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Shy Wife Voyeured


Last summer, my wife Jessica and I decided to vacation with a buddy of mine from work and his wife. We all went to high school and college together and have been tight for years. My friend, Stan, was a good friend of my in college and we used to double date in college with our current wives. Jessica and Christi were room mates. We would hang out all the time and go out some weekends, hand around the apartment others. Both girls are beautiful, and the truth be told Stan and I have always envied each other a bit.

Jessica is petite, about 100 pounds, and a bit over 5 feet. She is thin with long brown hair. Christi a a bit more voluptuous, and a red head. We never let on to the girls that we found the other attractive as well, they wouldn't have understood. Anyway, years have gone by, we married our respective girls, but we still try to vacation together as often as we can.

This year, we rented a cabin in Belize. The diving/snorkeling was supposed to be excellent, and we planned on ogling each others wives as they frolicked in their swim suits. (without their knowledge hopefully).

After a long flight, and a lengthy ride to our "cabin" the girls were distressed to see how rustic it was. The cabins were very simple wood construction, like something from a camp ground. Each couple had our own one bedroom cabin, but the real point of their distress was the shared outdoor bathroom. The toilets and showers were in a separate little building apart from the cabin. The campground feel was completed by the two doors. One "men" the other "women"

They didn't complain too much because the beach was just feet away and awesome. As the girls unpacked, Stan and I hit the "men's room" to splash some water on our faces and get ready for the evening.

The building was split in half with sinks and toilets against the outside walls and the open shower area against the shared wall. We looked around a bit and cleaned up. I was looking at the simple wood plank construction and an idea came into my head. I walked over to the share shower wall and, as I expected the boards were not perfect. If I pressed my eye between two boards the whole of the "women's" shower area could be seen. Stan watched me look but said nothing.

That night we caught dinner and went to bed, tired from our long trip.

The next morning Jessica slipped into a black bikini, Christi into a speedo one piece and we all went out to play in the ocean. The girls were giggling, splashing us and having a blast. They looked hot, and Stan and I were electric with our private thoughts. After lunch, the girls decided to clean up to go into town. Christi called the first shower on the girls side and got up. "I should clean up as well" I heard myself say.

We both got up and went to our individual cabins to get our shower gear. (We had previously agreed to take turns and the rooms were open). My breath was coming fast as I imagined the view of Christi that I had always hoped for.

I waited until I heard her head to the bathroom, then I entered the "mens" side. I brushed my teeth, listening to her moved around on the other side of the wall. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I pressed my eye to to a tiny imperfection in the boards. I saw her, red hair cascading over her shoulders, as she stood facing me not four feet away. She was slipping her flip flops off, then reached down and pulled off her shorts. I was hypnotized as she slipped off her shirt as well. She stood before me in matching white bra and panties, and without ceremony, slipped off her bra revealing the breasts that I'd hoped to glimpse many times before. Her areola were very light and just over an inch in diameter, her breasts had just the slightest sag with her B cups starting to point just slightly down.

I could see no pubic hair at the groin of her panties and I had just enough time to consider that she might be shaved, when she pulled down her panties and proved it. Her vagina was perfect. I could see a hint of her inner lips even as she stood upright before me. I was breathless, but had enough sense to start the shower, after all, I needed to cover the sound of me panting. She then turned and bent at the waist to collect her cloths. I caught sight of the pigment of her anus as she bent, exposing her completely.

For the next 6 or seven minutes I watched her soap her self, wash and dry. I had memorized her every detail. When she left the cabin, so did I. It was Jessica's turn for a shower.

I looked at Stan, and he returned my knowing gaze. He entered the mens side.

I was dying to watch my tiny wife unknowingly put on a show to one of her greatest admirers, but I couldn't think of an excuse to go back. I waited the 20 minutes that they were gone. A very long 20 minutes.

That night we had a nice dinner with the girls. I saw Christi in whole new light, familiar with her every detail. Jessica laughed and dinner tossing her hair back, Stan watching her every move.

Finally, we got back to the cabins. After enthusiastic sex with the wife, I left her asleep and stepped out into the Belize air, hoping to see Stan.

He was already sitting alone on the beach, I little black shaving bag in his hand. He quizzed my about my viewing of Christi and I spared no detail, thanking him for letting me watch. And to think, this was only day 2 of 5.

I asked him about him watching my wife, and he pulled open his shaving kit. Inside was a small, home HD video camera. I was shocked, but he quickly said, "you can use this tomorrow, fair is fair". He then started the video for my review.

Jessica came on screen just as she pulled her sports bra off. Her tiny white A cups popped into view, her pink nipples, the size of quarters pointing at the camera. She pulled down her panties exposing her little strip of groomed pubic hair and pouty vaginal lips. She turned, kicking her clothes toward the sinks, her round ass jiggling. The video showed her hand soaping her breasts, vagina, shampooing her hair and dressing afterward. As she reached for her clean clothes afterward, she bent over, facing away and he zoomed in on ass, her pussy and small brown anus captured on film.

Of course, Jessica was notoriously shy, and could never know about this film. He agreed. He would keep this for his use (and give me a copy). I would film Christi tomorrow.

This was the vacation of a lifetime..

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