Siblings Get Naked for Nude Day


"You first," I said with a sly smile. "Show me your tits and your pussy and I'll show you my cock."

When will I ever learn? Instead of just whipping out my cock, instead of just having her blow me, I opened my big mouth, again. Why can't I just stop talking? In hindsight, I should have just whipped out my cock, if only to see the reaction on her face and to see what she would have done.

Maybe she'd only look and nothing more. Maybe she's just a cock tease. Maybe she was bluffing, too. Maybe she would have given me a hand job. Maybe she would have blown me, before fucking me. I don't know. Now, I'll never know, that is, until she shocked the shit out of me again.

"Okay, I'll get naked first, but you have to promise me that you'll get naked, too and, once you're naked, you have to promise me that I can touch your cock, hold your cock in my hand, and stroke you, before taking your prick in my mouth," she said getting up from her knees and standing.

Promise you? Not only was that an easy promise to make but an easier promise to keep. Only, in shock, I was speechless. I couldn't talk. Not even able to formulate an answer, I just stared at her. Then, I watched her reach around behind her unhooked her bra without removing it.

"Okay," I said. "Sure. I promise."

"You promise what?"

"I promise to get naked and I promise you can touch my cock, hold it in your hand, and stroke me, before (gulp) taking it in your mouth."

I so wanted to say that I promise you can fuck me, too, after you blow me. Only, I didn't want to push my luck. I didn't want to awaken her from whatever lustful dream like fantasy she was having. For sure, after seeing my sister naked and her seeing me naked, I'd be happy with a blowjob.

As if raising up her tits to offer them to me, I watched her cup her bra with both hands. Then, as if she was a mermaid removing her oyster bra, I watched her bra straps slip from her shoulders and fall to her forearms. Still covering herself with her bra cups, she slipped one arm out of her bra strap and then the other. Taking her sweet time stripping and driving me crazy in the process, my sister was such a sexy bitch. With the body of a stripper combined with the incestuous desire of her being my sister, she was such a tease. I couldn't wait to see her big tits.

"Are you ready to see my tits?"

"Oh, good God, yes, Ellen. Yes," I said breathlessly. "I've been ready all my life."

"Are you ready to see my nipples?"

"Oh, God, yes, Ellen. Please, show me your nipples." Only, instead of continuing her sexy game, here I go again with the useless dialogue. "Wait," I said wanting to kick myself for talking, delaying her from removing her bra and, perhaps, ruining the moment. "Just as you made me promise that, when you see my cock, you can touch it and hold it in your hand, before taking it in your mouth, when I see your tits, may I touch them, too?"

"Yes, little brother," she said with a sweet smile, as if she was agreeing that I could borrow her car.

"May I suck them?"

"Of course. I'd love for you to suck my nipples, Michael."

I watched her slowly remove her bra from her tits. Am I dreaming? I couldn't believe my eyes. My sexy sister was standing before me topless. Her big tits were right there.

"Oh, my God, Ellen. You have amazing breasts," I said reaching out my hand to touch them.

"Oh, no," she said covering her breasts with her hand. "Show me your cock first. After I touch your cock, hold it in my hand, and stroke you, before taking it in my mouth, is when you can touch, fondle, and caress my breasts and finger my nipples, while I suck your cock."

Oh, my God. In one motion, I pulled down my underwear and my cock just sprang out straight forward. Immediately, she touched it, grabbed it, wrapped her fingers around it, and took it in her hand, while slowly stroking me. Then, leaning forward, she took me in her mouth when...

"Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!"

My alarm scared me awake.

Every morning, I had the same frigging dream and every morning the fantasy goes just a little bit further. God damn it! Why can't I have this dream when I first fall asleep? Never do I get to touch my sister's tits. Never do I see my sister's pussy. Only seeing her topless for just a moment, never do I get to see my sister totally naked. Never do I get to feel my cock in my sister's hand and her mouth.

Every morning, I try going back to sleep to see if I can have that dream again, but I never do. I just end up being late for work. Every morning I end up masturbating over the naked thoughts of my naked sister touching me and sucking me, before jumping in the cold shower and heading off to work sexually frustrated. Only today was different. Today, I took off the day. Maybe today, Nude Day, will change all of that. Maybe today, Nude Day, is when I'll finally see my sister naked.

My friends were having a Nude Day barbeque at the beach. I invited my sister but, figuring this was my golden opportunity to see her naked, I didn't tell her that the barbeque was a naked barbeque in celebration of Nude Day. I just told her it was a barbeque. Knowing what a prude my sister is, if I told her it was a Nude Day celebration, she'd never attend. I knew everyone there would be naked and I was hoping my sister wouldn't be the only stick in the mud. I was hoping she'd get naked, too. A good plan when I thought of it, now it seemed a bit perversely desperate. Suddenly, I had the sinking feeling that it wouldn't work.

My sister has a high pressure job. She's a marketing representative for a famous brand luggage company and because of her job, she travels a lot, especially to faraway places such as China, Taiwan, and Japan, even Dubai. With a week off from work, she was looking forward to kicking back and relaxing. Instead of enjoying my time with my sister, I wanted to enjoy making time with my sister.

Since I'll be introducing her to are all my friends from college for the first time, they don't even know that I have a sister. Back then, if we weren't discussing classes, professors, homework, and girls on campus, we were drunk and/or high. Finally away from home and living on our own, few of us discussed our families. Besides, thinking that they may think me weird if I got naked in front of my sister, I just introduced her around as Ellen. I figured that way, everyone would think we were boyfriend and girlfriend on a Nude Day date and not incestuous siblings. Truthfully, it wouldn't much matter what we were and what they thought, once we all started drinking, got hammered, and got naked; no one would care.

Sure enough, an hour into the barbeque, one by one, people started stripping off their clothes. Some hung out naked, others went for a swim and returned to the beach just wearing a towel, and only a few kept on their clothes. I noticed my sister checking out some of the guys cocks. I guess she wasn't as much of a prude as I thought.

Nonetheless, my sister was one of the few women still dressed. Finally, after watching her continue to check out the naked guys, and deciding that she's no prude, I figured it was now or never. I figured she was staying dressed because I was still dressed. Now that I was here with her, I couldn't help but wonder about all the dreams I've been having about her. Maybe there was something to what I was dreaming. Maybe she's just as sexually attracted to me, as I am to her. Maybe my dream was a prelude to this Nude Day naked barbeque that I'm now celebrating fully clothe with my sister.

"Happy Nude Day," I said to her sitting on my towel in the soft, warm sand, as I removed my shoes, socks, shirt, and pants. Wishing it was my reality, instead of just a dream, wishing she'd unbuckle, unbutton, and unzip my pants, before pulling down my boxer shorts, I thought about my sister helping me to undress in my dream.

"You didn't tell me this was a Nude Day barbeque, Michael," she said with an angry tone to her voice. She stood beside me and looked down at me, while watching me undress.

"I forgot," I said lying.

Oh, oh, here we go. This plan will never work. She'll never get naked and if I get naked in front of her now, she'll ask me to take her home.

Duh, telling her that I forgot that this was a Nude Day barbeque was a stupid thing to say. I'd never forget that I was attending a Nude Day barbeque, but I was so nervous that I wasn't thinking straight. Besides, I never could lie to my sister. Now rethinking my plan, did I dare strip in front of my sister?

I so wanted to get naked. I so wanted to finally experience my dream. I needed to know what would happen when I crossed that invisible incestuous line. I needed see what would happen, when I went beyond all that I've been dreaming about Ellen night after night. What would her reaction be to seeing me naked and seeing my cock? For sure, had I not had the courage received from consuming a few beers, I don't think I would have stripped. Would she look or would she look away?

"Bullshit! You forgot everyone would be naked? Don't give me that crap, Michael," she said looking at me with a laugh, before crossing her arms in front of her and rolling her eyes. "Knowing you, Mr. Horny, I don't think you'd forget something like a Nude Day barbeque. For sure, that would be something you'd look forward to getting naked in front of all these women, while seeing them naked, too."

"We can leave if you're uncomfortable with nudity, Ellen," I said hoping she'd say no.

"I just don't understand why you invited me, Michael, if you knew this was a Nude Day celebration and we'd both be naked," she said looking at me, in the way my mother used to look at me, when she caught me looking up her skirt or down her blouse. "This is too much like incest."

What was she saying? Even though I suddenly felt like a creep, I couldn't help but wonder if she was going to get naked or not. Oh, shit. I had to think fast. I didn't want her to leave, before I got naked. Not now, anyway. I needed her to stay. I needed her to get naked, too. At the very least, I wanted to expose my cock to her. I wanted her to see my cock. With her seeing my cock, I was curious if she'd look at it, stare at it, or look away, and I'd have masturbation material for the next few years.

With all the vibes I've received from her in the past, I needed to know if she's interested in having some sort of incestuous relationship, even if it was only getting naked in front of one another. Moreover, I wanted her to get naked, too. I needed to see her naked body. I so wanted to see her tits, pussy, and ass, if only to have something more realistically explicit to masturbate over, while thinking of her. Now feeling a bit defeated, my plan was falling apart, crumbling before it even got started. Moreover, I felt that I had ruined the bond of trust that my sister had for me.

"Okay, honestly, I was using you," I said with a look of sadness.

Even I was surprised, when I blurted that out. Shooting off the cuff and riding from the seat of my pants, I was playing loosely goosey with her emotions. Yet, now, I was really lying to her.

"Using me? What do you mean, you were using me?" She looked at me, as if she had caught me in a lie. "How? Why?"

In the way she looked at me, I could tell that I hurt her feelings and immediately I felt bad, so bad that I wanted to hug her, while grabbing her ass and feeling her tit. Gees, what the Hell is wrong with me? Thinking fast, I shot from the hip again.

"I'm sorry, Ellen, to bring you here under false pretenses, but there's a woman I like--"

"A woman? Really? Which one, point her out," she said looking over at my naked female friends. Truthfully, I couldn't believe she bought that. "I'm curious what type of woman you'd be attracted to," she said looking from my friends and back to me.

Look in the mirror, I so wanted to say. You're the type of woman, I'd be attracted to. You're the woman of my desire and of my dreams. Only, I didn't dare say that. Unless she said or did something first, such as grabbed my erection or suck my cock through my underwear, I didn't want to risk ruining our sibling relationship. Only, now I knew she'd never do anything like that, anything like she did in my dreams. Still, I didn't want to expose my hand, along with my cock to her, not yet, anyway. I'm better off bluffing to see how far I can go with her, before she demands that I take her home.

"Disappointingly, she's not here, but her girlfriends are," I said where four naked women gathered in the distance talking and laughing.

"Okay, so let me get this straight. Your plan was to show up with me, your sister, hoping that you'd make the woman that you like jealous?"

"Something like that. Only, there's another reason, too," I said going deeper in quicksand.

"What other reason?"

"I'm a little embarrassed to say," I said with downcast eyes, while playing my part for all that it was worth.

"Tell me, Michael. I'm your sister. Don't be embarrassed," she said touching my shoulder. "You can tell me anything."

"Well, because I've been pining away over Cynthia, Cindy, actually, and haven't dated anyone else, the guys have been talking behind my back, teasing me, and calling me gay, while wondering if I am gay."

"Gay? I never considered you being gay," she said looking at me with softness, albeit restrained shock. "Are you?"

"No," I said.

"You know, Michael, there's nothing wrong with being gay," she said biting her lip. "I wasn't going to tell you this, but if it will help ease you from out of the closet, well," she said pausing and looking at me with a pink flush of embarrassment to her cheeks. "I had a lesbian relationship with my roommate in my sophomore year in college."

What? Are you serious? My sister is a dyke? A lesbo? No way. Such a waste.

"Really?" I looked at her not believing she had sex with a woman. "Seriously?"

"It only lasted a few months. It was just something I was curious about doing and now that I did, it's out of my system."

Suddenly the image of my sister in bed naked with another woman lying in between her legs licking her pussy filled my mind with passion for her. Then, I imagined my sister eating her roommate's pussy. Oh, my God. I felt my cock pulsating, while thinking about the two of them in the sixty-nine position. It was then that I wondered if I said that I was gay, if she'd strip naked. Only, I couldn't say I was gay, when I wasn't.

"I'm not gay, Ellen."

When she didn't respond, I continued undressing in silence. She watched me, as if I was giving her a strip tease show. Waiting for her to stop me, I wondered if she'd still be staring at me, when I removed my boxers and exposed my cock to her or if she'd walk back to the car and wait for me to take her home. Expecting her to leave I waited and when she didn't leave, I stripped off my boxers. Immediately, her eyes went to my cock. In the way she stared at my cock, she gave me a semi-erection.

"So, let me get this straight," she said talking to my cock, instead of talking to me. "First you wanted to make the woman you like jealous, the same woman who's not even here, but her friends are--"

"Yes, but I didn't know she wasn't going to be here," I said looking up at my sister with a sad face, but a happy cock. "The last I heard, she was coming." I couldn't believe I was standing in front of my sister naked, while she was staring at and ogling my cock.

"And by being with me, you wanted to show your buddies that you're not gay," said Ellen shaking her head in disbelief of the things that I've done and still do.

"That's about the extent of it. Yeah," I said knowing that I was in deep now.

"That's a pretty devious plan, but flawed," she said with a laugh.

"Flawed? Why flawed?"

"Well, what would happen if the woman you were trying to make jealous was here and you started a serious relationship with her, got married even. Then, when her and her friends met me, your sister, at your wedding, they'd remember us together on the beach naked."

"Yeah, you're right. I didn't think it through, I guess," I said more focused on hoping to see my sister naked than on trying to make some pretend woman jealous. "I was more focused on just getting a date with her and maybe getting her in bed. I'm embarrassed to admit that it's been a long while since I've had sex and I'm extremely horny."

"Well, that makes two of us," said Ellen still staring at my cock.

Already excited before with the anticipation of stripping naked, now that I was naked and my sister was staring at my cock made me even more excited.

"What do you mean?"

"It's been a while since I've had sex, too, and I'm always horny," she said in a quiet little voice, as if talking to herself, all the while staring at my exposed prick.

"It must be a family thing," I said with a nervous laugh not knowing what else to say.

With me flashing my sister my cock and with my sister staring at my cock, I figured that was the extent of our Nude Day barbeque. Only, she surprised me, when she started unbuttoning her blouse. Deja vu, just like in my dream, only having learned from my dream, this time, I kept my mouth shut. I couldn't believe it when she removed her blouse and was standing there not two feet away from me in her pink bra. She removed her pants next. I stared at her standing in her sexy bra and bikini panty, as if I had never seen a semi-naked woman before.

"This is too weird," she said.

"What's weird?"

"Getting undressed in front of you, my brother." She said, while still staring at my cock. "Could you at least cover that thing with your hand?"

"Why? It's Nude Day," I said standing with my cock sticking straight out from my body.

"Because as I said before, it's been a while since I've had sex and as much as I hate to admit it, the sight of your penis is getting me sexually aroused. To be honest, I'm not comfortable being aroused by my own brother."

I couldn't believe I was turning on my sister. I couldn't believe she told me that I was. I couldn't believe she was still staring at my cock. I so wanted to walk over to her and hump her. I so wanted to stick my cock in her hand.

"Don't think of it that way," I said removing my hand from my cock and standing proudly, as if I was in a Captain Morgan commercial.

She was staring at my cock. I cupped my balls and then held my cock in my hand, as if offering it up to her and she never removed her eyes from my prick. Wondering what she'd do, if I did, I so wanted to stroke myself. I so wanted to masturbate in front of her.

"How else am I to think of it?"

I watched her looking away, trying not to look at my prick, but every time she looked away, she'd look back at my cock and stare. I couldn't believe my sexy sister, the woman I've been lusting over for years, was still staring at my prick. The more she stared, the harder my cock stiffened, until I had a full erection. Now, with my cock sticking straight out from my body, with a never ending erection, her unbroken stare made me even more excited.

"Suspend your disbelief for today. Forget we're brother and sister. Today, we are man and woman, boyfriend and girlfriend, enjoying Nude Day, a day free of clothes."

When I said that at the time, it sounded good to me. One day out of the whole year, Nude Day, was a great time to pretend that my sister and I were girlfriend and boyfriend.

"Boyfriend and girlfriend?" She could always tell when I was lying and she shot me a look that made me feel guilty and perverted that I was trying to coerce my sister to get naked. "That's a crock of shit, Michael, and you know it," she said with a laugh. "You just want to see me naked."

"So, what if I do? I love my sister," I said knowing that I'd have to backpedal a bit to continue to go forward. "Having grown up with you, while living in the same house, how could I not be attracted to you?"

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