Siblings with Benefits Samhain


"Oh yes." Mark said softly.

"Yeah little brother," I asked as I pushed his pants down. "You miss you big sister's mouth you... Ohhh damn."

Not only were Mark's grey boxers stretched to the limit by the enormous bulge in them, but there was a large wet spot where his cock had been dripping. Oh this nasty girl had to get a taste of that and right now! I pulled his underwear down and groaned at the sight of my brother's huge long thick cock springing free.

"Oh did I miss this cock!" I told him.

Wasting no time I grabbed his cock, and after giving it one good hard pump put my mouth over the head of it and in one smooth motion took him all the way down my throat. I would have loved to have played and teased, but Mark was staying for the weekend and there would be plenty of time for that later, right now I just had to have it in my mouth and feel it throbbing against my tongue. I began bobbing my head in a quick steady rhythm taking the entire length in and out with every long hard suck.

"Oh yes! Oh just like that sis oh I missed that mouth."

I pulled his cock out of my mouth long enough to smile up at him and say;

"Yeah little brother? You mean your little barely legal's can't suck cock like your big sister?"

"No one sucks cock like my big sister." Mark said "You give the best blow...Ohh!"

I went back to rapidly sucking him in and out of my mouth, at the same time I wrapped my right hand around his shaft and stroked up and down with my mouth, jerking him off as I blew him. As I sucked Mark reached down, and after undoing one more hoo,k slid my shirt to the side and grabbing the barbells between his fingers began twisting them back and forth, gently pulling the sensitive skin of my nipples. I moaned around his cock as he played with my tits and started taking him even deeper.

My brother must have really missed his sister's mouth, because despite the control he usually had I could already feel his thighs start to tremble. That was fine by me; it had been far too long since I had tasted my little brothers cum. As Mark started pumping his cock in time with my sucking I reached between his legs with my left hand, and started gently massaging his balls. Mark let out an adorable little whimper, and started pumping my mouth faster.

"Hmmm mmm." I encouraged him, looking up as I sucked on him.

Mark's cock exploded in my mouth, I moaned as his spurting cock coated my throat with his hot sticky cum. I started sucking even faster still using my hand, making sure I milked every last drop out of my brothers amazing cock. I slid Mark's cock out of my mouth until I had just the tip between my lips and giving one more good hard suck was rewarded with both a loud moan from my brother, and a couple of more drops of his delicious cum.

"Mmm did you need that little brother?" I asked.

"I'll bet I'm not the only one who needs something." He replied

Mark dropped to his knees, and after undoing the rest of my shirt, started sucking and playing with my nipples, going from one to the other with his mouth while teasing the other with his fingers. It felt incredible but;

"Oh little brother," I whispered. "You know where your sister needs that tongue."

"Oh don't worry sis I can't wait to taste it."

With that Mark gave me a gentle push back onto the bed, and leaning between my legs pushed my skirt up, and pulling my thong to the side, spread my lips and after making me squirm by gently blowing on my clit, he plunged his tongue deep into my steaming pussy.

"Oh yes!!" I cried out as keeping his tongue rigid, Mark began pushing it in and out of me. "Oh look at you tongue fucking your sister, oh you know just what she needs don't you?"

Mark's reply was to slide his tongue u,p and start doing slow circles around my swollen clit. I started slowly rocking my hips back and forth into his face as my hands found my nipples and started playing with the barbells the way Mark had. Still swirling his tongue around my sensitive clit Mark slid two of his fingers into my sopping wet pussy, and started pumping them in and out.

"Oh yes, oh just like that." I whimpered, as I started working my hips faster and twisting my nipples harder.

I could already feel myself getting ready to cum, just like with Mark, it would have been fun to delay it, but I needed to take the edge off and there was no doubt that my needy little pussy would get its due attention. I arched my back as I felt my thighs begin to shake, and started gasping with every thrust of Mark's fingers. Sensing that I was getting close Mark stopped licking my clit, and started sucking it in and out of his mouth matching the rhythm of his fingers.

"Oh yeah little brother, of right there ohhh your sister missed that tongu,e oh yes she did I... ohh yess!!"

Mark had reached up with his other hand, and sliding one finger into my tight ass started shoving it in and out. Oh how I had missed this! My brother was working, my clit, pussy and ass at the same time, and all in perfect rhythm. I could feel my orgasm racing through me getting ready to send me plunging into ecstasy as I teetered on the edge I gave my nipples one more hard twist and then threw my head back and screamed as the orgasm tore through me.

Mark continued to work his magic on my pussy, and I let out a series of loud squeals as I writhed in pleasure my hips bucking wildly in his face. As wave after wave of intense pleasure flowed through me I kept letting out those loud howls of pleasure somewhere in the back of my mind I remembered that I had a next door neighbor, and their bedroom was on the other side of mine. Oh well, I thought and screamed again as Mark gave my over stimulated clit one more hard suck before stopping.

"Holy shit!" I exclaimed. "That was... ohhh look at that."

Mark had stood up, and enormous cock was once again at full attention, ready to get some of his big sister's pussy, and she was more than willing to give him. Reaching down I unhooked the clips at my hips and lifted my ass off the bed as Mark pulled my skirt off. I pushed myself further up on the bed, and as Mark crawled up onto it, I put my long legs straight up in the air. Wiggling my hips I slid my thong over them, and slowly worked it up my legs enjoying the look on Mark's face as he stared at my pretty pink pussy.

Kicking the thong off I started to lower my legs, but Mark grabbed my ankles preparing to spread my legs and start fucking the shit out of me.

"Hold on little brother," I told him pulling my leg away. "I want the first time to be my favorite."

With that I rolled over onto my stomach, and pushed my ass in the air. This was still a position I occasionally had issues with depending on my mood but never with my brother. No my little brother could have me any way he wanted me whenever he wanted me, but the first time this weekend needed to be this way I had gone without long enough.

Mark didn't have to be told twice; kneeling behind me he grabbed my hips and with one thrust drove his massive prick deep inside of my willing pussy. I cried out as Mark started slamming me hard and fast. Although we had been fucking for years my brother's cock was so big that if you I didn't get it on a regular basis it still took some getting used to. I gasped and moaned as my brother hammered away on his sister's pussy, once again nothing fancy just taking me hard and fast.

As Mark continued to fuck me, I started thinking about an entire weekend of this and who knew what tonight would have in store. Oh this nasty girl's pretty little pussy was going to be hurting by Monday! Mark started pushing me back and forth by my hips driving his cock even deeper, I started yelping with every pump.

"Oh goddamn little brother! Oh you did miss this pussy didn't you!" I gasped out.

Mark's answer was to start fucking me even harder as he began to breath heavier and his thrusts became faster and faster.

"That's it little brother give it to me every drop!"

Mark came hard; his cum shooting deep inside and painting the inside of his big sisters pussy. I moaned in pleasure as he emptied his cock into me. I loved the feeling of my brother cumming inside of me. Mark gave one more little whimper, and after another thrust pulled his cock out and stretched out onto the bed next to me. I rolled over on my side to face him, and after kissing him on the cheek asked;

"Did you need that little brother?"

"Oh yeah."

I looked at the clock it was five thirty.

"What time we going to go."

"We'll get there for nine, the mass is 11 I figure we'll hang out at the club for a while, make fun of the posers."

I smiled, I was hoping we wouldn't have to go right away, this meant we could curl up and sleep for awhile. As if reading my mind Mark rolled over onto his side and pulled me into his arms. I sighed contentedly as I nuzzled into his chest and both of us were asleep within minutes.

The nap had been amazing; I hadn't realized how much I missed lying in my brother's arms. When we got up we had taken a long hot shower together, I had started getting worked up but Mark told me we were going to wait until later which told me that at some point he planned on fucking at the club. We arrived at The Black Flame a little after nine parking in the back where the entrance to the second level was. Mark had decided he didn't want to waste time with the posers he said he'd rather spend the time with me. I certainly wasn't going to argue

I was wearing a similar out fit to what I had on earlier except this one was sleeveless to completely flaunt my Medusa tattoo, and was blood red rather than black. Mark was wearing a pair of tight black jeans that left nothing to the imagination, and a vest that consisted of two pieces of leather that was held together with a series of chains that crossed his back and chest. The vest left his chest and stomach open, and most of his back, showing off his massive baphomet tattoo.

The club was packed and most of the people there were in costume. I followed Mark, shaking my head at the reaction that he got from the women. I consider myself at this point in my life a confident woman. I'm attractive, sexy and know it. It's not arrogance it's a simple fact. Because I know it, men will react a certain way to me and I get more than my share of looks. Mark on the other hand went beyond that my bother has more than just confidence he has charisma, an almost tangible aura about him that attracts the opposite sex.

Everywhere he walked there wasn't a woman whose head didn't turn. At least a half dozen came up and started talking to him, even with me standing right ther,e and one adorable little redhead, who was wearing a collar, clipped her leash to I,t and handing it to him got on her knees in front of him. Mark pulled her up, and after thanking her for her offer sent her on her way. I also became aware of the opposite reaction from the men. Most of them were shooting my brother dirty looks as he made his way through the crowd and the women fawned all over him.

There was a live band that was playing some type of slow grinding alternative music I wasn't sure what it was but the beat was slow and sexy, and taking my brothers hand we went out to the dance floor. I put my back to Mark, and as his arms encircled my waist began to grind my ass into his cock as we worked our hips to the beat. Mark's hands began to wander first caressing my soft exposed stomach then sliding up, and in full view of everyone fondling my tits through my shirt. I moaned and reaching back over my head and pulling Mark's head down tossed my hair to the side and turned my head, allowing him to begin to kiss my neck.

Once again I reveled in the fact that we could do this here. Right out in public bumping and grinding and fondling each other. A lot of people were watching us, and I knew were getting turned on, especially when Mark slid his hand down the front of my skirt and getting his fingers into my thong stroked my clit. As I moaned and pumped my hips into his hand I wondered how many of those people would be turned on if they knew we were brother and sister.

Mark's other hand slid up under my shirt and pinched my nipple. My breathing became heavier as his fingers caressed my clit. As we turned on the dance floor we found ourselves facing two young women who were dancing in the same manner we were; one behind the other with the one in front having her nipples played with. The girl getting fondled was a gorgeous blond wearing a mesh shirt with the nipples cut out and a silver hoop dangling from each one of them.

The blonde's eyes were closed, and her lips parted as her girlfriend; a tall brunette wearing a leather dress continued to fondle her nipples. The brunette whispered something, and opening her eyes the blond looked over at us. We were a few feet apart but as I watched they started dancing closer to us.

"Wanna play?" Mark whispered in my ear.

"Oh yes," I answered, then moaned as his fingers danced faster across my clit.

Mark worked us closer and within seconds I was face to face with the blond. With no hesitation she leaned over, her head tilted to the side. I parted my lips and met her halfway kissing her softly. A moment later I felt a hand slide up my shirt and as I opened my eyes I saw that the brunette had let go of her girl friends tits and was going for mine. I didn't mind, but feeling bad that the blond was now being neglected, I brought my hands up and started teasing her nipples with my fingernails.

She kissed me again, this time our mouths opened and our tongues began to play while we moaned in pleasure. I could feel Mark's hard cock pushing into my ass, and his fingers had pinched my clit between them twisting it back and forth. I moaned louder and dropping my head from the blonds lips bent my head, and took her nipple in my mouth. Her girlfriend started playing with her other nipple while her other hand was busy with my left one. Mark had my right, and I could feel the orgasm building.

The blond was whimpering to cum, and noticing that no one was paying attention to her pussy I reached down, and lifting her skirt I leaned back into Mark and lifting my leg put me knee between her legs. I moaned, as she wasn't wearing panties and I could feel her wet smooth pussy on my knee. Immediately she began grinding her hips, riding my knee while I sucked on her tit. Mark suddenly twisted the barbell in my nipple, and I came squealing right there on the dance floor with a woman whose name I didn't even know's tit in my mouth, while her girlfriend played with mine.

The blonde through her head back and let out an adorable little whimper as her thighs squeezed around my leg, and she came bumping and grinding on me.

"Oh damn!" The blonde moaned, and her girlfriend laughed.

I smiled at her, and then pulling Mark's hand from between my legs held it out to her girlfriend, who with no hesitation sucked my brother's fingers into her mouth. The blonde stepped away and her girlfriend came up to me and leaning forward over my shoulder kissed Mark. I turned away and let her step into my brother, and watched as they kissed. Mark's hands slid up her shirt and she moaned, then dropping her hand into his crotch her eyes widened and she let out a gasp.

Mark grabbed her hips, and turning her, ground his cock into her ass. I smiled at the look on her face. She turned to him and pointed over to a door that I knew led to several private rooms that people fucked in all night. Mark shook his head. The brunette opened her mouth, and seductively wiggled her tongue at him, but Mark shook his head again.

Looking a little put off the brunette collected her girlfriend, and taking her by the hand led her away. I realized we hadn't said a word to each other the entire time.

'You could have." I told him. I don't know how happy I would have been with it but he had let me play.

"Nah," Mark said. Then looking at me said; "I'll have my fun later."

We turned to walk off the dance floor, and looked up as the band suddenly stopped playing and several people started talking and pointing. I looked over to the entrance way of the room and saw Abigail Lefay enter the room.

If my brother had charisma, then what Abigail had was pure magic. A hush fell over the entire crowd as she walked through the door way. Part of this was her appearance. Abigail was tall, with long curly black hair that reached her waist. Like myself, her complexion was ghostly white, where I was attractive however, Abigail was breath taking. I have to say I don't think I'd ever seen a more beautiful woman, and it wasn't just her looks, she had an air about her as if she were royalty and in this type of crowd she was.

Abigail was not only the owner of the club, but a practicing witch as well as one of the most feared Dominatrix's that had ever picked up a whip. There was a rumor that men had paid up to $25,000 for an hour's session with her to get nothing but abused. Abigail Lefay's nick name was "The Unattainable" as she had not been with a man in over ten years. I knew for a fact that it was a different story with women, as she had a taste for sweet young girls, and also had a live in girlfriend, but supposedly she had decided there was not a man worthy of her. My brother had told me he had been after her for years and hadn't even come close.

As Abigail made her way through the crowd people cleared a path, some people were obviously afraid of her and stepped way back. Other',s men and women alike bowed to her. Abigail herself showed no reaction to anyone as if she were alone in the room. Her features although beautiful were disturbingly cold and immobile, as if she were a porcelain doll. Part of this I knew was an act. I had dealt with Abigail many times about displaying my paintings, and found she could be quite pleasant but then again she also knew me through my brother, which might have made a difference there.

Abigail also dressed the part; wearing a long flowing black and red robe which displayed none of what I knew to be an amazing figure. Abigail's head finally turned, and seeing us she came over to where we were standing and flashed us a surprisingly pretty smile.

"Why hello Megan," She said to me. "I'm glad you made it tonight" She looked me up and down.

"You look ravishing."

"Thank you" I told her.

Abigail leaned forward, and I went to kiss her on the cheek, however Abigail caught me off guard and met my lips. I was startled but didn't pull away. I was expecting a quick peck but instead Abigail's soft lips pushed against mine, and turned it into a lingering kiss. I returned it, our lips sliding across each other's, and I was surprised yet again to feel her tongue push into my mouth.

Abigail broke the kiss and said;

"Very nice."

Looking past me she smiled again.

'Ahhh Mark, it's been far too long since you've been here." She looked him up and down. "I'd say you look amazing but you already know that don't you."

Instead Of answering Mark dropped to his knees and putting his head down kissed the tops of Abigail's bare feet. He stayed there for a moment then looking up whispered;

"Good evening my mistress."

"At last a proper greeting." Abigail said, and laughed, once again it was a pleasant one which belied her appearance. "Rise." She said simply.

Mark stood up, and Abigail then kissed him the same way she kissed me. I noticed quite a few people were watching, and once again Mark was getting the look of death from most of the guys. Abigail stepped back from Mark and smiling asked;

"Are you ready my brother?"

"Of course." Mark answered.

"Are you sure?" She asked smirking. "You haven't done this in a few years."

"I'll be fine."

"I think you'll be very happy with my choice tonight my brother." Abigail smiled wickedly "Quite your taste."

With that she turned and looked at me.

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