Shy Love, my Sister Emily


We continued kissing passionately and then laid down into her bed. We were both shaking so much due to nervousness, that the air on our bare flesh made it much worse. To be in bed with my own blood sister... I realized then that our relationship had always been different than any ordinary brother and sister. We were cold and aloof with each other because we both held back a love and lust that burned deeply, and now exploded, not to be contained.

Under the covers of my lovely little sister's bed I began licking her milky skin all over until I finally made my way to her gorgeous little vagina. When my tongue finally reached her sensitive clit she buckled and let out and audible moan. I wanted to be slow and steady but as the scent of her was so close I dived in like a hungry animal. She had only a small bit of hair, but did not seem to have shaved, not that I would have the experience apart from porn to recognize such a thing on any level of certainty.

The taste of her nectar truly was a profound fey wine. As my tongue caressed her perfect young pussy, the juices flowed into my mouth and brought me to another place, and her soft sweet whimpering little voice I still heard like a distant twinkling.

My sweet, sweet, sweet baby sister.

I could hold back no more. I brought my face near to hers and my erect penis closed in on her perfect sex and entered slowly. The sound she made as I penetrated was a small amount of pain mixed with innocent lust. Of course she was a virgin, as was I.

Still, though I knew from what little knowledge I had that I'd pop her cherry and it would hurt, she still desperately mouthed 'fuck me!' over and over. I did so. Oh, my innocent baby sister, I could do nothing else. It was so tight and soft, my lovely little sister's pussy. I could not believe ecstasy this powerful could anything but a dream. Her juices glided over my cock, and her soft stifled and pained moan of pleasure almost killed me with lust. I went back and forth, in and out of my sisters tiny pussy, her pale body now shaking uncontrollably.

Then when I noticed her hand had made its way underneath and was now fondling her butthole, that seemed a whole new pasture of incomprehensible future loveliness and exploration, that is when I could contain it no more. I ejaculated my seed directly into my sister's pussy as she moaned so loudly now that I knew my parents had to hear, but I didn't care (something in me wouldn't mind causing my sister's pregnancy). I was in heaven.

It was over. We then lay down together, finally both contented at the deepest parts of our being, which was almost just as profound as the sex, considering the high-strung nature of both of us. I had no worries. By some stroke of luck our parents hadn't heard, or perhaps they just thought she was masturbating and chose to ignore it.

I lay in the embrace of that angel and slept the most perfect sleep until it was rudely broken by her alarm far too early in the morning. She had to go to school.

She smiled at me as she got up. We didn't say a word to each other however. No words could really do the moment justice. I chose to continue sleeping in her bed with the wonderful smell of her all over the covers until it was then time for me too to go to my classes.

I might as well have just stayed home however, as I could think of nothing else but Emily all day. What would our future hold? How could we make such a forbidden love work? The world wouldn't accept it, but we didn't need the world. We only needed each other. Either way, that's a different story altogether. We crossed one of the greatest of our society's taboos in the name of love and ecstasy, for two people who's loneliness was previously painful beyond measure. This was the blooming of our togetherness and the real beginning of our lives. For the first time it seemed to me that the future was not something to be feared, despite the clear threat of our culture's reaction, such a love overpowered.

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