tagExhibitionist & VoyeurShy Wife on the Beach Ch. 02

Shy Wife on the Beach Ch. 02


After Jessica's unexpected exposure of her tiny boobs to her boss, Mr. Malone, the previous day, she was having a bit of trouble looking forward to the remaining three days of our vacation. Mr. Malone seeing her tiny exposed boobs had been bad enough, but his comment about describing the sight to her coworkers was making her nervous and upset. As far as the vacation went, I convinced her that Mr. Malone had already seen his fill of her tiny white tits, and that wearing her little gauzy dresses and her tight bikinis couldn't do any harm now. Besides, we might not even run into him and his wife.

We went to lunch: no Malones. We headed to the beach: still no Malones. Jessica was feeling a bit better. She kept her top securely on though, to my disappointment.

After we had been laying out for about 30 minutes, I noticed my wife watching somebody come up the beach in our direction. It was Mrs. Malone, alone. She was actually a pretty attractive woman, older than us, I guessed around 40. She was in a bikini as well and clearly had plenty up top.

Mrs. Malone asked, "Is it okay if I join you?"

Jessica hesitated for a moment.

"Sure. Okay."

Mrs. Malone dropped into a beach lounge next to Jessica.

"I want to apologize for my husband's behavior yesterday. He can really be obnoxious sometimes."

Jessica sat in stunned silence as Mrs. Malone spoke.

"I am very sorry if he made you feel uncomfortable."

I angrily replied, "Your husband did make Jessica feel very uncomfortable. He kept staring at her chest. She was very embarrassed! This was her first time sunbathing in public topless. Now she absolutely refuses to take her top off again."

"Yes, my husband can be an insensitive clod sometimes. But, you know, Jessica, you really do have a lovely body and your tits are beautiful. You really shouldn't blame my husband or any other man for wanting to look at them!"

For the first time, Jessica smiled.

Mrs. Malone continued, "Robert just couldn't stop talking about your tits back in our room. In fact, I think you got him really teased."

Jessica replied, "What about those remarks he made about telling the guys at work that he saw me topless? I work with those guys. I don't want them to know about my tiny tits!"

"Yes, He is dying to tell the story to the boys back at the teacher's lounge, but don't you worry, he won't say a thing."

"What do you mean?"

The older lady calmly slipped her bikini top off as she talked with Jessica. I was shocked at the sudden appearance of her C cups, her thick nipples and her 3 inch wide, dark aureoles. Since Jessica taught under Mr. Malone, her principal, I had seen the principal's wife many times at school functions. I never expected to see so much of her. Soon, I began to listen to what she was saying.

"Robert is very poorly endowed, small if you get what I'm saying. If he speaks a word of seeing your boobs here, I'll make sure his friends know about his little problem."

My wife's mouth was agape at this revelation.

Mrs. Malone continued, "You can relax here, nobody will hear about anything."

Mrs. Malone then laid back, her boobs flattening, and closed her eyes to the sun. I looked at Jessica and she looked at me with a little smile at her new secret knowledge about her big boss. He was nowhere in sight, and with her new knowledge that her fellow teachers would not hear of her exposure, she relaxed and slipped off her top and lay down. Her tiny boobs looked like the A cups they are next to her boss's wife. Eventually, we drifted off to sleep on the beach.

Suddenly, I awoke to quiet clicks. I looked up to see Mr. Malone snapping digital pics of my topless, sleeping wife. Before I could think, I shouted "Hey" and grabbed for the camera.

The girls each sat bolt upright as my grab missed at Mr. Malone as he jumped back. My fist closed on his swim trunks instead, and he stumbled back, falling flat on his back. I held my grip, and in a flash, his trunks were at his ankles. He lay there stunned as we looked down at him, his little penis standing straight up.

Much to my wife's amazement, this large guy, her boss, was shaved clean, and was sporting a 4 inch erection. (Standing at attention I guess because of his recent photography). Mrs. Malone quickly picked up his camera, shot a few pics of him on his back, exposed and underdeveloped. She expertly popped the flash disk out and handed it to my wife.

Mrs. Malone said, "This should keep him quiet for you!"

Jessica added, "I don't like it when you take my picture without asking. And you had better not tell anyone about this at work or else I'll show them the pictures of your puny little penis!"

Mr. Malone, humiliated and embarrassed, soon came to his senses and scrambled up, pulling his swim suit over his tiny penis.

I was speechless, but Mr. Malone found his voice.

"Okay. You win. Just don't show those pictures to the guys at work. I won't say anything when we get back."

Jessica was sitting on the lounge, her hands over her perfect little breasts. She looked him in the eye, and slowly lowered both hands, giving him his first good look at her breasts.

Jessica agreed, "Okay."

Poor Mr. Malone, flustered by what had just happened, said, "I like your tits."

Jessica just smiled.

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