Siblings with Benefits Lex Talionis Ch. 04


"Oh every drop, ohhh your big sister loves it when you cum inside of her!"

I let out a whimper of my own as, looking down, I saw that I had cum so much that there was some of it spilling out of my sister's overflowing pussy and down the length of my cock. I let go of Megan's wrists and she fell forward onto her hands and knees, causing my cock to spring free with another one of those sexy wet sucking sounds. With a long satisfied sigh Megan rolled over onto her back and, looking up, gave me one of those adorable huge crooked smiles of hers.

"Damn, I'm going to bed before you from now on!"

Before I could respond Megan looked down at my cock and, shaking her head, said;

"Now little brother you can't lie down with your cock all messy like that! Why don't you bring it up here and let your big sister clean it up for you?"

With that Megan opened her mouth and waggled her tongue invitingly at me. Not needing to be told twice I crawled up the bed and, swinging my left leg over Megan's chest so that I was straddling her, slowly dipped my semi erect, cum dripping cock into my sister's waiting mouth.

"Hmm-mmm." Megan groaned.

I moaned as well as my cock was sucked into her warm wet mouth where her tongue began swirling around my shaft. I rocked my hips slowly, sliding my cock in and out of her mouth. My hips twitched as Megan sucked hard on just the tip of my cock and I could feel a couple more drops of cum trickle out. Megan pulled her mouth from my cock, her lips making a loud smacking sound and, smiling up at, said;

"All gone!"

"Damn." I said softly, all but falling down onto the bed next to her.

I had lied down on my back and turned to see Megan propped up on her elbow looking at me.

"Tired little brother?"

"Oh yeah." I said already feeling my eyes begin to close.

"Hey Mark?"

"Yeah sis?" I asked, trying to avoid sighing, Megan was a night owl even more so than myself and the sex had probably woke her up.

"Listen um, I was thinking." She hesitated then said; "Look Mark I was thinking of spending tonight at Tommy's."

I turned to look at her, trying not to let the disappointment show on my face.

"Really? I thought you guys weren't really seeing each other right now."

"Yeah I know I wanted to take some time, but he's been taking me to the meetings and he was telling me the other day how much he's missed me and," She let out a sigh;

"Honestly Mark I've been here for two weeks and I don't want it to look funny. Before you say it Tommy gave up his apartment and he's staying with his parents in the basement apartment there so he's not as tempted to mess with the coke anymore and his dealers won't come around so you don't have to worry about that."

I nodded, she was right of course, sooner or later it would look funny, it had just been so nice to have my beautiful big sister to wake up to every morning. Not just for the sex either, but just how amazing holding her and being held by her felt. As close as I was to Krissy at one point, and even in the first few months with Cynthia when we were an actual couple, I had never come close to feeling as close to either of them.

"Besides," Megan pointed out. "I'm sure Cynthia has missed you, I mean it's been a couple of weeks."

At that I put my head down and smiled sheepishly.

"Well, now that you mention it." I told her. "I may have um slipped off to Cyn's place for lunch a few days ago."

"Mark!" Megan exclaimed although she was smiling. "You were with her when I was spending the night?"

Before I answered I couldn't help but smile at the memory of that day; waking up between Megan's thighs, fucking the shit out of Cyn in the afternoon, and then finishing the night off by fucking my sister again. I then looked at Megan and noticed she was looking around as I tried to meet her eyes. I smirked at her and said;

"Oh and I suppose that when Tommy's been whining about missing you, that you haven't caved?"

Megan tried to keep a straight face then laughed.

"Well, we may have caught a quickie after the meeting a couple of nights ago."

I shook my head as I knew damn well Megan was thinking what I had been. Starting and finishing with me and Tommy in the middle. Not for the first time I thought that my sister and I truly were a couple of sick puppies.

"Anyways Mark," Megan continued. "I don't want to stay with Tommy more than a night. I mean I'm not really sure where we stand, except he's definitely closer to me than I am to him and don't want to let him think that it might go back to it being serious." She shrugged "You know, like you and Cynthia."

"Yeah," I frowned. "You know lately sis I've been thinking about it just being Cyn, she really is good to me."

Megan smiled.

"But Mark then you couldn't make any money from Mrs. Robinson the lawyer!"

"True." I said nodding and, let's face it, the money wouldn't be why I wouldn't want to give Robin up; the woman was smoking hot and insatiable.

"You know Mark, Mom and I were talking today when you were helping Dad, she'd love me to come back and stay with them." Megan put her head down as a look of sadness came over her.

"But Dad still doesn't trust me and I can't blame him." She sighed then smiled a little. "Mom does want me to spend the weekend though so I figure I'll stay with Tommy tonight, go there, then come back here on Monday and stay for a few days is that okay?"

"Yeah," I answered, although I'm sure I didn't sound overly enthusiastic. "You're probably right, it's just been great having you here." I laughed. "Reminded me of the old days at the folks."

"No sneaking here though." Megan said and smirking added. "And I don't have to bite through the pillows when you're fucking the shit out of me."

Megan stared at me then reaching out she gently caressed my cheek with her long nails and said;

"I'll miss you too Mark, but you know it has to be this way."

She had an odd look as she said that last part and I understood it fully; the two of us could never be an actual couple, for obvious reasons, but I would be lying if I didn't say there were times when I wanted to say fuck it and try anyways. On the heels of that thought was the inevitable concern of getting caught, it would end my career before it even started.

As I thought about it I watched Megan and was sure she was thinking along those lines, although for her it was the idea of her parents finding out. Three years after it had happened and Megan still felt guilty to lying to them after we had been caught in that hotel room.

I could see it in her eyes that my sister was getting upset. In order to head off another of those melancholy funks she was prone to slip into I extended my arm and said;

"Come on over here sis, your little brother wants to curl up with his beautiful big sister."

With a huge smile Megan immediately rolled over to me and, lying on her side, draped her long leg over mine and, wrapping her arm around my waist, gave me a kiss then, with a sigh, rested her head on my chest. I sighed contentedly as I wrapped my arm around her shoulders and nuzzled my face into her hair. Reaching down with my other hand I grabbed Megan's hand where it was resting on my stomach and gave it a squeeze.

"Hey Mark?"

"Yeah sis?"

"I'll make a deal with you."

"About what?" I asked.

"Seeing as I won't be here for a couple of days, if you sleep in with me and don't get up to go to the gym early, you're nasty big sister will more than make it worth your while."

"Deal!" I laughed.

"Good." Megan said. "I love waking up with you."

Megan was quiet and after a couple of minutes as I felt my eyes begin to close I whispered;

"Love you sis." I said quietly.

"Love you too little brother." Megan said softly.

Megan was true to her word, as my morning started by waking up to the sensation of sister's soft wet tongue teasing across my left nipple. I opened my eyes and let out a sigh as I felt Megan suck my nipple into her mouth. I slid my hand up from her shoulder and ran it through her long hair. Megan lifted her head from my chest and, turning to look at me, smiled and said;

"Oh good you're awake, I didn't want to start sucking your cock until you could enjoy the show."

With that Megan slid down the bed and rolled over my leg so that she was lying between my thighs. Grabbing my rapidly hardening cock in her right hand Megan dipped her head beneath it and started gently sucking on my balls as she began slowly jerking me off.

"Oh damn that feels good sis." I groaned as her tongue swirled across my balls then started trailing its way up the length of my shaft.

"Yeah little brother? You like your nasty big sister sucking on your balls?"

"Oh, yeah I do." I whispered.

Despite the fact that Megan had been blowing me for the last three years, the sight and the taboo of seeing my big sister lying between my thighs tonguing my huge dick never failed to give me a thrill. Megan had parted her full lips and was now sliding her mouth up and down the length of my cock. My hips twitched as she flicked her tongue across the tip before slowly descending down the other side of my shaft.

"Hmmm, I love this cock." Megan moaned as she began rubbing it along the sides of her face.

"Oh that looks good." I told her.

My cock was dripping and my sister's cheeks were now glistening with my precum, as I watched Megan touched the tip of her tongue to the head of my dick and pulled back, taking a long string of my sticky fluid with her.

"You want me to suck on your big cock little brother?" She asked.

"Yes please."

"Ooooh," Megan cooed. "I love when you say please. Well you were very good to me last night little brother so you just lie back and enjoy."

With a wink Megan placed her gorgeous lips around the head of my cock and with deliberate slowness took my cock an inch at a time into her amazing mouth. I moaned as I felt Megan's lips touch the base of my shaft, where she began to swirl her tongue around my cock while slowly shaking her head back and forth. After holding me deep down her throat Megan slurped her way back up to the tip, then began rapidly bobbing her head up and down, taking me all the down each time.

"Oh shit sis, damn you can suck cock!" I told her.

"Mmmm hmmm." Megan agreed as she began to suck even faster.

I lied there moaning as I watched the incredible sight of my sister completely devouring my huge dick. Megan was moaning as well and she was grinding her hips into the bed, totally turned on to be blowing her little brother. I started to breath heavier as my sister wrapped her hand around my cock and began jerking me off as she continued to suck on me. I reached down and pulled Megan's hair from her face and as I did she looked up so that she was staring me in the eye as she continued to work my cock with her talented mouth.

Megan pulled my cock from her mouth and, looking up at me through her eyelashes, pouted and in that little girl voice that drove me crazy said;

"Little brother, I'll suck you off if you want, but I'd really like to feel that big dick in my tight little pussy." She pushed her lips out even further. "Can your naughty sister ride your big cock little brother?"

"You can do anything you want to me sis." I told her, fully meaning it. It's not like I wasn't going to make out one way or another, all I knew was that I was going to get to cum and damn hard too, it would just be a matter of where.

"Oh thank you sir!" Megan answered and getting up onto her hands and knees began to make her way slowly up my body.

I smiled at the sight of my naked sister crawling up from between my legs. Megan was low enough that her hard nipples were caressing my stomach and chest. I let out a moan as I felt her sopping wet pussy slide across my cock. Bracing her hands on my chest Megan swung her legs one at a time over my hips so that she was straddling me. I went to reach down and guide my cock inside of her, but Megan shook her head and whispered;

"Put your arms over your head."

Smiling I did as she said and, leaning forward, Megan grabbed my hands with her own, pinning them to the bed. As she held me down Megan bent forward and started sliding her hard left nipple lightly across my lips. I opened my mouth and started flicking my tongue across it causing Megan to let out a soft sigh if pleasure. It was then my turn to moan as Megan started sliding her wet pussy across the length of my cock. Each pass she pushed down, allowing my throbbing cock to almost but not quite slide into her hot wet pussy.

"Oh please don't tease sis." I begged as she switched off and started swinging her right nipple across my mouth.

"Oh I loooove when you beg little brother."

With that Megan slid her wet pussy along my stomach then, sliding back, caught the tip of my cock between her lips and slowly eased down into it. We both sighed as my sister worked the length of my cock deep up inside of her and started rocking back and forth on top of me. Megan leaned down and, catching my lips, gave me a long lingering kiss, her tongue pushing into my mouth to caress mine.

Breaking the kiss Megan let go of my hands and, placing hers back on my chest, started bouncing straight up and down on my cock, driving it even deeper into her. I looked down between our legs enjoying the sight of my soaking wet cock sliding in and out of Megan's perfectly smooth pink pussy. Reaching down with my left hand I placed my thumb on her clit and started rubbing it in small circles.

"Oh yeah, oh look at you being good to your sister!" Megan cried out.

Megan started slamming herself up and down harder and faster and, having already been sucked on for quite awhile, I could feel my legs start to tremble and my cock begin to twitch as I felt myself getting closer and closer to cumming each time my sister drove herself down on top of me.

"Oh damn sis," I groaned. "Oh you feel so fucking good!"

Megan could sense me getting close and, looking down at me, pouted and whimpered;

"Oh please hold on little brother! Oh please let your big sister cum first!" She smiled. "I'll give you a treat!"

Knowing what that meant I started rubbing my finger across her clit even faster and, bringing my right hand around her hip, spread her cheeks apart and managed to get the tip of my finger into her ass. The next time Megan slammed herself down on top of me my finger shot deep up into her ass and sent Megan off like a rocket.

"Oh fuck yeah!! Oh oh ohhhh..." Megan threw her head back and screamed so loud I was glad the bar was closed or someone might have called the cops.

Megan thrashed wildly on top of me as her pussy convulsed around my throbbing cock and she let out a series of sharp cries of pleasure. I closed my eyes and turned my head, trying to avoid the sexy sight of Megan's eyes rolling back in her head and her beautiful tits bouncing up and down. I was right on the edge and desperately trying to hold off to get my treat. At that moment I felt my cock getting even harder and whimpered as I knew I wasn't going to make it.

My sister however knew my body even better than I did and, as soon as I whimpered, reached down and, grabbing the base of my shaft, squeezed it tight.

"Oh ow!" I groaned as Megan had stopped me just before I was going to begin cumming.

Quickly swinging her leg over my waist Megan turned and, lowering her head, let my cock go just as she wrapped her lips around the head of it.

"Oh fuck!!" I cried out as I released a tremendous spurt of cum into my sister's waiting mouth.

I moaned and bucked my hips as Megan held her lips to the tip of my cock and her right hand jerked me off deep into her mouth. The faster my sister pumped my cock the more I seemed to be cumming. Megan was sucking as she was jerking and every long hard spurt was going right down her willing throat. Finally with another of those embarrassing whimpers that I could never help, I slumped back into the bed gasping for breath.

Megan gave me one more good hard suck then, sitting up, leaned across my chest and gave me another long kiss before rolling over onto her back next to me.

"See little brother," She said in between breaths. "Your sister is the only thing you should be pumping first thing in the morning!"

Megan then rolled onto her side and, finding myself still tired, I curled up behind her and we fell back to sleep for another hour before the alarm went off. Despite the fact we had already fucked I found myself taking Megan again in the shower, nothing fancy just her bracing her hands against the tiles and me grabbing her hips and pounding the shit out of her until, once again, I exploded and painted my big sister's pussy with my cum. Not for the first time I thought that it was a good thing neither of us could have kids.

Afterwards I took Megan to breakfast then, when we came back, I sat and watched her pack enough clothes for the weekend at Doug and Denise's. As I sat there smoking a cigarette I thought once again of how bizarre our relationship was. The fact that we had sex was, of course, wrong in itself, but that we did it while seeing other people was pushing it even more. I found myself wondering if we always would, I shook my head and smiled at the image of myself at thirty five or so, married to a beautiful woman and her saying to me;

"Your sister's coming to stay again? Wow Mark you guys really are close!"

I had laughed out loud and when Megan asked what was so funny I told her; she said the only thing funny about it was the idea I would ever get married. After thinking for a minute I realized she was right. When she had finished packing I grabbed Megan's bag and walked her downstairs to the old Celica that Tommy was letting her use; Tommy of course drove the brand new Camaro his rich daddy had bought him for his birthday six months ago. Megan's meeting wasn't until six but she was going to go over the folks place and have lunch and spend some time with Denise while Doug was working then go with Tommy.

"You gonna miss your sister?" Megan asked as we stood next to the car.

"I always do." I told her.

Megan smiled and hugged me tightly to her. I wrapped my arms around her shoulders and we stayed there for a couple of minutes. As Megan pulled back from me I leaned forward and gave her a quick kiss.

"Watch out Mark, we're outside." She told me.

I shrugged, no one in this neighborhood got up before noon.

"Mark, you gonna spend some time with Cynthia?"

"Maybe why?"

Megan shrugged.

"I just don't want you to be alone that's all." She smiled. "Besides you were saying you were maybe thinking of dating her again." She stopped then with a sigh added;

"I just want to make sure you're okay Mark, that you won't... well you know."

I looked at her questioningly. Megan rolled her eyes.

"You won't get stupid will you?"

Max. She was talking about Max, as I thought about it; I realized that since that night she had stopped me Megan hadn't let me out of her sight, only going to meetings when I was working. Looking at my sister I felt good knowing that she was concerned about me. I smiled at the thought that my big sister really was back.

"I'll be fine sis." I told her smiling reassuringly.

"Yeah? You'll be okay without me?" She asked again.

Resisting the urge to roll my eyes I nodded and repeated;

"I'll be just fine sis. I always will be."

Megan smiled and giving me a quick kiss on the cheek said;

"Bye little brother I'll give you a call later."

"Promise?" I asked.

"Promise." Megan said as she got into the car.

I watched Megan pull away and sighed, I wasn't lying I would be fine. Megan and I were finally back to the way it used to be; the two of us watching out for each other and nothing, not even getting revenge on Max, would be worth losing my sister.

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