tagIncest/TabooSibling Seduction

Sibling Seduction


"You know, I could make passionate love to you and no one would ever suspect a thing," I whispered in Erin's ear.

She hadn't heard me approach her from behind. She put a hand on mine as I began to massage her shoulders gently. She smiled as soon as she heard my voice.

"That's what you always keep promising me, Jeff." She said. She then turned and gave me a big hug.

"Ah, isn't that nice. You two were always so close. It's great to see all of us together again." We both looked toward the sound of our mother's voice.

Well, actually it was my mother and Erin's stepmother. My dad was killed in a training exercise while in the military before I was born. Most folks don't realize that more soldiers are killed in training than during war; they are still patriots nonetheless.

Erin's father was a friend of my dads. Her parents divorced after her mother couldn't take all the travel associated with military life. She just ran off with another guy and abandoned the both of them.

So although Erin and I weren't technically blood related, we were brother and sister since infancy. We also were real close in a best friend sense. I guess since we weren't biological siblings, the natural attraction instincts between those of the opposite sex remained intact. It's almost like biological siblings have some sort of built-in gene to prevent that sort of thing that we didn't have.

As a result, Erin was my first kiss. Hers was the first pussy I ever saw and likewise she watched my dick grow through puberty.

Oh, don't think we fucked our way through puberty. We didn't. It was always show and tell or teasing. It never went any further.

Even though we weren't biologically related, our parents would have killed us. In their eyes, we were siblings in every sense of the word. It was both a blessing and a curse for the both of us.

I wanted to kiss a girl so bad during those pre-pubescent years. Sensing this, Erin teased me until I planted a kiss on her lips after she dared me. We both learned how to kiss from each other after that. We were fearful our parents would catch us swallowing each other's tongue though.

That's as far as it went for the most part. Oh, I got to see her pussy and breasts because she was proud of the way they developed. I reciprocated by letting her see my dick as it grew and especially when my pubic hair sprouted.

I guess it was the fear that our parents would find out that prevented us from fucking. It was the only obstacle.

Well, then we both got married. That would be another obstacle.

For the first few years of marriage to our spouses, we didn't play the, "you know I could fuck you," game as much. But with each holiday visit to mom and dads, we caught ourselves teasing like we always did.

I don't know if it was the result of pure fantasy from childhood or the realization that because we were technically siblings, no one would seriously suspect an attraction that went beyond that of simple sibling love.

Whichever the case, we were flirting. Only now we weren't kids and while everyone thought our hugs, smiles and touches were innocent affection -- no one heard our whispers and no one noticed the unspoken passion that passed between us. At least, I thought something passed between us lately.

"You should stop teasing me." I whispered to Erin.

"Who's teasing?" she whispered back.

"We're all going down to the mall." Our mom said over our whispers.

"Who?" I asked.

"Everyone has something they need to pick up. You guys need anything?" Mom untied her apron and headed for the door. Sure enough, our parents and spouses along with my aunt and a cousin all wanted to go shopping.

I looked at Erin then back at mom and a group of family headed for the door.

"There's too many for your van, mom." I said.

"We can take two cars." She replied.

"You know, Jeff can help me get the suitcases out of the car. I'll put him to work." Erin said. She then kissed her husband.

"You sure its ok if we go without you?" mom and Erin's husband almost said in unison.

"I don't want him to go. He'll keep me from spending money." My wife added then pulled Erin's husband along with her. Suddenly, for the first time in years -- we were in the house where we grew up - alone.

"It takes 30 minutes to get to the mall then 30 minutes to get back. We've got an hour or two at least to kill." Erin said.

"What are you suggesting?" I asked.

"Hmmm?" Erin walked to her bedroom. I followed.

"Come on Erin. Don't play games."

"Who's playing?"

I walked into her room. It was a little odd. She had pink teddy bears and such. Just like a teenager, but we weren't teens anymore. Two adults in a room that looked like a teenage schoolgirl seemed out of place or like time had stood still there.

She closed the door. I heard a click.

"Seriously, Erin."

"I am serious."

"About what? Teasing? Like we always do?"

"Nope. I've decided." Erin said. She stood in front of me and touched a button on the front of my shirt. She stared at the button.

"Decided what?"

"I want to fuck you."

"Just like that?"

"No. Not just like that. Haven't you always wanted to fuck me?" she said.

"Sure. But why now? Why not years ago?"

"We both never knew what we were doing." She looked up and stared in my eyes.

"What about..."

"Our significant others? Our spouses?"

"I was thinking as much about mom and dad."

"Like you said. You could fuck me and they'd never know. None of them."

"You mean, you wouldn't feel..."

"Guilty? Sex has become boring after a few years of marriage. Do I need to talk you into it? Scared?" She sounded like she was daring me all over again. Just like our first kiss.

"Nope. Just want to make sure."

"So you do want me?"

"I've always felt like we had something unfinished between us." I brushed the hair from her face.

"So let's finish it." Her voice was soft.

I kissed her. It was soft. Her lips melted into mine. Then our tongues searched for its sibling. They touched. Soon they were twirling around each other. Our hands then began to grope each other.

Erin was always a sexy vixen. She had blond hair, a very nice ass and full breasts. Her waist was narrow and her long legs were shapely and smooth. My hands found her ass and she found mine as well.

I worked out every week and stayed in shape so my ass was every bit as firm as hers. My dick bulged between us.

The next few moments were a blur. Articles of clothing were haphazardly tossed around the room until we both collapsed on the bed both naked and still groping and kissing one another.

I kissed my way down her toned stomach to a patch of light blond hair on her pubis. Erin spread her legs and I lapped the juices from my sister as she lay on her back before me. Erin moaned.

She may have been my stepsister but right now I wanted her like no other lover. I had always wanted her. From the days she'd catch me staring at her blossoming breasts. I wanted her badly.

"Fuck me." Erin said.

I kissed my way back to her breasts and sucked them, pulling her hard nipple between my lips.

"Fuck me, Jeff."

"I thought women liked foreplay?" I kissed my way up her neck.

"We've got the whole holiday weekend for foreplay. I want your dick inside me." Erin reached down and grabbed my rigid cock. She spread her legs wider and guided it toward her glistening pussy.

Once the tip touched the lips of her labia, the thought of foreplay vanished from my mind and something more primitive took over. Apparently, something more primitive was guiding Erin as well.

Erin settled the head of my dick between the outer folds of her pussy. She briefly rubbed it back and forth insuring it was positioned then she grasped my hips with both hands.

I pushed my dick the rest of the way and it disappeared within my lifelong sibling. It was a smooth, warm sensation that surrounded my dick. Our flesh may not have been one biologically, but now it was carnally. The passion over flesh overwhelmed any concern about our relationship to each other as we began to fuck.

We ground our hips into each other. Erin was a wilder child than I had imagined growing up. She fucked me like an animal. It was no wonder she cared less about foreplay.

She tossed her head back, gripped my ass and raised her hips to meet my thrusts in primitive fashion - I fucked her like an animal as well. I drove my dick madly into her in swift, determined strokes.

We were soon grunting and sweating on the girlie bed. The smell of sex filled the room and the heat of desire burned between us.

It was much different than fucking my wife who wanted a long time of foreplay followed by a slow gentle fuck. My wife liked to cuddle and kiss. She liked fondling and caresses. She even liked whispered love talk as we made love.

All of that was fine but when we'd have an orgasm- always in the missionary position, mind you - then my wife would immediately get up and wash because she hated the sticky feel of cum on her skin. No cuddling with sticky cum. She had her limits.

My stepsister was a sharp contrast to my more passive, but particular wife.

Erin was like a madwoman. She rose her hips and fucked me as much as I thrusted into her.

"Fuck me, Jeff. Damn it, fuck me."

Without warning, Erin shifted her body to one side. She then pushed on one of my shoulders and I realized she was rolling me over onto my back. One knee slide underneath us while the other pressed against my hip.

In one swift motion, Erin and I rolled over in unison. Suddenly, I was on my back and she was riding my dick on top of me. My dick never left her pussy and she barely missed a stroke.

She fucked with greater passion on top. I had a better view of her body and she was gorgeous. Her breasts bounced slightly and her golden hair swayed as she ground her pussy onto my dick until I thought she would wring it from my body.

I wasn't accustomed to this position therefore I couldn't get all the friction I needed for an immediate orgasm but the sight of her was enough. Oh, I tried to lift up against her pelvis, driving my dick deep within her to stroke as much as I could but this seemed to excite Erin even more. She'd grind her pussy onto me even harder forcing my hips to be almost motionless as she fucked me with abandon.

Her knees literally pinned me to the bed while her impaled pussy gyrated round and round then back and forth. Her pussy seemed to grip my dick and hold it as she fucked.

Soon Erin was tossing her head back as she pumped her hips back and forth over my pubis so rapidly I could feel the heat building on my pubic bone just above my dick. No more gyration. Just back and forth. It was a maddening fuck. I thought she would set my pubic hair on fire.

"I'm cumming, Jeff. Oh, I'm..." Her body twitched. She jerked her hips against mine in the most erotic fashion imaginable. Her spine arched backward then her narrow hips pulsated forward as if catapulted by the building tension from her back. Her hips snapped forward like a rubber band - over and over in determined thrusts.

She shuddered a few more times until she lowered her gaze toward mine. She smiled but it was as much a mischievous smile as a satisfied one.

"Oh, damn did you not get enough?" She slowly lifted her pussy from my dick and replaced her pussy with her mouth. Her lips wrapped around the head of my dick as she sucked while her hand pumped the shaft below.

My heart jumped. My wife would suck me but never after I had fucked her. Never.

I also had never fucked a woman who had an orgasm before me. Oh, my wife and I would have an orgasm together on occasion. But although I came close to orgasm with Erin on top, she had a way of preventing much up and down friction but maximizing her own back and forth friction on her clitoris. So I was at her mercy. She could control her orgasm and mine too.

My balls quickly began to tinkle. It was as much the sight of my sister's lips on my dick as anything else. She hummed approvingly as my hips arched toward her mouth.

The sensations were overwhelming. Not only was Erin giving me the fuck of a lifetime - a fuck like I had never experienced. But she was also my fantasy since childhood. She was my sister - my best friend.

Then I felt it. My wife would suck my dick but wanted a warning before I came. So I wanted to tell Erin I was close to losing it.

"Erin. I'm going to cum." I said.

But she didn't stop. She sucked harder. In fact, while one hand pumped my shaft, the other disappeared until I felt her probing my asshole with a finger.

Erin found my puckered hole. She probed its folds with the tip of her finger. Suddenly, I began to have these feelings I'd never had before. My chest burned. I spread my legs wider. And even though my dick was tense and ready to explode I relaxed my ass because I had this unusual desire to accept her probing.

Again, Erin controlled me. I had lost all control of my body and submitted completely to her.

It was a unique sexual experience. In fact, just at the moment of maximum tension, I was trying to relax my anal sphincter at the same time and expose myself to my sibling like never before.

My ass relaxed. Erin pushed her finger inside lubricated by her saliva that dripped from the base of my dick. At that moment the universe changed.

Stars flashed before my eyes. Everything suddenly grew darker as my vision lost focus. Her finger pierced my rectum as she buried it within me still sucking my dick and pumping it furiously with her free hand.

I opened my mouth but no words came. My body shuddered then tensed. I felt burning waves of cum flow through my genitals. My body stiffened even more then I exploded into Erin's mouth. My dick quivered between my siblings lips.

I then caught my breath and looked down as Erin sucked the fluid as it erupted from me.

Her finger still inserted, she controlled every spasm. As the last stream spurted and my body began to finally relax she quickly withdrew her finger from my ass and concentrated on cleaning the sticky fluid from my dick and her lips.

I couldn't move. My body was completely drained. But my sister continued to lick and rub my cum onto her lips like she was drinking honey to satiate her appetite.

Soon she ignored the sticky cum and climbed on top of me. We kissed. Her wet pussy and my sticky cum mingled between us.

"Does your husband realize how good a fuck you are?" I had to know.

"My husband is wonderful, but our sex drives are different."

"He doesn't like sex?" I asked.

"I don't know. You'd have to ask his girlfriend?"

"What? Erin, I'm sorry." I broke off our kisses and looked at her.

"Don't be. I'm making him suffer right now. He knows that I know. He's waiting on what I decide to do with him. How about you? Does your wife know you can hold your own? I do wish I had fucked you when we were younger."

"I have to hold back - nothing too wild. She's great, but she's kind of uptight in bed."

"Uptight? She doesn't know what she's got." Erin kissed my neck.

"It's got to be slow. She'll only fuck on her back and she's a clean freak - kind of."

"No finger in the ass for you?" Erin laughed.

"Beyond that. She'd never be laying in cum right now." Erin reached down and smeared the sticky fluid between us.

"Why? It's wonderful." The mischievous smile reappeared.

"I can't believe we're having this discussion." I said.

"We should have had this discussion a long time ago."

"I should have fucked you a long time ago." I kissed her.

"We should fuck some more. Afterall, no one will suspect a thing." Erin smiled.

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