tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Wife Ch. 02

Shy Wife Ch. 02


Shy Wife #2 -- My Model Wife

My wife Chris is 5'3," blond, 115, blue eyes and beautiful full breasts. Although she has a very nice figure, Chris is shy about showing it. For some time now, I have been working on her, trying to get her to show a little more cleavage, be a little more creative in bed, take a few risks and have some fun. A trip to our local nude beach helped a bit (see "A Walk On The Beach" for a full account), but Chris is still not comfortable with her body, however great I say it is.

My Present

A while back, I was at my Monday night sculpture class, three hours of winding down and pushing clay around. I admire the models who pose for us. They do not all have perfect bodies, but they are comfortable with themselves and willing to let us budding artists examine every detail of their figures in an effort to recreate them in clay.

Each week I look over the drawings hanging on the wall, the latest work by the figure drawing class that meets the night before. While standing there one evening, I began to imagine Chris taking off her clothes and posing for these men and women, letting them study her breasts, her curves, lips.

I told Chris that she should model for an art class, but got a shake of the head and roll of the eyes. Since then, I have commented several times since that she should pose. I even took a card with the name of the drawing teacher on it from the bulletin board and give it to her, suggesting that she could surprise me with a drawing done of her by someone in the class.

"How different can it be from the beach," I pleaded after our recent trip to Blacks' Beach.

"Well for one, the other people on the beach were nude, not sitting a few feet away studying every inch of my body, and besides, just because you got me naked beach, doesn't mean I will drop my clothes whenever you ask." Chris smiled, but there seemed to be no convincing her.

Back at sculpture class a few weeks later, I could not help but fantasize about Chris again as I stood in front of he sketches pinned to the studio wall as I waited for my class to start. The amateur artists had captured the model's full breasts and a beautiful figure in charcoal. They had been working on the torso, and I studied every inch. "Would love to sculpt her," I said to Steve, one of my fellow students who was also admiring the art work.

"I would love to place one hand on each breast and work on her with my sculpting tool," he responded.

"Well, yes, that too."

We walked back to our classroom, off the main studio and went back to our work, finishing a torso in clay that we had been working on for several weeks. I worked on the final details of my sculpture, the torso of a roundish woman with large pendulant breasts. On the way out that night, I stopped briefly by the sketches to admire them again. If only, I thought...

When I got home, the kids were in bed. I poured myself a glass of wine and sat down by Chris on the couch. "I have something for you" she said, smiling coyly and blushing slightly.

"What's the occasion?" I asked, puzzled.

"Oh, just something you have been wanting. Lets call it an early birthday present." Chris reached behind her and pulled out a roll of paper tied with a red ribbon. I took it from her, still not clueing in, and began to unroll it. It was a charcoal sketch of a nude....like those on the wall at class, only this one was not just a torso, but a fully figure sitting on a stool with her face tipped downward and to the side. I did a double take. It was Chris! Nude! Her face, her breasts, the dark triangle of her bush, every inch of her. At the bottom, it was signed "Chris. Thanks for posing for us. Love to have you pose any time. Mark." All of the sudden, I realized why the figure on the studio walls had seemed so familiar. They were sketches the class had done of my wife.

"You did it!?" She just smiled. "That was you all over the walls at class! But those didn't have a face...."

"I know," she said slightly flushed. "The class was just doing the torso, but Mark did this one for me, he is really nice you know."

Flushed, Chris as she told me all about the experience. " I knew how much you wanted me to do this. I kept the card you gave me and started to dial the number a bunch of times." Chris told me she finally screwed up her courage to call, almost hung up the phone, stumbled over her words. "But Mark seemed really nice on the phone and he set me up with his drawing class.

"The night before, I almost backed out. When I got there, I paced back and forth at the building, I almost got back in the car and drove away, but I knew I couldn't back out. When I went in, Mark was so matter of fact, I felt a little better. I went in to the bathroom and changed into my bathrobe, and came out. Mark showed me where to pose, and said "lets get started..." Well, there was no turning back. I took off my robe and sat down." Chris said she was nervous at first but relaxed as time went on. "Mark said I was a great model," she blushed. Mark (the instructor) was in his mid 20s and handsome – I could tell she liked his attention. "So, I got a present for you and a little shopping money for me," she laughed holding up her $45 dollar check for three hours of modeling, her face flushed and her hands shaking a bit.

I could imagine the scene, by shy wife disrobing for the class and being sketched studied and admired. The very thought made me hard.

"I hope you like the drawing," she said.

"I love it!" I assured her. "Lets see how accurate it is." I unbuttoned her blouse, stripped her naked and admired her body, just as Greg and I had admired the sketches I now knew were her on the wall at the school. I remembered what Greg had said, so took a breast in each hand and worked her waiting clit with my sculpting tool until I came long and hard inside her.

Our New Model

It was three weeks before my next sculpting class. As I drove to class, I thought about Chris posing for the drawing class at the school. I never imagined my wife would pose nude for an art class, but she brought me a beautiful charcoal sketch of her to prove that she did. If only I could convince her to let me hang it in the house, but that might be a bit much to ask, allowing our friends to admire her body too. I decided to have it framed and give it a try.

When I got to class, several of the sketches of Chris were still up in the outer studio, mixed with some new work of another model. As I stood and looked at them, several members of the class stopped by to look. I restrained myself from telling them the sketches were of my wife. That would just be my secret. I loved seeing her there on the wall, the art of her body on display.

I gathered up my things and went into our classroom, where I began to get my clay and sculpting tools ready for our next assignment. I was working intently and only half listening as our instructor Lauren began to talk:

"As you know, we are starting a new session tonight. We will be working on the full figure so it will be a bit more challenging. The model I had told you about is sick, but I was able to find us someone else at the last minute. She will be with us for the next five weeks. I know you will like working with her. I saw her modeling for Mark's drawing class last month and she was just great. Class, meet Crystal."

I glanced casually up to see our new model and then did a double take. My jaw dropped open. About 15 feet away, on the other side of the platform stood my wife Chris! She stood near a folding chair, wearing her paisley satin bath robe that came down just below her knees, her bare feet on a small piece of carpet tossed onto the cold cement studio floor. Chris did not make eye contact with me, but smiled and nodded hello as various members of the class said "hi."

"Lets get started," Lauren said. All the air seemed to leave the room as Chris reached down to the belt around her bathrobe, untied the knot, and her robe fell open, revealing her bush and silky white skin. I was still in shock as she reached up with both hands and pushed the robe gently off her shoulders. With a shrug, the robe slid down her arms, and off her back revealing her creamy white skin and every inch of her body-- her pert creamy white breasts, her smooth lines and the neat bush below which her lips could be seen. I felt myself growing hard and had to move closer to my sculpture stand to hide it.

Chris dropped the robe off onto the chair and stepped confidently onto the platform just ten feet in front of me, naked and beautiful. Her creamy skin shone in the studio light, Her breasts were firm and her nipples large and relaxed in the warmth of the heat lamp that stood by the platform.

I was amazed. My mouth hung open as I watched her standing there. Just three weeks ago my shy wife had surprised me with a present I thought I would never get, a nude drawing done of her as she modeled for an art class. Now she was standing naked right in front of me and the rest of my sculpture class, our model for the next five weeks.

Chris' was blushing slightly, but it probably was not noticeable to anyone else. She took deep breaths, but kept a calm exterior. Her breasts rose and fell as I took in every inch of her. Our instructor Lauren stepped onto the platform and worked with Chris until she was happy with her pose, sitting on a stool, leaning forward, her hands on the stool between her legs, her breasts pressed slightly between them. I could feel myself getting a hard on again, and struggled to regain my composure. This was too fun and I did not want to give away that "Crystal" was not just another model.

Our instructor stepped onto the platform and began taking Chris' measurements with calipers, calling them out to us to help with proportions. I regained my composure and scribbled down her numbers -- lower leg, upper leg, torso, head. Then I began working on my armature, the little wire skeleton that supports the sculpture. I had a hard time keeping my concentration and kept glancing up not just to see the pose but to admire my naked wife in this group of strangers.

On our first break Chris stepped off the stand and went over to talk with the instructor, Steve walked over to me and smiled, "even better in person," he said, this should be a fun five weeks, think I can get her number?"

"Obviously, you failed to examine her ring finger," I said with a smile.

Steve glanced over at the diamond on her left hand. "Never stopped me before."

"Well good luck," I said, "maybe I'll ask her too." I knew Steve would never get to first base with Chris, but it would be fun watching him try.

Chris took her pose again and class resumed, before I knew it the three hours were up. She stepped off the platform and as I packed up my things, she slipped out. As others packed up there things one of the older men in the class remarked quietly what great breasts she has, another nodded and said it would be an easy five weeks.

When I arrived home from the most amazing sculpture class I have attended, Chris had just put the kids to bed. They had been at a friend's house during class. Before I could open my mouth she handed me a glass of wine.

I shook my head and said "Chris what has gotten in to you" but she jumped right in.

"Mark, the drawing instructor called last night. He said a model was ill and they were a real bind, he asked if I would come down and fill in. I told him I was flattered but really didn't want to be a regular model. He told be that was a shame since I was so good at it... and couldn't I just step in as a personal favor. Well, he had taken a lot of time done that nice sketch for me to give to you, and I didn't want to just turn him down, so I said I would. Before I knew it, he said it was Lauren's sculpture class that needed the model and handed the phone to her, she was so excited and I had just promised Mark, so I said ok. she said "thank you, see you on Wednesday" and hung up. It all happened so fast I didn't even realize it was your sculpture class until I got off the phone. I tried to cancel but I couldn't reach her, and I couldn't just not show up. I really hadn't meant to model again after I got you your present, It just kind of happened."

Finally, she paused for a breath and looked at me for a reaction, thought I'm not sure why she needed to with all the prodding I had been doing. This was exactly what I wanted.

"You were great. That was even a better present than my drawing!" I said with a smile. Chris looked up with a look of relief and a smile returning to her face. " I don't care how it happened, this is great, I can hardly wait until you drop that robe next week."

After talking some more, I said "I think you may need some practice for next week." I led her to the bedroom where she put on her robe. "Lets get started," I said and she let it drop off her back and took her pose. I moved forward and stroked her naked body as she posed. I cupped her breasts in my hands and then moved down her stomach and slid on down, rubbing her pussy, which was already wet. I pulled off my clothes stroking her all the time then eased her out of her pose to her knees where she sucked me until my hot liquid ran down her face and chest. I pulled Chris back to her pose and rubbed my cum across her body as she held her pose, just like the wet clay of my sculpture.

Post Script

Chris was still hesitant about modeling for five weeks and said she felt much more self conscious because I was in the class. I told her, and showed her, what I thought, and she agreed she could not let Mark and Lauren down. She had started and would finish.

The next week I sat in front of my sculpture and again watched my wife drop her robe and step onto the stand in front of the class. I loved seeing her standing there nude as the class studied her curves. I had become better at controlling my excitement, but did have to adjust my shorts a few times. As my I touched my sculpture and worked on her breasts I was touching her. I rubbed the wet clay to form her features just like I had rubbed my cum across her body. As I looked at Chris on the modeling stand, I know she felt it too.

Five weeks passed quickly. Everyone's sculptures of Chris were just about done. Steve, predictably, got nowhere with Chris. He never missed a chance to take a measurement with his calipers. "I just need a measurement," he would say. The distance between her nipples, her ass, any part of her body he was admiring. Once or twice his cold metal calipers touched her, earning him a scowl from Chris and a rebuke from Lauren. He would have to content himself with stroking his sculpture as he admired her body.

Just before our first break in the last class Mark (the drawing instructor who started this whole thing) came into the room. He chatted a bit with Lauren and watched Chris on the platform. As I sculpted her I could not help but notice her slight blush and faster breathing. "Time for a break," Lauren called, and Chris relaxed from her pose.

"Hi Crystal." Mark had taken a few steps forward and was standing at the back of the platform to my left, between Chris and the chair that held her robe. Chris turned and smiled at him. I could tell she was not sure what to do. She stepped forward toward the chair but Mark took a step forward and started to talk with her. Chris paused and started to chat with him, a little flushed but trying not to let it show. As she stood on the platform her breasts hung just a eye level for Mark. She shifted from foot to foot. After a minute (a pleasurable one for Mark) she pointed to her robe and I heard him say "oh, I'm sorry." Mark picked up her robe and held it up for her as she slipped into it.

Mark left and the rest of the class was uneventful, well...if having a bunch of strangers studying every inch of your wife's body is uneventful.

At home I found out Mark had been asking Chris to model for his class again the next week. "I told him I couldn't," she blushed. "Told him I would be on vacation. He said 'maybe another time.'" Chris paused and looked down.

I raised my eyebrows and asked Chris whether she would model again.

"I might, depends."

That was not the answer I expected from my shy wife.

To be continued?

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