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Sibling Sodomy



Snow had begun to fall. Colin stared out at the puffy flakes and lost his train of thought yet again. He'd been trying to write an essay for his History class all day, but he just couldn't keep hold of his mind. Classes had just resumed after Christmas break and all he could see in the near future was more of this menial nonsense in his first-year courses. He wasn't like most of his friends. He actually looked forward to university, but spending an entire year just meeting general requirements felt no different to him than high school.

It was made all the worse by the fact that all his friends had moved away for school. For over half a year, his only contact with anybody other than his professors had been on MSN and Facebook. He'd never really had many friends, but the friends he had were good, and it was depressing to be alone.

At first, he wasn't the only one alone. Each friend had gone to a different university, so they all began the school year by themselves. If anything, Colin had an advantage because, since he had stayed home to attend his first year of classes, he knew the terrain better than those who'd gone away. In time, everyone had adjusted, though. This was great for them, but now Colin was hearing about new friends made while he just sat at home by himself. He'd never been good at making friends, which was why he had so few, so he didn't have anybody in his classes, or in town anywhere, he could talk to.

Hearing about girlfriends was also hard. Colin had never been on a date in his life, and he kept getting updates -- general ones, because his friends weren't so low as to divulge specifics -- about new girlfriends and how wonderful they were. How could anybody just show up in a strange city and not only meet a few people to hang out with, but somebody to date, all in just a few months? It seemed impossible to comprehend.

Colin supposed he could just go out to a club or to the student bar or something, but he just couldn't make himself. His old friends weren't club-friends, and he didn't want to start making club-friends now. He'd have to do a lot of pretending to fit in with people like that. He didn't like the atmosphere, the music, or the way everybody got too friendly too quickly once booze was factored in. If people liked that scene, that was fine and more power to them, but he just didn't feel like he belonged there.

The only people he saw regularly outside class were his parents and his younger brother Eric. Eric was 18 and in grade 12 and similarly afflicted when it came to women. He still had his friends, so he wasn't around the house very much, but there were never any girlfriends coming around to meet the parents.

Actually, Colin had begun wondering about Eric. Colin knew from experience what it was like to have no girlfriends or chances of girlfriends. But people like him generally pine a little bit. They don't go around moaning about how they don't have anybody, but they do seem to talk about women in brief asides with a hint of humor in their voices. They're lonely and they want to tell somebody, but they don't want to be annoying or creepy. Eric never seemed to care and never seemed to talk. Granted, Colin only ever heard Eric talking around his friends when they were over at the house, but they never talked about things like that.

It wasn't good evidence, but Colin felt there was just some kind of distance between Eric and women.

Of course, Eric being alone didn't mean he was gay. This was the twenty first century and their parents never displayed negative feelings about homosexuality. They would never object to Eric coming home with a boyfriend rather than a girlfriend.

Colin snapped out of his daze and stared down at his paper. Fuck it, he thought. He put down his pen and got out of his chair. He decided to spend the rest of the afternoon watching TV. He'd probably regret the decision later, but he just felt tired of trying.

* * *

The program he was watching in the living room had made it to the twenty-first hottest hottie out of one hundred when his parents went out. They said they were going for some groceries and that they'd be back in a couple of hours. He called out that he'd heard them and was shocked to hear Eric call out too. He'd had no idea that his brother was home on a Saturday afternoon. Colin himself had been trying to get a handle on his workload, but Eric was usually out this time on weekends.

After the front door shut, Colin went back to watching the show and made it to the fifteenth hottest hottie before shutting it off. He figured he'd try to get at least something done before supper.

He got off the couch and went for the stairs.


Eric was working on an essay of his own. He was sitting on his bed with a clipboard on his lap and a plastic bottle of hand lotion on the night table beside him. Everyone in the family had pretty dry skin, so they always had a bottle in the bathroom, but Eric liked having his own because he was always getting calls to go out and he didn't want to look flaky just because he was in a rush. He looked up when Colin walked by his door.

"You're in today?" Colin asked.

"Got exams this week," Eric replied.

"Oh, yeah."

Colin had forgotten that the schools had moved their exams to January beginning this year. Nobody really saw the point. You wanted to be free over the Christmas break, not use it to wonder about your exams. Maybe the idea was to give students a rest before the big tests, but that didn't make sense, since the end of the year exams weren't preceded by a break.

"All the guys are over at Rick's, probably playing video games, so I decided to stay here."

"That sucks."

"Except Shane. His girlfriend's at his place helping him."

"You should probably put air-quotes around the words 'helping him'."

"Shut up," Eric said, smirking. "She's in the advanced calculus course and he needs her if he's gonna pass math at all."

"So now you have an excuse if you don't do so well. 'It was because I didn't have a girlfriend of my own to pull me through.' Which is great, because parents normally tell their kids to spend less time with their girlfriends in order to pass."

"Maybe that explains your grades, then."


Eric couldn't help smirking again. Colin did, too. Here he was bothering his brother with a silly little exchange about women. He told himself he must be awfully desperate.

"I'm working on it," Colin said, jokingly. "Gotta be able to do it on my own or I'd use her as a crutch."

"You gotta be able to do it on your own because you're gonna be on your own for a while."

"Says you."

"Hey, I'm not the one who started with the sarcasm, am I?"

"Doesn't matter. I'll be the one to finish it."

"Ooh, big words. Maybe you need a girlfriend to calm you down. Too bad you don't have one."

"Be careful," Colin said, advancing on Eric. "You might really hurt my feelings."

"Keep buggin' me and you'll get something else hurt real quick."

Colin knocked the clipboard off his brother's lap. With unbelievable speed, Eric shot out his arms and caught the falling paper. But this gave Colin the advantage, and when Eric was leaning over the side of the bed, Colin grabbed him under his arms and pulled him onto the floor, holding his face down to the carpet.

Eric was chuckling under his breath. Colin held him for a few seconds, but Eric pushed off the floor with his feet and flipped toward Colin, planting his butt right in Colin's face. Colin let go of his arms and fell back. Quickly, Colin got up and ran at Eric, who was just getting up himself, tackling him and sending them both falling to the bed. This time, Colin was lying with his hands on his brother's shoulders and his entire body covering Eric's. There would be no tumbling escape this time.

The chuckling brothers didn't think about escape though. In fact, all chuckling ended when they found themselves on the bed. They'd both noticed something that neither had had a chance to notice during the mini-fight. Between them, they could feel two erections pressing hard against their groins.

The smiles were wiped from their faces in an instant. Colin had a fraction of a second to think that maybe his penis was stiff because of the physical play preceded by the talk, however foolish, of girls. The thought came and went in a flash so fast he could barely register it. It was banished by another physical sensation; both he and his brother were grinding their hips gently, rubbing their erections against one another.

Both boys were experiencing their first sexual touch by another being. Feeling another warm body by theirs in a clear state of arousal. Neither one knew how they'd both become hard and neither one intellectualized the scene on the bed, but the touch was feeding their bodies and the grinding became more purposeful and direct. It was no longer just a few inappropriate pumps after a wrestle. Their organs demanded friction.

They weren't looking each other directly in the face. Colin's eyes were on Eric's rumpled bedspread. Another pump of the hips and he cast his gaze at Eric and Eric did the same to him. That was it.

Colin pushed up and then sent his hands directly to his groin. He popped the button on his jeans and fumbled the zipper down. It caught for a second on his briefs, and he frantically yanked the metal tab and tore a small hole in his underwear. He didn't notice. He just kept working the zipper down until the pants were loose enough to slide down over his hips. He violently yanked his briefs down next and stood there, tensed, over his younger brother.

Eric was still scrabbling madly with his jeans. His zipper was caught too. He panted and moaned in frustration as he tugged madly at the pants. Then he just stuck his hands into his underwear and pushed the whole lot of it down his legs. His penis bobbed wildly after the elastic slipped down over it.

Colin grabbed Eric's hips and pushed him back onto the bed and Eric took his now free legs and hoisted them into the air, knocking Colin roughly on the shoulder. Colin registered the pain of the accidental strike, but didn't care. The legs came up and Eric lay back flat on the bed so fast he didn't factor in the proximity of the wall. He banged his head sharply. He pushed himself slightly forward toward the edge of the bed. He was now lying on his back across the width of the bed. His naked bum was just at the edge of the bed.

Colin didn't hear Eric slam his head. All he knew at that time was that his brother was flat on his back with his legs straight up in the air, presenting his backside. Colin looked at the dark crevice between the two pale white mounds and at the wrinkled pucker at the center. He crouched down to bring his groin toward the offering and gripped his penis in his right hand, pulling back his foreskin. He put his left hand on Eric's belly and braced his knees against the bed, aiming his erection.

Eric screamed when Colin put the head of his cock into his anus. Colin tried pushing deeper, but he couldn't get it in. He pulled out and realized immediately that he needed a lubricant. He cast a few panicky glances around the room and saw the hand lotion.

Colin grabbed the bottle and pumped some of the greasy lotion into his hand. He threw the bottle onto the bed next to Eric and messily slathered his member with it. He didn't bother to rub it to any kind of consistency. Neither boy had had a legitimate thought since they fell onto the bed, and rational thought wasn't anywhere close now. Colin rubbed the excess lotion on his hands onto Eric's bedspread and gripped his penis in his right hand.

Hand on his brother's belly once more, knees braced on the bedside, Colin pushed his cock into his younger brother's rump. Eric screamed again, but Colin had less trouble. The sphincter was tight, but the cream, and the fact that Eric was flexing with all his might to admit the invading erection into his rectum, allowed Colin to make it almost all the way. He couldn't quite make it, but he didn't force it. He was as far as his body needed to be for what he was about to do.

He took his hand off his dick and rubbed Eric's bum, sliding the hand under this brother's lower back. With a hand on Eric's belly and beneath his lower back, Colin, crouched in a posture so bad it would have amazed him to know he could do it, began having sex with his younger brother.

Eric was no longer screaming, but he was still yelling pretty loud. Colin had also begun to cry out. They were so loud that there was no way they would hear it if their parents came home. If their neighbor decided to go outside, he would certainly hear the brothers coupling, as well.

Colin was shocked at the heat inside his brother's bowel and the way Eric's anus clamped down around his penis. He ran his left hand down to Eric's pubic hair and felt the curls. He took his right hand out from beneath his brother and used both his hands to push Eric's t-shirt up a little bit. Then he gripped Eric's hips and continued to pump in and out of the slick warmth of his little brother's rectum.

Colin felt sharp pain on the side of his face when one of Eric's legs accidentally hit him. Colin looked at the white sock still stuck on the foot of Eric's left leg. Neither boy had removed more than pants and underwear in the heat of the moment. That was all they needed in order to do their business with each other.

Colin looked from the sock, down the pale white leg, all the way down to the buttcheek nestled in the rumpled bedsheet, flexing strongly to keep the leg aloft. Eric was holding his legs up on their own. His hands had a death grip on the bedsheet. He didn't even bend his knees. His straight legs went from his rigidly flexed buttocks out at seventy five degree angles to the bed.

From his crouch next to the bed, Colin pushed himself forward roughly, jamming more of his cock into Eric than ever before, making his younger brother scream. He leaned his upper body forward, pushing Eric's legs back. His hands came off Eric's hips and he straightened his legs a little more. It was as close to lying flat atop Eric as he would get. He placed his hands on either side of Eric's shoulders. Comfortably repositioned, Colin resumed having sex with Eric.

He was able to stroke smoother in this new position. The boys spent most of their time looking at each other's bodies in motion. The sight of another man thrusting blissfully, or making room inside his body for another, was intoxicating. Periodically, they would look into each other's eyes. This only made the sex rougher and made release more necessary. The lust and physical need in the eyes drove them, unthinking, on.

Colin pounded his hands into mattress, raised himself on his arms and screamed so loud he felt his ears crackling. Ramming his penis roughly into his brother's backside, he came. Eric screamed too, from the pain, and Colin emptied himself entirely into his brother's bowels. After the initial rush, Colin leaned forward and diligently thrust more sperm up Eric's behind. He moaned and panted into Eric's face, and Eric did the same to him.

The physical satisfaction brought about by the tight squeeze of a sphincter, the heat coming from the skin of his brother, and the tired feeling in the muscles of his legs almost blotted out his vision for a second.

He brought his head down onto Eric's chest, catching his breath. He didn't stay long.

Eric's hands on his shoulders made him look up . . . right into Eric's eyes.

And again, that was it.

Before either brother could really recover any strength, and before they were capable of rational thought, they were grappling again.

Colin pulled his dick from Eric's anus and gripped his brother's hips. He fell forward onto Eric, mashing their overheated groins together. Eric reached around his brother and gripped his butt firmly, nails digging into the cheeks. His legs wrapped around his brother and locked at the heels. They ground groins again. They planted their faces into each other's necks and chests, smelling each other. Eric's hands came off Colin's buns and gripped his back. Eric brought his right left leg down violently and pushed it into the bed, rolling them roughly over toward the foot of the bed.

Colin came down hard onto the bottle of hand lotion. He reached behind himself and tossed the bottle toward the pillows. His brother was standing up now, penis swinging wildly back and forth, and he gripped Colin's legs behind the knees. Colin assented and raised his legs as his brother went for the lotion.

The bottle squirted its contents into Eric's hands and he doused his cock with it. Colin, however, didn't stay put. He didn't like that position. Instead, he got up onto the bed and crawled toward Eric's desk, which sat just at the foot of the bed.

Eric, at the site of the sway of pale buttocks, leapt clumsily to the bed and gripped Colin by the hips. He had too much forward momentum to stop properly and wound up pushing Colin forward roughly. Colin gripped the edge of the desk to keep from going face first off the bed and onto the smooth wood surface. Eric's study lamp and a number of books fell noisily to the floor. Colin held his breath the instant before he felt Eric re-establish his grip on his hips.

One of Eric's hands left his hips and then Colin felt a violent stab into his anus. He now knew what made Eric scream. And it made him scream too. The hand resumed its place at his hip and Eric gripped so hard as to be painful, pulling Colin's backside toward him, stabbing deeper and deeper with his cock. Colin clenched his rectal muscles the same way he would to move his bowels. The result was an opening of his back passage, admitting much of Eric's erection.

Eric pulled out slightly and Colin, still in a heated daze and concentrating only on the oncoming re-insertion of his little brother's penis, drooled a bit on Eric's desk.

And Eric pounded back inside. Colin, his voicebox raw from so much shouting, began screaming regularly as his brother thrust with great might into his backside. Eric was now moaning with such physical passion that it almost sounded like he was crying. Colin could feel the length of Eric's penis pushing deep inside him. He felt completely filled; the purple head of the vigorous penis inside him seemed to be jabbing at his lower back from the inside. He'd seen Eric's erect penis lying in his pubic hair when he'd been inside his brother and knew it wasn't big. The small side of average, just like his own. But inside, Eric felt huge.

A paperweight and some pens fell from the desk as Colin shook it with each pump he received from his little brother. Eric's hands moved from his hips down to his buttocks. He wrapped his fingers as far around the side of Colin's buns as he could and dug his thumbs into the muscled flesh.

Colin was thrown roughly backward and forward, the desk in his grip tightly the whole time. It had moved slightly forward on the carpeted floor and was now butting up against the wall to the hallway. With each thrust of Eric's hips, the desk banged the wall, hammering out the rhythms of their sex.

Colin felt a furry tickle on the top of his bum and the small of his back on one of Eric's thrusts, then the next time, he felt Eric's thighs slap his rump. His little brother was driving all the way inside him on each thrust. It hurt like hell each time that stiff rod hammered its way back through his anus, gliding the ridges of its flared purple head against the walls of his rectum.

Eric's hands came round to the front of Colin's groin and gripped him on either side of his penis and he increased the force he was applying to pull Colin back each time he thrust forward.

The slapping of flesh was more and more frequent as the brothers adapted to the act. Colin clenched all the muscles he could and arched his lower back each time his brother pumped into him, trying to maximize the feeling of that warm organ crashing inside him.

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