tagIncest/TabooSiblings with Benefits Lex Talionis Ch. 02

Siblings with Benefits Lex Talionis Ch. 02


Note from the Author;

Welcome to Chapter 2 which contains parts 2&3. I know a lot of people missed Megan last chapter but the title of part 2 says it all: Megan Returns. On another note, Part 3, Mark sends a message, contains graphic violence. As always thanks for reading!



Part 2- Megan Returns

I was lying in my bed staring at the ceiling. It was eleven o'clock on Friday night and as usual I was alone and frustrated. Tonight was supposed to have been the night that I had finally gotten Krissy to put out. Megan was working, Doug and Denise had gone away for the weekend and I had a great night planned out. It had started off perfectly; after taking Krissy to dinner and the beach fro Ice cream I had told her I had the place to myself and would she like to come back there with me.

To my delight Krissy had agreed and it was everything I could do not to speed home as she sat next to me her head on my shoulder as I drove. The night got even better as once upstairs we started making out hot and heavy and not only had I gotten Krissy's shirt off but had slid my hand all the way up her skirt. I had just begun working my fingers into her panties to touché her pussy when a car door slammed outside.

Krissy and I both jumped and quickly getting up to look out the window I saw it was only the gy next door. When I turned around however Krissy had her shirt back on and said she was sorry but she was still too nervous. I took her home and upon returning immediately undressed got into my bed, and jerked off. Now here I was again; another night as an eighteen year old virgin.

There was a knock on the door and my sister Megan asked if she could come in. I called out that she could and rolled over to see her as she entered. I figured Megan couldn't sleep and wanted to lie down with me like we had been doing from time to time since I had lived there. When Megan came in, my mouth all but fell open and my first thought was good thing the blankets were over my crotch.

Megan was wearing a lacey black and red tank top that only went to just below her tits and a pair of matching panties that tied at the sides leaving her incredibly long legs bare right up to the hips.

"Hey little brother," She asked. "Watcha looking at?"

"I... um you I guess." I forced out barely able to speak.

"Just me? Or do you like my new jammies?"

With that Megan lifted her arms and the shirt rode up to expose the bottom of her tits. I was aware of my cock hard and throbbing under the covers.

"You want some company little brother?"

There was another knock at the door.

"Mark? You okay in there?"

I jerked so violently that I felt myself begin to fall out of the office chair that I had been sitting in. At the last minute my hand flashed down and caught the floor stopping me from spilling out of it. With a push I righted myself and just in time to avoid looking like an idiot as at that moment the door to Mitch's office opened and Cynthia popped her head in.

"Hey Mark, I knocked but you didn't answer."

"Sorry I was just wrapped up in this shit." I waved my hand towards the top of Mitch's desk which was covered with a years' worth of receipts.

Normally I wasn't one to lie about anything as I never really cared enough about what people thought one way or another, but I didn't feel like admitting I had fallen asleep. The fact that I had been dreaming about the night I lost to my virginity to my big sister was another fact that I would keep to myself. It was Saturday night, but because there was a big biker run going on and most of the college kids had gone home for summer vacation Mitch's was pretty dead.

As a matter of fact it was so quiet Mitch was only going to have Cynthia work but I had talked him into letting me work on his atrocious book keeping for awhile. This way I could make some money but also be able to keep an eye on Cynthia, as I really didn't like the idea of her working alone on a Saturday night. I had been working on the paperwork for a couple of hours when tired of my eyes burning I had given up and closed them.

I had been sleeping like shit all week, barely getting three hours a night. Between my workouts, Tai Kwon do classes, and work, not to mention three nights with Cynthia. I should be ready to drop, but had still been wired for sound. As the week went on I had figured worst case scenario my Friday night with Robin would put me out. That had been last night and a hell of a night it was!

We had gone to Capital grill with the three couples Robin had discussed and I had blown them away. I was dressed perfectly and spent the entire night doting on Robin, getting her drinks, kissing her cheek, and fawning all over her like a love struck teenage. The women were all but drooling and the guys were giving me dirty looks all night. After dinner a couple of the guys wanted to go to shooters to play some pool. Shooters is pretty casual so with a wink Robin had told me to take off the dress shirt and tie and play in just the white tank top I had underneath.

This got the women even more worked up and to top it all off, when we had sat down for drinks and one of the guys asked if I was in construction or some type of "labor" as he put it, I mentioned that I was third year criminal justice and had already locked up a scholarship for Suffolk. At the end of the evening as we were saying our good byes one of Robin's friends kissed my cheek and as she did slipped her phone number into my pocket.

I showed it to Robin back at her place and she had laughed with delight. After she was done laughing she kissed me and looking me in the eye told me that I had been incredible and the night was mine I could do whatever the hell I wanted to her. Robin was a woman of her word, and not only didn't hedge at me finally wanting to fulfill my fantasy of fucking her in the ass, but loved every minute of it! We had gone for hours and again in the morning, yet when I had gotten home today I still couldn't so much as nap. It would figure that I would finally fall asleep where I shouldn't.

"I said I brought you a coffee." Cynthia was saying.

"Oh," I replied. "Thanks."

Cynthia entered and came over to the desk carrying a mug. As she put it down in front of me she leaned over and kissed my cheek.

"Don't worry I won't tell anyone you were taking a nap."

I smiled sheepishly and took a sip of the coffee. It tasted like shit but what the hell it was made in a bar. As I took another taste I looked over the edge of the mug at Cynthia who looked damn good in a low cut tight red t-shirt and very short black mini skirt. As I put the mug down Cynthia stood behind me and started rubbing my shoulders.

"That feels good." I told her.

"Yeah it does." Cynthia said laughing as she squeezed my shoulders then slid her hands down my arms.

"Thanks for the coffee," I told her. "Whose at the bar?"

"Oh my roommate Sherry came in. She'll yell if anyone needs anything. I mean there's all of six people out there."

As she spoke Cynthia came around and sat at the edge of the desk. Her skirt had ridden up to all but show her panties, and my eyes were instantly drawn to her thighs. Leaning over I playfully kissed the top of her thigh just under the skirt.

"Oooh that's nice." She whispered.

"Yeah?" I asked as I could already feeling myself getting hard.

As I pushed her skirt up to expose her red panties Cynthia slowly opened her legs and this time I placed a kiss on her inner thigh right next to the crotch of her panties. Breathing deeply I could smell her pussy through the thin material. Unable to resist I pulled the panties to the side and placed a soft kiss directly on her clit.

"Ohh Mark," She moaned as she ran her fingers through my hair.

I kissed her again, and then started teasing her swollen using just the tip of my tongue. Cynthia's breath caught as I continued tonguing her harder. I had just slid two fingers inside of her, planning on getting her off right here on the desk when...

"Cynthia they need you out here!"

"Fuck!!" Cynthia snapped.

I sat back and laughed at her.

"That's not funny!" Cynthia snapped standing and smoothing her skirt down. "That was a tease."

"Sorry." I said shrugging

Cynthia started to walk past but catching her wrist I looked up at her and with a wink told her;

"How about I take up where I left off after we close?" I was never too tired for sex.

"Sounds good to me!" Cynthia said and laughing added; "Who said we close at ten tonight?"

Cynthia left and turning back to the mess on the desk I shook my head. I really couldn't focus tonight. Glancing over I saw Mitch had left a pack of Marlboro's on the corner of the desk. Reaching out I grabbed the pack and after shaking one out used the lighter that was next to them and took a long drag. I knew I shouldn't smoke; it went against everything else I did for my body, but Megan had gotten me started a couple of years ago and although I didn't smoke often I found that I really did enjoy it and couldn't resist them once in awhile.

I took a few minutes to smoke the cigarette and finish the coffee. It was only when I finished did I realize that that may not have been the best combination for someone who had a sleeping disorder. Oh well, I would just have to wear myself out on Cynthia's pretty little pussy. I had been kind of shitty to her earlier this week so tonight I wouldn't play any games; just relax and enjoy the company of a hot girl who couldn't get enough of me.

With a sigh I went back to the paperwork. Mitch really wasn't much of a business man, if I didn't do this once in awhile he would end up with an audit for sure. In the grand scheme of things I really didn't mind Mitch had done a lot for me over the last couple of years. A foster kid himself Mitch had taken a liking to me and the fact that I never let my past stop me from doing everything I wanted. Once when he was shitfaced I had overheard him tell one of the other bikers that even though I was a pretty boy I was like "The son I never wanted."

"Hey Mark?"

I turned to see Cynthia poking her head in again.

"I said I'll catch you later Cyn," I started. "I..."

"Your sister just came in."

I all but jumped out of the chair to follow Cynthia back out to the bar. I didn't care how it looked that I was so excited, as Cynthia was more than aware of Megan's issues and knew she had been disappearing for weeks at a stretch for the last few months. When I came out of the back room my sister was standing at the corner of the bar waiting for me.

"Hey little brother!" She exclaimed happily giving me a little wave.

It was only ten feet from the door I had come through to where my sister was standing, but as I approached her those ten feet told me a lot. On my recently created "Megan Scale" with ten being her looking like the beautiful big sister that she always was to me, and one being my heart breaking just by looking at her; I would give her about a seven tonight.

Megan looked good. Unlike some of the times I had seen her over the last few months it looked like she was aware of her appearance. Megan's long black hair was down and even looked like she had curled it recently, and she looked cute in a pretty pink sleeveless sundress that already had part of me thinking of seeing it slip off her shoulders. Most importantly as I glanced down at them, her arms appeared to be clear.

Three months ago I had noticed needle marks on Megan's right arm and after confronting her found out that she had tried heroin. I had been speechless and before I knew it could feel the tears in my eyes. Megan assured me that she had hated the feeling of it and never planned to do it again. Then again how many times in the last year and a half had she sworn off coke only to be good for a few weeks and go right back?

As my gaze trailed downward admiring my sister's extremely long well shaped legs, and the very sexy black heeled sandals she was wearing I noticed a duffle bag on the floor next to her. In one sense that was a bad thing, it meant my sister once again had nowhere to call home, however on a selfish note my heart leapt as that meant that she would be staying with me for awhile. Oh how I welcomed that thought! Not only because I missed her; but because she always stayed clean when she stayed with me.

The reason Megan was a seven tonight and not a ten was that as I got to within a couple of feet I saw that her amazingly light, all but transparent blue eyes were positively electric, she was definitely flying. As I reached her Megan flashed me one of those huge crooked smiles that never failed to melt my heart and put her arms out to me. I gratefully entered those arms and wrapping my own around her, crushed her to me tightly.

"I missed you sis." I whispered in her ear.

"I missed you to Mark," She replied softly. "I really did."

I stepped back and as I leaned in to kiss her, it took everything I had pass by Megan's very inviting soft, full lips and give her a peck on the cheek instead. As if reading my mind Megan whispered;

"No worries little brother, you can kiss me on the lips later," She giggled adding; "Maybe even the ones on my face!"

I pulled away from her, but Megan kept her arms around my shoulders and looking me up and down smiled.

"Damn you look good Mark. You... damn!" She exclaimed looking at my new tattoo. "Look at that! That's from one of my paintings!"

"Just like Pan, and just like yours" I said touching her right arm that from shoulder to elbow was covered with a green and black tattoo of the gorgon Medusa. I shrugged "What can I say I have good taste."

"And you taste good too." Megan whispered giggling again.

I had come to hate that giggle. Normally my sister had a light hearted infectious laugh. This annoying little sound is what she emitted whenever she was high. Glancing over my shoulder Megan must have seen someone staring because she stepped back away from me and sat down on the first stool at the edge of the bar.

"Hey Cynthia," She called out waving.

I turned to see Cynthia smile at her, but then as she started to turn her head, Cynthia's eyes caught mine and appeared sad. She knew Megan was messed up and what it did to me. Why was it again I treated her so poorly sometimes? Oh that's right, it was because I took what I wanted. I shook that off and turned to look back at my sister. Megan had seen someone else she knew and after waving smiled and nodded. The nodding continued as she looked around the room, her head bobbing as if to music that only she could hear.

"So when did you get back sis? Today?" I asked to get her to stop.

"Umm no two or three days ago." She answered turning to face me. The nodding stopped but she began drumming her fingers on the top of the bar.

"Why didn't you call?" I already knew the answer of course.

Megan looked at me and putting her head down said quietly;

"I wasn't feeling or looking to good Mark, and you know after I'm gone it takes me awhile to make myself come see you or the folks. I know what I do to you guys."

I didn't want her to go into one of her funks so I changed the subject.

"What's with the bag?"

"Oh," Megan said. "Well Tommy got pissed off at me and I didn't feel like hearing him whine." She rolled her eyes.

"I've told him before it's not like he's my husband if I want to fool around with someone I will."

I sighed. Speaking to my sister these days was like walking through a mine field; no matter where you stepped it could blow up on you.

"Well actually," Megan continued with a look of concentration on her face as if she was remembering something. "I don't think it was that this time."

She snapped her fingers.

"Oh yeah! He was mad cause I did the last of his stash!" She shrugged. "Hey you snooze you lose right little brother?" She giggled again then continued;

"Besides, this way I get to spend some time with my beautiful little brother. I missed you Mark I..." She lowered her eyes and said softly. "I need you little brother."

As Megan looked up she cocked her head and stared into my eyes which I knew were red as hell from lack of sleep.

"Looks like you could use some time with your big sister too."

"Oh yeah," I said, and then glancing down at the bag frowned. "That all you have?"

"Well we had to leave New York kind of quick and I left some stuff." She shrugged. "I have a few more things at Tommy's and a couple of things at Betty's."

I shook my head as I felt one of those pangs of sadness go through me. My sister was living like a gypsy and had been for awhile now. Hell she hadn't even had a car of her own in over a year.

"I'll take you to buy a few things tomorrow sis."

"Please Mark you don't have to do that. You need your money."

"I'm okay sis really."

Robin had been so happy with last night she had given me $200 and I had two months' rent saved. I could certainly afford to help my sister.

"Well okay!" Megan said back to the high wattage smile again. "But," She winked. "Only if I can buy something as a fun surprise for you one night."


The bar was all but dead and what customers there were, Cynthia took care of. I knew she wasn't just doing it to keep busy but was trying to give me some time with my sister while I was still down there watching to make sure she was okay. I was going to have to be very good to Cyn next time out. Megan and I talked for awhile, or more accurately she did, going on and on and flitting from subject to subject so fast I kept losing track of the conversation.

After a few minutes I brought up seeing her parents and she went into all but tears. Doug at this point may or may not even want to see her. For that matter I wasn't so sure how happy he would be to see me; we had been fighting constantly over Megan. Doug's answer was "tough love" giver her no help whatsoever and make her realize how bad things were. I on the other hand although I had smartened up with giving her money would be damned if I'd turn my sister to the street.

Denise on the other hand was a basket case when she didn't know where Megan was. If I couldn't talk Megan into going by tomorrow I would call Denise and get her to meet us here so she could see that Megan was okay, or as okay as she got these days. I quickly got off the subject of Doug and Denise and switched over to my chance to join the RI thunderbolts an elite group of martial artists who competed in tournaments around the country.

As we spoke Megan had slid the bowl of pretzels over to her and had devoured them as if she hadn't eaten in days. When she finished I asked her;

"You hungry sis?"

Megan shrugged

"A little."

I left Cynthia to watch the bar and my sister, as there were a couple of guys that came in that were dealers. Cynthia would come get me if either of them approached Meg or she went to them. Hopefully that wouldn't happen, at least not again. Six months ago a guy named Rick had sold her some coke while I was there and I had introduced his face to the urinal in the bathroom several times.

Mitch had a tiny kitchenette in the back, because technically the bar sold hamburgers and sandwiches, but no one ever really ate there as Cynthia and I were the cooks and there was a reason I ate tv dinners and her roommate handled the cooking. I fried up a couple of hamburgers managing not to burn them for once and brought them out to Megan who ate them as if they were the best thing she ever tasted.

"Thanks little brother," She said as she finished. "You really do know how to take care of me."

At that Megan turned to look at Cynthia who was leaning over the bar flirting with a customer, her tits all but falling out of her shirt.

"Speaking of taking care of me little brother." Megan began looking me in the eye "You tell your little pig over there that you have company tonight."

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