Siblings with Benefits Samhain


"And what a lucky woman! I wasn't aware the two of you were lovers." She looked at both of us and said;

"Quiet a beautiful couple." She smiled strangely and added; "A very special couple. Perhaps you'll indulge me later Mark?"

Mark gave Abigail an odd look which she returned with a smirk.

"Whatever my mistress requires." He said bowing his head.

"I'll see the two of you downstairs then."

"What was that all about?" I asked.

Mark shrugged then looking at me said;

"Okay sis tonight's a big night and the rules don't apply, are you going to be okay with that?"

I looked at him and was surprised to find myself not upset at all about it. Tonight was a special night, and I already had a pretty good idea of what would be going on downstairs. I had no idea what Mark was going to do but I'm sure whatever it was he was going to put on a show. However I did tell him;

"Fine, whatever happens downstairs happens but you're coming home with me little brother."

"Of course, aren't we where we always end up anyways?"

We danced a few more times and then sat at the bar. I have to say it still seems kind of weird to be at a place like this and only be drinking coke, but no one could pay me enough to ever have another drink. Mark on the other hand was drinking like there was no tomorrow and as always I was amazed at his uncanny tolerance for alcohol. At ten of eleven I noticed a guy in black suit walking around and tapping people on their shoulders.

"It's time sis." Mark said smiling.

I could feel the excitement emanating from him in waves. The man in the suit approached us and nodding a greeting said in Latin;

"The mistress has invited you to the inner sanctum."

"We will be honored to attend." I said formally

We went to the very back of the club, where two extremely well muscled men were standing. As we approached they looked at us, and Mark made some type of odd hand signal they both bowed, and one of them held open the door for us. The stairs led down to a small room where the man in the suit greeted us and handed us robes. There were different colored robes associated with rank. I was handed a black robe meaning I was a member of the group rather than an initiate, which wore white, Mark was handed the blood red robe of the hierarchy. Needless to say my brother had gone much deeper than I ever had as far as our beliefs went.

The man gestured towards another door, which when we entered was small room to change in. We both stripped naked, and after putting our clothes in a locker slipped on the robes. Mark came up behind me and putting his arms around my waist kissed my neck. I could feel his body trembling in excitement.

We left the room and walked down a small hallway that ended in a black door. As soon as Mark opened it, I was struck by the smell of incense and a cloud smoke. We were now in the large main room of the basement, Abigail's sanctum, where she held mass every Friday night. The room was large, and contained a couple of dozen divans that were spread about one half of the room in a semi circle. The divans were cushioned and I felt myself getting worked up there was no doubt what would be going on here later.

As we walked further into the room I rubbed my hand across the top of one, and closed my eyes against the thought that they reminded me of the type of things that were in the back rooms of the strip clubs where I had done things that... I shook that thought away. As Mark dropped to one knee, and started whispering a quick Ave Satanna I looked around. The entire outer edge of the room was lined with candles and incense burners.

In addition to the divans, the only other pieces of furniture were two large altars at the head of the room that were about ten feet apart. There were roughly thirty or so people in the room. There were mostly black robes but also quite a few white. The men and women who wore the whites were the initiates whose sole purpose was to please the higher members. I looked around and saw that most of the ones in white, male and female both were quite young and all looking a little nervous.

Couldn't say I blamed them. I had been there before, and you never knew what you were going to get. Some members were patient and kind and looking to share the experience, some however were downright cruel. Because of my background of abuse the person who handled my initiation had made sure I was chosen by first a woman, whom I had no issues with, then my second and last time as an initiate I was given to an older man in his fifties who also knowing my story had been amazingly gentle with me.

The only red robes in the room were Abigail's, Mark's, and there was a tall red headed woman standing over in the corner. The man who had been wearing the suit earlier came in wearing a black robe, and asked every one of the ranking members to find a spot. I walked a few steps over to the left and sat on the edge of the divan. Next to me was a man named Bill who was a regular at the club, and who had bought one of my paintings, Bill was a good looking guy in his thirties who I had been interested in at one point until I found out he was gay.

As all the members found a seat the initiates kneeled in a semi circle behind us. Once everyone was sitting, I looked around and counted about fifteen members including myself. There looked to be a couple of more women than men and as I looked at the group I noticed that the two things everyone had in common were we all seemed to be thirties and older, as except for the initiates in the back there were no kids here, and of course everyone down to the last member was extremely attractive; even some of the members who appeared to be in their fifties still looked incredible.

Looking around, I also saw others looking as well. The robes were short, and I saw a few men as well as women looking at my long legs. I laughed to myself as I realized everyone was trying to scope out someone who they may be interested in later. There was at least one initiate for every member but I had been at a couple of these where people would begin to stray and hook up as well as become involved with multiple partners.

I had never gone that far, and only once had even gone with a male partner. I usually sought out women. The rules were the initiates had no say in who they were taken by, although they could approach a member if they did it respectfully enough, the members could interact freely with each other,and the wearer's of the red robes could pretty much do whatever the hell they wanted and could not be offered by anyone even a member.

I noticed Mark hadn't found a spot, instead he had walked over near the front of the room and was standing near one of the altars. The lights went out leaving the room aglow in only the candle light, and as I sat with goose bumps beginning to run down my arms Abigail dressed in her red robe, her long dark hair flowing behind her made her way up to stand between the altars and began addressing us in Latin;

"Brothers and Sisters. I welcome you to a very special night. Tonight there will not only be the ritual of Samhain, but we will have another more free spirited celebration afterwards. For those of you who have attended before welcome back, for those of you here for the first time I hope it will not be your last."

Abigail raised her hands and led the group in the Ave satana, then introduced the woman with the red hair as a high priestess named Katrina from California, who Abigail had invited to run this portion of the ceremony. As I sat looking around Katarina performed the ritual of Samhain; calling upon the four elements and closing the room in a circle, she then invited the spirits of the dead to come and partake in the ceremony with us. Anyone who wanted to wrote down a goal or a wish, and walking to the center of the room held it out to Abigail, who burned one end of it and then had the person drop it in a metal pot in front of her.

I wrote down the wish to stay sober, as well as one for the continued rebuilding of my relationship with those I had hurt and also threw in one for further success in my career. As I stood in the center of the room, I saw my brother over in the corner staring off into space, and not for the first time wondered where the hell he went when he did that. As I made my way back to my seat I couldn't help but sneak a look at some of the initiates.

There was an absolutely adorable little blue eyed blond, who looked so nervous her bottom lip was all but trembling. I hoped for her sake she got someone decent. Hell I would be willing to take one for the team and be nice to her. As I sat, I pictured that pouty little face between my thighs nervously licking my pussy. I pushed that thought away, and concentrated on the ritual, the man who had been in the suit went around and lit every ones candles, and we all stood as the Katrina invoked the spirits to bless us all with their bounty.

The priestess then closed the Circle, and although it wasn't part of it led us in the "Inno a Satanna a long 30 stanza poem that she sang in an eerily sweet choir like voice. When she had finished, we all bowed to her, and Abigail came back to the center. She thanked her sister from the west, and then told us it was now time for the second half of this special night.

Tonight Abigail was going to invoke the ritual of the beast; a sex magic ritual where we would celebrate not only our sexuality but the freedom of constraint, where we would eschew what mans and Gods laws forbid. The ritual was about more than sex it was about letting go of all inhibitions, and enjoying the pleasures of the flesh with our brothers and sisters as we were meant to.

Abigail then turned, and after a gesture, two men from the front came over and kneeled in front of the altar. Using their legs as steps Abigail got up onto the altar, and after staring at the crowd undid her robe and dropped it to the floor. There were a few low gasps throughout the crowd as part of Abigail's mystique was that she very rarely ever wore anything that was even revealing let alone appear totally naked. Not that I was complaining as Abigail naked was quite a treat indeed.

Abigail's lush curvy body featured a pair of beautiful tits which despite their size stood up very well, her hips flared out a little bit giving her a classic hour glass shape and her extremely long legs were as well shaped as my own. As we all stared, Abigail raised her arms over her head taking her hair up with them, and slowly turned giving everyone a view of her perfectly rounded ass as well as the enormous tattoo of a crow that covered almost her entire back.

Abigail completed her turn then spoke;

"I stand before you completely unashamed in my nakedness. After all why should I be ashamed? I am an attractive woman, an object of desire, I have been given this beautiful form why should I not enjoy it, or let others enjoy it? Man's laws would call me wanton, a shameless whore, yet that same man would break the sacred vows of his marriage for so much as ten minutes with this body. No my children we are not hypocrites, we are not ashamed, we revel in our beauty do we not?"

Abigail stopped and after looking around kept speaking;

"Rather than continue on this I will let our next very special guest this evening expound more on that subject, as vanity is a way of life for him."

Abigail smiled as she said this, and several chuckles came from some of the members who knew Mark, and had seen him lurking in the corner. As she said it I glanced over at Mark who puckered his lips at Abigail as if kissing her.

"Not only will our honored guest be speaking to us tonight on the subject of freedom, but he will also be performing along with myself our version of the ritual of the beast a ritual we have not fully consummated here in quite some time."

There were some excited murmurs through the crowd and I laughed as next to me Billy muttered;

"If you're into that whole hetero thing."

Abigail smiled;

"Ahh, that's right some of you remember the last time. Now on that note before I bring up our esteemed gues, let us first meet the other participant of our special evening."

Abigail pointed towards the back. There was another murmur and turning to my right I saw the man who had led us downstairs walk over to the initiates, where reaching down he took the hand of the adorably nervous blonde, and pulling her to her feet took her hand, and started leading her to the front. I felt my pussy start to heat up as they walked past me, and I saw that her lip was trembling the poor thing was truly scared, and she had every right to be as I now realized she was to be offered to my brother.

As they passed Billy looked over at me.

"Perfect is she not?" He asked in Latin, the only language allowed to be spoken in this room.

"Absolutely." I whispered.

"Just turned 18 last week and is as pure as the first winter snow," Billy smiled. "A rare find these days."

"She looks scared." I pointed out.

In addition to being a member of the club, Billy was Abigail's accountant, and knew her quite well on a personal level ,so was privy to quite a bit of inside information


"She's not really into the cult, she applied for a job, and obviously was to sweet to work here, but she caught Abigail's eye for obvious reasons, and when she found out she was cherry made her quite the deal."

"Deal?" I asked.

"Ten thousand dollars to go through with this," Billy shrugged. "Not bad if you ask me. I mean memorize a few lines in Latin have some public sex I'd say its win win."

I laughed at him.

"Not a very romantic first time."

"No my dear but a memorable one I'm sure."

The man led the blond to the edge of the front row of seats, and after kissing her on each cheek let her go. The girl approached the high altar where Abigail stood and leaning over kissed both of her feet. Abigail then addressed the girl asking her first name and how old she was. The age had nothing to do with the ritual it was to get a rise so to speak from the crowd. If her answer of 18 didn't get that reaction the next question of had she ever been bedded by a man was sure to, as she answered no.

Abigail asked her if she approached this altar of her own free will, and if she was willing to give her body in the name of her mistress. After the young girl answered yes to both, Abigail nodded to Katrina, who approaching the girl from behind gently grabbed her by the shoulders. After turning her to face us the priestess reached around the girl and after slowly untying her robe slipped it off of her shoulders and stepped back.

The crowd murmured its approval and my pussy agreed. The girl was absolutely perfect, her tits were a little on the smallish side but perfectly shaped with pale pink nipples that turned up at the cutest angle, a patch of golden hair was visible between her thighs, and her navel was pierced and through it ran a thin gold chain that encircled her waist. Most precious of all was the look of embarrassment on her face as including initiates over two dozen people stared at her naked body.

"Is she not perfect my brothers and sisters?"

"Yes mistress." We answered in unison.

At a nod from Abigail, Katrina led the girl over to the other altar. Immediately two men from the front approached and as they had done for Abigail knelt and let her step on their knees to step up onto the altar. Once up there the girl, as Abigail had done lifted her long blond hair and turned slowly in a circle exposing her adorable little heart shaped ass. As much as I was enjoying looking at her I couldn't help but turn to check on Mark.

My brother certainly wasn't day dreaming at this point. I watched feeling my breath pick up as Mark was staring at the girl with an undisguised look of pure lust. I let my breath out at the thought of my brother's enormous cock being the first one that girl was going to feel. I found myself wondering if Mark would try to be gentle or if he would tear into her. As I looked around the room I'm sure there were people who hoped for either. I think that I must be getting soft as personally as much as I would love to hear those squeals I knew firsthand how my brother was capable of tearing into a woman. I looked back at the poor little thing and hoped Mark would restrain himself.

Finishing her turn the girl knelt at the edge of the alta,r and with that precious little pout bowed her head demurely staring down at her hands which rested on her knees. Abigail looked over at her then at Mark who was still staring directly at the girl. Mark looked like a starving dog that someone had just out a steak in front of. I saw Abigail smile, then she turned and once again addressed us;

"Now my brothers and sisters, let me bring out our guest of honor. To those members who have been coming here long enough you know this man, and know you will be in for an experience. If you have never met my dark brother from the east, then tonight will be one that you will not soon forget. This man is the embodiment of everything we believe in and soon you will see why."

Abigail turned and gestured towards my brother.

"We do not use our names here so let me introduce him by a nick name that many of you have come to know him by; Brothers and Sisters I give you my beautiful brother from the east, The Dark Prince."

Mark left his corner, and walked slowly across the front of the room. His eyes were focused solely on Abigail as he approached her altar. Stopping in front of it Mark turned and bowed formally to us then turning to his left took Katrina's hand and brought it to his lips. She gave him a slight curtsy pulling her robe up, and giving us just the briefest glimpse of fiery red patch of hair between her legs.

My brother turned to Abigail, and leaning over the altar once again kissed the top of her feet. Abigail crouched down in front of him, as she did her legs spread leaving her pussy wide open less than a foot from my brother's face. Abigail reached out and lightly ran her long black finger nails down his cheek. After whispering something to him, she stood back up, and Mark walked over to the second altar.

The blond whose name was Rebecca was kneeling on the left edge of it, and Mark stopped and reaching out gently took her chin in his hand, and lifted her head so she could look at him. Mark said something quietly to her, and after taking a minute to run his hand through one side of her long blond hair walked to the other side of the altar.

The two men began to come forwards but Mark waved them away. Mark approached the altar which came up to his waist, and without warning bent his legs halfway, and jumped straight up onto the edge of the altar, at least a 3 foot vertical leap. Mark stepped to the middle of the altar and as he did Rebecca turned on her knees so she was now facing him rather than us. Once facing him however she put her head back down.

Mark took a deep breath and facing us gestured to Abigail;

"First my brothers and sisters let me ask you; is our mistress not perfect in every way?"

We all murmured our agreement, and Abigail nodded her head in appreciation. Her body was now covered in a sheen of sweat and I have to say she was damn near close to perfect. Speaking of sweat, I loosened my robe a little as between the candles and smoke the heat was becoming oppressive. Mark bowed again to Abigail then putting his hands out addressed the group;

"First let me say what an honor it is to be here with you on this most holy of nights, I thank you all for allowing me the privilege of celebrating here amongst you."

Mark bowed to us once more then began his speech;

"Going back to what our dark Mistress was saying before she brought me up here, I agree whole heartedly that we should never be ashamed of what we are, that we should never listen to those who would condemn us for simply enjoying the gifts that we were given. I look around this room my brothers and sisters and do you know what I see?"

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