tagIncest/TabooSiblings Estranged Ch. 02

Siblings Estranged Ch. 02


Soft but not tentative, gentle but not hesitant, she kissed his lips. His arms slipped around her as his lips parted and allowed her tongue entrance. The intensity grew as they both found an unknown need being met. They remained standing in the hallway, entangled, while consumed by their illicit embrace.

Michael gently pushed her shoulders and stepped back.

"I... we can't... I'm sorry, I can't do this. Maddie, I just can't do this."

"You seemed to be doing just fine." Her pulse raced and her breathing was rapid.

"Let's... Come inside. Let's talk." They stepped into the apartment and she made her way to the couch as he moved towards the kitchen. "I'm going to make some tea." He used the time to think about what he was going to say and how he was going to say it. He also gained a few minutes away from her to collect himself and return to a less physically excitable state.

He added the orange blossom honey that she loved and carried the steaming mugs into the small living room. Placing them on the table, he sat on the couch. Michael saw the look of irritation and love on her face.

"This is really a strange situation. I mean, how many people deal with something like this? I think we just got carried away. But, it's fine. Everything will go back to normal now. We're fine." He couldn't tell if he was trying to convince her, himself or both of them. Terrified that he might lose her again, he watched her carefully as his words poured clumsily forth.

"I don't have any problems with what we did. It was exactly what I wanted. If it wasn't, I wouldn't have done it."

"No, I mean sure. Yeah. But, you know, it was a reaction to the situation, sort of spur of the moment. And it's over and done and no big deal. No problem."

"No, Michael. Either you don't understand or you don't want to understand. I wanted to kiss you like that. I had no problem with it. I want to do it again."

He was growing more nervous and a little agitated. He put his mug back on the table and wiped his sweaty palms on his pants.

"Maddie, we can't. You're my sister. We can't... look, let's just..." He paused and looked away. "I don't think you understand. I... yeah, it was great. If you were anyone else, but... I can't explain this properly. There's a part of my head that you live in that won't allow this. I'm supposed to protect you from predators, not be one. Listen, take the bed. I'll stay here and we'll talk in the morning, ok?"

Her irritation faded, but was still lingering.

"Alright. We'll talk in the morning."

* * * * *

He awoke in the middle of the night to feel her slipping next to him on the foldout bed. A little groggy and a lot concerned, he backed away quickly.

"Maddie, what..."

"I just need to be next to you. Every time a door closes between us I feel like you'll be gone when it opens. Just let me lay here. I won't touch you." He could hear the pain in her voice and sensed her tears.

He hugged her to him and kissed the top of her head. She sighed, relaxed and settled into the bed. Fighting the urge to hold her, he remained awake for an hour before falling asleep.

Michael awoke to the aroma of coffee and the noise of Maddie clattering in the kitchen. He glanced at the clock and saw that it was almost ten. Sleeping in was a rare indulgence and he had needed the rest. He sat on the edge of the sofa-bed and rubbed his eyes. Yawning, he looked up. Maddie was looking through his cabinets. She was wearing one of his button down shirts that lifted to reveal her tight lavender panties and rounded, beguiling ass whenever she reached over her head for something.

"Morning." he mumbled.

"Good morning! Sleep well?"

"Yeah." He stood and stretched. "What are you looking for?"

"You didn't have much in the refrigerator for breakfast and I was wondering what else you were short on. You have some money now. We should go spend some of it."

"Ok. Let's go out for breakfast. Give me half an hour." He stumbled towards the bathroom, still waking up. "Nice shirt by the way."

"Oh. Yeah, sorry about that." She sounded slightly embarrassed.

"Don't worry about it. It looks better on you than on me. I'm going to grab some clothes and take a shower." He stood at the doorway to his bedroom. "Listen, are we good? I mean, last night... are we ok?"

"Yes, Michael, we're very ok."

* * * * *

Hearing that his sister had flown in instead of taking the train or catching a ride, he decided to take her on an impromptu tour of the city. She had been there before, but not often and not since she was a child. They drove around for a bit and parked to walk through a park and then again to walk through an area rife with stores with designer clothing. She bought him two oxford style shirts, defending the purchase as replacements for the one she had stolen last night.

He showed her around the universities campus and pointed out the buildings where he spent most of his time. As they walked he would periodically reach over with his right arm and hug her to him. She'd look up at him with a smile whenever he did. Having skipped breakfast, they were famished by the end of the walk around campus. His suggestion of a great local Kosher deli for lunch was enthusiastically received and they walked the three blocks to get there.

She was wearing boots with a low heel, tight, new jeans and a powder blue flannel shirt. Gone was yesterdays look of the 1960's socialite. The jeans highlighted her curves while the shirt hinted at her voluptuous figure. She looked like what she was, an attractive college student. She noticed her brother having to tear his eyes from her ass from time to time.

Michael waited until they had both eaten about a quarter of their sandwiches before he tentatively started discussions he knew they had to have.

"Do you want to call dad when we get back to the apartment?"

"Uhmmm, so, I did that this morning while you were sleeping."

"Really?" He asked, the surprise telling in his voice. "How did that go?"

"Well, he freaked out. I mean really freaked out. I couldn't answer any questions without him interrupting to ask more questions. He wanted me to wake you to talk to him. He wanted to know where we were and was going to get on a plane this morning. Me not telling him didn't go over so well. He kept relaying everything I said to Dina and she kept asking questions. He's sent..." She checked her phone. "six texts. Yeah, he's a little excited."

She picked up her sandwich and took another bite.

"Did he seem ok? Was he... angry?"

She reached out and rested her hand on his.

"No, Michael. He wasn't angry. Not with you anyway. You're not to blame."

Maddie saw him look up over her shoulder as recognition registered on his face.

"Oh shit." he whispered.

"Hello Jason."

"Hi Jen, it's good to see you. This is Maddie."

Maddie looked up at the beautiful woman as Michael slowly stood. He put his hand out as if to shake hers and then pulled it back and awkwardly hugged her before sitting back down.

"How have you been?"

"Ok. Good actually. You look good." She looked down at Maddie and extended her hand. "Nice to meet you."

"Yeah, you too." Maddie shook her hand. "Can you join us?"

"No, I need to be getting back. I just wanted to say hello." She turned to Michael. Seemingly of its own accord, her hand reached out towards his cheek. She pulled it back when she realized what she was doing.

"You look happy, Jason. You deserve to be happy. It was good to see you." She turned and made her way back to her table where a young man about her age waited for her.

"Who the fuck was that?"

Annoyed at her tone and phrasing, Michael looked at his sister. He was still having some difficulty adjusting to her new aggressiveness.

"That was Jennifer. I hurt her almost as much as I did you and dad. Let's get out of here." Maddie could tell that he was annoyed at her reaction. This woman was important to him somehow and in a way he wasn't comfortable with. A beautiful woman, she made Maddie nervous.

Maddie appeared contrite as she grabbed the check and made her way to the cashier. He left the tip and they exited using a door as far as possible from Jen and her date.

After doing some more sightseeing and some grocery shopping, they headed back to the apartment. Plans were made to see a movie that evening; they unpacked the groceries, put away the shirts and headed downstairs for dinner.

Mr. G greeted them when they walked in. "Sit where you'd like. She's in the back cooking. Louisa's working the tables tonight but I'm sure my wife'll be by in a minute."

It seemed like eating triggered the need for conversations of substance.

"So, she's definitely not over you." Maddie said without looking up from her menu. "And she's very beautiful."

"Jennifer? Maybe, but the relationship is definitely over. I was a complete jackass. It didn't end well. At all. I... we were getting pretty serious. Very serious. I started having panic attacks. Her family was the best. Her mother made me cookies." He knew it sounded ridiculous.

"She fucking made me cookies Maddie. I couldn't..." He sighed. "I kept getting angry. The more I was with them the more it felt like they were, I don't know, lying somehow. Deceiving me."

She took his hand again. "I'm sorry, Michael, really."

"I kept pushing her away and I knew I was doing it and I couldn't stop myself. I'm not an idiot. I've taken enough psych courses to know what was happening. I needed to hurt her before she hurt me. I needed to end things before she could betray me like... like she did."

Maddie sat there, her rage at her mother rising back up. She knew he was referring to their mother. Michael was hurt and damaged and had been been dealing with it on his own for six years. She spoke again with concern in her voice.

"I told you that I'm seeing someone, right? A therapist? Have you thought about that? Was that the only time you've had problems like this?"

He looked around furtively, seeming nervous.

"Mostly, yeah, but no. Sorry. I'm not making much sense. I mean there has been other stuff but nothing major. I've been living here since I arrived and the Grandino's are some of the best people I know, but whenever the mail arrives with the rent notice my heart races until I make sure that it's not an eviction. Isn't that stupid? I never told that to anyone. Not even Jen. I feel like an idiot."

"It's not stupid, but you should really think about talking to someone."

"Yeah. That's true. Let's talk about something else. How are the grandparents? Do you get to see them at all?"

"I do. We make sure it's on neutral territory so I know that she won't show up. I haven't been to their house in years. Gramma keeps asking me to look for old pictures of you and she tells the same stories from when you were a kid. Grandpa keeps saying how you need to move on and get over things. Well, he doesn't say that very often. I didn't take it well the first time he said it. Now he sort of hints at it once in a while. Like you're having a temper tantrum. They love you. It's really rough for Gramma during the holidays."

Mrs. G approached the table. "Know what you kids want?" She smiled at them as she tied some apron strings behind her.

"Whatever's good. We're easy." Michael smiled up at her.

"I know just the thing. Give me five minutes." She paused for a second and put her hand on Maddies shoulder. "Is everything ok, dear?"

Knowing she was concerned about last night, Maddie grasped her hand for a second. "Everything's fine. Thank you. It was just... an emotional day."

"Ok. I'll be back with your drinks."

"You really lucked out here Michael." she said as she watched Mrs. G head back towards the kitchen.

"I know. It's weird to think that I've been lucky, but I have. So, how long can you stay here? Do you have classes? What are you doing for a job?"

"Well, I withdrew from one course and I can take the others online for the rest of the semester. The college wasn't going to allow it but I had my shrink write them a letter about how important it was for my mental stability to come here. When I asked them to provide a copy of any correspondences to my lawyer they became very accommodating. Medical emergency and all." She grinned conspiratorially and gave him a smile that let him know how much she enjoyed getting over on the administrators.

He laughed. Mrs. G brought her another tea and Michael a Sprite.

"I was able to finagle some time off from work. I'm employed at an accounting firm."

"Does that firm happen to bear your last name? Is your boss's name spelled D. A. D.?"

"Could be. Could be." She put her tea down and smiled.

"So, how did you find me?"

"I was getting frustrated after dad's second investigator couldn't find you. It seemed ridiculous. You were a white collar, suburban college student not some master spy. We thought that you might reach out after the year or year and a half you had mentioned in your note. Dad let it go for two years before hiring the first guy. About two years later he tried again with someone else. I have a friend who works with women who've been abused."

She sighed and put her hands on the table as if merely mentioning it was painful.

"It's fucking horrible. These men use them as a punching bag and some of these women are so poor and so isolated from their families that they have nothing. Absolutely nothing. My friend's group finds them a home to stay in for as long as needed and gets them counseling and other help. In extreme circumstances they help them disappear. They work with an amazing woman who helps them get new id's and basically a new life. She does that stuff pro bono, she makes her living as an investigator. I figured if she knew how to make someone disappear she might know how to find someone who did."

She looked him in the eyes with an intensity that moved him.

"And she did, Michael. She found you for me. And here I am."

He felt his heart lurch at her look of relief and what he thought was either peace or contentment. Fierce emotions kept bubbling up unexpectedly for both of them. The feeling that he had stolen six years that they could have spent together as a family pulled at him. Her obvious joy made him happy for the first time since he had broken up with Jen, but it was tinged with accompanying guilt.

* * * * *

They enjoyed their meal and made it to the theater on time for the movie. It was a goofy comedy, something the Callahan's would have enjoyed. They laughed, occasionally tossing popcorn at each other and slowly released some of the enormous tension that neither of them realized was still there. After the movie they had some coffee while playing chess and went to bed, her in his room, him on the pull out sofa.

The weight settling into sofa-bed wakened him. He rolled over onto his side, facing her as she lay down beside him.

"Maddie, we can't keep...'

"Just for a little while. Just let me stay here for a little while. I keep thinking that you're going to be gone the next time I look for you and it's terrifying. My heart is pounding. Here. Feel."

She took his hand in the dark and pulled it between her lush, warm breasts. He couldn't bring himself to pull his hand back. She felt him tighten and heard his quickening breath.

"Let it be, Michael. For one night. Just this one night. Let me show you how much I love you."

She rolled onto her side, facing him. Kissing him tentatively and then with purpose as he moaned and opened his lips, she pushed herself closer. Michael's hand tentatively started to explore her breasts, feeling their fullness. She shivered as his fingertips made their way over her large areola and circled her nipple. It straightened and hardened as he manipulated the nub. He flicked her nipple with his thumb and then pulled it. She felt it's loss as his hand pulled off her breast and moved up to cup her cheek.

He pulled his head back from their kiss. "I love you Maddie."

She felt a current go down her spine as she shivered again. She was wet as she pushed him onto his back and moved her leg over his hips. Straddling him, she looked down at her handsome, beloved brother. Maddie's hands pushed into his sandy blonde hair as she looked into his slate gray eyes.

"I love you Michael."

She lifted up and positioned his quickly hardening cock beneath her. His eyes kept moving between her beautiful face and wonderful breasts. They were larger than his hands could encompass, but that didn't stop him from trying. She slowly lowered herself onto him and sat with him at her entrance for a moment, savoring the experience. She allowed his cock to part her lips and slid down a few inches.

"Maddie, Maddie are you..."

"Yes, I'm sure. Yes, I'm on protection. Shhhhh," She loved him for his concern but didn't want to think about anything else but what she was feeling at this time, in this place.

She rose and fell three times slowly; never going deeper than the few inches she started with. On the fourth time down, she went almost six inches deep. Her head hung forward, her blond hair curtaining her head. Maddie's eyes were closed and her face was almost in a grimace. She had never experienced anything this intense. She wasn't a virgin, but her emotions made this something completely different and new. She slowly lifted and fell, his hands now on her hips helping her to rise and direct her angle.

"Uhhhh, so tight... Maddie, Madilyn..."

He was as lost as she was as they slowly, deliberately made love. She leaned back and went down again, this time fully. He was able to look up at her face and saw her ecstasy. She was almost serene as she bit her lower lip and pushed herself down.

"So fucking good. I love you Michael."

He grabbed her hips harder as he shifted and switched their positions. He was on top of her and he continued to thrust slowly. He stared into her eyes as he moved back and forth, back and forth, varying his angle and tempo slightly. She felt him tensing.

"Maddie, I can't... I'm sorry, I can't hold..."

She was building to a peak as he spoke. His need was pushing her to where she needed to be.

"Let it go. Cum in me Michael. Cum for your sister."

Feeling him shoot fountain after fountain of his semen inside of her, she started her own orgasm. They weren't simultaneous, but they couldn't have timed it much closer. She wasn't loud, but her contained convulsing let him know that she had also cum.

They collapsed on their backs and stared at the ceiling as they caught their breath.

After a few minutes she rolled onto her side, facing away from him. He heard her quiet voice, barely above a whisper.

"I can't let you go. I'll do whatever you want. I'll be whoever you want me to be. You can call me Jen when we're here. I saw how you looked at her." Her breath staggered as he heard the pain and insecurity in her voice. "Just don't say that this has to stop."

How can this be the same aggressive, confident woman from a few hours ago? He rolled over and put his arm around her, pulling her tight.

"I don't want Jen. I don't want anyone else. I want you, Maddie, I want you."

* * * * *

The second Friday after that night they were on the road back to his hometown. They left early and would be there by dinner time. They had been staying in his bedroom since that night and they had both had needed reassurances that the others body could give. They found strength in each other. They weren't sure how they were going to keep their new relationship from their father and Dina.

She explained how their father had bought a new home for his new wife and her children. He wondered about their old home.

"No, it wasn't sold. He rents it to college students. He doesn't trust boys. It's always a group of girls that rents the house. All of the rental money goes into our accounts. They get the run of the house with the exception of your room. He has that padlocked and has it cleaned during each semester break. It's part of their contract that they can't enter."

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