tagIncest/TabooSiblings with Benefits Ch. 24

Siblings with Benefits Ch. 24


Authors note:

Welcome to the third and final part of SWB. I will not commit to what the final chapter number will be, but will assure you this is the final part. On that note thank you to those who have voted and commented on the first 2 chapters of Lex Talionis. I realize that Lex is bit "heavy" for the site in some respects, but nevertheless I have gotten good feedback on it. Lex 3 was due out a few days ago, but Lit rejected it claiming that I had a story with that name up already (I didn't of course) so I resubmitted, but because that sets Lex back and I didn't want people to wait longer for the main series to start again here is Ch 24. Speaking of long, I realize this as well as many of my chapters are on the long side and the rest will be as well. I enjoy writing and love to pump as much detail as possible into my story. My goal is that by the time this ends Mark and Megan are as real to you as they are to me. If you are still reading I assume you expect no less from me. If you are in a huge hurry for the end however you will be waiting a little longer as I will not change my style and rush along. As far as part three goes, parts 1&2 are pretty much Megan's story. in this part we will get to know a bit more about Mark including meeting Samantha, the woman whose heart he broke, learn why Doug hates him and why he avoids Denise, and why he has decided the time has come for he and his sister to become much more than siblings with benefits. As always thank you for your continued support and comments. Lovecraft68


As I lay in my old bed, in the room I had grown up in, the room that held so many pleasant and near the end of my time here so many sad memories, my mind drifted somewhere between sleep and consciousness. While in this twilight state of mind that only someone who has ever suffered from insomnia can completely understand, my exhausted mind was assailed by a series of images from my past.

I was with Tommy at his parent's beach house in Newport. They were away and we had the place to ourselves. Taking full advantage of the fact that the yard was enclosed with a high fence, and the nearest neighbor was well over a hundred yards away, Tommy and I had decided to go skinny dipping in the huge in ground pool. Of course one thing led to another and I had found myself holding onto the top rungs of the ladder with my legs around Tommy's waist as he fucked me.

When we had finished Tommy had spread out a blanket and we laid out in sun completely naked. I was lying on my stomach purring like a kitten as Tommy rubbed suntan lotion on my back and legs. The purring turned to moaning as his fingers found my pussy and began stroking my clit. I came within minutes and Tommy immediately replaced his fingers with his cock and, holding himself over me while I was still flat on my stomach, slowly fucked me.

As good as it felt Tommy urged me to roll over. I did as he asked, and had to admit as I wrapped my sun warmed arms and legs around his equally warm body, that this was even better. Tommy had slid his arms under me so that our bodies were as close together as possible, and he was moving slowly and gently, once gain trying to make love to me. This was something Tommy tried quite often and I would allow for awhile, but eventually I would become uncomfortable with it and turn things a little dirtier.

After all I equated making love with true love and although I loved Tommy I knew I wasn't in love with him. Tommy had raised himself up on his arms so he could lean down and kiss me and as he did I pushed against his chest. He looked as if he wanted to tell me to stay where I was but I pushed again and as always Tommy deferred. Once Tommy had leaned back I urged him to lie on his back and as he did I straddled his hips and started riding him.

I went slowly at first enjoying how good Tommy looked under me. Tommy had been working as a landscaper during the summer; his body was both lean and tan, and his normally dirty blonde hair had been lightened by the sun. Tommy had his hands on my hips helping me slide back and forth on his nice hard cock. As before this felt great but the nasty girl inside of me needed to be let out so I slid my legs up ,and planting my feet on the ground, started bouncing up and down wildly on his cock.

Tommy reached up to try to pull me back down to him, but grabbing his wrists I put his hands on my tits and held them there until he started playing with my nipples. I felt Tommy starting to get close, but deciding that I wanted to really get fucked, hopped off of him and turned on my knees so my ass was facing him. By this time Tommy had given up on sweet and getting on his knees grabbed my hips and fucked me hard and fast until I felt something a lot hotter than suntan lotion spray across my back.

We lay back down on the blanket with Tommy on his back and me nestled into him. After staying that way for awhile we got up and wrapping towels around ourselves sat up on the deck and watched the sunset. At this time I was 30 and had been sober for six months by far the longest stretch I'd had since beginning to drink when I was twenty and I was fully appreciating this amazing day. Tommy had gone inside to get us some iced tea and when he came back we sat there talking about how great it would be to do this all the time.

Tommy then looked over at me, and giving me that adorable boy next door smile of his, told me he loved me. I told him I loved him to and then almost choked on my iced tea as Tommy put his hand out to me; in the palm of his hand was a small box with a beautiful diamond ring in it.

"I love you with all my heart Megan," He said softly his big baby blue eyes staring into mine. "And I'd love for you to take this ring the way you've taken my heart."

As I heard myself nervously accept everything around me flowed and changed. I was no longer with Tommy at the beach house. I was now in my bedroom in Chicago, there were candles lit around the room and lying underneath me, her long gorgeous honey blond hair cascading down her shoulders and her skin glowing in the candle, light was Laura.

I leaned forward and after shaking my head slowly back and forth causing my hair to brush softly against her hard nipples bent my face to hers and gently pressed my full lips into her amazingly soft ones. As we kissed I moaned softly, as in addition to how much I enjoyed kissing her, the fact that her lips tasted like my pussy made it even better. As usual Laura had gone down on me first and had taken her time teasing and playing to the point that when I finally came, screaming like a banshee of course, I was totally exhausted.

As tired as I was however there was no way I was not returning the favor, as tonight was supposed to be Laura's night. Laura had just gotten a big promotion at the newspaper she worked for and to celebrate I had taken her out to her favorite restaurant for dinner. Afterwards we had gone dancing at Baby Doll, a new club that catered specifically to the lipstick lesbian crowd. Although my experience had come from the less than pleasant years I had spent as a stripper, I was a hell of a dancer and spent the entire evening grinding and rubbing on Laura, even sitting her down and giving her a lap dance in front of quite a few very appreciative women.

Laura of course spent half the night as red as the very short sexy dress she was wearing. The fact that Laura was beyond beautiful, and had a body to die for yet was still extremely shy and easily embarrassed in public, was one of the many qualities that made her so irresistible to me. When we arrived home Laura found a dozen long stem red roses waiting for her on the dining room table. Laura threw her arms around me, and after giving me a long tongue filled kiss that was beginning to make my legs tremble, took my hand to lead me to the bedroom. As we started in Laura grabbed the vase with her other hand saying she wanted to bring the flowers in the bedroom so that they would be the second prettiest flower that she would see when she woke up in the morning.

Now as I sat up between Laura's incredible thighs I looked over and seeing the roses on the nightstand smiled, and reaching over pulled one out. Holding it by the stem I reached down and gently brushed the soft petals of the rose across Laura's right nipple. Laura moaned softly as I began teasing her nipple by rubbing the petals over it in slow circles. Loving the reaction I switched to her other nipple then as I slid further down the bed trailed the rose down her soft stomach.

When I was lying between her legs with her beautiful smooth pussy inches from my eager tongue, I teased some more by gently caressing Laura's soft inner thighs with the rose. Laura was rocking her hips in my face and whimpering impatiently, and after teasing for as long as I could bear I then took the rose and tickled it across Laura's swollen clit. I spent the next half hour working Laura's amazing pussy with both my tongue as well as the rose. First gently sucking and licking her hard clit and then replacing my tongue with the soft petals while working my fingers in and out of Laura's hot wet pussy.

Laura was making those soft little sighing noises that I always thought were the sexiest sounds I'd ever heard. I was also quite turned on by the intoxicating mixed scent of the rose and Laura's pussy. Finally Laura's legs began trembling and just as I was thinking of teasing her further Laura whimpered;

"Oh Megan please don't tease I can't take anymore! I... Ohhhh"

How could I refuse that adorable tone? Dropping the rose I had plunged my fingers hard into her sopping wet pussy and pinching her clit between my long red fingernails rapidly swirled my tongue around it until with a long loud squeal of pleasure Laura grabbed my hair with both her hands and started grinding her delightful pussy into my flickering tongue. Laura came long and hard, and when she finished, the way her body relaxed and she slumped back into the bed told me that I had more than returned the favor.

Sliding up alongside of her and lying on my side I kissed her and we both sighed as our mouths opened and our tongues tasted each other's juices. Laura rolled over onto her side to face me.

"Congratulations my angel," I told her with a smile. "I hope you enjoyed your night."

"Couldn't you tell?" Laura asked laughing softly.

Laura then kissed me softly and looking into my eyes whispered.

"Oh Megan how I love you."

My bedroom became my brothers, and I was lying in his amazing bed the blood red satin sheets cool on my warm skin. Mark was above me and had just eased his incredible cock into my welcoming flesh. We both moaned as he began slowly pumping in and out. Mark slid his arms under my shoulders so our bodies were pressed together and his lips found mine, pulling me into the softest sweetest kiss I had ever felt. Our bodies remained like that; moving in perfect rhythm as my hands traveled over his muscular body.

Mark's cock was sliding slowly across my clit and I came moaning in his ear. My orgasm pushing him over the edge, Mark began to pump me faster and, as I wrapped my arms and legs around him, came deep inside of me. We stayed there enjoying the embrace, and when Mark lifted his face from my neck, he looked down at me with those incredible golden green eyes and said softly;

"I love you Megan I love you so much."

The images sped up and went back to where they had started. I found myself staring at Tommy's face, his eyes wide in both shock and pain at what he saw before him, at what I had done to him.

"Megan, how could you do this to me?" He asked his voice choking with emotion.

Tommy's tear filled eyes became Laura's as she sat across from me at the dining room table shaking her head and saying;

"It just doesn't feel right anymore Megan it's like you're drifting away on me." She sobbed. "Don't you love me anymore?"

Now Mark's golden green eyes were looking at me once more, but there was also a hint of darker colors as well, a sign he was upset. Mark shook his head and with a sarcastic smirk said;

"At least you love something about me."

That last image was enough to snap me out of my semi conscious state and back into reality. I lied there taking several deep breaths before turning on my side. I reached over and grabbing my blackberry off the nightstand groaned. It was only ten of six. Sitting up I rubbed at my burning eyes, the last time I had looked at the time it had been just before four am. On the heels of that last image I dialed Mark's number, he was up like clockwork at six every morning, and I wanted to make sure he was okay. The phone rang several times before going into Mark's infamous voice mail message;

"If I had wanted to talk to you I'd have answered."

I cleared my throat, so I wouldn't sound as shitty as I felt and left him a message to call me back when he got back from the gym, which I assumed is where he was. Like me Mark probably had barely slept and had given up and gone up there early. Although I was worried about him, I figured he would be safe at the gym today; usually once he had one of his rages like he did yesterday he would be calm for awhile. I frowned at that last thought, as his being calm also hinged on him taking his medication, which on occasions, when he was upset he tended to play games with. I would definitely have to go over there this morning and check on him.

Putting the phone down I reached into my purse and pulling out my cigarettes lit one and sat back against the pillows. I'm sure my father wouldn't be thrilled with me smoking up here, but it's not like I hadn't done a lot worse in this room over the years. Including drinking, smoking dope, sniffing coke, fooling around with Betty, and oh yeah spending a year and a half fucking the shit out of my little brother.

On that note I glanced over at the two halves of the journal lying on the floor and found myself thinking again of that time we had gotten caught at the hotel. I had felt so guilty about lying to my parents especially my father. My parents had done so much for me but I'd had no choice even if I had tried to tell the truth and admit something was going on, but I had started it, I know my father would have blamed my brother. The odd thing was that we were still lovers yet I didn't feel guilty hiding it from my parents anymore, maybe because Mark and I were adults and had our own places, and it wasn't right under their noses.

Of course if I were to take Mark up on his offer there would be no way they wouldn't eventually find out. I mean what would we do if the folks wanted to visit? Would Mark go stay at a hotel and pretend to have his own place and make up excuses if Mom wanted to see it? I suppose for the once a year that would happen we could, but they would find out somehow I'm sure. As I inhaled deeply on the cigarette I closed my eyes and for what I knew would be the first of a hundred times between now and tomorrow night tried to think about what I was going to do about Mark professing his love for me.

There were a lot of questions here. First and foremost would be did I love my brother in that way? In my journal I had written that I was in love with him, but I had been only twenty one years old, and I think need and love were one and the same at the time. The difficult part was that of course I had always loved Mark. Complicating things more was that I would be the first to admit Mark and I had a twisted relationship. In some ways Mark and I were exceptionally close as brother and sister each always looking out for the other, well more Mark watching out for me for about a decade, but when I was younger and recently it went both ways. The fact that at twenty and eighteen we became lovers never seemed to change that bond. Just as there were good friends who slept together and remained friends Mark and I had been Siblings with Benefits for close to two decades.

I used to think that it had all started that night when I had walked into my brother's room and taken his virginity, but in reality it started before that. Mark and I had been separated at a young age and kept apart for ten years. The last time I had seen Mark he was a cute little five year old who, because of my disgrace of a mother, was literally pulled crying from his sisters arms. The next time I would see my brother he was sixteen, and easily the most beautiful boy I had ever seen. Had Mark and I grown up together as normal siblings odds are we would have never started sleeping together.

Adding to our years apart was the abuse we endured during that time. Abuse that had left both of us scarred; Mark afraid to even talk and me afraid of men. Part of why I took Mark was so that I could enjoy sex with someone I knew would never hurt me and someone I felt comfortable with. It had always been more than just sex with Mark however; it was that emotional and physical comfort we both craved. My brother's arms were the only place I had ever felt safe and protected as well as completely and unconditionally loved.

None of that answered my question however, did I love Mark as a partner for lack of a better word? Could my brother be that elusive love I had been seeking since I had become sober? I came back to my therapist telling me that when it was real I would know it because I would feel it. I had certainly felt something Saturday night as Mark had made loved to me. What I had felt had definitely been more than physical, more than just how amazing his body felt. I could feel the emotion coming from him, could feel the love in his touch and caress. I remembered thinking at the time that he had never touched me that way.

That however just proved he was in love with me. Which brought me back to the visions that had woken me; although I had never been in love there were others that had loved me. Tommy, as well as Laura had both loved me, and I had hurt them both. Tommy far worse than Laura but I had also been on coke back then. Laura I had simply drifted away from as I had from Ben, an architect in Chicago that I had been so sure I was in love with, that I had moved in with him after only four months only to have him say pretty much what Laura had said.

What if I couldn't love someone in that way? What if I accepted Mark's heart and we took the risk of being discovered only to break his heart down the line? Thing was Mark was already in love with me, leaving the option of breaking his heart now by saying I didn't feel that way, or take the chance and do it six months from now. More important than that was the amazing relationship that I'd been enjoying with my brother since I had become sober.

Mark and I of course were close when we were younger, but during my drug years things had become different between us. Mark always loved me and tried to help me, but as things got worse although we would continue to sleep together, the emotion seemed no longer there. Those sweet playful mornings and soft moments had given way to more hardcore sex. Even the game had changed; when I was messed up I could no longer control Mark. I was a mess most of the time and he would just have his way with me. Looking back on it I think Mark had gotten rougher with me as a way to take out some of his frustration with me.

Since I had been on the right path however Mark and I had never been closer! Granted we now lived states apart, and only saw each other a few weeks a year, but when we did it was always incredible. This weekend had been the perfect example; rough on Friday night because it had been awhile and we both needed it, but Saturday had been playful in the morning and fun later on and of course Saturday night...

My fear now was that what if we tried and it didn't work out? Where would that leave us? Everyone has heard of people who had been friends for years, and had crossed that line only to have it not only not work out, but to have lost that friendship. Would I be risking my relationship with Mark if I broke his heart? Would I lose my little brother? Going back to our twisted relationship once again it occurred to me that Mark was always my brother. Whether we were fucking like animals or cuddling like lovers I never saw him as anything but my beautiful little brother.

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