tagGay MaleShy Jared Ch. 05

Shy Jared Ch. 05


*All characters are 18+*

Jared woke up first, and for a moment he forgot where he was, but then he felt Darryl's hot breath against the nape of his neck, and the warmth of his body pressed into his. Jared couldn't stop the goofy sleepy grin that split his face in two. After a moment he turned around so he could bury his face into the older man's chest.

It was at times like these that Jared was grateful that Darryl was old enough to be his father (hell, grandfather), he felt so safe and protected. Darryl seemed so wise and strong.

Jared had to go to the bathroom quite badly, and he silently cursed his bladder. He managed to make a sneaky retreat without the older man waking up. After using the toilet, he snuck back into the flat and turned on the stove with a shy little grin on his face. He wanted to have a surprise for Darryl when his lover woke up.


Darryl woke up to the unusual smell of breakfast in his flat. He normally made his own meals, but he usually made them himself, and he had never woken up to the heavenly scent of bacon and eggs and hash browns before. He never even made all three together; usually he was lazy enough so he just made a lot of one.

He looked up and saw a beautiful sight. Jared was standing at the stove, making breakfast in his large cast-iron frying pan. The boy's hair was still mussed from bedplay and sleep, his slender neck and white shoulders bore the red marks of Darryl's ravenous mouth, and perhaps best of all, the sweet boy was naked except for the pink apron.

Jared didn't know he was awake yet, so Darryl just spent a few pleasant moments eyeing his fresh young body, feeling hornier with every moment. Jared's back was slender and white, narrowing to the slender little waist that Darryl longed to put his hands on, his hips were slim, but still wide enough to be girlish and sexy. Just under the pink frilly knot of the apron strings was a pair of heavenly little buttocks.

They were silky and they were smooth, Darryl licked his lips, he knew that just a light touch on those sweet little globes would be enough to have Jared blushing and stammering and humping the bedsheets.

He tore his eyes reluctantly from those sweet cheeks and continued down to eye those slim thighs that bore hickeys from his mouth, and that sweet spot on the back of the knee that was so fun to nip and nibble. Jared's calves were muscular and smooth for a boy as skinny as he was, and very lightly furred with strands of hair barely thicker than peach fuzz.

Darryl liked men that had plenty of hair, but he was finding that Jared's boyish hairlessness was very sexy in its own way. He still had hair, like that soft gingery bush around his dick and the tasty little tufts in his armpits.

Darryl was very quiet when he got up. The bed was a bare mattress, so there were no springs to squeal and alert his unsuspecting prey. His cock jutted out in front of him, still a little soft but hard enough to stand away from his body like a diviner's rod, twitching and searching for a luscious reward.

Jared felt Darryl's bristly mouth against the smooth skin of his shoulder moment before the rest of his body caught up. He gasped a little and stood up on his toes from the shock, making his buttocks flex under the silken skin. He could feel the furry warmth of Darryl's chest against his back, and he could feel something hot and hard and tantalizing rest comfortably in the cleft of his buttocks. It fit there perfectly.

Darryl's hands rested on his hips and the starched apron rustled dryly. "Why don't you turn the stove off to make sure breakfast doesn't burn?" Darryl's voice was low and hoarse and growling, and it made Jared shudder and let out an aroused little cry. "I don't know about you, but I think I'm hungry for something else right now.

"Y-Yes D-D-Darryl!" Jared stuttered, giggled with delight at the shock and arousal. His cock popped to attention so fast that it's shape was already distending the apron. His trembling hands twisted the knob on the electrical stove so fast that it nearly popped off.

Darryl was too impatient to wait for Jared to walk to the bed, so he scooped the boy into his arms and Jared let out a cry of delight and surprise and arousal. Darryl heaved him into the air and dropped him onto the bed.

Jared giggled a little but his smile disappeared as he looked up into Darryl's lustful face. Jared was lying prone on the bed, his body slightly splayed. The apron was a mussed bundle of pink fabric around his crotch and stomach, and his cock distended the fabric nicely. Darryl was just standing there, filling his eyes with the sight of Jared, and his young fresh body

Jared looked up at him timidly, and blushing furiously, he lifted his hands so they rested on his tiny pink nipples. He moaned softly at the height of his arousal, and he very shyly began to touch the rest of his body.

Darryl watched hungrily as the small boy moved slowly and erotically, his body undulating on the bed as one hand plucked at his nipples to make them hard and the other moved aside the apron, and caressed his stiff bobbing penis and loose relaxed balls. His inner thighs were trembling and beaded with sweat, and Darryl's blue eyes followed the course of a gob of precome that slid stickily in a trail down to his navel.

Jared was gasping, and moving slowly on the bed so he didn't cream himself then and there. Darryl's eyes were the perfect catalyst, arousing him to no end.

Darryl could no longer handle the pressures of looking, and not touching. He could smell the breakfast singing in the hot iron pan, and for the rest of his life he would associate the smell of singed food with that wonderful morning. He lowered his head, and started to kiss those warm shivering inner thighs. The skin was smooth and firm and vulnerable against his lips. He nibbled at it with his teeth and tongue and Jared cried out so sweetly, shaking and forcing his hands to stay by his nipples.

"Please Darryl!" He begged in a low strained voice that broke on the last syllable. "Please!"

"Please what?" Darryl's tone was purposefully and comically bored, and he was looking up at Jared's face with his blue eyes twinkling.

While Jared struggled to find the words, Darryl nibbled at the sweet spot right behind the younger man's knees, right where their is a tendon showing, and it is covered with tender erogenous skin.

Jared made a noise that was almost a yip of pleasure before stuttering. "P-Please s-suck on me Darryl! Please p-put me in your m-m-mouth!"

"As you wish, Beautiful." Darryl purred.

He ran a line of tender, nibbling kisses up both of Jared's thighs, and then he placed his big calloused hands on Jared's lean hips and got down to the main event.

Jared arched his back and cried out with ecstasy as Darryl's mouth closed on his throbbing oozing member. His orgasm throbbed underneath the skin, waiting to happen. Darryl lowered his head all the way until his lips brushed the boy's pubic hair, groaning at how good Jared tasted, how wonderful it was to have a young eager cock in his mouth again. Once the slender head was down his throat, he swallowed, having the muscles of his throat pummel and massage that tender little cockhead. Then he backed away, he didn't want to miss a drop.

Jared let out a weak cry as his cock spasmed fiercely. It felt as if someone had fired electricity through his groin.

Darryl sucked up every drop of Jared's sweet semen, swirling his tongue around the boy's softening cock.

Jared gasped for air as Darryl crawled up so they were lying next to each other. Darryl grabbed his hand and pulled him in for a deep kiss while he pressed the young man's hand against his throbbing cock.

"You did that Beautiful." He gasped in Jared's ear. "I didn't touch myself once."

Jared groaned in ecstasy and deepened the kiss, sucking on Darryl's tongue. He gripped the thick shaft with his hands, delirious at how bold the orgasm had made him. Right at that moment, he wasn't shy at all.

Darryl growled softly as the boy broke the kiss and started to trail kisses down his thick powerful chest. The boy's hand was firm and stroking slowly, his touch was like fire.

It wasn't like either of Jared's sweet tentative blowjobs, this was hard and wild and lustful. On the first stroke, Jared went down so far he choked. He groaned and started sucking again, bobbing his head up and down the shaft, slurping and licking. It was messy, but Darryl was crying out with how good it felt.

Jared broke off for a moment to lower his head and lick the heavy dangling balls in their tender sac, and covered with their light brush of fur. He had never done that before, and he found his cheeks blushing, not with shyness, but with the pure submissive joy of it. Darryl groaned softly.

"Do you like that Jared? Does it feel good to lick my nuts?"

Jared moaned. "Mmm-hmm."

"Lick them then, suck on them, Beautiful."

Jared whimpered and sucked gently on the tender things in their delicate bag of skin. Darryl was being so trusting.

After he had loved the sacs enough, he lifted his head and began a slightly slower blowjob, licking and nibbling at all of his most sensitive areas while Darryl instructed and praised him.

Jared was learning fast.


They were sitting across the table from each other, eating their slightly burned breakfast. Darryl was in his robe and Jared was still wearing the crumpled apron. Whenever Jared caught the other man's eye, he couldn't help but look down, smiling and blushing and curling his toes. He felt so happy, and so blissfully free around Darryl.

"Told you that breakfast would burn." Jared tried to say it sternly, but he couldn't help giggling when Darryl put on a woeful, hangdog expression.

Darryl's expression changed back into a satisfied little smirk. "It was well worth it, my horny little friend."

Jared dissolved into helpless laughter, clutching his stomach and coughing into his hand as his eyes ran with mirth. Darryl had to pound him on the back a few times to help him stop coughing. Jared gave him a quick peck on the mouth and sat back down, still chortling a little.


After breakfast had been consumed, and dishes had been both washed and dried they sat on the bed. Darryl leaned against the wall and played with Jared's hair as the boy dozed a little, resting his head on the older man's chest.

"You love to snuggle, don't you Baby?"

"Mmm" Jared said sleepily. "This is really nice."

Darryl chuckled. "Wouldn't give this up for anything."

For a few moments Jared closed his eyes, and then he opened them again and looked up at Darryl, a little timidly. "Darryl?"

"Yeah Hon?"

Jared looked down a little and started running his fingers in little patterns over the worn green robe. Darryl could feel his cheek against his chest, and feel the light feathering of the boy's breath where the robe sagged open.

"I really like what we do together. I never imagined that... that it could feel so good."

Darryl chuckled a little and planted a kiss on Jared's silky hair.

Jared's cheeks flushed and Darryl was a little alarmed to see those dark brown eyes glisten a little.

"Um... You've talked a couple times about... about having sex with men." Jared looked confused and a little scared and lonely when he looked up at Darryl again. "D-Don't you like m-me enough?"

The boy was painfully shy, and close to tears. Darryl stared at him for a second, and then remarkably, he began to laugh. Jared looked at him, more confused then ever and now a little annoyed and getting angry. "Wh-what?"

"Oh Honey, I'm sorry I laughed but, how on earth could you ever think that I didn't like you? I just didn't want to spook you!"

Jared gasped as Darryl hugged him close and nipped his earlobe. "If I had known you wanted that about an hour ago, no force on earth could have stopped me from taking your hot little ass."

Jared gasped, flushed and suddenly aroused, even though his dick ached from coming over and over again in such a short span.

Darryl chuckled softly and gave his neck a little nip before relaxing again. "Sex is a truly wonderful thing, and if you're willing and ready, I would love to give you a little first-hand experience. But you were always so shy, and I didn't want to scare you."

Jared gave a breathless little cry as Darryl nuzzled him, rubbing his stubbled face against Jared's smooth little cheek.

"Now I'm afraid I cant. You exhausted me Beautiful."

Darryl chuckled at the cure heartbroken expression on Jared's face. "How about on Monday? You can stay after school and I can take you through it nice and slow."

Jared gave a little needful gasp of shock and lust. "Y-Yes please."


At about twelve thirty in the afternoon Jared finally got dressed and they were in the front hallway of the school.

"I really had a lot of fun Darryl." Jared whispered. "Fun doesn't really seem like the right word, but I loved it."

Darryl chuckled a little. "Sure Beautiful. I want to thank you for a wonderful time. Do you want to come back on Monday?"

"Hell yeah!" Jared whispered.

Darryl enfolded the slender teenager in his arms for a brief rough hug. Jared snuggled into his chest, loving the feeling of intimacy and warmth.

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