Siblings with Benefits Ch. 17


Of course all that could be heard was a muffled sound as I was now not only tied but gagged as well.

"That's better." Mark whispered.

Mark plunged his tongue back into my pussy as he savagely twisted my nipples. I cried out again into the gag and the sound of it was making me even hotter. Mark removed his tongue and started roughly sucking my clit in and out of his mouth. I moaned in mingled pain and pleasure as he was sucking so hard his lips were making smacking noises as my clit came out of his mouth. Mark was also twisting my nipples back and forth in perfect time to his sucking.

My thighs started to tremble and my hips were moving as much as they could. I wanted to beg him not to stop, but couldn't talk around the gag. My whole body tensed as I desperately strained to cum before he decided to tease again. There was no need to worry as Mark was attacking my pussy with his mouth sucking hard and fast. I came screaming into the gag as the incredibly intense orgasm roared through me. I was bent over helpless and couldn't even move my hips, I just lied there squealing, my feet were kicking up and down from the floor as Mark was still holding and squeezing my nipples which were so sore I had tears in my eyes as I came.

I let my face drop into the bed as the last wave of orgasm flowed through my loins. Sensing I was finished Mark stood up and slammed his ten plus inch cock back into my wetter than ever pussy. After several hard thrusts Mark reached forward and grabbing the end of my long black hair pulled my head up from the bed. With his other hand Mark grabbed my wrists and pulled on them as well. I cried out at the pain in both my hair and my shoulders then started screaming into the gag as Mark started ripping into me full force pounding his huge prick in and out as he held me up off the bed.

Oh my god!!! Was all I could think as my brother tore into me. We had played rough a couple of times before this but this was an all out attack! Of course that's not to say I didn't love it, every time I let out a muffled scream into the gag it made me even hotter. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror; bound and gagged with my hair being pulled and having the shit fucked out of me by my little brother who had a look of absolute lust on his face while he was raping his helpless sister. Oh you sick puppy! I thought as that last image caused my pussy to start dripping around my brother's cock even more.

Mark let go of my hair and wrists to grab my hips and began hammering away at me even harder, at this point my pussy was sore but I was still loving every minute of it.

"Yeah sis you like that?" Mark asked in between gasps for breath. "You like it rough don't you Sis? You like pretending you don't want it you nasty little slut!"

Mark all but moaned out that last part as his own orgasm approached knowing he was close I changed the pitch of my screams in a more shrill desperate sound and started sobbing rather than screaming. Mark gave me a couple of more incredible thrusts that made me think he was going split me in two and with that adorable whimper he always made at the last moment came hard spraying the inside of my pussy with another huge load of his hot cum. My little brother was the only man I had ever let cum inside of me and I moaned at how good it felt.

Mark all but collapsed onto the bed and laid there panting for a minute before rolling over and after pulling the shirt from my mouth quickly undid my wrists.

"Oh my god!" I gasped.

Mark was lying on his back next to me and with an effort I rolled over next to him.

"Holy shit little brother!" I told him. "You are a sick little puppy you know that?"

Mark gave me a tired smile;

"Sorry sis was that too much?'

"I didn't say that," I answered. "But let's just say I owe you one." I laughed as another sick thought occurred to me; "Imagine my father walking in on that."

"Christ Meg don't even joke like that." Mark said.

We were quiet for a few minutes and as I rolled over onto my side to face Mark I noticed my brother finally looked more like his old self. He had lost that crazy look in his eyes and was definitely not tense anymore. I also found myself settling down from the rush of the evening and that all out sexual assault I had just endured.

"Damn," I said again as I tried to move and winced from the pain in my shoulders. "You really do owe me for that."

"Yeah?" Mark asked. "Well how about I make it up to you now?"

With that Mark stood up and taking my hand pulled me to my feet. I groaned at the effort but smiled as Mark led me into the bathroom. Mark turned the shower on then turning bent down to slip my skirt off then after checking the water held the curtain aside for me to step in then got in behind me.

As I stood there in the hot steamy water, Mark, starting on his knees at my feet and using a soft wash cloth soaped and rinsed my entire body. I winced and let out a sharp breath as his hands went over my sore nipples but aside from that this felt absolutely amazing. When he was finished he grabbed the shampoo and as I leaned into him, totally relaxed, my brother shampooed my hair taking his time massaging my scalp.

When he had rinsed my hair Mark stepped in front of me and started to wash himself but I took the cloth from him and getting down on my knees returned the favor. I took my time fully enjoying his hard body especially his cock which after a few stokes of my soapy hand was hard again. As good as it felt however there was no way I could handle anymore right now and Mark didn't seem to mind as my hand left his cock and went up his chest and shoulders.

When I was done washing him I went to get out but Mark turned me around to face him and wrapping his arms around me kissed me. Of course Mark and I had kissed many times but this one seemed different, it was longer and softer, less passionate and more loving. I returned it enjoying not only the feeling of his lips, but the steam and hot water of the shower, as well as the feeling of our wet bodies pressed together.

Mark broke the kiss and for a moment we looked into each other's eyes. My brother smiled at me and whispered;

"You really are the most beautiful woman I've ever seen Megan."

I put my head down as I could feel myself blushing. Once again it was not lost upon me that it probably wasn't natural to go from that rough to that sweet so quickly but then again was there really anything natural about fucking your brother?

Mark stepped out and held a towel out for me. I sighed contentedly as my brother gently patted me dry then giggled like a little girl as he picked me up and carrying me into his room lied me down on his bed. After putting out all but two of the candles Mark slid under the sheet next to me. He had lied on his back and I rolled over and put my head on his chest. I sighed again and laid there enjoying how good this felt then propping myself up on my elbow looked at Mark. His eyes were half open well honestly at this point his left was pretty much swollen closed.



"Are you okay little brother?"

"Yeah why?"

"I..." I paused then just put it out there. "I was scared for you tonight Mark."

"Oh please," Mark said. "Jack's a joke guy, couldn't hurt me if I let him." He laughed softly.

"Oh yeah I did didn't I?"

"That's not funny Mark." I told him. "I wasn't scared he was going to hurt you. I mean you scared me with what you did."

"Oh come one Meg the guy..."

"Mark listen to me." I began as I rested my chin on his chest so we were looking into each other's eyes. "I was fine with you smacking him around he deserved it, but Mark what you did to him I mean you broke his fucking jaw Mark! On purpose!"

"Megan look..."

"Mark please be careful." I told him as I spoke I reached down and took his hand. "You don't know what you're capable of and I don't want to find out." I put my head down and whispered;

"Please don't make my Dad right."

"I'm fine Megan." Mark replied with a bit of a tone.

'I'm just worried about you little brother. You need to watch out."

"Oh really?" Mark asked. "And what about you Meg? You think because the folks don't know you and Betty are drinking every other day that it doesn't count? Trust me you need to take care of you not worry about me."

I was quiet at that. He was right of course. I had gotten nowhere near as out of control as I had a few times before but I was still drinking more than I should. After a minute I looked at Mark and I could see the concern in his eyes, he hadn't said it to be a jerk. He loved his sister and wanted me to be okay.

"Tell you what little brother we'll take care of each other for each other how's that?"

Mark smiled and bending his neck kissed the top of my head.

"Sounds good to me Megan, you're all I have you know?"

"Not true little brother, Mom loves you and I know you think Dad doesn't but he cares." I stopped there not wanting to say anything about Krissy.

Mark was quiet and after a couple of minutes I rolled over onto my side and as he always did Mark rolled up behind me and put his arm around my waist. I sighed and closed my eyes went right out. A few minutes later Mark woke me up.


"What is it Mark?" I asked sleepily.

"I...I lost Krissy didn't I?"

I hesitated then answered;

"You don't know Mark, give it a few days."

"Denise said she's afraid if me. It's over, she hates me Megan."

I rolled over onto my side to face him.

"I'm sure she doesn't Mark."

My brother looked at me and his eyes started to fill up. He whispered;

"She's the only person besides you and Denise that ever said she loved me, and I screwed up Megan I..." he stopped and put his head down.

"Oh Mark," I said softly. I pushed up a little further on the pillows and said;

"Hey little brother."

When Mark looked up I put my arms out.

He hesitated and I tapped the spot on my chest between my tits.

"Come here little brother."

Mark slid over and placed his head on my chest. I wrapped my arms around him and started stroking his hair.

"It's okay baby," I said softly in his ear. "You just lie there and let your big sister make it all better okay?"

Mark nodded and sighed into my chest. After a few minutes of playing with his hair I felt his body relax and knew he was asleep. I closed my eyes but stayed awake a little longer. I felt bad for my brother losing Krissy, but as much as I didn't want to see him heartbroken it was not lost upon me that if she were gone then there would be many more nights like this. I had told my brother months ago that jealousy was an ugly emotion. Truth be told I was never jealous of the fact that Mark had sex with Krissy it was sharing this that had bothered me; I wanted to be the only one who saw this sweet vulnerable side of my brother, the only one that he held and loved.

Let Krissy move on; she was a pretty girl who was sweet and loyal and would have no problem finding someone who would make her happy, in the meantime my beautiful little brother belonged right here in his loving big sisters arms.

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