tagNovels and NovellasSibling Seduction Ch. 25

Sibling Seduction Ch. 25


Bonnie and Jack went to bed, and Jeff went to his bed just around the corner from their room.

Jeff began to stroke his dick. He was so hard, so horny after thinking about some of things that he did with his sister, and the way she teased him that night. He hoped they would be able to fuck one more time before he left in the morning!

Bonnie was in the same position. Her pussy was soaked. Tingling. It was all she could do to keep from frigging herself right there beside her boyfriend. Luckily, alcohol was an influence, and Jack passed out. She waited a few minutes; just to be sure... every second was torture.

Finally, she could wait no longer. She needed her brother's dick inside her cunt right then and there! She rolled out of bed, trying to be gentle, but in her drunken haze was actually rather rough. She stumbled to her door and out of the room, quietly shutting it behind her. She was dressed only in shorts and T-shirt, no underwear at all. She rounded the corner in the dark, feeling around for the pulled out couch. She found it, lifted the blankets and slipped under them.

Jeff heard the door open and grew even harder as he felt his sister slip into bed with him. Her hand took his cock from his, and he felt her searching lips on his mouth. They kissed, lips smacking softly, over and over. Bonnie squeezed his penis, stroking him lovingly as her tongue darted into his mouth. She wanted him in her so badly! His hand slid into the back of her shorts, she wasn't wearing panties so his hand caressed her naked ass.

"We should..." Bonnie started, still kissing him over and over, "go to..." more kisses, "the living room." His hand was squeezing her ass hard, his cock felt so good in her hand. Unable to help himself, he began to force her shorts down her long legs. Bonnie wriggled out of them, pulling her feet out of them and becoming naked from the waist down. She was gasping for breath, panting as she made out with him. She let go of his cock and found herself placing a leg around his ass, pulling his groin towards her unprotected treasure.

The tip of his penis felt the heat of her opening on its own volition, and Jeff pushed upwards a little. The lips of her tight vagina opened up and his head squeezed inside. "Mmmmm..." she moaned into his mouth as her pussy stretched wide for the top part of her big brother's manhood.

Holding her ass tightly, he forced his dick all the way inside her heat. "Ohhhh God..." she moaned, breaking the kiss temporarily before kissing him again. They moved against one another, his penis sliding in and out of her vagina. He felt so good, touched her so deep. His hot pole glided in and out of her needy twat over and over again as they French-kissed. Her hands ran up and down his back as they fucked on their side, harder and harder. The couch-bed was squeaking a little, but neither cared, too overcome with passion.

Bonnie could feel an orgasm rising within her as her brother continued to screw her. Her hand gripped his ass, feeling it clench and unclench as he thrust up into her hard, over and over. She began to pull him into her, losing it. His long organ slid in and out of her hungry pussy, driving her over the edge. "MMPH!" she gasped into his mouth, trying to stifle her cries. Wave after wave of orgasm overtook her. The walls of her pussy were convulsing around him as he continued to fuck her helpless body. Finally, it subsided, and she broke the kiss, gasping for breath. He slid in and out of his little sister a few more times before she pushed him onto his back, his penis slipping out of her wet hole with a 'slurp' that could be heard by both of them.

Bonnie began to kiss down Jeff's neck, down his chest. Her lips gently sucked his nipple on the way by, before she kissed down his stomach. Grabbing his underwear, she pulled downward, but not before lightly kissing the shaft of her brother's beautiful cock. It twitched noticeably. She pulled them right off of him, and he was naked for her. He could feel her smooth legs straddle his as her hand gently raised his rock hard penis into the air. Her tongue snaked out, and he could feel it lap lightly at his balls. She sucked a testicle gently into her mouth, and then slowly released it. She wanted to worship it, lick it all over, taste him one more time before he left her. Her tongue trailed slowly up his shaft, coating it with her saliva. She ran her tongue around his crown, sucking it gently into her mouth – just a little, and just for a second. She ran her tongue down the other side of his pole, making sure she licked every inch of skin on his penis. Her hand caressed his balls as her tongue made its way back up his manhood. She kissed his mushroom head lovingly. She kissed it again, her lips parting and she slowly took him into her mouth.

Bonnie's lips slowly slid down Jeff's organ, warming it as she went. She did not stop until his head was touching the back of her throat and her nose was buried in his pubic hair. He moaned, and it gave her pleasure to know that her brother enjoyed the blowjob that she was giving him. She slowly pulled his cock out of her mouth nearly all the way, before jamming him back in. She began to bob her head up and down on his lap. She suddenly felt a tremendous desire to taste her sibling's cum again. To swallow his seed. She would get him off, and then they could go to the living room and fuck. It was too dangerous here. Jack could simply walk out of the bedroom and poke his head around the corner and see her with her brother's cock jammed down her throat! 'Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' she sucked loudly on his rampant dick, really getting into it. She wasn't using her hands, she was caressing up and down the sides of his ass with her fingers as her head bobbed up and down on his lap eagerly. 'Slurp slurp slurp slurp' she was so loud as she gobbled up her brother's member.

Jeff was writhing his hips up into her mouth, starting to lose it. Did he want to cum in her mouth, or did he want to fuck her? It was feeling so good, he decided he could do both! She was great at giving head, and he hadn't the strength to stop her. He had his hands on the back of her head as her lips glided expertly up and down his pole. 'Slurp slurp slurp slurp slurp' she was slurping so loudly that Jack could hear it in the bedroom had he been awake.

"I'm cumming!" she heard her brother groan, and she redoubled her efforts, sucking on him like there was no tomorrow. 'Slurp slurp slurp slurp' He moaned, and Bonnie could feel his penis jerk inside her mouth. He groaned softly, a thick spray of his hot cum shot off the back of her mouth. He came again, another wad of semen sliding down her gulping throat. She held still, keeping Jeff in her mouth as more of his salty seed shot onto the back of her tongue. He was rough with her, holding the back of her head downwards hard, forcing him far into her mouth. She nearly choked, but as the last of his sperm trickled out, she was able to swallow it all, hungrily. She pulled his softening penis out of her mouth and began to lightly lick at his balls as he recovered.

Jeff lay there, catching his breath as his sister continued to lap lightly at his bag. Bonnie purred, smiling as she allowed her tongue to continue on up his bag to his shaft, licking it so gently, causing it to stir once again. She took her brother's now semi-hard penis into her mouth, pleasantly surprised to taste the remainder of his cum on the tip. She sucked all of him, before releasing him with a loud 'SLURP'.

He couldn't see her smiling, but he knew that she was as she rained kisses up his belly and chest, crawling her way up towards him. Her lips found his at the same time as her sopping wet slit pressed against his shaft. She was breathing heavily into his mouth as she sent her tongue in to explore. She grinded her wet pussy against his organ, he didn't think she had ever been this hot down there. As if with a mind of its own, the entrance to Bonnie's vagina found the tip of Jeff's penis and sucked the top part inside. "Ohhh..." they moaned in unison as her hot tightness embraced his hard probing member. He jammed upward, sliding his manhood in her to the hilt. "Oh God!" she whispered, breaking the kiss and tilting her head back. She felt so full!

Jeff's lips found hers again as his hands grabbed her naked skinny ass and squeezed her cheeks. Bonnie began to ride him, subtly, not letting much of his dick out of her before sinking it all the way back into her. Her pussy was so tight, so wet, he was in complete heaven. Letting his sister do all the work, he ran his hands up her back, taking her T-shirt with them. Without breaking her rhythm, Bonnie raised her arms and let him pull her shirt right off. The two siblings were now completely naked, mere feet from where her boyfriend slept.

She sat up, still sliding her pussy up and down his rod, placing her hands on his chest to hold herself up. He could see her slightly in the dim light of the window. Her pussy continued to glide snugly up and down his cock. He could hear her breathing, her soft moaning, as she fucked him. "Oh...... oh...... oh...... oh" her soft moans would escape as she rode him.

Jeff buried his cock all the way inside his little sister's vagina and sat up. His lips found hers and they kissed passionately, he remained deep inside her. Bonnie's arms were around him, caressing him, holding him close as she held his hard penis as far in her pussy as possible. Still keeping him in her, and not breaking the kiss, she squeezed her legs around him as well. He was now inside her as they both sat on the bed. She pressed his naked body as close to hers as she could, finding comfort in her brother's hairy chest pressing against her small, heaving breasts. She sent her tongue as far into his mouth as it would go, and Jeff ran his tongue along hers and into her own mouth. The siblings were now as close as they could ever be – holding each other tightly, tongues far into each other's mouths, his penis remaining deep inside her needy, wanting, comforting vagina.

He broke the kiss and began to kiss around her neck to her ear. He sucked her lobe into his mouth as he took her hand in his. He began to kiss down her arm, bringing her hand up to his mouth. Jeff wanted to kiss every inch of Bonnie's body. That was how close he felt to her at that moment. He kissed her hand, and then sucked her index finger into his mouth slowly. He sucked her next finger, sending tingles throughout her body. With his cock buried in her, the sensation was even stronger as he sucked each and every one of her fingers, moving to her other hand where, one by one, he did it again. His lips again found hers, and they kissed lovingly, tongues rubbing against one another. He lifted her up a little, rolling her onto her back without taking his dick out of her. He began to slide in and out of her as he kissed down her neck. Both siblings were breathing laboriously, loving every second. As he kissed down her chest, he slid his organ out of her hole, the coldness of the air suddenly hitting it. He kissed all over her chest.

"We should go to the living room." Bonnie panted quietly. Her brother ignored her, sucking a nipple into his mouth. "Ohhhh..." she sighed, tingles shooting through her body. She quickly forgot about the danger they were in as Jeff licked at the nipple he held in his mouth. 'Slurp' he released her nipple, kissing over to her other one. His tongue danced around her areola as she reached down between them, grabbing his cock. She stroked his member as he continued to suck on her sensitive tits. She was forced to release his dick when he kissed down her belly.

Jeff's tongue licked inside her belly button, and he could smell the strong scent of Bonnie's pussy as he drew near. He kissed down her stomach to her bush, over the curls of her pubic hair. He lightly kissed her swollen cunt lips, and she gasped with pleasure. But he merely teased her on his way by, his lips moving on to the inside of her smooth thighs. He kissed all the way down her right leg, raising her foot to his lips. He kissed over her foot, kissing each individual toe, kissing the bottom of her foot. He grabbed her other foot and did the same to that one, lips worshipping her entire body. He began to kiss and lick his way up her other leg, once again creeping closer to her wonderful treasure.

Bonnie's feet were now flat on the bed, and she slid them up the bed on either side of him, giving herself to him as his lips teased up the inside of her thigh. She needed his mouth on her crotch badly. She was so horny, she couldn't get enough. Jeff kissed the top of her leg just beside her pussy, his tongue licking up the skin there, driving her insane. Suddenly she felt his mouth on her cunt. "Oh!" she sucked in her breath as her brother sucked in her pussy lips. She was so wet, her flavor was so strong. He ran his tongue up and down the sensitive skin that he held in his mouth. She opened her legs wider, curling her toes as he ate her out. He released her lips and then sucked them back in, sending bolts of pleasure up her body. She reached down between her legs, holding his head there as he lapped at her cunt eagerly. He slid his hands under her ass, holding it up off the bed a little. He spread her pussy lips with his thumbs and began to lick at the inside of his little sister's helpless vagina. He could hear her breathing heavily above him as he slid his tongue as far into her hole as it would go, really tasting Bonnie's flowing juices. She didn't know how much longer that she could take this, he was avoiding her clit up to that point, but she was still on her way to an orgasm!

As she thought that, Jeff licked up her slit, finally nudging her sensitive button. She gasped. He sucked her nub into his mouth, sliding his tongue back and forth over it and sending bolts of tingles up her body. Bonnie began to writhe her pussy into her brother's face as he tongued her clitoris. Her breathing grew heavier, and she began to fuck his face more violently, losing it.

"Ohhhhhh.... ohhhhhh God..." she moaned, cumming violently. Her entire body was buzzing, the walls of her pussy were squeezing and releasing, squeezing and releasing as Jeff continued to eat her out. Finally, her hand released him. He kissed his sister's pussy one more time before slowly kissing his way back up her slender body, hard cock waving back and forth. He wasn't done worshipping her. He had to worship her ass before he left, but he was so horny that he had to get back inside her, if only for a second. He kissed up her belly to her tits, his mouth briefly sucking each of her nipples, before kissing up her chest and neck.

"We should –" Bonnie breathed before Jeff's lips were on hers and they kissed passionately. She was conscious of his dick rubbing against her sopping wet slit as his tongue flew into her mouth eagerly. He writhed against her, the top of his penis finding the entrance to her vagina. He pierced her. "Mmmm..." she moaned into his mouth. He pushed forward, and his entire manhood slid easily into her hungry pussy all the way. Once more he was in her to the hilt. He felt so good! Bonnie loved how deep he reached inside her, and she kissed him hard, tongue flailing as she ran her feet up and down his legs. He began to slide in and out of her, making sweet love to his sister as they kissed passionately, lips smacking loudly.

"Mmmm...mmmm...mmmm...mmmm" she moaned into his mouth every time he entered her. Her tongue rubbed against the back of his mouth as his penis rubbed against the back of her pussy. Jeff wanted to lick Bonnie's ass, but he was having trouble finding the strength to pull his dick out of her! He continued to make love to her for a few minutes, just slowly sliding in and out of her as they kissed non-stop. Finally, he was able to slide out of her.

"Roll onto your stomach." He whispered. Most of the drunkenness had left them at this point. Now they were drunk with lust. Bonnie hurriedly rolled onto her stomach and he straddled her legs as he moved back down the couch-bed. He grabbed her soft ass cheeks, squeezing them as he kissed her ass. Bonnie lay there, helpless as she felt her brother's lips kiss her naked bum over and over. He rained kisses all over her cheeks, massaging them the whole time. He kissed the top of her thighs just under her cheeks, and all around her ass. He licked from the bottom of the crack of her ass all the way to the top, his tongue moving slowly as it trailed up between her cheeks. She sighed, squirming a little when his tongue tickled the entrance to her anus.

Squeezing her ass cheeks wide apart, he stuck his tongue into her asshole. Bonnie had her face in the pillow, gasping for breath as Jeff twirled his tongue around inside her ass. He pulled his tongue out, and then circled her anus once more, squeezing her cheeks even harder. Bonnie was so hot, her entire body was tingling as her brother teased her sensitive ass. He thrust his tongue into her anal hole again, licking the roof of it and pulling it out, over and over. His tongue licked down, tasting her delicious pussy, before continuing onward back up the crack of her bum and over her asshole.

"Ohhh God..." she whispered. She didn't know what his obsession was with her asshole, but she sure liked it! He kissed each of her cheeks, right along the crack, sucking the skin of her ass into his mouth. 'Smack... smack' He then slid his tongue as far into her anus as he could, really pushing to get it deep. He wiggled it up and down, still keeping it deep, his nose buried in her crack. The tingles he gave her ass flowed to her pussy. She was so wet!

Jeff slid his tongue slowly out of Bonnie's ass and sucked her pussy into his mouth, running his tongue up and down her swollen lips. His nose was buried in her ass. She gasped, and began to writhe her ass into his face. His tongue danced over her clitoris. "Ohhhh..." she moaned, rising up to her hands and knees and forcing her ass right into his face as her orgasm approached. He licked the skin between her cunt and her ass, his tongue again finding her asshole and dipping into it. He reached up between her thighs with his hand and began to rub her clit with his finger, as he tasted her ass. She moaned, growing hotter inside, on her way. "Ohhhhhh..." she cried, trying to stifle her moans as she came. The walls of her pussy and ass convulsed as he licked and fingered her. She rubbed her ass violently into his face as the orgasm exploded within her.

Finally, her orgasm subsided and she collapsed onto her stomach. Jeff gave each of her ass cheeks one more kiss, and her asshole one last lick before crawling up the couch-bed. His legs straddled hers and she was lying flat on the bed. He lay on top of her; hard cock nestled between her ass cheeks as he kissed at her face. She was gasping for breath as he kissed all over her cheek and hair. He kissed her lips and she kissed back, breathlessly.

Too horny to contain himself, Jeff began to writhe his cock against his sister, sliding it between her ass cheeks over and over. Without using his hands, and still laying front to back against her, he began to slide the tip of his manhood down to the moistness of her crotch. Her tongue darted into his mouth eagerly as she caught her breath a little, and the two siblings French kissed sloppily. Her legs were closed but she parted them slightly as she felt his dick creep down towards her hungry treasure. The head of his penis slipped into her vagina and she moaned into his mouth as she gripped him tightly. He continued to force his cock into his sister, until the entire pole was sheathed inside her. He moaned into her mouth. She was so hot and snug! He began to writhe against her ass, sliding in and out of her as they continued to kiss. Her legs being together made her cunt even tighter, and he used long, slow strokes as he entered her over and over.

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