tagNovels and NovellasSibling Seduction Ch. 10

Sibling Seduction Ch. 10


For the next few hours, they didn’t have any time alone. They sat out on the back patio with their father and talked. Amy had changed into jeans and a black T-shirt. She was getting hornier by the minute so she went into the house, thinking that sooner or later, Jeff would come up and see her.

She was right; it took him all of two minutes. He went upstairs and poked his head in her room. Amy was standing on the bed, looking out the window. Her jeans were off; she was wearing her pink panties with the dark pink hearts, knowing what this would result in. Her white, skinny ass was barely covered by the tiny triangle of those panties.

“What did I tell you about those panties?” he asked. She laughed, not turning around. She could see their dad sitting out back from where she was standing at the window. He knelt behind her, staring directly at her bum. He kissed it over her panties, right at the crack. Thrills shot up the young girl’s spine at the thought of what would soon happen to her. He kissed her bare ass cheek beside the material. He kissed the same spot on the other side. He kissed her pussy over her panties. His fingers grabbed the panties and shoved them to one side, revealing the crack of her ass and the pink of her pussy.

She bent over for him a little, still keeping an eye on their dad. He buried his face in his sister’s skinny ass.

“Ohhhh…” she moaned again. He sucked the sensitive nub of her clit into his mouth, forcing his nose right against her asshole. Holding her panties to one side with his thumb, he spread Amy’s ass cheeks wide with both hands, thrusting his tongue into her pussy. Had their father looked up at that very moment, he would have seen his daughter’s arms on the ledge of her window, eyes closed, as her pussy was being eaten from behind by her brother. Just as she was on the verge of orgasm, Jeff licked from her pussy up to her asshole, and ran his tongue around the entrance. He slid his tongue into her anus.

“Ohhhh fuuuck…” she moaned as she felt his tongue enter her ass. She was so turned on, and now her ass was turned on, too. As he licked her asshole, she slid her hand down between her legs. Her fingers began to rub her exposed slit, and he pulled back for a second to watch her slip a finger into her vagina. She pulled it out and it was all wet, coated with her juices. She offered it to him, and he sucked his sister’s finger into his mouth, tasting her pussy. He loved the taste, and it made him bury his face in her ass, tongue relentlessly lapping at her cunt again. His tongue licked at her clit rapidly, and she felt herself lose it.

“Ohhhhh…” she moaned, cumming. Her eyes were closed, her heart was pounding, she could feel the walls of her pussy convulsing as her brother sucked and licked at her clitoris. She was squirming in front of him, making it hard for him to keep tonguing her but he managed. Finally, her orgasm subsided and Jeff stood up behind her, pulling his cock out of his jeans, pushing his jeans and underwear down to his knees. Her pink panties with dark pink hearts slipped back over her ass, sliding up her crack a bit. He pressed himself against her, his shaft pressing against her ass as he kissed her neck.

“Ohhhh…” she breathed, “Fuck me Jeff.”

He continued to rub himself against her panty-covered ass, hands sliding her black T-shirt up her body. She raised up her arms and allowed him to pull it off, leaving just her panties and her black bra. She looked down out the window and saw that her dad was still outside. If he were to look up, he would see his son kissing his daughter’s neck, his son’s hands cupping her breasts over her bra and squeezing them. “Ohhhhh…” she sighed again, feeling her brother squeeze her tits.

“Please,” she begged, “I need you to fuck me now.” He was breathing heavily as he looked down between them, still feeling her soft breast through her bra. Those sexy pink panties now covered her ass (as much as they could, anyway).

He reached down and moved them to one side, exposing the crack of her ass. Amy bent over a little, leaning on the windowsill, as her brother ran the head of his cock down the crack of her bum. He felt it reach the moist entrance to her pussy and, without wasting any time, he pushed forward.

“Ohhhh!” she moaned, loud enough to be heard through the closed window. His cock squeezed partway into her tight pussy. She looked out the window, but their father hadn’t heard, or at least didn’t react. Still holding her tit with one hand and her panties with the other, Jeff forced his cock further into her, her warmth engulfing his entire penis.

“Ohhhh yes Jeff!” she sighed, feeling him fill her up. Holding his cock in her, he released her tit and panties and undid her bra at the back. Her panties slid back over to her ass but stopped since his cock was in the way. Her bra slid down her shoulders and off, freeing her tits. Their father didn’t quite have the angle, but if he were to lean back a bit and look up, he would see his daughter’s face with a look of bliss, his son’s face right behind her, and his daughter’s naked breasts.

Jeff held himself as far inside Amy as he could, hands going around to the front of her body and grabbing her tits. He kissed her neck as he squeezed her soft tits, feeling how hard her nipples got in his hands. She leaned her head back, moaning, and his lips found hers. They kissed deeply, tongues exploring as he caressed her breasts. ‘Smack smack smack smack’ their kisses were loud. He began to slide his dick in and out of her a little, but her panties were causing friction. His left hand released her left breast, and he reached in front of him and held the pink panties to one side. He began to fuck his little sister, groin smacking against her skinny ass, long cock gliding in and out of her wet pussy.

Amy stood straight up, her arms reaching up above her and behind, going around his neck as her lips found his. ‘Smack smack smack’ their kiss was passionate as he continued to squeeze her breast. He jammed his long cock up his sister’s tight tunnel. “Mmmmph! Mmmmmph! Mmmmph! Mmmmph!” she loved how his cock felt driving into her like that, and his hand stimulated her tit as well. He slid his tongue as far into her mouth as he could as he screwed her from behind while standing up.

“Oh God!” he grunted, breaking the kiss. Her pussy was so tight! So incredibly hot! It gripped his cock like a vice! His hand had a death grip on her breast as he thrust up into her cunt over and over. ‘Slap slap slap slap slap’ went his groin against her ass. She bent forward, moaning loudly as she leaned on the windowsill again, forcing him to release her tit. She took a moment to look outside again as her brother’s cock jackhammered in and out of her. There was their father, completely oblivious to the fact that if he would just look up at the window, he would see his darling 18-year-old daughter as she got fucked by his son.

Jeff grabbed the sides of her skinny hips and drove his penis into her with all his might. His desire was overwhelming, those panties that were pushed to the side turned him on so much he was like an animal. He watched her ass cheeks shake every time he slapped against them.

“Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh! Unh!” her moans were getting louder and louder as she felt her orgasm rise. “OHHH!” she cried out, cumming. Her moan was loud enough to be heard outside, but their dad didn’t even look up, just assuming it was Amy yelling at her brother for something. He was right, it was Amy, but she was yelling in ecstasy, cumming violently around Jeff’s pistoning cock.

“Ohhhh fuuuuuck!” she moaned, again, almost as loud. Her heart was pounding, her pussy was on fire. Her tits were rocking back and forth to the rhythm; her brother was merciless as he continued to fuck her from behind, her pink panties held to one side by his thumb.

“Ohhh God Amy,” he moaned, still thrusting, “I’m gonna cum!” He continued to slam his rod up into her tight pussy.

“Ohh yes!” she cried, “cum on my face, Jeff!” He couldn’t believe his little sister said that, he nearly lost it right there. She said it because she loved turning him on, and desperately wanted to please him in every way. He pulled his penis out of his sister’s wet vagina. Amy quickly spun around and fell to her knees, looking up at him to see his reaction.

He looked down into her beautiful dark eyes, his cock an inch from her face. Her hand grabbed it and before she could stroke it once, he lost it.

He moaned, watching as a spurt of white jism shot out the end of his penis and splattered across his sister’s young face. His cock jerked in her hand again, spraying more cum onto her nose and cheek. Amy smiled, still stroking him as he continued to cum on her face. Still more of her brother’s semen trickled out and she opened her mouth, getting it all over her lips, chin, and tongue. Her hand squeezed the last of his seed out of his penis, getting it on her hand. She stuffed his cock into her mouth, sucking out what was left of his salty cum. He looked down at his sister. Dressed only in pink panties with dark pink hearts on them, white cum all over her face, his dick in her mouth. As Amy sucked his sperm out of his cock, he looked out the window at his dad. If he only knew. Amy looked up at him, pulling his semi-hard dick out of her mouth, smiling.

“That was fuckin’ awesome!” she said, licking the cum from around her lips. “I’ve got to get you alone tonight.” She said, grabbing some tissue and cleaning her face.

“Why?” he asked.

“Because I have two surprises for you!” she said, pussy starting to tingle again. He couldn’t wait.

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