tagLoving WivesShy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 05

Shy Indian Wife Opens Up Ch. 05


The next morning, Bela was woken up by her mother knocking hard on the door.

"Bela, get up. Bela! Bela!" her mother's voice said loudly.

Bela woke up with a start and sat up, unsure of where she was. Her brain registered her mother's voice and knocking. And suddenly, memories of the previous night came flooding back. Was it a dream... a nightmare, she wondered. Or had it really happened. Her mother's shouting and knocking got even more frantic and as it did, Bela felt a pit in her stomach.

Surely, it had happened and Chandan had told everyone, and her mother was coming to yell at her. She would berate Bela for besmirching the family's honor, and no one would ever marry her.

"BELAAA!!" her mom finally yelled loudly, snapping Bela out of her nervous reverie.

"Coming!" Bela shouted back, ran to the door and opened it. Her mom walked in, and Bela waited for the inevitable scolding, but it never came.

"What's the matter with you, Bela? It's 11 am already, and you were still fast asleep?" her mom said.

"Yes, I.. I don't know..." Bela mumbled.

Her mom came close to Bela and checked her forehead,

"You're not falling sick or anything, right?" she asked worriedly "Doesn't feel warm. Anyway, come on down stairs and help me in the kitchen."

That whole day, Bela was on pins and needles. She was still not positive if she had actually touched Chandan's dick or if it was an elaborate dream. If it was true, he would tell others and the hammer was bound to fall. She kept expecting a call to come any moment. but it never came. The day went by without any incident.

That night, Bela made some excuse about her ankle hurting and not wanting to climb the stairs to the roof. She slept on the living room couch that night. And for the next two nights, until the ankle excuse began to wear thing and her mom insisted that she should at least try climbing the stairs to the barsati.

That night, Bela slept on her bed in dread, expecting Chandan to come knocking any minute. But he did not come. Neither did he come the next day, or the next, and finally a week passed with her sleeping in the barsati without as much as seeing Chandan around. Bela now started thinking seriously that the whole Chandan episode had been a dream. She never saw him masturbating, and he never exposed his dick to her, and she never touched it. She was convinced that the only thing that actually happened was him accidentally watching her change. And after that, her fertile and lonely mind had concocted the whole thing.

By now fully confident that the events she dreaded had been in her imagination, Bela did not really think twice when her mother asked her to take a bowl of a special dessert to the neighbors. The very neighbors for whom Chandan worked. With a spring in her step, she walked over to the next house and rang the doorbell.

The door was opened by Chandan, who saw her and smiled. She examined the smile. It was an innocent polite smile, and not a lecherous one. Yes, it was all a big dream, she decided.

"Yes, memsaab?" he asked politely.

"Mom had sent this for uncle and aunty. She knows uncle likes it a lot." Bela said.

"Oh sure, please come in, they're in the bedroom."

Bela followed Chandan through a longish corridor and two rooms. Whenever she was in this house, she always noted how much bigger it was than her own. Finally, Chandan stopped in front of a closed door and knocked.

"Saab." he said

"Yes?" Uncle's voice came.

"Bela memsaab from next door is here."

"Oh great, bring her in." came the voice.

Chandan accompanied Bela inside, and then left. Uncle and aunty were both in bed, with blankets covering them. Both of them were down with some fever, she learned. In general, they did not keep too well. Bela sat there, handed over the dessert, and talked to uncle and aunty for about 10-15 minutes about this and that. Finally she said her goodbyes and started to leave.

She walked out the room, and then was walking through the long corridor, when she felt a hand grab her and yank her inside an empty room. Bela started to scream, but she felt another hand land on her mouth strongly and it muffled her cries. With terror-stricken eyes, she watched Chandan bolt the door behind her, even as he kept one hand on her mouth. Bela started rapidly waving her hands to hit him, but he immediately wrapped the other hand around her and pushed her to the wall.

Chandan's bulky fully physique pressed her against the wall, making any movement of her hands or feet impossible. His hand was still on her mouth.

"Listen. Don't be alarmed. I am not going to do anything. I just want to talk." he said.

Bela kept trying to scream.

"If you scream, then people will hear, come over, and it's your reputation that'll get spoilt." he said.

Once again, naive Bela agreed and stopped making any noises.

"Good, I am going to take my hand off your mouth now. Only if you promise not to scream. Okay?" he asked and Bela nodded her head in agreement.

Chandan let go of her hand. But his body was still fully pressed against her.

"Have you gone mad?" Bela said in a whisper.

"No need to whisper." Chandan smiled, now lecherously. "Those old people are many rooms away and are hard of hearing anyway."

"Okay, have you gone insane? What do you think you are doing?" Bela said trying to sound authoritative, and reminding herself that this man was after all just a servant.

"You have driven me insane, memsaab." Chandan said, grinding his body against her even more. Bela felt his chest rub against her breasts. He continued, "You ask to see my dick, ask to touch it, enjoy touching it and then suddenly disappear?"

"You liar!" Bela shot back "I did not ask to see or touch your.....thing. You forced me to. And get off, you're suffocating me."

"Hah!" Chandan said triumphantly "You denied asking to see it or touch it, but you did not deny that you enjoyed touching it. So you did enjoy it."

"What nonsense." Bela said, "I said get off me or I will scream, I don't care what happens next."

Chandan took that threat seriously and backed away a few feet. Bela started to adjust her salwar kameez which had been crumpled by Chandan's manhandling.

"You are so stupid." Chandan said, folding his hands.

"What???" Bela said, almost yelling. "I am stupid? Why am I stupid?"

"Because you are lying to yourself. You know you liked whatever happened that night. Yet you just ran away. I kept knocking that night, but you didn't answer. And then you stopped sleeping on the roof altogether." Chandan said.

"Only for a couple of days. I am sleeping there again now." Bela said and bit her tongue. What on earth had made her say that, she wondered.

"Oh, is it? My mistake, then. I came up for a few days and the room was locked and dark, so I thought you got scared. But it turns out you have been waiting for me every night?" Chandan said laughing.

"Don't be insane. I am not waiting for anything or anyone. And now I have to go." Bela said.

"So should I come over tonight?" Chandan asked.

"No! No no!" Bela said, "I beg you, please stop bothering me."

"Bela memsaab!" Chandan said, feigning surprise, "I am hurt! You think I am bothering you? I never had a knife to your throat or a gun to your head, did I? You were a willing participant. And you just said you enjoyed playing with my dick."

"I never said that!" Bela protested.

"Ah, again, you deny saying it, but you don't deny it being true." Chandan said with aplomb.

Bela sighed and slapped her forehead with her palm. This man was impossible! Why won't he stop with these word games and mind games, she wondered.

"Listen, Chandan. I am going. I am sorry if I did something to lead you on. But this must stop now. I am a decent girl from a good family. Please stop this." Bela said.

Chandan said nothing. Just stared at her intently.

"I am going now." Bela said and started walking towards the door.

"WAIT!" Chandan said in a voice so commanding that Bela found herself stopping even against her wishes. He continued,

"You think I am bothering you. You are the one who has been teasing me. I am just a simple unmarried servant. I have never done or said anything inappropriate to you for all these years. It was you who first teased me by getting half-naked with the window open even when you saw me standing there."

"I did not.." Bela started to protest but Chandan raised his palm and she stopped.

"Even after that, you're the one who spied on me. And after that too, you willingly...." Chandan said and stopped. He continued in a very sad voice "Do you feel happy about teasing a poor old servant like this? Is that what you are doing?"

"No, Chandan, come on, please." Bela said, suddenly feeling sorry for Chandan and looking at things his way.

"I had a pretty wife too, you know. She died from tuberculosis." Chandan said, now tears streaming down his eyes, much to Bela's horror. "But I never remarried, because I could not forget her. I have not been with a woman in 20 years. You think that's easy?"

Bela stayed silent, unsure of what to say. She had never seen a grown man cry in front of her. And she was too naive to realize that all this had probably been a big performance from Chandan. She did not understand that he was manipulating her. Making her feel guilty and sorry for him.

"You want to go?" Chandan said, wiping his tears, "Then go. That's what women like you do. I always thought you were a nice person. Never realized what an evil shrew you are."

"I am....I am sorry Chandan." Bela said. "I am not a bad person. Please. I did not mean for any of this to happen."

"Yeah, sure you didn't" Chandan said scornfully.

"I am serious. Let me make it up to you. I have.... I have some money saved over. About 500 rupees. I'll give it to you. Buy something for yourself." Bela said, unsure of what else to say.

"What?" Chandan looked at her with more hurt in her eyes, "Once more you have shown me what my true worth is. You think money can solve everything? You think I am some sort of a slave for sale?"

"No!" Bela said, horrified that her gesture had been misconstrued, "I just wanted to make it up to you. Please..." and she trailed off unsure of what to say.

Chandan stayed silent and so did she. The silence continued for a few minutes, and Bela started wondering if she should leave. Just as she was about to turn and go, Chandan said,

"If you really want to make it up to me, there is a way..."

"Yes, how?" Bela asked.

"well, I have never been with a woman in the last 20 years and I was thinking..." Chandan said.

"What!! Chandan!! How dare you??" Bela yelled, without worrying that uncle and aunty might have heard it. They hadn't.

"No, no, you misunderstand. I am not asking to sleep with you!" Chandan said, getting up and shaking his palms in front of him.

"Ok." Bela said, mollified.

"Come on, memsaab. I am not stupid. You are a virgin, who should stay a virgin until her wedding night, as our traditions dictate. And even if you were not to stay virgin, I know I am just a measly servant. So please, that's not what I meant." he said.

"Ok, then what?" Bela asked.

"Well.... like I was saying, I have never been with a woman in 20 years. Never even seen a woman naked in that long, forget someone as beautiful as you. My request to you was...." Chandan said and paused, "...could you...some time...not now, any time..... just let me see you topless for a few seconds?"

"What?????" Bela said, her voice rising again.

"Please listen. I am not asking for anything much. Just once. Just give me a glimpse of your bare breasts for a few seconds. You can be in your room. I will be on the roof on this side. You just keep the window open, give me a glimpse, and that's it. You have no idea how much it will mean to me." Chandan said.

Bela stared at him, unable to believe what he was saying.

"After all, you have seen my dick and even touched it. So in a way, you sort of owe me something like that in return. No no, I am not demanding it" he said as Bela started to open her mouth to protest, "it is just a request. Totally up to you. You said you wanted to make it up to me. This is a very easy way. For a few seconds. From 20 feet away. And I will cherish that memory forever."

"Chandan, I can't do that." Bela finally said.

"Ok, I understand." Chandan said, his shoulders slumping. "Anyway, you should probably go or your mother will get worried."

He walked to the door, opened it and held it for Bela to walk out. She walked out, feeling very dazed and confused. Chandan didn't say a word, just walked a few feet behind her to the front door and closed it when she left. ----

Bela spent the rest of the day very distracted, almost like a zombie. She kept replaying in her head the conversation she had with Chandan. And she started questioning her own actions. Had she really teased him and led him on, knowingly or unknowingly? Was it really more her fault than his? It wasn't all her fault, she reasoned. She might have made a couple of mistakes, but he had forced a lot of things on her. Or had he? She couldn't recall him quite coercing her. Maybe nudging her.

And even if he had, was it her fault too? He was right. He was just a single old servant. If she had been careless enough to expose her semi-nude body to him, wasn't it natural of him to push things further? Maybe she should just do what he wanted. Give him a small glimpse of her breasts and end the matter there. It had all started with her flashing him through the window, and maybe that's the way the whole matter should end.

But no! How could she just let a common servant see her topless? She, who never even wore tight or revealing clothes for fear of appearing cheap or slutty. How could she flash him? No, there was no way she could do it, she reasoned.

The next few nights were like a game to see who blinked first. Every night when she went up to her room, Chandan would be standing on the other roof, right in front of her window. She would enter the room, get her clothes from the cupboard, then go to the window and close it.

Every night, their eyes met. Chandan wore a pleading and plaintive expression on his face, silently begging her to just flash him. She would look back at him without any emotion on her face for a few seconds, close the window and then change. Chandan didn't push her at all. He did not cross over to this side and knock on the door or window. Nor did he ever try to flash her.

Chandan's restrained and even decent behavior actually started creating a dilemma for Bela. If he had been acting sleazily or pushily, it would have been easier to justify turning down his demands. But here, he was just standing there and waiting. And pleading. With puppy-like eyes. With each passing day, Bela started thinking more and more about actually doing it. All that thinking would always end with a resounding "No, I can't!". But the amount of time she spent agonizing over it did keep growing.

And then coincidentally, the TV schedule played its part too. Once she was watching TV and the Hollywood movie American Beauty came on. And she watched spellbound the scene where Thora Birch gets topless for her neighbor. It was the TV version, so obviously Birch's boobs weren't shown on screen, but it was clear what was happening. The scene started playing in her mind long after the movie ended.

Sometimes she would imagine herself in the place of Thora Birch. And Chandan in the place of the boy next door. Then she started imagining and fantasizing it all happening on her roof. And it started making her wet between the legs. Now she would spend hours daydreaming about flashing herself to Chandan. In her mind, she was clear that she would never actually go through with it, and that she was just indulging in idle fantasies. But with each fantasy, her resolve was being chipped away. And of course, each night Chandan would be there, passively adding to the pressure.

Bela isn't sure when she exactly decided to go through with it. She doesn't even remember if she consciously made the decision to do it, or just got caught up in the moment. She suspects that maybe she happened to be fantasizing about it right when she was changing, and her mind forgot the difference between fantasy and reality. Or maybe, like I suggested to her, she wanted to do it, but after the fact, her mind had created these justifications to help her cope with guilt.

We'll never know exactly how Bela got around to doing it. What we do know is, she did go through with it.

That night started like all others, Chandan standing on the other roof, in front of the window, about 20 feet away. Bela went to the window and stared at him. Only this time, she did not close the window. She kept staring at Chandan for a few more minutes, and possibly fantasizing about doing it. She was wearing a sari that night.

Her right hand moved, as if by itself, and pulled her pallu (the end of the sari) over the shoulder and let it drop to the floor. There she was now, in only her blouse, her cleavage and stomach exposed to Chandan. Chandan noticed the significance of what she did, but did not move a muscle, just like bird watchers avoiding any movement lest they scare away a rare bird they just sighted.

Bela stood like that for a while. She is not sure how long. Maybe a minute, maybe ten minutes. Then she started unbuttoning her blouse, very slowly. The buttons were in the front, so as each button came loose, it revealed more and more of her cleavage and her bra. Finally, all buttons came undone and the front two halves of her blouse fell to the sides, exposing her bra. She stood like that, her blouse opened for a few minutes. Then she took the bra off and dropped it to the floor, with only a bra covering her body above the waist. --- Until her boobs were fully exposed, Chandan had stood there, absolutely still. But a look at her young, luscious, perfect boobs was too much for him. He moved, and moved to loosen the knot on his pyjama. He loosened it, and dropped the pyjama and his underwear to the floor, exposing a fully erect cock. He then started masturbating, standing there, staring at a topless Bela.

Even though the request from Chandan had been to only give him a fleeting glimpse of herself topless, Bela found herself unable to move or cover up. Her gaze was transfixed on Chandan's dick as his hand jerked it off. Chandan noticed it, and that emboldened him to make the next move. He kicked off his pyjamas and underwear from around his ankles, and naked from the waist down, climbed the wall separating the two roofs and jumped over.

Within a few seconds, he was inches away from Bela, on the other wide of the window. The two of them stood there like that, Bela, naked from the waist up, staring at Chandan's dick which he had resumed jacking off, and Chandan, naked from the waist down, staring wide-eyed at Bela's perfect boobs.

"Can I touch them?" Chandan asked in a hoarse voice. "Please?"

Bela shook her head resolutely. She was caught up in the moment, but still retained enough sense to not go too far. Chandan repeated his plea a couple more times, but Bela kept shaking her head. Finally he gave up, not wanting to spoil a good thing by pushing things too far, and stood there, whacking his dick. In a couple of minutes, he was ready to cum, and he said,

"Ooohh... I am about to burst. Should I? Right here? Like this?" he said, holding his dick tilted upwards, like a canon aiming at Bela's tits.

Bela did not fully understand what he was asking. She thought he was just asking her permission to ejaculate. She had no problem with it. In fact she was curious to see it happen this up close. So she nodded her head in agreement. In a few seconds, Chandan started cumming.

And that's when it hit Bela, both literally and figuratively. Literally, Chandan's semen spurted from his dick and flew, hitting Bela on her boobs and stomach, with some gobs landing on the window bars too. Figuratively, it hit Bela that Chandan had been asking permission for precisely this - spraying his seed on her body. Bela looked down and stared at her boobs as they were getting splattered by Chandan's semen. Her mind was screaming out loud, that whatever was happening was a bit too much. But her body was enchanted and frozen at the idea of this unknown unfamiliar white sticky substance hitting her.

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