Siblings with Benefits Ch. 17


The folks had heard of course. By the time we came home they had received a call from Krissy's father who had picked her up at the station an hour before they let Mark go. In addition to telling Dad what had happened he informed him that if Mark came near his daughter again he would have him locked up. Once again in what was becoming a familiar scene the two of us found ourselves sitting across from my parents. Dad unloaded on me for going back and hanging around with Jack and he really laid into Mark reminding him of the fact he could lose his scholarship over stupid shit like that.

Mark sitting there with an ice pack pressed to his left eye was still in that unnatural calm he had exhibited during and since the fight told dad that he wouldn't let anyone talk about or hurt his sister like that. Dad told him that although he appreciated the fact that he would defend his sister people like Jack weren't worth it. Mark's simple response was the classic line his big sister had instilled in him;

"Takers take until their taken."

At that point Dad rolled his eyes and told Mark to "take" his ass upstairs and that I had lost my car for another two weeks and that Mark could use his but only to go to work and to pick me up where he was not to get out of it. Except for work or school the two of us were to be home at all times. Mom then told Mark that he was going to need to stay away from Krissy.

Mark said something about giving it a few days but Mom shook her head sadly and told him she had spoken to Krissy's mother and was told that Krissy was done, that she was in tears and had told mom that she was afraid of Mark.

To my surprise not only didn't Mark seem upset but he made a comment that if she'd prefer to stay a member of the herd rather than become elite as he had then it was her loss. Dad shook his head and asked Mark if all the other elites got grounded and had no girlfriends. Mom told Dad to knock it off but Mark still in that uncanny calm simply smiled at Dad and once again quoting from the "Book of Megan" Told him that "Jealousy is an ugly emotion."

Mark and I went upstairs and I watched as he drifted into his room. I wanted to follow of course, after all Mark had defended my honor and was certainly entitled to the reward of his grateful big sister's pussy, but what had happened at the hotel had taught me to be more careful. Mark had been banged up a little and was obviously in denial about Krissy and I wouldn't be surprised if Mom didn't come up in a little while to talk to him without having to deal with Mark and Dad trading sarcastic remarks.

Speaking of Dad I was going to have to talk to him tomorrow. My first thought when Mark had unloaded on Jack had been that this was what Dad had been talking about. Granted dad hadn't seemed as mad as I thought he would be, but-and I smiled at this thought- I think part of it was that dad had wished it was him that had kicked Jack's ass. Still I was worried that dad would use this at some point to bring up the Mark needing to leave conversation again so I would nip it in the bud and tell Dad tomorrow that it had been my fault that I should have never told Mark what Jack had said and that Mark hadn't told him about the cracks that Jack had made about Krissy.

I entered my room and kicking off my heels sat on the bed, put my head in my hands and let the events of the evening hit me. First and foremost was how humiliated I had been at Vinnie's, it wasn't the blow job remarks that Jack had made that had upset me, I mean that was high school shit. What had really gotten to me was his crack about needing to drink to be a decent fuck. He had been right to a point; I was getting worse with men not better.

I had initially thought that cutting loose with Mark would show me how great sex could be and that there was nothing to worry about. Jack was the first guy I had been with since I had been fucking my brother; my first test of that theory and I had failed it miserably.

I sighed in frustration and shook my head. Maybe I would just take some time from guys. Just fool around with Mark and concentrate on my school work which had been slacking badly to the point where I was dreading this semester's grades. I had been cutting class a lot with Betty and she and I would go back to her little three room apartment and have a couple of drinks. The fact was I hated school. I got along great with the other students and my paintings got rave reviews from my instructors but I hated all the other stuff.

Why did I need to take business courses or English to paint? The only thing that had saved me was I had taken Latin as a language and had aced it and Mark had done my last two term papers for me. If it wasn't for the fact that Mom and Dad were paying for me to go I would think about quitting.

Work full time somewhere and paint my ass off. All it would take is one or two sales and word of mouth would take care of the rest. Hell last month Mark's spoiled rich friend Alex Warner, whose father's company had given my brother his scholarship and hung out with Mark sometimes, had told me he had a friend who owned a gallery in New York and he would take some pictures of my paintings to show him.

My thoughts were interrupted by hearing Mark getting into the shower. I considered slipping in there with him, but still wanted to give it more time. Besides at this point I wanted to see if Mark would come to me. Sooner or later he would realize that he may have really lost Krissy and turn to his understanding big sister who would be more than happy to comfort him in his time of need.

With that thought in mind I decided to stay in my white blouse and short black skirt. I did however remove my stockings and panties, as I did I bent over and glanced over my shoulder in the mirror. The skirt was so short that when I bent all the way I could see the cheeks of my ass and my pretty little pink pussy winking at me from between my creamy thighs. Leaning on one hand I reached down underneath and spreading my pussy open slid a finger through my wet lips. I pictured my brother on his knees behind me licking it. Oh yes I would be more than happy to take my brother's mind off little Krissy.

I pumped my finger in and out several times then sliding my hand back up, stood and sucked my finger into my mouth and sighed; I had always loved the taste of my own pussy. I heard the shower stop and sat waiting for Mark to come into my room. I closed my eyes envisioning him in just a towel maybe even still wet the water dripping down his flat hard stomach. I would drop to my knees and removing the towel suck on that nice big cock.

I realized I was all but panting and my pussy was so wet I could feel it on my inner thighs. A moment later I heard Mark close the door on his side. I waited a few more minutes to see if he was just getting clothes then I shook my head thinking he must not want to take a chance. Well this nasty girl had waited long enough; it was time to get some of my little brother's cock. Getting up I double checked that my door was locked and cutting through the bathroom knocked softly.

There was no answer but the door was unlocked when I tried it so I slowly opened the door and entered Mark's room. I was struck instantly by the strong smell of Nightshade incense. Mark had several candles lit in addition to the incense burner. Mark himself was sitting cross legged naked on the floor his back to me. Mark's hands were raised palms up as if in supplication and he was chanting the Ave Satana in Latin.

"God Who invites us to become as gods'

Muse of our civilization,

Dread Enemy of its tyrant god

Satan, mighty Liberator,

Bearer of true Light"

Mark's chanting was passionate and I could hear the conviction in his voice. Still adrenalized from the fight and I'm sure feeling as if he had done the right thing; after all our beliefs were all based on Lex Talionis the law of retaliation, my brother was emanating pure power it all but filled the room. I felt my skin break into goose bumps as he raised his muscular arms higher his hands hooked into claws and continued;

"God of our flesh

God of our minds

God of our innermost will."

I found myself softly chanting along with him. As I did I came closer intending on sitting next him however moving suddenly Mark somehow uncrossed his legs and shot himself up into a standing position in one fluid move. Standing tall his arms raised completely over his head which was thrown back staring at the ceiling Mark finished the prayer.

"O mighty Lord Satan,

teach us to become strong and wise

Teach us to vanquish the enemies

of our freedom and well-being"


When Mark had barked out the final salutation he had pumped his arms in the air then slowly with the muscles flexed tightly let them drop to his sides. Mark turned to face me and I caught my breath. My brother looked magnificent; of course the first thing that caught my eye was that he was fully erect. As I stared, pussy dripping, I let my eyes work their way up from his almost freakishly huge cock to his perfect six pack stomach and muscular chest.

Making my way to his face I once again marveled at his perfect features although at the moment his left eye was swollen and half shut my brother was still beautiful, as a matter of fact the eye gave him a dangerous appearance not that he needed help at the moment, he had that half crazy look on his face he did when he was working out and the candle light reflecting in his eyes gave the illusion they were glowing from within. It occurred to me looking at Mark that he really was a perfect specimen, everything a man should be, and within minutes that man would be all mine. As if reading my mind Mark put his hand out to me.

"Come here my beautiful sister."

Smiling I walked up to him and putting one hand around his neck kissed him while my other hand dropped down to grab his cock and start stroking it. Mark put his hands up grabbing each side of my face and kissed me back hard. I could feel the tension in his shoulders and his kiss had an air of aggression to it. Like at my cousins house Mark was ready to explode and I was more than ready to take it from him. I broke the kiss and leaning back pouted at him and in my little girl voice said;

"Thank you for sticking up for me little brother," I paused as I brought my other hand down between his legs and started massaging his balls. "Will you let me make it up to you?"

Mark smirked and said;

"Damn straight you're going to make it up to me, after all it was true what he said."

"What?" I asked my hands stopping.

"You are a slut aren't you Megan?" He asked with that nasty smile on his face.

"I... Oww!" I cried out as Mark's hand shot out and grabbed a handful of my hair close enough to the scalp to cause a wave of pain across my head.

"I said you are just a fucking slut aren't you sis?"

Mark was still holding my hair tightly, but despite the pain I felt a surge through my pussy.

"I'm you're slut." I said softly as my hands resumed working his cock.

"Really?" Mark asked. "Your brother's slut? You are a nasty fucking whore."

"Oh yeah Mark anything you want I'll ohhh."

Mark had let my hair go and faster than I could react to and had grabbed my blouse and torn it open, buttons flying across the room. With a vicious tug he pulled it down over my shoulders then reaching behind me and grabbing the middle of my bra tore that apart as well. Stepping back Mark grabbed the middle of the bra and pulled it off of me. I let go of his cock so my blouse would slide off when I went to grab it again Mark slapped my hands away.

"I could jerk myself off slut get on your fucking knees and use your mouth."

Without waiting for me to move Mark grabbed my shoulders and spinning me around slammed his knee into the back of my right knee at the same time he pushed down hard forcing me to my knees. Holding the top of my head Mark stepped around to the front so that his cock was right at my face.

"Besides," He said grabbing my chin and forcing my face up to look at him. "I heard you love it in the mouth."

"Don't be an asshole little... hey!!"

I cried out again as Mark reached down and gave my right nipple a hard twist.

"Little brother's in charge tonight so just shut up and do the only thing your good for."

Mark's talking to me like that had me so hot I grabbed his cock and with no hesitation put it in my mouth and took it all the way down until my lips were touching the base of his shaft. After shaking my head back and forth I started bobbing my head in a slow steady rhythm, sliding my mouth right up to the tip before devouring the entire length. Knowing how much he enjoyed it I reached up and started caressing his balls with just the tips of my fingernails.

Not tonight however as Mark once again reached down and yanked my hand away.

"Did I tell you to touch?" He asked giving my nipple another hard twist.

I squealed around his cock yet once again the pain sent a surge of wetness through my pussy. Oh little brother was taking everything he wanted tonight!

"Guess I'm going to have to make it so you can't."

Pulling his cock from my mouth, Mark bent over and grabbing my arms pulled them behind my back. Before I knew it he had my wrists crossed and holding them with one of his hands reached down and picking up my bra reached behind me and rapidly tied my hands together with it. I was getting so wet I could feel it running down my thighs and I was so horny I was squirming where I knelt on the floor. Remembering the hotel I played along and gave Mark exactly what he was looking for.; looking up at him my eyes wide in mock fear I whined;

"Oh please Mark! Please don't do this I'll be good I promise I'll ummm!"

I was silenced by my brother grabbing the back of my head and slamming his cock full force into my wide open mouth and down my throat. Without pausing Mark started fucking the shit out of my face(,) pulling his cock all the way out before shoving it back in. I moaned and whimpered around his cock as he continued to rape my mouth. Mark was shoving it so deep my eyes were watering, but so was my pussy. I couldn't believe I was on my knees hands tied getting face fucked by my brother. Oh yes this nasty girl was certainly getting hers.

Mark let go of my head and reaching down grabbed both my nipples and twisted them making me cry out around his cock.

"Well do a better job then!" He snapped.

Mark wrapped my hair around his hands until he was pulling it tightly then using my hair as handles started yanking my head back and forth on his cock.

"Oh yeah," He moaned. "Oh yeah look at you sucking off your little brother. Gonna take every fucking drop aren't you sis?"

"Hmm mmm!" I groaned around his cock.

Oh yes! Every drop was exactly what I wanted. I started moving my head even faster than he was pulling, driving his cock deep into my throat on my own.

"Oh look at you!" Mark groaned. "You really do love it don't you?"

My response was to start bobbing my head even faster and harder to the point where I was all but gagging myself. Mark started to say something but it turned into a long shuddering moan and his thighs started shaking, yeah that's right little brother I thought you might be in charge but it was still your big sister's mouth that was making him whimper.

"Ohhh! Oh yeah sis you suck that cock you..."

Mark exploded in my mouth. His prick had been shoved all the way in and the first spurt of cum shot straight down my throat. As he pulled it back his cock kept squirting filling my mouth with his hot sticky load. Groaning Mark continued to slowly pump his cock in and out of my mouth. Little brother really must have been wound up as I didn't think he was ever going to stop cumming. I did my best to swallow it all but I could feel it spilling out around his cock and dripping down my chin and onto my tits. Ohhh I needed to cum so bad!

Finally Mark slid his cock from my mouth and looking down smiled.

"You missed some." He said.

Grabbing my hair he yanked me forward and down to where some of his cum had landed and was dripping down his thigh. I obediently opened my mouth and licked it off.

"Good girl." Mark whispered.

Stepping back Mark reached down and grabbing my shoulders lifted me effortlessly to my feet. Letting my shoulders go Mark stepped back and looking to the left smiled. I followed his gaze and let out a low moan. I could see myself in the mirror standing there topless in just my black skirt my hands tied behind my back. I could even see the drops of cum on my tits. Which speaking of Mark wiped off with his fingers. Without being told I opened my mouth and greedily sucked on his fingers when he put them there.

"Oh please little brother?" I begged. "I need to cum."

Grabbing me Mark pushed me over to his bed until my legs hit the side and shoving me in the back bent me over it. Pushing my skirt over my hips roughly plunged two fingers into my overheated pussy.

"Oh yes!" I groaned.

Because my hands were behind my back my face was turned to the side on the bed and my ass was pushed into the air. I wiggled it back and forth trying to push Mark's fingers in deeper. I was rewarded with a sharp slap across my ass that made me yelp loudly.

"Shhh!" Mark hissed.

"Oh please give it to me little brother. Please let your big sister cum!"

"Oh I'll give it to you." Mark said.

At that I turned my head and saw Mark in the mirror standing behind me he was still hard having never gone down even after I had sucked him off. Removing his fingers Mark immediately drove his huge dick deep into my needy little pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!" I told him as grabbing my hips he began slamming the shit out of me.

I turned my face into the bed and whimpered into the mattress as Mark drove himself in and out of my pussy with long hard thrusts. Being tied up was driving me crazy! I wanted so badly to reach down and stroke my clit while my brother fucked the shit out of me. I started to whimper and began desperately trying to grind my pussy into the edge of the bed, anything to get off! Finally as Mark continued his relentless assault on my pussy I turned my head and begged;

"Oh please let me cum little brother! Please! Your big sister was a good girl she even cleaned up her mess! Oh please Mark!"

This wasn't a game at this point. I was so frustrated I was whining.

"Fine," Mark said. "If it'll shut you up."

Mark dropped down to his knees and once again drove two of his fingers deep into my sopping wet pussy. I could hear a wet sucking sound as he rapidly pumped them in and out. Sliding his fingers out and using both hands to spread my lips apart Mark buried his tongue into his sister's succulent pussy and started swirling it around inside.

"Ohhh yess! Little brother oh that's what I need!"

As Mark continued to tongue fuck me his finger made its way to my ass and pushed its way into my tight little hole, the one I wouldn't let another man so much as see from that angle. I groaned as he started working it in and out. A minute later his tongue found my clit as one of his fingers slid into my pussy. I gasped as Mark pressed his fingers against each other through the thin flesh between my ass and pussy.

"Ohhh that's soooo nice!" I cooed.

Mark removed his fingers causing me to whimper, but as he began sucking my clit in and out of his mouth his hands slid underneath me and finding my nipples pinched them hard. I let out another loud yelp and Mark pulled away and stood up.

"Christ your loud!" He snapped.

"I'm sorry!" I moaned. "Oh please don't stop Mark please!"

"Oh shut up." Mark said and with no warning yanked my head up by my hair.

As I cried out Mark reached down and grabbing my blouse off the floor shoved the sleeve into my mouth. I gasped as he pushed it in deeper with his fingers then letting my head go went back and got down on his knees behind me. As I laid there stunned Mark's mouth once again found my swollen clit and his hands slid underneath and pinched my nipples so hard that I screamed.

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