Shy Virgin's Fear Becomes Joy

byRoxanne Appleby©

"Oh, God, Pauline, I never imagined anything could be so wonderful. Oh, thank you! Thank you!"

Pauline responded gratefully to her young friend's thrilling words by upping the intensity and tempo of her oral attentions. She alternately slavered and flicked the tiny pink clitoris, adding more stimulation, then backing off when she could tell the sensation was becoming too acute. As the girl's arousal went from peak to yet higher peak those moments of unbearable acuteness grew briefer, and the intense desire for total stimulation became more sustained.

Pauline knew well what the end point of this cycle would be, and she was not disappointed: Denise had been bucking her hips and grinding her sex into the other's face, emitting inarticulate grunts and sighs. At some point she had reached under herself to remove the other's hands and take them into her own. Now both women's fingers were interlocked tightly as Denise approached her climax.

Suddenly the young woman became completely still, and every muscle in her body totally tense. Pauline redoubled the clitoral stimulation, shaking her head from side to side as she flicked the underside of her tongue vigorously sideways across the clitoris, which in the girl's arousal had found its way out from under its protective hood. The older woman was rewarded by an athletic explosion of writhing, orgasmic young virgin. Denise cried out in a sustained opera-like wail; she became dizzy and her sex became drenched as the second orgasm of her life rocked her voluptuous body. This one was more intense than the first, which had been a total surprise, and when the waves of unbelievably intense pleasure passed she found herself lightheaded.

Then her lesbian lover was at her side, showering her with kisses. At first she was not sure whether the scent and moisture of her own vagina on the woman's face and lips was exciting or repellent, but suddenly it was all the former and she eagerly responded with kisses of her own, reveling in the taste and aroma.

Their passion spent the women soon grew sleepy. Pauline retrieved the covers, and again they dropped off with their limbs sprawled across the other's.

Denise awoke in the early morning light. At first she was disoriented by the unfamiliar surroundings. Then with a shock she remembered where she was and how she had spent the previous night. It seemed unreal - was it all just a wonderfully erotic dream? But no: There on the pillow just inches away was the beautiful face of her still-sleeping lover, soft in repose. A wave of incredible tenderness, gratitude and affection swept through her.

She could also see out the bedroom window, where a newly risen sun slanted down on a treescape that had been converted into a winter wonderland by the previous night's snow. The outside air was crystal clear and perfectly still, and tree branches drooped under their fluffy white burden. Icicles hanging from the roof glistened with rainbow sparkles in the angled rays. All was silent except for the soft breath of the sleeping woman beside her.

Denise turned her eyes back to her lover, and ever-so-softly laid a kiss on the woman's cheek, not wanting to disturb her peaceful slumber. The girl slowly reached a hand up and gently stroked the other's hair. After a few minutes the corner's of Pauline's mouth turned up in a smile. Her eyes opened and she gazed sleepily at the face of her beautiful young friend and lover. The older woman yawned and stretched catlike, reaching her arms over her head, then lowered one onto the neck of her young friend, caressing her shoulder. She slid closer and began the new day with a kiss to the lips of her new lover, which Denise eagerly returned.

"How do you feel, dear?" Pauline asked solicitously. "About what happened between us, I mean."

"Oh, Pauline it was wonderful! It IS wonderful! Tell me we will do it again and again, and see each other often."

"Yes, dear, we will: Again and again, and see each other often. And I will show you many more ways that two women can give each other pleasure." With those words both were consumed with affection, and their bodies came together in a close embrace. They kissed passionately, and their warm attraction suddenly flared into spontaneous combustion.

"Pauline," Denise said, "I want to do – what you did . . ." She meant perform oral sex on the other.

"Are you sure, dear? Oh, don't get me wrong – there is nothing I would love more. But I don't want you to feel like you have to just because I did."

"Yes, I think I'm sure. No, I'm SURE I'm sure – I'm excited! I want to give you pleasure. I want to – do it all . . ." The girl ended the conversation by throwing off the covers just as her lover had done the night before, and sliding her body down between the other's legs. Pauline was stunned at the beauty of the young woman's magnificent naked body, her golden hair glowing in the weak winter sunlight. Her arousal climbed to a fever pitch at the sight of this gorgeous creature poised between her thighs.

Denise took time to explore the other's lower abdomen, hips and thighs with her fingers and mouth. She kissed the woman's dark pubic mound, and stroked her inner thighs. Pauline moaned at this last touch. Denise teased, caressing lightly the soft flesh surrounding the woman's sex, and kissing it too, but postponing the direct genital stimulation she was eager to provide. Pauline moaned more loudly at these kisses, equally eager for the touch the other withheld.

The other did not withhold for long: Summoning up her courage to perform what she still perceived to be an extraordinarily illicit act, Denise finally lowered her mouth to the other's vulva. For a moment, she did nothing more than press her lips against the other's most private parts, taking in the experience, feeling her excitement grow with the immediacy of tasting such forbidden fruit. Then she gingerly extended her tongue and experienced her first taste of another woman's sex.

She found that she was thrilled by the musky scent and taste, which had the faintest uriney tang in the background. The young woman opened her lips and drew one labia between them, feeling the reddish female flesh grow slippery under her tongue. She performed the same action on the other lip, then opened her mouth wider and sucked them both within.

Pauline was in a thrilling fog of arousal from her gorgeous lover's intimate attentions. The girl was so heart-breakingly beautiful, and the knowledge that this was her first taste of another woman's sex was enough to drive her wild with excitement and pleasure. She moaned, but forced herself not to move around very much, so as to not disrupt her friend's first experience of performing lesbian cunnilingus.

Denise continued her exploration and experimentation. She moved her mouth lower, and puckering her lips, sought to press them inside the woman's vaginal opening. This pushed her nose against the labia minora, and increased the level of wetness generated by her own saliva and her lover's arousal. Very quickly her chin and mouth were slippery with the growing feminine excretions. This further raised her excitement and eagerness to "do it all." She pushed her tongue as deeply as possible into the oozing vagina, then thrust in-and-out by moving her entire head forward and back, pressing her face firmly against the entire vulva on each forward stroke.

Pauline was struggling now to hold herself back from bucking and writhing in excitement. She had not expected a virtuoso performance from the neophyte to lesbian sex, but the girl's creative experimentation was having the same effect that practiced skill would have done.

Denise shifted her attentions back to the labia, and then moved higher to the exquisitely sensitive clitoris. She tried to mimic the actions Pauline had performed the previous night, alternately slavering the underside of her tongue over the engorged nub, flicking the button rapidly and daintily with the tip of her tongue, and drawing the tiny bud and adjacent flesh rapidly in and out of her mouth with strong suction.

"Oh my God, Denise, don't stop," Pauline cried out. Her self restraint evaporated, and she writhed under the mouth of her young lesbian lover. Between the awesomely erotic circumstances and the intense stimulation she knew an orgasm was near. Then she lost awareness of those circumstances and the entire focus of her being became concentrated on the incredible sensations pulsing out from her clitoris.

"Yes, yes, don't stop! A little more . . . Yes! YESSSSS!" The last word was a scream as the incipient climax burst upon the woman. Her hips bucked as spasms of orgasmic pleasure rocked her slender frame.

The spasms grew weaker, then subsided into faint twitches. Denise had never stopped licking and sucking, although at the peak of the woman's orgasm, sensing that the direct clitoral stimulus had become too intense, she lowered her mouth back to the vagina, penetrating the flooding tunnel with her tongue, letting Pauline's bucking hips provide the thrusting motion that rocking her own head had done earlier.

Pauline's passion and pleasure subsided, but Denise remained between her legs for a few more minutes. She marveled at how arousal and orgasm had engorged the other's sex and reddened the glistening flesh. She lapped up the generous outpouring of clear juice, using her face and lips and tongue to "clean up" her friend's vulva. Denise also experienced a feeling of power and awesome efficaciousness at the effects she had wrought, and felt happy to have given such pleasure to her lover. A wave of intense affection for the woman overcame her, which she had to share.

She withdrew from between Pauline's legs and crawled on top of the other's slender body. She kissed her friend passionately on the lips, knowing that the woman would be excited by the wetness and taste of her own sex on her lover's lips and chin and cheeks.

Pauline was incredibly excited by that wetness and taste, and as her friend had "cleaned up" her intimate parts, so she returned the favor by wetly kissing the young woman's face, then "drying" it with her own lips and cheek.

Neither spoke – there was no need. Both were deliriously happy with and excited by the other's presence, and sensed the same emotions in the other. It was glorious.

It was not complete, though. Pauline had been aroused and satisfied, but Denise had only been aroused, and the older woman resolved to complete the cycle. She lifted the girl off of her own body and pressed her onto the bed. She kissed her lover's face and neck, then her chest, and finally her magnificent breasts, taking one erect nipple between her lips, then the other, nibbling on them, sucking them, flicking them with her tongue. Pauline rose up and presented her own breasts, which the young woman eagerly took into her mouth, repeating the actions she had just felt performed on her own nipples. She brought her hands up to press and squeeze the soft and yielding flesh, indulging her curiosity about the feel of another woman's breasts. Pauline had anticipated this, and let the girl explore at length and satisfy her curiosity.

When she sensed that point had been reached she began lowering herself, preparatory to moving down the bed and reciprocating the oral pleasure the young woman had so recently given her.

"Pauline . . ." Denise spoke hesitantly. "I know it's ridiculous, but I still feel like a virgin. I want you to 'be my first.' I want you to – penetrate me."

"Oh Denise, are you sure? No, never mind, I know you are sure. I didn't last night because the time was not right, but now of course everything is different. We are confirmed lovers – isn't it wonderful! Yes, dear, I will 'penetrate' you. I will be your first!"

The words were incredibly warming to the young woman – and arousing. She spread her legs wide in invitation, and Pauline lowered herself between them.

She did not rush. She spent a little time, but not too long, teasing the other, and then began to perform oral sex on her beautiful young lover. She did this slowly and gently, wanting to gradually but steadily let the girl's passion and arousal build. When she judged the moment was right she moistened her index finger by placing it in her mouth, then delicately slid it into the girl's vaginal opening, now well lubricated by the juices that many minutes of oral and lingual stimulation had generated.

Denise gasped at the contact. Pauline pressed the finger just a little more firmly, stopping when she felt the constriction of the girl's unbroken hymen. Actually the membrane did not completely block the passage, which while unstretched in its virginal state was not excessively tight or narrow. If she were extremely gentle and cautious it was possible to not break the maidenhead and still effect entry with her single slender digit. But she knew that was not what Denise wanted, and was not the way to generate the full vaginal stimulation the girl now craved.

She added her middle finger, and gently pressed the two digits the shallow distance the maidenhead allowed. Denise moaned more loudly, and Pauline could feel the girl's passion and – frustration – rise to an elevated peak. This is what she had been waiting for: Suddenly, Pauline thrust two fingers smartly but not violently past the fleshy obstruction, breaking it in the process. Denise screamed in a combination of pain and pleasure. The pain faded quickly, but the pleasure only grew as Pauline smoothly and gently slid the two fingers in-and-out the entire depth of the girl's now unobstructed vagina.

So not to irritate the slight wound she withdrew the middle finger after a few moments, but left her index finger inside, to give the girl the satisfying feeling of being filled. The liquid that steadily oozed from Denise's vagina was pink now with a combination of blood and arousal. Pauline lapped some of it with her tongue, her ears ringing with the thrill generated by the experience of being the girl's "first" - and tasting the salty, musky result.

Then she returned her lips and tongue to Denise's clitoris and wasted no time at bringing the young woman to a peak. So as to make sure her beautiful lover drew the full measure of pleasure from the sex act that had taken her virginity, Pauline did not drive her to orgasm immediately, twice easing the clitoral stimulation when the girl was getting close. Denise's arousal rose to a higher plateau with each such cycle, but Pauline knew there was a limit to this, and the third time the girl approached that cliff of orgasmic pleasure she did not back off, but instead increased the intensity. As she had done the night before she simultaneously slavered the bottom of her tongue over the sensitive nub while shaking her head sideways, using suction to move the clitoris and surrounding flesh back-and-forth with the larger motion.

She also reinserted her middle finger alongside the other digit that had never left the girl's vagina, knowing that any minor irritation of the wound would be subsumed by the much greater arousal and passion generated by the full suite of stimulations. As she expected this combination of oral and digital attentions pushed the girl over the edge. Denise's body quivered as wave after wave of delicious orgasmic pleasure swept through her. The orgasm went on and on, and Pauline adjusted her own actions to provide just the right amount of stimulation throughout, avoiding excess intensity that would cause distraction, but maintaining enough to deliver full satisfaction

It was accomplished to perfection, and Pauline silently and proudly congratulated herself for the virtuosity she knew she had displayed. But that was just a minor sub-theme of her thoughts. Mostly she was filled with happiness at having ensured that the taking of her young lover and friend's "virginity" had been a tremendously fulfilling experience for the girl.

She did not remain between Denise's legs, but quickly crawled up and embraced her lover closely. The young woman had a brief cry on the other's shoulder, not for sadness by any means, but in relief and gratitude and satisfaction. Pauline reflected these emotions empathetically, and also shed a few tears of happiness for her friend. Soon they caught their breath and spent a long time looking into each other's eyes, gently stroking each other's bodies, softly laughing together in joy.

Per arrangements made the night before when she had called to inform her parents of the disrupted travel plans, Denise's father arrived around noon to pick his daughter. Pauline had prepared a light lunch and the trio enjoyed the meal in the sun-drenched dining area of the chalet. The view through the windows was of a brilliant scene of winter-time forest splendor, virgin snow covering the trees and ground.

Road crews had been busy though, so Denise's father experienced no difficulty making the relatively short drive from Haute Neige to Bois Blanc. The gentleman was friendly and genteel, and he expressed gratitude to Pauline for helping his daughter overcome the minor travel emergency. He was amazed that Denise had made such a close friend in such a short time, and shared her obvious happiness in this. The young woman mentioned that Pauline was a professional photographer, but he could see none of the other's work on display in the chalet. He felt sure that the elegant older woman would provide a valuable role model for the daughter he loved more than anything in the world, and was grateful for this too.

For her part Pauline insisted that the pleasure of hosting his lovely young daughter was all hers, and that she looked forward to future opportunities to spend time with the girl.

"Oh, yes, Pauline, we must get together again, often and soon," the younger girl declared enthusiastically.

"Of course, dear. During the winter I frequently spend weekends here at the chalet, and if it is alright with you, sir," she nodded to the gentleman, "I would be very delighted have your daughter sometimes as my guest."

The girl's father thought this was an excellent idea and they exchanged phone numbers and addresses. Eventually it was time to part. Denise and Pauline hugged warmly and pecked each other's cheeks. The young woman's father was again impressed and pleased at how remarkably well his daughter and this sophisticated woman had hit it off.

The End


If you liked this story, please write and tell me! Comments from readers are worth their weight in gold, and are what motivate me to keep writing. In fact, whenever you see a story on this site that you especially like, do write the author and say so. Your praise is the only currency with which the writers are compensated.



PS. This story is entered in the 2005 "Winter Holiday Story Contest," and automatically is in the monthly "Readers Choice - Lesbian" rankings. But my real reward is hearing from readers who are warmed and/or turned on by it. R.A.

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by babybehr04/15/18

Beautiful story

Wonderfully told. I'd love to know the joy and pleasure experienced by this young woman. Please keep writing about these two beautiful erotic ladies.

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by Anonymous06/18/17

Too matter-of-fact

Thanks for sharing your story.

For me it read too matter-of-factly, which meant that I was unable to connect emotionally or mentally with either character, and there was a lack of sexual tension andmore...

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