down a couple of times, as if teasing her. Bela watched transfixed as the small eye-shaped hole at the tip of his dick moved up and down, up and down, as if inviting her.

Finally, Bela's insticts got the better of her and she reached out and touched it. Chandan stopped swinging his dick and stood still. Bela ran her fingertips up and down his shaft very gradually, caressing it. The touch felt very alien to her finger. No part of her own body felt quite like that. Smooth and yet rock-hard. She kept running her fingertips up and down his shaft for a while more. It felt to her like hours, she said, but must not have been more than a minute.

That's when Chandan's hand approached her hand again. He grabbed it by the back of the palm, pressed her fingers together and then placed her palm on his dick. Bela noted how weird it felt against her palm. Then Chandan gradually pressed her fingers and palm until her hand was wrapped around his dick. Instinctively she tightened her grip and his shaft was now in her hand. She was reminded of the way she used to hold the grip of a badminton racket.

"It feels like.." she started sharing the similarity of he feel, and turned her gaze upwards to look at Chandan's face, and then stopped mid-sentence as she saw the look on his face.

The unfamiliar look scared her. His eyes were opened wide, his tongue was hanging out, and the expression on his face was very "animal-like". He was also breathing heavily. Suddenly, reality caught up with Bela. A chill ran up her spine as she realized what was happening. What was in her hand? Surely not her neighbor's servant's dick? It all started seeming like a nightmare. She looked down and saw her dainty white hand wrapped around his thick dark dick. The contrast deepened the chill in her spine and she immediately let go of it and pulled her hand back inside the window.

Breathing heavily herself, and breaking out into a cold sweat, she looked at Chandan's face. He still wore that hungry expression. Without a word, she pulled the window shut, bolted it, ran to her bed, and lay down on it, covering her head with a blanket. She started crying softly, aghast and guilty at what she had let herself do. As she cried, she heard Chandan knocking softly on the window, but she ignored it. He knocked softly for a few minutes and then the knocks stopped. Bela, still crying, shut her eyes tightly, praying that he had left, and started chanting some religious hymns to "clean her head".

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