tagIncest/TabooSibling Orgasm

Sibling Orgasm


Kally watched her brother run across the football field, covered in dirt and sweat, head to toe, and realized, that indeed, her brother was definitely hot. Kally and Kevin were twins, born three minutes apart, 18 years ago. Although they were spitting images of each other, they couldn't have been any more different if they tried.

Kally wasn't at all interested in sports. Her love was of music. She had been in both the school's chorus and the band since she could remember. Kevin, on the other hand, was a total jock and totally in love with the sexy cheerleaders.

Kally was 5'5, 129 lbs, long, straight brown hair and big, almost bouncy brown eyes. Kevin was 6'1, 210 lbs, short, straight brown hair and dark, mysterious brown eyes.

Their parents, Lyle and Linda, were conservative people and really didn't believe in academic sports and outside interests, but, they knew their children wanted to belong, so, therefore, neither parent stood in their way.

This was Kally and Kevin's last year of high school, so naturally, they wanted to be involved with as many extra curricular activities as possible. And, although Kevin stuck solely to football, Kally not only was interested in the musical aspects of school, she often helped out with tutoring programs and chaperoning field trips.

"Are you almost ready, Kevin?" shouted Kally.

"Ten more minutes," answered Kevin, punting the football.

"Well, hurry up. I've got alot of studying to do for midterms tomorrow, and so do you," said Kally.

Kally hated that she had to wait around for Kevin to finish with his stupid friends, but she had no choice. Her car was in the shop and Kevin was her only ride home. Their parents ran a small flower shop, outside of town, so basically Kally and Kevin were on their own after school.

"Okay, okay, I'm done," said Kevin, running up from the field, "Just let me grab a shower and we'll head home."

"No!!" protested Kally, "We have a shower at home, Kevin, you can take one there."

"Yes, Mother," he said, sarcastically, heading for his car, "Come on then."

"It's about time," Kally muttered to herself, walking down the flights of stairs on the bleachers.

Once inside their home, Kally wisked right past Kevin and straight upstairs to her bedroom.

"You're welcome for the ride," snarled Kevin, walking into the kitchen for a soda, "God, you're becoming a real bitch lately, Kally."

"Whatever!!!" she yelled, from the top stair.

Kevin flipped her off and ran upstairs, as well. By the time he hit the bathroom, his sweaty shirt was on the floor and his boxers were almost half way down.

"I'm getting in the shower, Kally!!" he yelled, over the running water.

"Whatever," she repeated, putting on her headphones and opening her math book.

It didn't take long for the intoxicating scent of the warm, foggy shower to drift into Kally's room. Her nostrils became filled with the sweet smell of shampoo, heat and soap, all combining to create a delicious aroma.

Hard as she tried, Kally could not concentrate. She began to feel bad about rushing Kevin today with his friends. He was nice enough to give her rides home, the least she could do was be patient while he had his football practice.

She tossed her math book to her bedroom floor, along with her headphones, and headed into the bathroom.

"Hey, Kevin?" she said.

"Yeah? What is it, Kally?" he asked, leaning his soapy head out of the shower curtain.

"Listen, I just wanted to say sorry for rushing you today," she said, hopping up onto the bathroom sink.

"It's no big deal," he said, returning to his shower.

"Next time, I won't say a word," she said, swaying her feet back and forth.

"It's cool, don't sweat it," he yelled.

And, just as Kally hopped down from the sink and was preparing to leave, Kevin turned off the water and quickly flung the shower curtain open, completely exposing himself to his sister.

"Shit, sorry, Kally, I thought you left already," he said, slowly reaching for his towel.

Kally was speechless. She stood there, looking at Kevin's sexy, wet body, watching a small bead of water run down to his cock and drip off into the bathtub.

Her mouth fell open and her nipples became two small rocks.

Kevin just smiled and began drying himself off. Kally watched as he rubbed the towel around his balls and back to his ass, then the total length of his cock.

"You okay?" he asked, tossing the towel into the hamper.

"Yeah, I'm okay," she whispered, still obviously in total shock.

"Jeez, Kally, you'd think you've never seen a dick before," he said, laughing and stepping out of the bathtub.

Again, Kally was speechless.

"Wait. You have seen a dick before, right?" he asked, standing just inches from her.

All Kally could do was stare at her brother's rather large dick and shake her head no.

"Would you like to touch it?" he asked, completely expecting her to run off in the other direction.

And, without a word, Kally slowly extended her hand and Kevin guided her slowly to his cock.

"It won't bite you, Kally," he said, grinning like the cat that ate the canary, "Just rub it."

Kally's trembling fingers traced the large, bulging veins that clustered the underside of her brother's thick cock. He guided her hand up to his cock tip, which was now bubbling with pre cum.

"Rub your thumb over it, sis," he whispered, feeling his cock thicken in her small, shaky hand.

"Mmmm, that's it, now wrap your entire hand around my shaft and go up and down, slowly," he whispered, leaning up against the bathroom sink.

Kally couldn't believe how soft, yet thick, Kevin's cock was. It was warm and the veins that protruded from the underside seemed to pulsate in her palm. She was becoming very aroused, and so was Kevin.

He looked up at the foggy clock on the wall, and noticed that his parents were not due home for another three hours.

"Come with me," he whispered, taking Kally's hand off his dick and leading her to his bedroom, quietly shutting and locking the door.

"You wanna touch my dick again?" he asked, lying down on his huge bed.

Kally nodded her head yes and began taking small steps towards her naked brother.

"Wait," he whispered, "First, take off all your clothes. I wanna see what you've been hiding under there for the past 18 years."

Kally stood there for a moment, motionless, just looking at her brother all sprawled out with his balls hanging down between his thighs.

She slowly removed her blouse, one shiny button at a time, and slid it down to the floor, right beside her feet.

"Damn, you got some big tits, sis," he said, licking his lips and taking in the sight of her sexy, teenage tits and innocent pink nipples, which were now completely rock hard.

She nervously slid down her shorts, revealing her sexy red lace thong.

"Take it all off," repeated Kevin, slowly stroking his dick, as he watched.

Kally never took her eyes off her brother as her trembling fingers slid between the waistband of her thong and the tight, washboard flesh of her stomach.

"Mmmm, that's more like it," he whispered, "Now, come over here and lie down beside me and open your legs."

Kally wasn't sure what her brother had in mind, but her pussy was definitely becoming more and more wet.

"Spread your legs and rub that sexy, wet twat for me, sis," he said, spreading his own legs and rubbing his balls.

Kally was very familiar with this, she had done it many many times in her bedroom, at night. She spread her legs as far as they would go, and slowly penetrated her sticky, wet cunt with three of her slender, well manicured fingers.

"Oh, God," he groaned, watching her pussy open up like a fresh flower.

"What do you want me to do next?" she asked, gently pumping the trio of fingers in and out of her well lubed pussy.

"I want you to tell me how bad you need a dick in that twat of yours, sis," he hissed, moving his hand back and forth between his balls and his cock.

Kally hesitated, for a moment, feeling a bit embarrassed about having to actually say, out loud, what she was thinking inside.

"Go ahead, sis, tell me," he urged.

She took a heavy breath and licked her lips, whispering, "I need a dick in me, bad, Kevin. I need to get fucked."

"Oh fuck yeah, that's what I wanted to hear," he said, "And whose dick do you want inside you, Kally?"

"Yours, Kevin, just yours," she groaned, pumping her fingers in and out a bit faster.

Kevin leaned over and planted his warm, wet lips on his sister's right nipple, nibbling and licking, then finally sucking it past his lips and twirling his tongue over the tips of his sister's pink rocks.

Kally wiggled around on the bed and began groaning a bit louder, every once in awhile, breathlessly chanting Kevin's name.

He then reached down, and yanked his sister's fingers from her sloppy wet cunt, quickly replacing them with two of his own. He jammed his thick fingers deep into Kally's ultra tight cunt, instantly seperating her virgin pussy walls.

"Oh you like that, huh? You like having your cunt finger banged?" he asked, driving them further, knuckle deep.

"Yes!! Yes!!" she chanted, wiggling more and more, wrinkling the comforter beneath her naked back.

Kevin went back down to his sister's taut, wet right nipple, again tugging it with his teeth and sucking it to the point that it felt like he was trying to eat it.

Kally groaned loudly, feeling tingles and sensations she'd never experienced before. Her body was on fire and her brother's fingers felt like thick knives jabbing at her cunt. She writhed and moaned, baring down and clenching her thick pussy walls around his fingers, sucking the flesh back and forth against his joints.

Kevin's cock was aching, begging and screaming to be inside his sister. He had never wanted something so bad in his entire life. Right or wrong didn't matter now, he needed Kally's pussy.

He quickly yanked his pruned fingers from his sister's drooling cunt and climbed over her, positioning himself to look over her lust ravaged body. Her mouth was gaping open and her breaths were quick and heavy. He knew she was ready, she was ready for the fucking of her life.

"Tell me you want me, Kally," he whispered, getting up onto his knuckles and pushing the head of his cock just inside her begging cunt.

"Yes!! Yes!! God, yes!!!" she groaned, squinting her eyes and arching her back, just a bit, "Kevin, I want you so bad. Please, please fuck me!"

Kevin gave his sister a wicked grin and slowly pushed his cock inside her further, feeling her cunt walls instantly submit to him. She reached up and dragged her claws along his bare back, feeling small pieces of skin pile up under her nails. Her long legs draped around his body, like a seductive spider luring in her prey.

"God, you feel good, Kally," he whispered, gently pushing his cock all the way inside her.

Kally couldn't speak at this point, only moan and whimper, in total lust. Words and thoughts escaped her, only the feeling of her brother's cock stuffed inside her drooling pussy came to mind.

Finally, Kevin bottomed out and let out a huge groan, one so loud, and so booming, it echoed throughout his bedroom. He began to thrust deeper, making his bed shake with every movement.

Kally reached up and gripped the headboard, slowly lifting her hips to meet her brother's thrusts. Her heavy tits bounced, often causing her nipples to kiss one another, as Kevin picked up the pace and began fucking his sister almost into the headboard.

"Oh!! Oh!!!" she screamed, arching her back completely and gripping the headboard tightly, "Oh, God, Kevin!!! Make me cum!!! Make me cum!!!"

Kevin began fucking his sister harder, slamming the headboard into the wall. His groans were deep and throaty, and the sight of his sister's tits slapping into each other was almost more then he could take. He watched her face, the sexy way her lips pursed each time she moaned. Her cheeks were flushed and her forehead was dotted with droplets of sweat. She was a vision of total abandonment.

"Kevinnnnnnnnnnnnn!!!!!" she screamed, lifting her hips higher and gripping her brother's cock like a vice, "OH, GOD, I'M CUMMINNNNNNNNNNG!!!!"

"Oh, fuck!!!" he yelled, jabbing her cunt with deep and quick pricks, banging into her with force, "Oh, fuck, Kallyyyyyyyy!!!!! Shit, I'm gonna cum!!!!!"

Kally opened her eyes and locked them on her brother. She slid her tongue across her upper lip, teasing him totally. She then cupped her tits and brought her nipples together, then slithered her tongue out, tasting the sweat on each one.

This was it for Kevin, control was no longer an issue. He reached up and grabbed the headboard, using it for firm leverage. He slammed his thick cock deep into his sister's cunt, again bottoming it out, balls deep and released the thickest load he'd ever had. He looked down at his sister, watching her as his seed sprayed deep inside her sloppy wet pussy.

"KALLYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY" he screamed, as ropes of thick, gooey cum poured from him.

The siblings laid there, momentarily, in silence, except for the heavy panting they were both offering. Neither Kally or Kevin had ever experienced an orgasm like that, and both were pretty well wiped out.

But, their recovery time didn't last long .........

"KALLY? ...... KEVIN? Where are you guys?" shouted their parents, from downstairs, "We're home!!"

"Shit," whispered Kevin, quickly springing off the bed and sliding his boxers back on.

Kally scrambled to get her clothes back on, as well, as the footsteps of their parents was quickly approaching.

Seconds before Lyle and Linda could turn the knob on Kevin's bedroom door, he flung it open, obviously flustered.

"Hi, Mom, hi, Dad," he said, running his fingers thru his dark hair, "How was work?"

"Kevin? Are you okay? Your face looks a bit flushed," said Linda, reaching and feeling her son's forehead.

"I'm fine, Mom, Kally and I were wrestling over a CD, is all," he said, as Kally emerged from the bedroom, just as flushed.

"Well, you two really shouldn't get so worked up," said Lyle, taking Linda's hand and walking back downstairs.

"Dinner's in ten minutes," shouted Linda.

Both Kally and Kevin looked at each other and cracked up laughing at the remark of, "not getting so worked up."

After making sure that the parents were safely out of sight, Kally turned to her brother and planted a long kiss on his wet lips, whispering in his ear, "Thank you."

From that night on, neither Kally or Kevin ever mentioned the night they spent in his bedroom, but to this day, it's still the best orgasm either one has ever experienced.

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