Siblings with Benefits Lex Talionis Ch. 02


"Yeah I was supposed too... hey!" I snapped as Megan grabbed my hair and pulled my face to hers.

"Little brother," She whispered. "Your big sister is lonely and she needs you, in fact you tell her you're going upstairs early."

I stared into her eyes as long as I could. Then after swearing that my sister didn't blink looked away and nodded. It was only an hour til close, the place was dead, and Cynthia's roommate Sherry was there as well. Going over to Cynthia I leaned over and said;

"Listen Cyn I'm going to have to cancel..."

"I know Mark," She told me. "Megan needs a place to crash it's okay."

"Thanks Cyn," I told her smiling. "Hey next time I'll take you to dinner where ever you want okay?"

"Okay." Cynthia nodded

I kissed her cheek and went to walk away but catching my hand she looked and me and said;

"Mark its great the way you help Megan, I don't care how you act to people you're a sweet guy."

"Last week I made you crawl across the floor Cyn, I don't think I'm all that sweet."

Cynthia shrugged and with a smirk said;

"Hey everyone needs a hobby." She then added; "I just feel bad for you. I mean Megan staying with you means no sex. Whatever will you do?"

"Oh," I said looking over at Megan who was now standing her short dress showing off her long perfectly shaped legs. "I'll get over it I guess."

We entered my apartment and as soon as I had put her bag down Megan turned and wrapping her arms around my neck whispered;

"Now come here so I can give my little brother a real kiss hello."

I eagerly leaned my face into hers and all but whimpered as I tasted my sister's soft lips for the first time in over a month. Megan moaned as well as our lips slid across one another's. Despite the fact it had been awhile we both took our time, and enjoyed a long deep passionate kiss. Megan slipped her tongue into my mouth and I could feel her hands trembling on my neck. My hands had been around her waist, but now moved along her sides sliding up to graze the sides of her tits and causing her to moan.

Breaking the kiss Megan stepped back and taking me by the hand and led me into the bedroom. Once in there Megan let me go and said;

"Go ahead and light your candles little brother."

There was no hint of mocking in her voice; my sister knew what I had been through. After I had lit the two candles on my bureau I turned and smiled at the sight before me. Megan had indeed let the dress drop off and was standing before me in just a lacy black bra and matching panties. The black was a sexy contrast to her ivory complexion and as I watched she raised her arms up and did a little twirl giving me a glimpse of her long dark hair across her creamy back and her hot little ass in the skimpy panties.

"You like what you see little brother?"

"Hell yeah." I answered stepping towards her. "Damn I missed you sis."

"And did you miss these Mark?"

Megan reached around and unhooking her bra tossed it to the side to expose her tits. My sister's tits were on the small side but they were absolutely perfect; round, firm, and with the lightest pink nipples I had ever seen.

"You know I did." I went to reach for them but smiling playfully Megan covered them with her hands and said;

"But what about Cynthia? Or that cougar lawyer you play with? Don't you want theirs instead? Don't they have nice big tits for you to play with Mark?"

"I want you're tits." I told her.

"Ohhh you bad boy!" Megan said shaking her head. "Are you saying you want to play with your big sisters titties?"

"Oh please don't tease sis." I begged. "It's been too long."

"Awww," Megan said. "Do you need these?"

As she spoke Megan lied down on my bed and stretching her arms over her head whispered;

"Then come get them."

I went to get on the bed but Megan's heeled foot caught me in the chest making me wince.

"How come I don't get to see what I've been missing?"

Stepping back I quickly stripped down to my underwear but held off enjoying the look of lust on my sister's face as she stared at the huge bulge between my legs.

"Oh goddamn do you look good." She licked her lips. "Now go ahead and show your big sister that beautiful cock of yours."

I pulled my underwear down to the edge of my pubic hair then smiling said;

"You first."

"Yeah Mark?" She asked. "You wanna see your sister's pussy?"

As I nodded Megan lifted her hips and after working her panties over them lifted her long legs straight up and started to pull them up. When she had gotten half way she bent her right leg and using her foot slid them all the way off flipping them at me. I had no idea where they went as my eyes were glued to Megan's smooth pink pussy winking at me from between her thighs. Megan lowered her legs then slowly spread them open for me.

"Your turn little brother."

I pulled my boxers down allowing my cock to spring free. I was fully erect and had been so worked up that as it came up some drops of precum flew off of it and onto the sheets. Megan let out a low whistle;

"Oh how I missed that cock!"

I crawled up between my sisters and legs leaning over kissed her hard. Megan grabbed the back of my hair and after kissing me pushed my head down. Not needing to be told twice I slid down far enough to reach her right tit, and suck her perfect little pink nipple into my mouth. As I swirled my tongue around her erect nipple my hand found her other tit and grabbing nipple between my fingers began to gently roll it back and forth.

"Ohhh yeah look at you Mark, you did miss your big sisters tits didn't you?"

"Mmm Hmm." I moaned as I switched off , taking her left nipple into my mouth while fondling the right.

"Oh that feels good!"

Letting go of her right tit my hand reached down between her legs where I plunged two fingers into my sisters sopping wet pussy.

"Yes! Oh Yes!"

Megan began to rock her hips back and forth into my hand, and then let out another loud moan as my thumb found her clit. Still sucking on her nipple I continued to work my fingers and within minutes I could feel her thighs start to tremble.

"Oh yeah," Megan panted out as her hips started thrusting my fingers in and out of her steamy pussy. "Oh look at you working your big sisters pussy; oh you're going to make me cum nice and quick aren't you?"

"The first time anyways." I said around her nipple.

"And why is that little brother?" Megan asked looking me in the eye.

"Because," I answered. "My sister always cums first."

"Ohhh that's right little brother you know the rule you... Ohhhh."

Megan's hips started bucking harder and grabbing the back of my head she arched her back shoving her tit further into my mouth. Feeling her right on the edge I bit down hard on her nipple while giving the other a good hard twist. Megan threw her head back and let out a loud squeal as she ground her pussy into my still pumping fingers. Megan's thighs clamped shut around my hand trapping it as I continued to rotate my thumb around her clit.

Megan let out a long shuddering moan that made my cock throb even harder than it had been as I had been making her cum and slumped back onto my bed panting.

"Oh Mark that was soooo nice I... Oh God!!"

As Megan had started talking I had sat back and grabbing her ankles quickly lifted her legs straight in the air and with no hesitation drove my huge cock deep into my big sisters soaking wet pussy.

"Oh fuck yeah!!" Megan cried out as I began fucking the shit out of her.

I had wanted to take my time and play a little, but hearing Megan cum had driven me over the edge. It had been over a month since I'd had my sister's pussy and we had all night to play. The first time I just needed to fuck her, to slam the shit out of her tight little pussy; to take what I wanted.

"Oh yes!!" Megan yelled. "Oh look at you! Oh look at you fucking your nasty big sister; oh you love your sister's pussy don't you?"

"It's my favorite pussy." I said as I lifted her even higher bringing her ass up off the bed and angling my massive prick to drive down even deeper into her.

Megan started squealing loudly as I hammered away at her pussy, then with an effort gasped out.

"Yeah your sister's pussy is your favorite pussy? Damn straight it is! And it was your first pussy to wasn't it little brother?"

"Yes." I gasped as I continued to pound into her.

Megan gave up talking and simply lied back making little yelping noises each time I drove my cock inside of her. I loved that look; my sister sweating, her head thrown back, and those little gasps coming from between those perfect lips. I let out a gasp of my own as I could feel myself getting close already. Megan heard me and knew what it meant.

"Bring it right here little brother!" She exclaimed pointing at her mouth. "You were a good boy and you deserve a treat! So get up here and fuck your sister's mouth!"

I pulled out of her pussy and stood up on the bed as Megan got up onto her knees and with no hesitation grabbed my cock and pulled it into her waiting mouth. I moaned as Megan instantly took me all the way down to the base of my shaft and again, as she held it there shaking her head back and forth. Megan began rapidly sucking my cock in and out of her mouth her lips going all the way to the tip before taking it all the way back down to my balls again.

I'd been with more women than I could remember over the last couple of years but had to say no one could suck cock like my big sister. Pulling my cock all the way out Megan looked up at me and as she playfully slapped my cock on her tongue asked;

"How's your big dick look in your sister's face little brother?"

"Not as good as it looks in your mouth sis." I told her.

Megan smiled and with a wink said;

"Well then why don't you make me put it back there again?"

I didn't have to be told twice; grabbing the back of her head I pushed it forward and slammed my cock into her waiting mouth and down her throat. Megan moaned around as I held the back of her head and started pumping my cock in and out of her mouth. I started out slowly, loving the feeling of it and knowing damn well I wouldn't be able to take much more. I looked down to see my sisters beautiful blue eyes staring up at me.

When she saw me looking, Megan began to make whimpering noises in her throat and try to pull her head away. I smiled and grabbed two handfuls of her hair. Megan's squeals got louder and I couldn't resist pulling my cock from her lips enjoying the loud slurping sound it made when it came out.

"Oh please!" Megan cried out." Of please it's so big! Please sir I..."

I grabbed her hair once again and this time didn't even try to hold back. I reared back and started thrusting into Megan's mouth as hard as I had her pussy. I looked over in the mirror and the site of me standing on the bed; brutally face fucking my sister while she was on her knees squealing around my cock was too much for me. Two more hard pumps and I let out a loud moan as my cock exploded in my sister's mouth.

Megan's squeals turned into gurgling moans as I continued to fuck her mouth, every thrust ending in another spurt of cum that my sister eagerly sucked down her throat. After on more pump I pulled myself from her mouth and sank to my knees in front of her. Megan looked up at me and opening her mouth showed me a mouthful of cum, then closing it she swallowed and opened it again saying in that little girl voice she used to drive me crazy;

"All gone!"

Without waiting Megan lied down on her back spread her legs and said;

"My turn!"

Just as eagerly as Megan had gone down on me, I quickly climbed between her creamy white thighs and sliding onto my stomach plunged my tongue straight into her overheated pussy.

"Oh yeah, little brother! Oh how I need that!"

I moaned myself as it had been far too long since I had tasted my sister's pussy. I slid my tongue up to her swollen clit and as I started sucking it in and out of my mouth pushed my two of my fingers back inside of her. I looked up to see Megan playing with her nipples, rolling them between her long red fingernails.

"That's right Mark, you lick your sister's pussy! Oh I love seeing that pretty face of yours down there!"

And my pretty face loved being down there! Despite the fact I had cum not even ten minutes ago I could already feel my cock getting hard pushing down into the mattress. Megan lifted her legs and draping them over my shoulders wrapped them around my neck shoving my face hard into her pussy. Getting the hint that my sister wasn't quite ready to take her time yet I started sucking her clit in and out of my mouth harder and faster than before.

"Yeah, you suck me off little brother! We'll play later; right now I just want to cum all over your fucking face!"

As she spoke Megan began rocking her hips into me smearing her wet pussy all over my face. It was everything I could do to keep my mouth on her clit as she wiggled back and forth. As I started pumping my fingers in the same rhythm as my sucking I brought my other hand up between her legs, and quickly to catch her by surprise plunged one finger into my sister's incredibly tight ass.

Megan let out a high pitched squeal and as she arched her back I felt her pussy gush into my face filling my mouth with her sticky sweet nectar. Megan's legs had clamped down even harder around my head as her orgasm crashed through her. My now fully hard cock was throbbing painfully beneath me, and I couldn't wait for her to finish.

After another long moan that ended in an adorable little whimper, Megan's suddenly limp legs dropped off of my shoulders. I sat up on my knees and reaching down grabbed Megan by her hips and with a wrench of my powerful shoulders flipped her onto her side.

"Oh you want your sister's ass in the air little brother?" She asked as she rolled the rest of her way onto her stomach. "Is that how you want her?"

"It's what you want and you know it!" I told her.

Megan pulled her knees up beneath her and lowering her head to the pillow pointed her firm perfectly shaped little ass up in the air towards my awaiting cock. I took a second to admire how good Megan looked at this angle; not just her ass but her glistening wet sticky pussy winking out at me between her thighs. Kneeling behind her I grabbed her hips and in one smooth thrust drove my huge cock into her cum drenched pussy.

"Oh fuck yes!!!" Megan screamed as I began slamming her with everything I had.

Reaching down I grabbed a handful of Megan's long black hair and pulled her head up by it so I could hear her squeals.

"Oh! Oh! OH yeah little brother! Oh you claim your sister's pussy! You give her what she needs!"

I leaned back further so that I was now driving my cock up and into her. As I leaned I pulled harder on Megan's hair bringing her up onto her hands. Megan reached out and grabbing the head board began to shove her hips back and forth into my plunging cock. Reaching down I once again jammed my finger into her ass. Megan squealed even louder and her hips started moving even faster. I could feel myself getting close and rather than try to hold back began fucking her even faster. Megan's yelps had turned into one long continuous whimper that was enough to send me over the edge.

I started gasping with each thrust and knowing that I was ready Megan panted out;

"Oh inside little brother! Please let me have it, all of it!"

I let out another of those embarrassing little whimpers that I couldn't help when I was close and on my next deep thrust sent a huge spurt of cum into my big sisters more than willing pussy.

"Ohhh ohh that feels so fucking good!" Megan moaned out.

I continued pumping my cock painting the inside of my sister's pussy with squirt after squirt of my hot cum. As my balls emptied completely into Megan's overflowing pussy I found myself thinking it was a damn good thing neither of us could have children. I sat back onto my knees, causing my cock to pull out of my sister's pussy with a wet slurping sound.

"Ohhh that sounds good." Megan sighed out as she slid her legs out and stretched out on her stomach on the bed.

I stayed on my knees for a minute to catch my breath then crawled up the bed next to her and lied down on my side with my head propped up on one elbow. Megan turned her head and smiled at me. I was glad to see that her eyes had lost that wired look. As if to confirm that thought Megan rolled to her side so she was facing me and letting out a low whistle said;

"Damn little brother I think you just fucked me straight!"

I shook my head. Despite how much I missed her and the phenomenal sex we had just had, that comment was more than I could handle.

"Speaking of sis, what the hell happened to you this time? I mean shit you were clean for a month then you go running up to New York again with Richie Rich and your all fucked up again."

Megan rolled her eyes and sitting up grabbed the pack of cigarettes off the nightstand. After taking one out and lighting it with the zippo that was next to them, Megan took a deep drag and looked off into space as if I hadn't said anything.

"I asked you a fucking question Megan, don't ignore me." I said sitting up as well.

With a sigh Megan looked at me.

"Oh come on Mark, I was good for awhile but you know it's good to have some fun sometimes."

"It's never just sometimes with you sis and you know that. It's either all or nothing."

Megan put out the cigarette and looked at me as if she were going to argue, but then her eyes began to tear up and I realized that she really was coming down.

"I'm sorry Mark," She said softly. "I... I was doing good, then one night I couldn't sleep and you know I didn't want to bother you, I mean I shouldn't need my little brother to sleep so I tried to get through it on my own." She put her head down as the tears began to flow down her cheeks.

I put my arm around her shoulders and braced myself for the next part of the pattern that we had fallen into; the inevitable crash. Megan turned her head into my shoulder and sobbed;

"But I couldn't sleep Mark, and when I did I had those dreams about Frank and one night I woke up screaming and Tommy gave me a couple of Bennies to help me sleep."

"I really am going to beat that fucking kid." I said quietly.

Megan looked up from my shoulder and shook her head.

"It wasn't his fault Mark, you've seen me like that he never had, he didn't know what to do." She sobbed again then haltingly continued;

"I had a hard time getting up the next day, and didn't feel good so a friend of Tommy's came by and he had some coke so I did a couple of lines to pick me back up and..." She put her head back on my shoulder.

"I'm sorry little brother, I'm sorry I'm so weak. I'm just such a fucking mess, and I can't stand myself and when I look around and see how bad I hurt you and mom and dad it makes me worse and I'll do anything to feel better."

"Megan we..."

"Once I got fucked up again, I asked Tommy if we could go see his friends in New York so I wouldn't have to have you see me like that again."

Megan started sobbing harder and turning I put both my arms around her and held her. Pulling her down with me I lied down so that we were stretched out on the bed with Megan folded into my chest. Megan's arms wrapped around my waist and squeezed me tightly as she cried. After a few minutes the sobs died off and she pulled away from me to look up at my face.

"Mom and dad hate me." She said sniffling like a pathetic little kid.

"Bullshit sis. Their scared for you."

"They don't want me around I can tell they..."

"You stole from them Megan," I said quietly. "More than once. They just don't trust you there alone they never said they don't want to see you."

"But dad said..."

"Fuck Doug." I said a little harsher than I meant to. "Denise loves you Meg and you know it and..." I sighed. "So does Doug Meg, he's scared and when he is he says dumb things. Tell you what you stay here for a couple of days and when you feel better I'll take you to see them or we'll meet them for lunch somewhere."

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