tagGay MaleShy Jared Ch. 04

Shy Jared Ch. 04


*All characters are 18+*

Darryl had wiped Jared's oily body dry with a ragged towel and was now smoking his pipe naked while Jared rested under the sheets with his damp head resting on the older man's thigh. Jared had always liked the smell of tobacco, not cigarettes, but the pipe smelled good.

"It's only four, and it's a Friday, so can I stay a little longer? Please?"

Darryl chuckled and ruffled Jared's damp hair. "If I had it my way Honeybunch, I would never let you leave. Stay as long as you can without your mama getting suspicious."

Jared giggled. "I told her I was gonna hang out at a friends house."

Darryl looked at him seriously. "If you want, you could call her and ask for a sleepover."

The older man had to choke back a laugh at the comical look of surprise and naked greed on the young man's face. "Really? D'you think that would work?"

He sounded so innocent, and at the same time very naughty. Darryl laughed. "I don't know, do you think your mama would buy it?"

His face fell a little. "I don't have any guy friends. Mom would be over the moon if she thought I was spending the night over at a friend's house. Dad would say it was queer."

Darryl frowned a little and gently rubbed Jared's head. Jared was facedown on his thigh and he could feel a bit of moisture on his skin, and those pretty white shoulders were trembling a little.

"We got the short end of the stick when we were born, and that's the truth. Some people think we are just being lazy and deviant, or that our way of life is a choice. If I had been given a choice when I was born, I would have chosen to be strait. I love men, and I love being with men, and I love being with you. But if I had been given a choice, no way I would have chosen this."

Darryl took a puff of his pipe while the sweet young man in his bed cried quietly.


Jared had called his mother, and she had said yes.

Now they were eating at the table. Darryl wore his ragged green robe, and Jared was dressed in one of Darryl's T-shirts. The shirt was just a little baggy on Darryl and it nearly fell to Jared's bony knees. Darryl thought he looked very cute.

Jared had actually ended up cooking the meal, blushing heavily as Darryl made jokes about having a wife. Jared loved these gentle little pokes; it made him feel loved. Jared had made spaghetti with tomato paste. He had chopped up onions and garlic and mushrooms for the sauce and it was delicious. For dessert, they had Twinkies. Jared blushed furiously when Darryl wiped a little cream filling from the corner of his mouth and proceeded to lick it off of his thumb.

Before the meal, Darryl had swallowed two small square blue pills with milk. When Jared asked curiously what they were, Darryl had answered him honestly.

"They're Viagra Hon. I still don't have any problems getting it up, but I want to make sure that I can keep up with a horny little pup like you if you're gonna be spending the night."

Jared giggled so hard he nearly fell off his chair.


After dinner, Jared went to the bed. As he went he gave Darryl a lingering glance.

Darryl was ready, and eager. He got up and gave the boy a gentle shove so he fell, giggling, on his stomach on the bedsheets. He reached under his baggy shirt and started to tickle Jared, grinning when the young boy squirmed and laughed breathlessly.

"Have you ever heard of something called '69' Jared?"

Jared took a long shaky breath on the bed and shook his head so his floppy dark hair flew everywhere. He looked shy and aroused and painfully eager.

"It's when one partner lies on their back, while the other partner crawls on top of them. The twist it that the one on top is upside-down, so their heads are in each other's crotches."

The reaction on Jared's face was immediate and cute. His eyes shot open and his lips parted in a shocked little gasp and his cheeks flushed bright red.

Darryl gently touched that velvety soft cheek of his, and Jared leaned gently into his hand. "Y-Yes please."

Darryl grinned and gave Jared a kiss where he pinned the sweet boy to the bedsheets. Jared's giggles turned into a soft muffled groan as he kissed back hard. Jared was finally starting to lose some of his painful shyness.

"Goddamn Beautiful!" Darryl gasped. He pulled the loose t-shirt from Jared's squirming body and drew back to get a nice long look. Jared just lay there, panting with his arms tangled above his head and his legs slightly spread and his back arched. He had never felt so exposed, and he had never felt so sexy, or wanted.

Darryl's eyes ravished Jared's thin pale body, so much more appealing for the frankly sexual way he posed. The look on the boy's face was a mixture of lust and freedom and a hint of shyness. Those sweet raspberry nipples were perky despite the heat and that delicious cock of his was almost all the way hard and bouncing in a tantalizing way against Jared's silky inner thigh.

Darryl slipped out of the robe and slid onto the bed, clasping the boy in his arms as he went. He moved until he was on his back and Jared was straddling his hips. Jared flushed and lost a little confidence.

"Come here Honey."

They kissed, Jared lying on top of his powerful body. Jared let out sexy little cries as Darryl put his large hands on his small flexing buttocks and ground the young man's hips into his own. Jared could feel the hard throbbing shaft of Darryl's cock rubbing against his own. The sensation of the soft velvety skin and hard core against his own cock was indescribable.

Darryl was equally incensed. The sheer eagerness of the boy in his arms did more good for him than any amount of Viagra ever could. In any other situation, Darryl would have been the last contestant, the last man picked. But Jared's lack of experience had given him the most beautiful and sweet and willing partner of his life.

"Turn around Baby, I want to taste that lovely cock."

Jared's face flushed and he gently kissed Darryl's lips before crawling around, looking back unsurely.

"Don't mind me Jared, I'm just gonna be sweet to you."

Jared trusted him, and the young man got into a kneeling position with that heavenly little ass above Darryl's face. The older man groaned as he felt Jared's warm saliva-lubricated hand wrap around his shaft and a hot wet little tongue lap at the head of his cock.

Jared was entirely focused on the beautiful, intoxicating object in his hands and mouth. He loved Darryl's cock. It responded subtly to his every touch and caress, it throbbing like a living organism in his hands, and it gave Darryl such pleasure when he caressed it.

Jared was so intent on licking and nibbling the slick head, that he didn't even notice what Darryl was doing to him until he felt something hot and slick and flexible prod his sensitive little asshole.

He jumped and looked back at Darryl, wide eyed and stammering. "Wh-What? What are you d-doing?"

He was utterly shocked. Never, not even in the fantasies that had made him blush and cringe had he imagined that someone could put their tongue in a man's asshole. The idea seemed dirty and taboo and wrong. But if it seemed so wrong, why had his cock given an extra-powerful throb at the mere touch?

"Calm down Jared, just get back to your work."

Jared was now distracted and squirming. Darryl's cheeks and mouth were rough with stubble and the sensation was abrasive and delirious and amazing on the sensitive skin. His tongue was thick and powerful and after teasing the spasming ring of muscle a few times, Darryl spread his sweet round buttocks aside and plunged his thick wet tongue all the way in.

Jared muffled his cry of delight in the only way he could... By diving down on Darryl's cock so hard he choked.

Darryl made noises that were low and hungry while he ate the sweet boy's ass. Jared's noises were muffled and high-pitched while he shoved his ass back on that tongue and tried to give him the best blowjob at the same time. For a brief lucid moment he remembered that three days ago, he had never been kissed.

Darryl loved eating out Jared's sweet little ass, but enough was enough. He grasped the slender waist and pulled Jared's hips up so he could gobble that gorgeous cock into his mouth. Jared's cock was slender and throbbing and hard enough to cut glass.

Jared squealed, but this way it was easier to develop a rhythm. He humped his body up and down, simultaneously fucking Darryl's hot clever mouth and bobbing his head up and down on Darryl's thick cock. His thighs were starting to tremble and a wave of heat was throbbing in his groin, getting closer and closer.'

Jared cried out weakly with protest when Darryl heaved him off and pushed the boy flat on his back, straddling those bony hips.

Then Jared started to cry out with ecstasy and bump his hips. Darryl had taken their slick cocks in one hand and was rubbing them together. The hot slippery throbbing feel of each other was tortuously good. Jared played with his tender little nipples while looking up into Darryl's eyes, wide-eyed and panting and begging.

"Please Darryl! Please! Please! Please!"

Darryl snarled softly with lust. "Please what?"

"Please oh please let me come Darryl!"

Darryl swore under his breath and rubbed them faster, his big hand flying over the throbbing shafts, one slightly dwarfed by the other. Jared came a fraction of a second before his older lover.

"Oh God!"

It was a whisper. Jared's eyes were fluttering and his back was arched and his mouth was open in a silent scream. His orgasm was so powerful that it was like a little slice of Rapture, dancing behind his eyes.

Darryl was more visceral. He grunted and slowly moved his hips. Their seed spilled in thick white trails on Jared's lean stomach. Their cocks slowly went limp. Darryl waited and watched as Jared calmed down after his earth-shattering climax. First he went limp, eyes closed and panting. After a moment he looked up at Darryl and smiled shyly.

He dipped his finger in the trails of semen that mingled on his stomach and pooled in his nave. He lapped contentedly at his wet finger and smiled at Darryl. With fingers and tongues, the two men ate their mingled release.


It was nine o clock, and Jared Davis knew he was spending the night. Nothing could have made him happier. They were drinking instant cocoa and talking. Darryl was doing most of the talking. Jared just liked to snuggle with him with the covers around them both and the sound of his voice reverberating through his chest.

"When the Korean war started, I was one of the first men there, right in 1950. My company and me were stationed at one of the ports. Mainly we just did drills and occasionally searched the ships and got sick on the native food, but it wasn't that easy for long. Soon we were in the jungle. That's where I met Daniel."

Jared finished his cocoa and set the cup down on the table so he could snuggle further into Darryl. His cheek rested on the wiry curls of Darryl's chest hair.

"We had a camp, but one day there was firebombing while we were running through the jungle, and we had no idea what was going on, our radio was broken, so we dug these little foxholes in the mud, lined them with tarps and settled in them, two per hole. It was to make sure that we didn't get left behind if the company had to move suddenly.

"We had been there for about two weeks by then, and after one time I had stopped trying to use the hookers. I had had sex with women before, and I didn't like it but I would have visited them just to empty my balls once in a while. But these girls... Most of them were very young. They didn't pick them because they were pretty, they picked them for how sturdy they were so they would last longer.

"Some of them were so rotted out with disease that they were rotting from the inside and people kept fucking them." Darryl's voice was choked and sick. "Even the ones that were a little older, sixteen or eighteen or twenty, even the older ones looked like little girls because they were so thin and small. They killed those girls like rats whenever they got pregnant, because there were plenty of families that were so poor that they needed to get rid of a daughter or two.

Darryl shook his head. "They never tell you about that kind of shit in history, do they? Well, part of the reason I liked Daniel, other then the fact that he was a very sexy young man, was that he never visited the girls. A few of the men didn't visit them at first, but after a while the strain was too much for them and they would go and fuck one of those poor girls. It cost the equivalent of twenty cents.

"I ended up with him, and he fell asleep while I watched. He started crying in his sleep. Jesus, we were all so young back then. It was like the goddamn children's crusade. Anyway I woke him up. Around the fire we all had to be tough, and brag about our girls back home, and sports, and other shit that didn't matter, but in the foxholes you had to open up. He told me how he was scared. He told me he didn't want to die a virgin, and he told me that he was afraid that if he died he would go to hell.

"I was incredulous, and I asked him why he thought he would go to hell. He had never done anything bad; he hadn't slept with the girls, he didn't drink, or smoke, or gamble. He was afraid to tell me. I was a big guy, and he thought that I would be a faggot-hating asshole like the rest of the men on the squad. I had suspected, so I told him first.

Darryl smiled with remembrance. "He looked so shocked, so surprised, so happy, even. I told him that I could make sure he wouldn't die a virgin. I had ulterior motives, sure, but Daniel was so excited that he could barely unbutton his coat.

"We made love in that little foxhole. I kissed him and we unbuttoned our rain cloaks and our coats and our shirts, and we pulled our pants to our knees and we made love in this cramped little nest of clothing. He was so tight, I had to spend about ten minutes prying that sweet boy open with a fistful of bacon grease. He stuffed a handkerchief in his mouth to muffle the screams.

Darryl had a tear in his eye that he wiped hastily. "He was my lover for about six weeks. We snuck away whenever we got the chance. We did it in whatever corner we could find, when we had R&R we bought this cheap little love hotel room. Then one day we were crossing this field, and Ritchie was high on Cambodian red. He got paranoid and started screaming about how he saw enemy soldiers everywhere. He tried to throw a grenade, but it got tangled in his fingers. It vaporized him and three men around him. One of those men was Daniel. That's also how I lost my foot.

Jared looked down at where his lover ended at the knee. There was a leather cap over the stump and he had a titanium prosthetic that he wore around the school.

"I ended up going home, and I couldn't tell anyone about Daniel. I haven't told anyone about him until you." Darryl looked down at the boy snuggling into his chest. "You remind me a lot of him."

Jared blushed. He had been crying a little. "How did you stand it Darryl?" He sniffled. "I don't know what I would do."

"I drank a lot in those days. I haven't touched a drop for ten years, and it was the best thing I ever did." Darryl sighed. "Sorry about the story. That was a little dark, hm? Let's get to bed."

Jared was still crying a little. "M'kay."

Darryl got up and hopped to the middle of the room to tug the beaded light chord. Then in the darkness he fumbled his way back to the bed. The slender boy snuggled into the circle of his arms and they spooned. Jared loved the feel of Darryl's limp cock resting against his ass.

In a few moments, Darryl started to snore softly. While Darryl was asleep Jared prayed silently. He prayed for Daniel and for Darryl, and he prayed that Darryl and he would be able to stay together. His chest ached tenderly and he knew that it must be love. He prayed that Darryl loved him back. Only then was he able to sleep, and he had a dream of making love in a foxhole in a steamy foreign land.

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