tagNonConsent/ReluctanceShy Iris Ch. 06

Shy Iris Ch. 06


"What the hell are you doing here?!?"

Iris was on the verge of panic. Opal Taylor, her mother, was standing before her. The elder of the Taylor women looked much like her daughter, with long, raven, hair and piercing blue eyes; although Opal's dark mane was unnaturally black as she had taken to dyeing the gray strands, and her baby blues were ringed with crow's feet and laugh lines. She was still a stunner of a woman, though, with racetrack curves; wide hips, a big, juicy ass, and heavy, bouncing, breasts. On this beautiful August day, Opal was dressed in a pair of sheer black leggings and a plain white tank top. Her milky white thighs and her pale butt cheeks were clearly visible through her see-through pants; if anyone's eyes made it that far down. Opal's magnificent body was overshadowed by her massive chest; and in that white tank top it was plainly obvious that the middle aged mom wasn't wearing a bra; her boulder sized boobs strained against the thin material, and her nipples were on full display.

"Young lady, I should ask you what the hell you're doing here? And what are you wearing?!?"

Iris gulped. That was a good question. For as slutty as her mom was made up, Iris was twice as bad. Same dark hair, same blue eyes, but Iris had ringed her eyes with enough mascara to make a porn star frown. Iris was wearing what could have been described as workout clothes, but on her exaggerated figure they looked like underwear. A black sports bra was stretched across her own bosom; Iris had decent sized breasts, far larger than many of the girls she knew, but next to her mother she was positively eclipsed. And for Iris' relative lack of tit-flesh she was more than blessed with billowing ass-flesh. Iris' monstrous backside could have fit two normal butts inside her porcelain flesh, and still had room for Opal's giant tits. And currently, Iris' pale, quaking, rump was being dug into by a pair of pink bicycle shorts that had probably been bought in the 'anorexia' section at the local store. Her pale, cellulite pockmarked cheeks were on full jiggling display, including, tattooed across her left butt cheek in blocky black letters, the word COW.

Jack, the leader of the Pi Pi Pi fraternity and the man responsible for blackmailing both of the curvy Taylor women into becoming living sex dolls, watched the mother and daughter approach each other through a chain link fence. When they looked suitably confused, he finally approached the pair, grinning from ear to ear.

"How are my two favorite ladies?" Jack asked, practically purring.

Opal's lip curled into a sneer as she saw the young and muscular frat boy, Jack approaching. "What are you trying to pull here, you deviant? Why's my daughter here?"

Jack put his hands up, palm out, feigning innocence. "Hey, now, ma'am. I have nothing to do with your daughter being here. Just ask her."

Opal wheeled to face her daughter, her monster knockers swinging dangerously as she did so. "Is that true?" She demanded.

Iris stared at her mom, puzzled. "For once in his life, Jack's actually telling the truth. He didn't text me the address..." A large, hulking, black man emerged from around the fence. "He did!" Iris' jaw dropped as she saw her most recent tormentor, JB start to shake Jack's hand.

"I've got a confession to make," JB looked away, almost sheepishly as he spoke to Iris. "That whole thing at the gym with me and my boys, that was a set up. I'm a member of the Tri-Pi branch at the State college, and we planned everything out so that even though you're at a new school, you still get to have some fun with us." He finally raised his eyes, so that they were drilling into Iris' own. "See, Jack planned the whole thing out so he could get both of you roped in. And maybe my man here is getting soft, because he was really considering letting you go. But I had too much fun with that big, fat, ass of yours on Halloween; I had to take you for myself."

Iris' mind was reeling. This was too much; she really wasn't free from Jack's twisted mind at a new school; she was still ensnared, just now by other brothers of the Tri-Pi fraternity. Worst of all, her mother was involved now, as well. And what was that last thing he had said. Something about Halloween?

"Hey, I know a lot of guys had some fun with me back in October, but I think I would have remembered..." Iris tried and failed not to look at the bulge in JB's pants, "someone like you."

JB's face broke out into a shit eating grin. "You might recognize me better if I put on a hockey mask." Realization dawned on Iris' poor, pale, face. "Yeah, that's right. That monster who plowed your poop-chute on the lawn that night? He owns your ass now!"

Jack cleared his throat. He looked almost annoyed, but the look quickly passed. "Alright then, now that the introductions are out of the way, let's get this party started!"

Jack slipped a strong arm around Opal's waist and pulled her in close, so that her heaving bosom was pressed tightly against him. JB followed suit, sliding his steel like forearm around Iris' shockingly slim waist and pulling the big bottomed girl closer to him. He rested his hand on the crest of her swelling ass flesh and tugged her along beside him. Jack, with Opal, followed closely behind the pair.

The quartet passed through a gate guarded by two hefty looking young men sporting Tri-Pi shirts and holding cash boxes. A sign hung on the nearby chain-link fence. WELCOME TO THE FIRST ANNUAL INTER-COLLEGIATE PI PI PI FUNDRAISER. Beneath the sign, but still clearly visible to any passers-by was the very special instruction- 18+ ONLY- ADULT ENTERTAINMENT.

The four stopped as they entered the gate. There were dozens of Pi Pi Pi brothers milling about on the paved promenade, some with security shirts on, others hurrying to some unknown destination, but still a healthy amount just taking in the sights. Especially drinking in the sight of, Iris was terrified to see, her and her mother. All of the men inside the fenced in area were male; and they were all staring at Iris' giant butt and her mother's massive knockers with hungry eyes.

"Let me guess," the big bottomed girl asked, sighing. "We're the adult entertainment?"

Jack's grin widened, and not just because the hand that had been around Opal's waist had worked its way up to squeeze one of her heavy tits. "There was a farmer had a dog and BINGO was his name-o! We've got a couple of...attractions... set up for each of you to really showcase both of your specific...talents... different money tiers, all kinds of fun stuff. We really put some thought into this."

Iris sighed and shook her head. She knew what Jack's idea of 'fun stuff' was, and she'd fallen victim to a number of them. But she also knew it was better to play along than to argue. In fact, there was a voice deep down inside of Iris, a voice the monster rumped girl hated to admit existed, that was currently telling her that maybe it was her turn to have some fun. Iris looked at her mother. Opal's lips were pursed in a tight frown.

"If this is going to be at all like what happened at the Tri-Pi house I want no part of it."

Jack frowned. "I really hate to do this but you realize we have full footage of all of that? And I'm more than willing to send it to your boss and everyone you know. Maybe you can deal with the humiliation, but can you deal with losing your job? Your standing in the community?"

Opal's frown practically turned into a sneer, but she was rendered momentarily speechless. Finally, she spoke. "Am I going to be forced to have sex with my daughter?"

To Iris' divine horror, Jack actually had to think about it for a second. "No, of course not." He shrugged. "At least, I don't think so."

Opal sighed. "I guess that will have to do." She glared down at Jack. "Alright, let's get this over with." Jack grinned, and started to lead the heavy uddered woman away.

"Iris?" Opal called over her shoulder in a motherly voice that made the situation all the more surreal.

"Yes, mother?" Iris called back.

"Have fun."

Opal Exhibit 1-The Strongman Competition

Jack had wasted no time in leading Opal to a small wooden structure at the center of a surprisingly large crowd. As they darted closer, Opal was able to just make out that the crowd was really just a line looping around the small structure. The man at the front of the line, a hulking brother of Tri-Pi, was collecting money from a heavily tattooed, older looking, brother as they rushed past.

"So you're charging people to get in, and you're charging them at each of the quote unquote attractions?"

Jack nodded. "Yeah, five gets you in the door. Ten lets you participate in the first round."

Opal shuddered and blushed bright red. Fifteen dollars. She knew this was going to be some sort of sexual humiliation at her expense. And the cost of admission was fifteen measly bucks. She had never felt so low; even when her huge breasts had been glued to a windowpane using the jizz of a dozen different young men.

When the boys in line spotted Opal, a small roar went up amongst them; accompanied by a cacophony of catcalls. "Hey, there, mega mounds, can't wait to get my hands on you!" An anonymous voice yelled. A chill ran up her spine.

A white curtain surrounded the one-and-a-half story structure. Jack gripped the mega-titted MILF by a slender wrist and tugged her through a slit in the fabric. Opal realized that what she had assumed was a shack was actually constructed more like a lookout tower; four wooden poles holding a boxed-in room aloft. A ladder was the only way into the upper level, and Jack gestured toward it with an authoritative point. Opal sighed, and started to climb; her oversized jugs slapping against every rung. As a sort of twisted encouragement, Jack patted Opal on her spandex clad bottom as she made her way up.

Opal struggled to her feet inside the claustrophobic tower. The only light was from the sun, filtering in through the curtains and upward through the floorboards beneath their feet. Jack hoisted the ladder up and placed a panel over the opening, leaving the pair in mostly darkness.

"I can't see a fucking thing," Opal hissed. She grasped wildly for Jack, trying to both locate him and catch her balance, but her panicked fingers found nothing. Her eyes finally started to adjust to the darkness, but it was too late; Jack was behind her, with his strong hands firmly grasping the hem of Opal's tank top. In one swift motion he flipped it up, off her arms and over her head. Her mammoth breasts bounced free.

Jack pressed his chest against Opal's back and squeezed the older woman's great, wobbling, breasts in his powerful hands. Opal gasped as her pale tits were captured in his vicelike grip. Jack pinched her sensitive nipples between his strong fingers, and a flash of red passed over Opal's vision. The big breasted mom sucked in a rushing breath and almost fell to her knees. With her mouth still agape, Opal was easy prey for Jack to slap a ball-gag between her lips.

Opal, caught by surprise, clasped her hands to her mouth and slipped her fingers inside the leather bands of the ball-gag, in an effort to tear it away from her lips. But Jack was stronger, and faster. He had the tight bands strapped into place before Opal could even touch the leather. Opal coughed and gasped, wads of saliva trailing across her splayed lips and the rubber ball separating them.

Ignoring Opal's struggles, Jack twisted the big knockered milf's nipples even harder; yanking the sensitive buds away from her pale, jiggling flesh. Opal, realizing the notion of freeing her lips was useless, started to slap futilely at Jack's mauling of her swaying udders. With catlike quickness and smooth precision, Jack snatched Opal's flailing wrists in his grasp.

"I'd say this is going to hurt me a lot more than it hurts you, but that would be a damn dirty lie, and I'm just not in the mood for that right now." Jack twisted Opal's arms behind her back and forced them roughly against her spine. With his considerable size and strength advantage, Jack was able to easily hold both of Opal's arms against her with just one of his own. With his free hand, he looped a cord around Opal's elbows.

Realizing what was happening, Opal tried to kick and thrash, to free herself from Jack's grip, but her efforts were to no avail. He continued to loop the cord around the buxom woman's arms; her elbows, her forearms, finally tying the wire taut at her wrists. With Opal's arms trapped tightly behind her back, and the dark haired mother's mouth sufficiently gagged, Jack stepped around in front of the woman to admire his work.

"Damn. With your arms behind your back those giant knockers are sticking out even further." Jack began to massage Opal's fat, swaying, tits, almost gently. "Fuck, they look like fucking titty torpedoes, how far they stick out from your chest. And that sag- the way they bounce and move- that's how you know they're real."

Opal stared at Jack, unsure of what exactly he was playing at. He continued to squeeze and fondle her heavy milkers. "I honestly love these fat jugs, I really do." Jack raised another length of cord in his hands, and Opal's eyes widened in shock. "That makes what's about to happen really hard for me."

Jack started to coil the wire around the base of Opal's bulging breasts. She tried to back away, but Jack simply let one end of the cord fall and latched his fingers around one of Opal's nipples, tugging the heavy breasted woman back to him. Opal growled around the gag in her mouth, but otherwise stopped struggling. Jack grinned, his pristine smile illuminated by the light filtering upwards from below them. He quickly finished looping the cord around Opal's tits and pulled it tight, until her chest started to flush and the lower three-quarters of her mammoth jugs started to swell.

"Holy shit those knockers look even bigger now!" Jack was practically giggling. "I'm a fucking miracle worker! I made the biggest ass on the planet bigger using an 'all protein' diet and now I made the biggest tits on the planet grow using an old bondage trick!"

Opal cringed at Jack's words. She wished he wouldn't talk about her or her daughter like that, but she was in no position to do anything about it. She shuffled from foot to foot; shimmying back and forth. For the first time in her adult life, Opal's gigantic breasts were barely moving. But she also couldn't feel them. She hopped faster, finally getting a subtle bounce, and a tiny bit of feeling spider-webbed back into her bound breasts.

Jack watched Opal as she did her silly little dance. "Don't worry, your tits are going to be numb for a little while, but it's not going to do any permanent damage. And you're going to thank me later. Because even with the blood flow to those fat knockers cut off, you're going to feel everything that's coming your way."

Opal's stomach dropped, but she still watched with morbid curiosity as Jack walked to the center of the wooden structure. He knelt down and plucked a square panel from the floor. Opal, against her own better judgement, tiptoed closer to see just what exactly Jack was doing. When it finally hit her, the big breasted brunette turned on her heels and tried to run.

There were two perfect circles, roughly the size and shape of Opal's titanic tits, carved into the floor.

Jack snagged Opal by her bound arms just as she was about to slam her bound tits against the wall. "Where the fuck were you planning on going?" Jack asked, sounding almost perplexed. "There's only one way out of here, and it's down a ladder that's not there anymore. Now you can either lay down, or I can lay you down. It's your choice."

Opal glared at the young man. But finally, in a daze, she knelt down on the floor. This was no easy task, with her weighty tits pulling her forward and no arms to support herself, but Opal managed. Jack firmly placed a hand on Opal's shoulder and pushed the brunette facedown. Awkwardly, Opal wriggled forward, until her bound breasts were lined up with the holes in the ground.

The gaps between the floorboards were wide enough for Opal to see through easily, and, if not for the gag in her mouth, the busty MILF would have gasped when she saw that there was a young man standing below her on a footstool. Jack straddled Opal's back and arms, and firmly grasped her hanging tits. He forced the tips of her big white jugs into the hole, and pushed down on her back. Opal's breasts were fed partway through the openings, and then snagged as her tit-flesh proved to be simply too abundant to fit through the holes.

"I don't think we cut the holes big enough!" Jack called down to the young man standing below them.

"No, I'm sure we did, I think this cow's udders probably just got bigger since the last time we've seen her."

Opal blushed a furious crimson, and was shocked to see that despite the blood flow to her hanging breasts being cut off, her pale jugs flushed just the same. She watched in horror as the young man standing below her reached up and grasped her bound breasts in his hands. He tugged downwards, eliciting a muffled yelp from the poor woman.

"That's what the ball-gag's for," Jack teased her.

Another tug on Opal's hanging breasts and her big knockers were pulled completely through the holes, leaving Opal flat against the floor. Gravity pulled relentlessly at her heavy breasts, which hung down far further than Opal would have ever guessed. Or maybe they had just constructed the tower to be shorter than normal to trick the mind's eye. Either way, the tri-pi brother standing below them no longer needed the step stool to reach Opal's swaying udders. He playfully flicked one of her pointed nipples, and Opal was shocked when her entire body erupted in shivers.

Jack remained straddled across Opal's arms and back, pressing her tight against the floor. "So, one of our brother's who's in medical school was saying earlier that even with the bondage, gravity might make blood rush to your breasts. I'm judging by how you just reacted that that's exactly what happened. I'm really sorry for what your about to experience, but these people paid a lot of money... well, these people paid some money, to have some fun, and we're already here so fuck it, let's get on with the show."

Jack repositioned himself, so that he was no longer straddling Opal's arms and back, but rather, was seated across her generous hips and meaty backside, facing Opal's feet. He gripped the waistband of her leggings and rolled it down beyond her pale butt cheeks, exposing her ashamedly damp pussy to the warm air. Jack began to tease his fingers along the edges of Opal's cunt lips, making the older woman feel surprisingly pleasured.

"Don't worry," Jack cooed to her, "I'll try to make sure you enjoy yourself a little bit over the next few minutes." His face grew hard as he leaned over to yell at the young man below them. "FIRE IT UP, TREVOR!"

The curtain dropped and suddenly the base of the tower; along with Opal's monstrous, hanging tits, was exposed to the public. Opal's pendulous breasts were bathed in light rays, causing beads of sweat to quickly form on her swaying udders. Not that she felt the sunlight or the sweat; she was more concerned with the fingers rapidly diddling her slick cunt, the dozens of eyes on her big, pale, tits, and, worst of all, the long line looped around the structure.

Trevor again climbed atop the stepping stool and loudly cleared his throat.

"Sinners and gentlemen, boys and brutes, step right up, step right up. As you plainly see before you we have a pair of fat, swinging, tits hanging down from the ceiling here." He reached up and fondled one of Opal's heavy udders, sending a shockwave through the poor woman's body. Jack plunged three fingers into her damp fuck-box, sending another wave of electricity through Opal's sweating frame. She tried to cry out, but all she managed to do was spit and sputter around the gag in her mouth. Opal watched her saliva pool on the floor; until finally a slime trail reached a gap in the floorboards, and drizzled down onto her burning tits.

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