tagIncest/TabooSiblings with Benefits Ch. 27

Siblings with Benefits Ch. 27


Author's note:

For those of you who have read Lex Talionis (am working on Chapter 6 Aftermath should be done by end of next week.) You already are aware of why Mark takes medication. For those of you who have not read Lex then Mark's condition will be a bit of a revelation. For more details about Mark's secret, check out Lex Talionis, where it is explained in detail. As always thank you for reading.


I pulled into the parking garage and felt a sense of relief when I saw Mark's firebird parked in its spot. Had my brother not been at work, or at home, I would have been worried. At least now I knew the worse thing he could be doing was going ape shit on the bag at the gym. I parked next to the firebird shaking my head at his license plate. DOMINUS the Latin word for master, Mark really did put himself out there a little too much sometimes. I shut the car off and, checking my make up in the rear view mirror, frowned at the redness in my eyes. I'd barely slept the last two nights and something told me Mark probably hadn't either, which was what had brought me here this morning in the first place. Seeing I was the cause of my brother's sleeplessness, the least I could do was to make sure he was okay, and who knows? Maybe if things went well we could catch a little nap together.

I started to get out of the car, then sat back and thought for a minute. I would have to be careful with Mark. There was no doubt in my mind that my checking up on him would lead to sex. The problem would be what kind of sex? Knowing now what I hadn't known back in Chicago, getting my brother revved up wouldn't be good for him, or for me for that matter I thought, as my back was still sore from yesterday's all out assault in the shower. On the other hand I was afraid if I went to sweet it would turn into making love, as it had Saturday night, and I didn't want to toy with his emotions either by letting him, or denying him, both of which would get him upset. Of course, now that I thought about it, wouldn't any type of sex be all but rubbing my brother's nose in it, if I didn't follow it up with an answer? I grunted disgustedly, now even sex was getting my head racing.

Taking a deep breath, I decided to take a couple of minutes to figure out what I was going to do. The obvious answer, and probably the right one, was to abstain from sex period. I should behave and do what a real big sister would do; check on Mark, make sure he's taking the meds., see if he's been sleeping, and, most importantly, tell him that I was worried and just want to make sure he's okay. Maybe even go for a cup of coffee with him before he went to work, hell, at that point if Mark seemed okay maybe I would even take another shot at bringing up dad.

That of course would be the right and more properly put, the unselfish thing to do, because let's face it; at the end of it, I was the one who would want my brother and would lead us down the path to sex. Mark may be a terror with the rest of the female population, but when we were together it was his big sister Megan who called the shots. And right now between being exhausted, worried over Mark, and upset from emotional roller coaster of reading the journal, I desperately needed my brother, and not just to talk to me, but to hold me, and ultimately to be inside me. Maybe I would just try to ease into it and see where it took us. The last thing I wanted was a replay of Chicago.

At that last thought something suddenly dawned on me; Saturday night had, in reality, started just as the night in Chicago had. The other night when we had entered Mark's bedroom I had told him to get on his knees and start at my feet. I had just received incredible news and was more than ready to celebrate by making my brother service his sister's hot pussy. Just like in Chicago, Mark had taken me in his arms and kissed me slow and easy. Also like that night in my bedroom, I had resisted, but this time only briefly. After my first attempt to pull away I let Mark have his way, let him carry me to his bed and make slow passionate love to me. Now as I sat there thinking of it, I found myself wondering what was different this time, in the past I had always shied away from slow sweet sex. Hell, it was right there in the journal, even as far back as that, Mark's first night in his new apartment, I had turned his attempt to be sweet into a hardcore session, and Tommy had spent years trying in vain to get me to slow down in bed.

That's when it hit me; In Chicago I had not wanted Mark to be sweet simply because I believed that he wanted it because of Samantha, that she truly had broken him. Now a year later, I had been much more receptive to it and all I could think of was earlier this morning Mom referring to Laura as my Samantha. Was that what had happened? Had my own brush with true love left me craving that feeling even more? Had our failed relationships opened up the door for something between us? As I sat there stunned at that idea I heard my mother's voice speaking in my mind

"It's like the two of you are waiting for someone."

Shaking my head, I got out of the car and walked across the garage to the elevator. As I waited for the elevator, my mind drifted momentarily to Laura, how totally perfect she was, and how I hoped she would find someone who would truly appreciate her and give her what I couldn't, everything. The elevator arrived and as I stepped in and hit the button for the seventh floor, my mind stayed on Laura and her visit here with me six months ago; a visit that, as I now thought of it, was another sign of my brothers changing feelings towards me that I had completely missed at the time.

I had brought Laura up to meet mom and dad, and of course, Mark last October. Following my usual pattern, as I know it always made him feel good, we had spent the first two nights at Mark's place. At first I wasn't sure if we would be able to, as not to long after he had seen me in Chicago, Mark had found another pet. This one was a twenty year old blonde named Katrina, who was majoring in psychology.

As was his custom, Mark had e-mailed me several pictures of her, including a shot of him fucking her doggy style. The look of mixed pleasure and pain on her sweet little face had me so worked up I had gone into Laura's darkroom and had her in a sixty nine on the floor within minutes. So when I had called Mark to say we were coming, I had mentioned staying all week at the folks, and Mark had told me he had cut Katrina loose after a couple of months. When I had asked why, Mark became vague and said that the game just didn't seem the same anymore. To my shock he had told me he was "seeing" someone, and, more surprisingly, said she was a few years older than him, and was the CEO of a local company. I asked if it was serious, and he had said they were pretty casual, just spending the weekends together, but that he was getting tired of hunting, as he had always called it, and was fine with it.

In hindsight that should have had me thinking something was amiss right there. Except for his big sister, I couldn't remember seeing him with a woman anywhere near his age, for more than a one night stand, let alone have some type of relationship. Then again in my defense, I was a little preoccupied at the time with a couple of things; one the amazing woman that I was with and two; introducing that woman to my brother. It hadn't occurred to me until we were on the plane, that I had a real dilemma with Laura meeting Mark. My friends from the galleries, and a few other people I knew down there, knew Mark as my "friend with benefits" from back home. Now, obviously, because Laura was going to meet my parents, she had to meet Mark as what he really was; my younger brother.

This was a problem I had never considered and I would have to hope it just worked out that when Laura was at the galleries no one would happen to bring up Mark. My brother only made it down every few months and wasn't due for awhile. I would just have to try to have him avoid that crowd on his visits. I was sure he'd understand but it did make me realize how strange our relationship really was and was also a reminder of the potential problems it could cause if we were found out.

Mark picked us up at the airport and we went out to dinner and then, at my urging, dancing. Mark and Laura hit it off fine and when Laura got up to go to the bathroom and I asked what he thought, Mark had laughed, and said it was pretty bad when his sister was dating a hotter woman than he was. I had turned serious and told him how much I loved her and how excited I was that she was meeting my family. Mark had given me a smile that seemed a little subdued but had kissed me on the cheek and told me he was happy for me. I had felt terrible knowing damn well he missed me but I was with someone and our rule was that sex together was off limits. At one point when Laura had come back and I had my arm around her I found myself looking at Mark, alone across the table, and wishing that it had worked out for him with Samantha. It would have been incredible to have had the four of us be out together, Mark and me, with people we were in love with and who loved us in return.

The club was amazing and Mark did seem to start becoming his old self again. Of course that could be attributed to the half a dozen shots he had done within a half hour of getting there. I danced with Mark a couple of times but we were brother and sister now and were very careful not to get carried away. I have to say, after he passed me off to Laura, it was an incredible turn on to have him sitting at the bar watching as Laura and I were all over each other on the dance floor. The favor was returned to me as Mark then took Laura 'out for a spin' as he put it and had her beet red as he held her from behind and really put on a show of grinding up and down on her. By then Mark had had another few drinks and proceeded to pull two very young girls up from their table and get sandwiched between them on the dance floor. Laura had shaken her head and told me that even though men weren't her thing she had to say that my brother was damn hot and that whatever else my real parents may have been they had made a couple of beautiful kids.

We had gotten back to Mark's place about one am and although it seemed early for me, as well as my night owl brother, Laura was exhausted and I certainly wasn't going to miss out on the thrill of licking her sweet pussy in Mark's guest bedroom knowing that he would be in the next room picturing it. That of course was just what I did. Mark's second bedroom was the size of most people's master bedroom and was furnished with a queen size bed. As Laura and I stripped each other naked and proceeded to let our tongues and fingers wander, I was turned on not only by the thought of Mark envisioning the two of us together, but also by the knowledge that this room was where Mark's pets slept when they weren't "worthy enough" to spend the night in his room, and that he would come in here in the middle of the night, fuck the shit out of them and then leave. Picturing Mark taking those hot little girls in the same bed in which I was getting my pussy licked by a gorgeous blond, was enough send me over the edge and I came like an animal, wailing so loud Laura had looked at me and said;

"Damn baby, you don't want your brother to hear us do you?"

We lay down together, as we always did, on our sides facing each other with Laura's head nestled under my chin. Just like I did every night I ran my fingers lightly through Laura's hair and across her shoulders and, as always, Laura gave me a sweet little giggle and nuzzled her face deeper into my chest. Laura was asleep within minutes but even after the flight, the long night, and one hell of an orgasm, I still found myself unable to sleep. I tried drifting off but all I could think of was Mark lying in his bed by himself, and I'm sure awake, wishing his big sister was in there with him. I was pretty sure of this was because that had been exactly what had been going through my head the weekend I had stayed when Mark was with Samantha. That weekend I had been lying in this bed envisioning Mark not only fucking Samantha but then wrapping his strong arms around her and holding her tight, the way he had always held me. Like Mark had seemed tonight, I had been happy for him but would be lying if I said I hadn't been a little upset because I couldn't be with him.

After a few minutes, I gently slid my arm out from under Laura and made to get up. Laura opened her eyes part way and asked me where I was going. I told her I wasn't tired yet and that my brother was as nocturnal as I was so I was going to get up and have a cup of tea with him and catch up a little. Laura was used to me doing this, since, when I was in a painting frenzy, I would routinely go to bed for sex, then get up and stay awake until dawn. I leaned over and, after kissing her, told her to go back to sleep. Laura smiled and closed her eyes again. I paused and, looking at the peaceful expression on her beautiful face, felt an overwhelming feeling of affection for her. I kissed her gently on the cheek and she smiled in her sleep.

Getting up I put on my short, black silk robe, the one I always brought with me when I stayed here and went to leave. I had just reached the door when I caught myself and going over to the bureau slipped on a pair of black panties. Just in case Laura should get up. The robe was pretty short and it would look bad for me to be in front of Mark in it with no underwear on. Leaving the room, I made my way out into the parlor half expecting Mark to have given up on sleep and be watching sports center, or even in his office reading one of those "banned" books he paid a fortune for from some dealer in Europe. The entire place was in darkness so I walked over and knocked lightly on his bedroom door. There was no answer so I gently turned the knob and pushed the door open partway in case he was sleeping.

Mark was sitting cross legged on the bed in a pair of black shorts meditating. His eyes were closed and his breathing was slow and steady. The room smelled of strawberry incense which immediately told me he was upset about not being with me. Since we had been teenagers Mark had always loved that scent in my hair. To this day I would always bring a bottle of strawberry shampoo with me when I came here, even though I never used it at home. The fact that Mark was meditating told me he was a little put off as well. Mark was a creature of habit and he only meditated in the morning. I walked slowly over to the bed wondering what he was softly chanting, as it wasn't Latin and didn't resemble anything else I had ever heard him come out with, and whispered;

"Hey little brother.

Mark's eyes opened and appeared unfocused for a moment.

"Up for some company?" I asked

Mark's eyes finally appeared to see me and asked;

"Hey sis can't sleep?"

I smiled and sat next to him on the bed.

"Not when I know my little brother is awake and would like some time alone with his sister."

Mark nodded, slid up in the bed and, putting his back against the mirrored headboard reached his arm out to me. Sliding up next to him, I leaned my right shoulder against the headboard and stretched my long legs out along his. I faced Mark and found my eyes working their way across his bare chest and his heavily tattooed, well muscled arms. I deliberately stopped my eyes from wandering further down. My brother was so well hung that even soft his cock filled out his shorts and, since I knew full well it wasn't for me right now, there was no need to tease myself. I looked up, hoping that Mark hadn't been following my gaze, only to see his eyes glued to my long legs poking out from the very short robe. As I watched they slid up and lingered on my chest. The robe was tied a bit loosely and looking down I could see that half of my left tit was exposed. Trying to be as nonchalant as possible I sat up a little and, as the robe slid open just a little more, pulled it a little tighter around me.

My brother reached down to my chest and I was going to tell him to behave but all he did was take the locket that mom had given me in his fingers.

"I love that you still wear this." He said softly.

"I love that you're the reason I even have it." I told him. At that I started to think back to how I almost lost it and felt my stomach start to turn but Mark instantly spoke;

"We don't talk about that Meg, we move forward now, not backwards, remember?"

"Absolutely." I told him relieved. The feeling in my stomach faded, however, I was aware of my heart beat picking up as Mark had not moved his hand and, although he was just holding the locket, the side of his hand was just pressing lightly on my right tit.

"Speaking of forward, Mark." I began. "Whose your," I cleared my throat "Older lady friend?"

Mark looked at me and after removing his hand from the locket said;

"Her names Justine, she's CEO at an investment firm in Boston."

"And exactly how old is Justine?" I asked smirking.

Mark rolled his eyes and answered;

"Forty five."

"What?" I asked shocked. "Well what does she look like?"

Mark sighed and leaning over to his nightstand opened a drawer and removing an eight by ten framed picture handed it to me. The picture was of Mark with Alex Warner; they were both wearing Black suits and standing between them in a low cut red dress was a tall woman with long auburn red hair and blue eyes. I have to say if this woman was forty five, God bless her because she was not only built like a brick shit house but her features were absolutely stunning.

"She's gorgeous." I told him. Then looking at Alex added; "So have you talked to..."

"No." Mark said simply as he put the picture away. I shrugged and asked;

"So not serious?"


"Well why..."

"Look Meg," Mark began. "Justine is the top dog in a boys club, she's mid forties but loves the game and the life style, loves to control and be controlled, but in her position she can't get caught in clubs or tearing apart young boys. As for me, I'm getting tired of training pets and wondering if they'll work out, and after the Winthrop mess I really need to keep my face out of the press, so it works out for us, we spend the weekends together, have fun and go our own way, if we're seen together it looks like we're a power couple." He gave me a smirk. "Hell, if anything, I'm her boy toy."

"You're no one's toy little brother." I said then giving him a wink added; "Except for your big sister of course."

"Not anymore." Mark said in a matter of fact manner.

I looked away for a minute. Mark hadn't said it nastily, but the way he said it struck a chord in me as, for the first time, I started to wonder what it would be like to never be with my brother again. I stopped and told myself that it would be fine, we would get used to it. I was in love and, although Mark wasn't thrilled about that at the moment, he would be okay with it and just be happy for me. Looking back at him I told him what I had said during our first weekend as lovers:

"Jealousy is an ugly emotion little brother."

"I'm not jealous Meg," Mark said. "I just." He sighed, "It's just not easy."

"Years ago we said we weren't for all the time Mark," I pointed out. "I know it's been fifteen years since I said that, but sooner or later this was bound to happen." I reached down and took his hand.

"For the record, I do know how you feel Mark, it wasn't easy for me to be in that room when you were with Samantha."

"I didn't think of that." Mark said softly.

"It's okay Mark, I mean I was kind of bummed but know what? She was in love, you looked happier than I'd seen you in years, so in the end I was happy for the two of you."

With that I looked up and batting my eyes gave him a little pout.

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