Sibling Sex


"Take a look" as I stepped back giving her a clear view.

"Holy cow, a Jacuzzi." She shouted.

"But not only a simple Jacuzzi but one with adjustable jets both for amount and direction. Your pussy is in for a treat."

We soon had the tub filled over the jets and she was slipping into it trying to keep her hair dry.

I directed her to quit worrying about her hair and lie across the tub so she would have a jet only about twelve inches from her pussy and she could rest her head on the other side of the tub. Once she was positioned I turned it all on. Her eyes got bigger than silver dollars and her mouth pursed out with her lips making a perfect 'O' with a whooshing sound coming from them.

"God, this is unbelievable. I may never get out of here." She purred.

I had also stripped down and my cock was at full attention watching her amuse herself. "You mean you wouldn't want to get out of there for a turn with this?" I teased, waving my cock at her.

"Oh darn, you know I will" as she started to scramble around looking as if she wanted to get back out of the tub.

"Lie back. I want you to let the jet bring you to orgasm. I will be kissing your tits while the jet does its job and you can reach over and hold onto my cock for support."

All of a sudden she was pulling herself even closer to the jet stream. It was a pulsing stream that made it even more arousing. My lips had found her nipples and soon had them both harder than stone and she was squeezing my cock as if she was never going to let it go. It wasn't long before her lower legs, hanging outside of the tub were kicking while her ass was squirming. Her breaths were coming fast and furious again and she was making that cooing sound she makes before her orgasms. I reached one hand down to where the water jet was hitting her pussy and lightly brushed my fingers over her clit. The jet had uncovered it and it was the water hitting it with some force and that was turning her on. I could see she was moving her ass to get it closer to the jet when she let out another of her shrieks as she let go with another gigantic orgasm. She was throwing her hips in the air almost to the point where she was going to throw herself out of the tub altogether. I put one hand on her lower abdomen and held her still while she came down from her climax and used the other hand to turn the pulsing jets down to their lowest level. She mouthed 'Thanks' as she ran both of her hands down to her pussy and gently let her fingers lightly touch her pussy lips as her clit once again went into hiding.

"Sara, it's only three PM. We haven't had lunch so we have the choice of getting dressed in some casual clothes and going out to one of the great luncheon spots in the city or we can have lunch sent up from room service and then go out for a nice late dinner. Which would you prefer?"


I ordered smoked salmon salads with some sourdough bread and blueberries and cream for dessert from room service. We had the wine in our mini bars so we were set.

After lunch we just lay around talking about how great the trip had turned out. She told me how much she wanted to have sex with me and for how long and even described the intentional dropped paper clip fiasco back in our office at home. I couldn't help but laugh and told her of my fantasy of her giving me a blowjob when she was down on her knees picking up the clips.

She found the porn channel on the TV again and we lay there watching a couple of gals taking care of a guy. Wow, was he smiling.

She had her head in my lap and was running her fingers up and down my cock. She was tracing the veins in it and then let one hand go down and do the same thing with my balls. She would pick them up high and then lean forward and to lick my shaft and take my balls in her mouth. I could hear her slurping and the sound of it was turning me on big time.

"I never saw one of these before other than in pictures." She said.

"Take a good look. It's all yours." I countered.

'Bob, what the hell are we going to do when we get back home? Everyone knows we are brother and sister and live in the same house so the living arrangements won't be a problem but are we ever going to be able to go out together?"

"Honey, I honestly haven't given that very much thought as of yet. I was concentrating more on how much we enjoying ourselves on this trip."

Right then she turned her head a little and had the head of my cock buried in her mouth. She wasn't moving her head but her tongue was going wild around my cock ridge.

"Sara, whew, that feels superb. Would you like to turn your butt around and we can eat each other at the same time?"

"Is that what I have heard referred to as sixty-nine?" She asked.

"That's it." As I moved around a bit and pulled her pussy up to my mouth.

I took it as easy as I could with my tongue just licking the sheath covering her clit and had a couple of my fingers penetrating her pussy. She squirmed her crotch around while she was pressing it harder against my mouth. It wasn't long before she was almost fucking my tongue. She had my cock buried about as deeply as it could go and she was holding my balls with one hand while the other was working itself up and down my shaft. Damn, it felt good. I thought I would try something a little different with her to see her response. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and worked one around to her ass. I pushed it in just a bit and I could not only hear her gasp but could feel her pull herself down and away from my mouth and hands. I let my hand follow her movements and pressed in a little more until I had that finger buried in her ass up to the middle knuckle.

I then heard, "Bob that hurts."

"Hold still a minute or two honey and let's see if it stops hurting when your ass gets accustomed to it." I answered.

I was hoping if she could manage to take a few fingers in her ass, there might be some hope for me to be able to bury my cock up that tight little corner of heaven.

She went back to sucking my cock and I let the fingers I had in her ass slide out a little and then resumed tickling her clit with my tongue. I kept my fingers in her ass right where they were, figuring when she started her orgasm I would push them in a little more. That's exactly what happened. I started to work her clit faster and faster and then heard that familiar sound coming out of her as she was ready to have her orgasm. When I felt her hips getting thrown up to me with the throes of her orgasm I pushed my fingers in almost as far as I could. She gasped a little but resumed throwing her hips. She now had one hand down at the back of my head pulling my face even deeper into her crotch. The pressure in my crotch was becoming intense as my orgasm was getting closer. When she finally threw her pussy high in the air and started her shrieking around my shaft, I shot my load in her mouth. The streams of cum coupled with her shriek were almost choking her and she had to slip my cock out of her mouth to catch her breath. Whew, that was wonderful. My fingers were still buried up her ass and I started to move them around a little as if they were fucking her asshole. She lay like that for a minute or so and then turned over and let her movement remove my fingers.

"Bob, that was fantastic but I didn't like having your fingers up my ass. I have heard that some gals let their boyfriends fuck their asses but I don't think I am ready for that yet. Those gals told me once they had a baby or two their pussy was kind of stretched out and didn't give their lover the tight feeling he once enjoyed. It'll be a while before my pussy gets that stretched so you are going to have to make do with it like it is and my mouth until I have those babies." She laughed.

Well, it was worth a try. Perhaps I should have waited until I had some real lubrication available for my fingers.

We had a nap before getting cleaned up and dressed for dinner. That night's dinner was going to be what Chicago was famous for...steaks. I had a filet and Sara enjoyed a rib eye. They were outstanding. She sipped a couple glasses of wine while I had my usual scotch and water. All in all a fabulous eating experience.

We were given the name of a nice little nightspot with live music and a small dance floor. We enjoyed both of them before returning to the hotel. It was only nine PM and our business appointment the next morning was for ten AM so we had plenty of time for a little more fun and still be able to get a decent nights sleep and ready for the morning. Getting two rooms was a total waste of money since she never used her beds at all. BUT, this was the way it turned out. It could have just as easily gone the other way and had each of us using our own room. Ah well, we'll know better for the next trip. Hell, the IRS was going to pay for most of hers anyway.

I flipped on the TV and it was still on the porn channel. This one had a couple in my favorite position ...doggie style. I called Sara over and told her that was going to be us in as long as it would take for her to get undressed. Geez, I never knew she could strip so quickly. She was sitting on the bed naked as I was still taking off my jacket and tie. She reached out and unbuckled my pants and let them fall to the floor as she slipped her hand inside of my shorts freeing my cock. She pulled me to her and took it in her mouth and started her up and down and in and out blowjob motions. I was hard in a minute and reached down and lifted her lips to my mouth. When I finished a kiss I gently pushed her back onto the bed and she knew what was expected of her.

She was on her knees in a flash with her chest down on the bed. Her oh so lovely ass was staring me in the face and rather than just slip my cock into it I leaned forward and ran my tongue all around the rim of her asshole. Wow, did that get her going. She started to throw back at me while reaching around to lightly touch my face as it was buried deep between the tight little cheeks of her ass. I stayed like that for a few minutes as I let my hands reach forward under her chest and let my fingers work her nipples. I wanted to fuck her doggie style and I might yet do that but she was going to be having an orgasm in another minute or so just like this. She was breathing hard and fast and sort of blowing air out and sucking it in deeply with her passion. I figured I could top it all by pushing my tongue deep up her ass and that was it. She pushed her ass back into my face as she was letting go with another huge orgasm. My tongue was still doing its magic up her ass and my fingers were rolling her nipples as she let herself fall flat down onto the bed.

"Bob," she said breathlessly. "I never even heard about that way before but it was indescribably awesome."

"Glad you enjoyed it honey but look here, my cock is feeling neglected." As I pointed at my crotch. "Get back up on your knees honey. I am going to fuck your pussy as hard as I can. You will be begging for mercy by the time I am through with it." I laughingly threatened.

She rolled over and had her ass pointing to the ceiling almost before I finished that sentence. I positioned myself between her legs and used one hand to guide my cock head to her pussy. I let it go forward a little so that the head of it barely opened her pussy lips as I was grabbing her hips to pull me to her. She could obviously feel what was happening and she pushed herself back at me. I was now in her an inch or so when I gave one giant thrust that buried me to the hilt. She gasped and just stayed there motionless while her pussy was learning to accommodate what had just been rammed it. I then used my grip on her hips to pull her to me as I was ramming her hard. She was grunting with each of my thrusts. The harder I thrust the louder she grunted. She then gave out with a huge moan. I thought I had gone too far and was hurting her so I stopped and pulled out.

All I heard was, "What the hell are you doing? Keep fucking me."

Oh damn, I had mistaken her moans for those of pain and not pleasure. I quickly corrected my mistake and was soon driving myself in and out as hard and as fast as I could. My hands were pulling her hips back to me so hard that I was raising her chest off the bed with my actions. She was tossing her head from side to side and reaching around with her hands to pull me to her even more. I released one hip from my grasp and put that hand in the middle of her back and pushed her back down on the bed as my cock started to shoot stream after stream deep inside of her. I couldn't ever remember cumming so much and with such force. I was like a fire hose and I knew she would have been able to feel my cum hitting the walls of her pussy. Her vaginal muscles were clamping onto my shaft and actually milking my cock as I brought it out slowly before slipping it back into her a few times. It was as if it was a hand with the fingers jacking me off. Whatever it was, it was magnificent.

It would appear we had turned each other into rather awesome fucking machines over the couple of days..

The next morning we were up bright and early, had our breakfast in the hotel restaurant and checked out by nine AM. A short cab ride over to the prospects office and we were ready for the presentation of our proposal. It went fine and it appeared as if I was going to get the contract I was hoping for. The flight home was uneventful and when we arrived back at the office Sara told me we needed to talk.

She unloaded the portable printer and laptop and was back at my desk in a half-hour or so. She plopped down on the chair opposite my desk and could only think of one thing to say, "Well, where do we go from here?"

"Sara, it beats the hell out of me. I think we can safely say without fear of contradiction we each care a ton for the other. Not only because we are brother and sister but also because we like each other as human beings. Am I right?"

"Right as rain Bob but that still doesn't give me the direction we are going to travel as lovers, as well as siblings. We can sneak around this town finding out of the way places to eat and enjoy but everyone in town knows we are siblings and they would have a shit-fit and it would probably ruin your business if they thought there was anything going on between us sexually. Agree?"

"I'm afraid you're right but I can't believe we can just turn our backs on what took place between us over the last couple of days. You were a virgin but I sure wasn't and I can honestly say I never felt closer both sexually and emotionally to anyone than I did to you. When I stood before the group making my presentation this morning I looked over at you and saw the warmth and love you had for me just pouring out of you. Right then I was asking myself the question we are discussing right now."

"Bob, I think we ought to give it a few days while we thrash this around in our minds to see where we can go with it. I thought of one thing that we have discussed several times in the recent past and that is the money our folks left for my college. You know I really want to get a college education but have been putting it off again and again. Maybe now's the time for me to get serious about it and go off and get educated."

"Maybe you're right Sara. It will break my heart to see you go but it's probably the best answer to our problem. You can get the education you want and need and it will remove us from the terrible tempting situation we find ourselves in."

"Let's talk about it over breakfast but in the meantime, I'll be in your bed in a few minutes so get ready for another of my fantastic blowjobs or anything else you would like." She said as we left the office.

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