Siblings with Benefits Ch. 37


"Doing coke? Oh yeah, Mark, I have," I nodded. "I kind of had a lot to try to forget today." I laughed. "Why? You going to fuck me in the ass again because I'm fucked up? I mean, that's what you did last night, isn't it?"

"Sis, please, not here."

"I said take your fucking shirt off!" I yelled in his face.

Mark flinched, then, reaching up, started to unbutton his shirt. I watched until he had undone three buttons before reaching out and grabbing the sides of his shirt, I tore it open.

"No, we take clothes off like this, remember?" I asked.

Mark didn't answer, instead he reached up to grab the tie, but I beat him to it, sliding it off of his shoulders. I smiled as I dangled it in front of him. Mark slipped the shirt off, and I looped the tie back around his neck again. Stepping forward, I grabbed the ends and, making a quick knot, gave it a hard yank. Mark gasped as the tie tightened around his throat.

"Ohh, I like that," I said softly.

Reaching down, I unbuckled his belt and tugged it off of him.

"Now strip," I told him as I looped the belt over my neck, letting it hang across my shoulders.

Mark hesitated and I gave the tie another yank. I held it tightly until my brother reached down and unzipped his pants. I let up on the tie and, stepping back, watched as Mark pulled his pants down and stepped out of them, removing his shoes and socks as he did. Straightening, Mark started to pull his underwear down, but I stopped him with another hard pull.

"Keep those on. I don't even want to see that fucking thing!" I hissed at him. "Now get on your knees."

Mark shook his head.

"Megan, I'm sorry but...Ow!!"

Mark cried out in pain, as, stepping forward, I raised my foot, stomped down as hard as I could, driving the point of my heel into the top of his bare foot. As my brother raised his foot off of the floor, I yanked down hard on the tie, causing him to fall to the floor.

"On your fucking knees!" I screamed at him.

Mark went down onto his hands and knees. I immediately swung my leg catching his wrist and knocking his hand out from under him. Mark went down to one side and with no hesitation I stomped on his other hand. He cried out in pain and ended up face down on the carpet. I placed my foot in the middle of his back and leaned forward, my weight driving my heel into his flesh. I heard Mark's breath hiss between his teeth, but he didn't say anything.

"See, says it right on your back." I pointed out. "Lex Talionis."

I dragged my heel along his back and across the huge letters tattooed there. Removing my foot I walked around behind him, and bending over reached down underneath him to grab the tie.

"Get up on your knees!"

Mark gagged as, using both hands, I hauled him up to his knees by his neck. Letting go of the tie, I took a couple of steps back. Sliding the belt from around my neck, I whipped it around and, with a practiced flick of my wrist, snapped it into Mark's back. He cried out as just the tip caught him just under his neck.

"Oh, does that hurt, Mark?" I asked. "You should try it across your bare ass, like you did to me last night."

Up until this point, I had been in control, toying with Mark and being deliberately over the top. But as I spoke, the memory of last night sent a flash of rage through me. I raised my arm up and around and, stepping closer, brought the belt down as hard as I could. There was a loud cracking sound as the leather bit into my brother's back, and I smiled as he cried out in pain and surprise. I swung again, and I felt the impact of the belt all the way up to my shoulder as I put all of my weight behind it. Mark had started to fall forward to his hands and knees, but, reaching out, I yanked him back with the tie.

"You stay right there and take it just like I had too!" I snarled at him.

Taking a couple of steps back, I started snapping the belt into him. I had spent three months as a professional Dominatrix, in a private sex club in New York, and, using the belt as a whip, expertly played it up and down my brother's exposed back. The blows had nowhere near the force as the other's had, but they were sharper, only the tip of the leather belt making contact before I flicked my wrist again. To his credit, Mark sat there on his knees and took it. This enraged me even more, as now that he knew what was coming, he wasn't crying out in pain anymore, but just grunting with each blow. This enflamed me even more; I aimed higher and the next blow caught Mark on the side of the head, striking his left ear.

Mark yelled in pain, his hand going to his ear. Spurred on by his cry, I snapped the belt again and smiled. My brother had immediately covered his right ear, figuring I would aim for it next. Instead, he cried out again as the belt bit into the soft skin of the side of his neck. Mark covered his head with his arms, and another wave of anger went through me.

"Put your fucking hands down!" I shouted. "I couldn't defend myself!"

Without being aware I was going to do it, I stepped forward and kicked Mark in the back. Years of dancing had left me with strong legs, and I used every ounce of that strength as I drove the heel of my shoe into the middle of his back. Mark fell onto his face but immediately rolled over onto his knees to face me. Without thinking, I whipped the belt directly at his face, and only my brother's amazing reflexes saved him from losing an eye. Mark had snapped his head to the side and, as I brought the belt around again, slapped it away from him.

"Enough!" he snapped. "You're going to..."

"Going to what? Hurt you?" I demanded, letting the belt come back and coil around my arm. "What did you do to me? You beat me with this, Mark!" I held up the belt. "And I couldn't even fight back! So you put your fucking hands down!"

Mark stared hard at me; his chest was heaving. I watched a trickle of blood drip from his left ear and down his neck. I was looking into his eyes and saw that they were getting darker. He was getting pissed. Well, too fucking bad, if I had to, I would turn this into a straight out fight, and see just how far he would let me take it. The coke was humming through me, and I felt as if I could hold my own even against my professionally trained and batshit crazy brother. After all, we were from the same family, and he wasn't the only one with a temper.

"I was fucking helpless last night!" I shouted at him. "I swear to Christ, Mark, I will fight you if you don't give me what I want! I'll make you hurt me again, is that what you want?"

Mark looked into my icy blue eyes for another moment before bowing his head.

"I'm at your mercy," he whispered.

As he spoke, he leaned forward and stretched his legs out until he was lying on his stomach, his face inches from my feet. I looked down at him, and, even through the dark colors of his Baphomet tattoo, I could see the welts where the belt had struck him. There had to be over a dozen, and his back was bleeding from where I had kicked him. I let out a deep breath as Mark's complete surrender to me caused me to calm down. Well, it calmed the rage, anyway. In place of that burning anger, another feeling was beginning to rise; that of desire. I hadn't planned on there being anything sexual about this.

I had come to get my revenge and to turn my brother against me once and for all. However, at the sight of my brother lying at my feet, totally at my mercy, I felt my pussy beginning to respond. Pushing my right foot closer to his face, I whispered, "Lick them."

Mark hesitated for a few seconds, then, lifting his head, he gently swirled his tongue across my toes. Unable to hold it back, a soft moan escaped me as Mark began to manage to suck my big toe into his mouth.

"Good boy." I said quietly, "you might just be able to make this easy on yourself if you can behave like this."

That was an outright lie of course, but I had decided that I should have a little fun before things turned ugly.

"Hmm, that is nice," I cooed as Mark went onto to suck the next toe.

I let him work his way across my toes, then, sliding that foot back, put the other in front of him. My pussy was practically dripping at this point, and I decided I wanted a better show. Dropping down to one knee, I reached down and, removing the tie from Mark's neck, replaced it with the belt. I stood up and pulled, tightening it and causing Mark to gasp.

"Come on, doggy, let's go for a walk."

I began to walk backwards, tugging on the belt. Mark obediently rose to his hands and knees and began crawling as I led him towards his desk. My pussy gushed at the sight of my badass brother on all fours for his sister. My pussy flowed even heavier, and I could feel my clit already beginning to ache for release. I pulled Mark around the desk until he was alongside of it and told him, "Get up on your knees."

As Mark did as I said, I sat back in his chair and, after angling it so I was facing him, whipped my right leg up and around, placing it on top of the desk. My heeled foot landed inches from Mark's face, but, to his credit, he didn't flinch.

"Take my shoes off."

"Yes, Megan. "Mark said softly as he began to untie the strap from around my ankle.

I noticed his fingers were trembling and could tell by the look in his eyes that he was confused with where this was going, but like me, lust was beginning to take over. Mark slipped the shoe from my foot, which I then raised and rubbed along the side of his face. My brother's lips parted and his breath picked up as my bare foot caressed his cheek. Unable to resist, I curled my toes against the bruised flesh below his eye, causing him to wince. I let my foot rest against his face, enjoying the fact that I knew how badly Mark wanted to kiss it, but was waiting for permission. Putting my left leg up onto the edge of the desk, I hiked my skirt up. Reaching down, I slid my red thong to one side. Mark's eyes widened and I smiled as he , unconsciously, I'm sure, licked his lips as he took in his sister's smooth, pink, glistening pussy.

"How's that look, little brother?" I asked as I brought my other hand down, spreading myself in front of him.

Mark swallowed hard before answering, "Perfect, my sister's pussy is perfect."

"Sister?" I shook my head. "Not today, dog. Today, I think 'Mistress' would be more appropriate."

"Yes, Mistress."

"Better," I told him, then sighed as I slid my fingers through the soft wet folds of my pussy.

I moaned softy as I plunged two fingers inside and, as my brother watched, pumped slowly in and out. Removing them, I brought them up to my face and, taking a deep breath, sighed. With a nasty smirk, I leaned over and, reaching out, placed my fingers directly under my brother's nose. Mark inhaled and his eyes rolled as he took in the sweet scent of his sister's pussy. I felt my pussy gush at the look of absolute desire that took over my brother's face. I had just whipped him and caused him to bleed, yet all he could think of right now was my hot little pussy.

"You like that?" I asked.

"Yes, Me...Yes, Mistress."

"Good catch. Bet you'd like a taste, wouldn't you?"

"Yes, Mistress," Mark said softly.

"Should I let you?" I asked as I rubbed my fingers across his lips.

Mark remained in control of himself, keeping his mouth closed as I teased him. When I pulled my fingers back slightly, he answered, "I don't deserve it."

"Damn straight, you don't!" I exclaimed.

Bringing my hand to my face, I slipped my fingers into my mouth and sucked hard on them. I moaned at the taste of myself as well as the look of disappointment on my brother's face. Taking my fingers from my mouth, I looked at my brother.

"That was, however, a very good answer, Mark. So I'll tell you what, you can lick my foot instead."

I put my foot on the desk in front of his face. Mark leaned forward and had just begun to open his mouth when he caught himself.

"May I?" he asked.

"Oh, that was very good, Mark." I nodded in approval. "Go ahead."

"Thank you."

Mark began to slide his tongue around the base of my toes, but I stopped him with a sudden yank on the belt.

"No!" I snapped. "Do not nibble like a lover. You lick them like the dog you are."

"Sorry, Mistress."

"You should be!" I told him. "You know you're not even worthy of my feet, but they do need a good washing. Now I don't want you kissing or teasing. I want you to clean them."

"Yes, Mistress, thank you, Mistress."

I sat back and had to stifle a moan of pleasure, as, placing his tongue at my heel; Mark ran it along the length of my foot to the tips of my toes then back down again. I leaned back farther in the chair and, seeing that he was watching, brought my hand back down and began to stroke my clit. This time, I lost the battle and moaned as Mark resumed licking my foot and as my finger rubbed across my swollen clit.

"Faster! You're enjoying it too much!" I snapped. I let him get a few more licks in before pulling my foot back and replacing it with my other."Go ahead," I told him.

Mark removed my shoe and immediately began licking my other foot. I groaned again as my fingers worked my pussy, and I watched my brother tongue my foot. I was breathing heavy, as my pussy yearned to cum from my own touch. As good as Mark's tongue felt, it was even more of a turn on to see that look of lust in my brother's eyes as they remained focused between my legs. I gasped, and my hips twitched as I rubbed my clit harder. I then moaned as Mark let out a soft whimper as he watched me getting myself off. When Mark and I used to play the Game when we were younger, I would frequently, as a punishment, make him watch me cum, not allowing him to help. That had been my plan now, but, upon thinking about it, why should I make myself cum when my brother's soft and very talented tongue could make me cum so much harder? I slowed my fingers, as I also thought that it would be the last time, and, hell, I had let Tommy get one more taste, so how could I not allow my brother the same privilege?


As Mark sat back on his knees, I stood up from the chair.

"Get up," I told him, tugging on the belt.

Mark stood and I refrained from licking my own lips as I saw the enormous bulge in his boxers. Not only was there a bulge, but a wet spot where the head of his cock was dripping. As I pulled Mark over to me, I didn't know what was sicker, that he was hard after how I had treated him, or that I even wanted his cock after what he had done to me last night. When Mark was standing directly in front of me, I grabbed his shoulders and, stepping away, pointed at the chair.

"Sit down."

Mark obeyed.

Grabbing my purse, I walked behind the chair. Removing the handcuffs I had taken from Mark's bedroom, I said, "Put your arms behind the chair."

Mark hesitated and, grabbing the belt, I pulled on it while bracing my knee against the back of the chair. I heard him gag and, a moment later, he dropped his arms to his sides. Letting the belt go, I grabbed his wrists and pulled them together. The chair was wide and I really had to pull to get Mark's wrists to cross. I heard him grunt as I stretched his arms far enough to be able to slap the cuffs on. Standing up behind him, I glanced down at my purse and thought about my final surprise. Now? No, I wanted to get off first.

"Megan," Mark said softly. "This is my office, I..."

"No worries, Mark." I said as, walking back in front of him, I showed him the key. "I brought this along. You won't be trapped here." Not for too long, anyway, I added to myself.

"And it's 'Mistress' to you," I told him.

"Yes, Mistress, I'm..." Mark's response turned into a yelp as I grabbed his nipples and gave them a hard twist.

"Don't misbehave now, little brother," I said, shaking my head. "After all, I am about to give you something you don't deserve, the chance to suck on my hot little pussy and cum on your worthless face." I shrugged. "Unless you don't want to."

" would be my pleasure." Mark said as, once again, desire for his sister replaced any misgivings he had for his present predicament.

"It had better be my pleasure," I corrected him as, reaching under my skirt, I slid my thong down my legs. Kicking it aside, I looked behind me and, with a nasty smirk, bent over and, with a sweep of my arm, cleared everything off of his desk.

"Megan!" Mark exclaimed as folders and papers flew everywhere. "My work that's..."

He gagged as I gave the belt a vicious tug.

"My work!" I repeated in a mocking tone. "Stop your fucking whining! You have a chance to lick my pretty little pussy, a chance you don't deserve, and you're worried about fucking papers!"I paused, then added, "Christ, I wish you wouldn't make so much noise."

I nodded in satisfaction when I saw Mark flinch at that remark.

I couldn't help but toss out another. "I like you so much better when you're quiet."

"That's okay, though," I said as I sat up on his desk. "I figure, if you're going to flap your tongue, then at least I can put it to good use."

The chair was on wheels and, tugging on the belt, I pulled it right up to the desk. Still holding the belt, I leaned back on my elbows. Swinging my legs up, I draped them over Mark's shoulders and pushed my hips up, holding my pussy inches from his face.

"Don't you dare lick yet!" I told him as he started to open his mouth.

Wrapping my leg around the back of his head, I pulled his face directly into my pussy. Rocking my hips, I began to grind my slippery, wet slit in, rubbing my juice all over him. I moaned at how good rubbing my clit against his face felt, as well as the little whimper that came from my brother as he desperately wanted to lick his sister's pussy.

"Yeah, you want your sister's pussy, Mark?"

"Yes, Mistress," he mumbled into my flesh.

"Forget that," I said. "It's a fun game, but I want you to tell me how bad you want to taste your sister's pussy." After all, it would be the last time I would be able to hear it.

"I love to lick my big sister's pussy," Mark whispered. "Please let me," he added, all but whining.

"Oohhh, I like that little whimper," I cooed. "Go ahead and put your tongue out."

Mark did as I said and I began to slide up and down again, letting his tongue run the length of my pussy. I gasped as he reached my clit. Moving my hips in a circular motion, I moaned as his soft tongue caressed my hard clit. I raised my hips sliding his tongue through my wet lips and sighed.

"Oh, that's nice, little brother, maybe you're not so useless, after all. Of course, I am doing the work, but better that than trust your sorry efforts."

I brought my clit back to the tip of his tongue.

"Now go ahead, swirl it around a little, nice and slow, nice and soft."

I moaned again as, like it always did, the coke had me more sensitive than usual, and I had already been worked up. Not wanting to cum this quickly, I pulled my clit from his mouth.

"Yeah, you being a good little puppy, Mark? You doing a good job on your sister's pussy? The pussy you don't deserve?" I lifted up a little."Go ahead; shove your tongue into that hot, wet pussy."

Mark leaned his head in and shoved his tongue hard into my pussy. Unable to help it, I squealed in delight as my brother's rigid tongue plunged into my steamy pussy. I pulled on the belt and whispered, "Go ahead."

Taking his cue, Mark began moving his head back and forth, sliding his tongue in and out of me.

"Ohh, yeah," I moaned. "Look at you, tongue fucking your sister. Licking that pussy you don't deserve."

I raised and lowered my hips to let Mark's tongue find my clit and whimpered as, after just grinding it into his face, I could feel my thighs starting to tremble.

"You enjoying your sister's pussy, little brother?"

"Oh, yeah." Mark breathed into me.

"Yeah, well, at least one of us is," I lied. "Tell you what, Mark, you got less than a minute to get me off, or I'll get myself off and you can sit there and watch."

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