tagAnalSick and Wrong Ch. 01

Sick and Wrong Ch. 01


Author's note: the title of this series says it all, this is a sick series, it's going to have non-consent, lots of anal, fetishes, spankings, revenges, cheating... it's a girl gone wrong and she's taking a lot of people with her. It's not at all meant to be realistic, and it's a twisted and sick type of fantasy. Read at your own risk... but I hope those who do read enjoy. =)


Priscilla was an interesting kind of girl. Sweet and innocent on the outside, a good neighbor, graduated from College with honors, got a new job as a secretary in a law firm, only dated good boys...

But deep down she had lots of nasty sexual secrets. There were two sides to Priscilla - well maybe even three. The good girl that everyone saw on the outside, and then her nasty sexual side. Although her sexual side had two parts too; she was incredibly dominant towards women, although she had sex with women she'd never eaten another woman out or even fingered another woman. She used toys on them, sexually tortured them... sometimes even got off on raping them. But then there was her other side, her side towards men. Priscilla liked to be dominated by men, have them take control of her and degrade her and sexually torture her.

It was an odd combination and she was well-aware that she was probably sick, perverted, and degenerate, but at the same time she couldn't quite bring herself to care enough to do something about it. No one knew, and sometimes she wondered if she would care if they did. There was definitely a part of her that wanted to shock all her neighbors, family and friends with the truth of her life...

She never did though. Partially because, even though the couple of rapes that she'd been involved in had never been reported, someone might realize. After all, she'd actually had sex with one or two of her friends when they'd been under the influence of one drug or another that she'd slipped into their drink. And so she said nothing, just going about her daily routine and indulging in sexual perversions at night.

Right now she was indulging in being submissive. Tied down to her own bed, her body was stretched out in a large X, face down with some pillows under her hips to keep her gorgeous ass in the air. She screamed as the heavy hand came down on her poor ass again, but no sound actually came out because her mouth was filled with a penis-shaped gag that had been stifling her screams and shrieks for the past twenty minutes. Justin was one of her favorite fuck-buddies, he was harsh and demanding and he never let her get away with the little power games she liked to play. Whenever she stepped even just a toe out of line she was punished harshly, and that was just what she needed tonight...

Writhing as her ass burned a fiery red, tears streaming down her face, she was engulfed with lust, wishing that he would push his dick into her and fuck her hard, slamming his body against her bruised cheeks. More slaps against her tortured ass, and she screamed with ecstatic pain, her back arching as she sobbed and struggled.

"You know Priscilla," Justin's voice was very deep, controlling... he could lull her into relaxing just by talking to her although she constantly tried to keep up her guard. It was when she relaxed that he always struck, "I'm getting very tired of these silly games you play. It'd be much easier if you just begged for a punishment. I expect to be obeyed, especially when you are the one who calls ME. I think we're going to have to teach you a lesson."

There was a lot of shifting behind her, making Priscilla feel quite panicked because she had no idea what he was doing. Usually he showed her whatever instrument of exquisite torture he was going to use on her, liking the way her imagination would play with her before he even touched her with it. Now she couldn't see a single thing.

His large dick pressed up against her asshole, his large beautiful dick. It was one of the many reasons she loved playing with him so much, he had one of the biggest dicks she'd ever experienced. And damn did he know how to use it... Pain lanced through her as he began to push in, and she jumped with surprise, it hurt BAD, much worse than usual and she couldn't figure out why. It wasn't as if they hadn't had anal sex before, and while she didn't do it often it had never hurt this bad before.

Tears sprang to her eyes as his head popped in, her ass dryly clenching down on the painful invasion... that was it, 'dryly'! He wasn't using lube!

Priscilla panicked and began struggling... he'd tear her apart! Especially the way that Justin liked to fuck, hard and uncompromising, his dick thrusting in and out with abandon! He chuckled, leaning forward and making her squeal with pain as her dry ass was forced to accept another inch of his thick meat.

"Figured out what your punishment is have we?" he asked, reaching around to pinch her nipples, making her buck backwards which had the added effect of her shoving more of his dick up her ass without him moving at all. She shuddered and squealed, trying to move back forwards, but he followed and pressed even deeper.

Priscilla squealed and sobbed as his dick scraped against the dry walls of her ass... it hurt so bad, he hadn't used any lube at all and it felt like the outside of her asshole was caving in as he pressed deeper. Finally he pulled out a little and she was able to relax somewhat, but then he gave a stabbing thrust and was finally buried balls deep as she writhed and screamed, her ass burning. Holding himself inside her, Justin continued to torture her nipples with his fingers, making her burn both inside and out.

"You're such a dirty bad girl," he whispered in her ear, "You need to be punished and no one knows it..."

She squirmed uncomfortably as his full weight was rested on top of her, boring into her poor abused asshole. A sharp jab made her squeal and buck, although really that just gave him more pleasure as her ass pressed against him; he laughed mockingly. Priscilla felt almost dizzy with lust... it had been so long since someone had really been able to challenge her, really been able to take her and degrade her the way she wanted. Justin was amazing, she could actually feel her body submitting to him.

He could too, as soon as he felt her acceptance of his dominance over her, he began pumping in and out of her ass, moving one of his hands off her sore nipple and down to her pussy where he began toying with her clit as he fucked her. The bound girl moaned, starting to move with him despite the burning in her ass, the pleasure in her pussy more than made up for it. The pain was making her so horny, and she knew he was taking pleasure in the fact that she was enjoying herself despite his rape of her tender asshole. It turned him on immeasurably that she was able to take pain and turn it into her own special pleasure.

Riding her ass hard, he pinched at her clit, twisting it and making her back ache in reaction, her tight ass ripping around his thrusting dick. Priscilla felt like he was taking her over, his dick huge and swollen inside her asshole, demanding pleasure. Shuddering as he gave her clit a particularly vicious pinch, her ass clenched down on him and suddenly she was cumming, screaming as waves of pleasure swept over her.

Throughout it all he kept moving in and out of her ass, the painful ecstasy driving her higher as her body shuddered and jerked against the ropes. Priscilla screamed as the pain overcame the pleasure, he was ignoring her now and just reaming her ass out, she'd gotten hers and now it was time for him to get his. And more than anything, he took pleasure in her struggles and her torment... and of course it just turned her on more that he was fucking her ass with abandon, although she was sobbing she could feel another orgasm building deep in her bowels. Her ass shuddered around him, increasing the pain as she clenched down and he pushed through, his hands on her hips and slamming into her brutalized hole.

She howled as her second, more painful, orgasm began, her tight ass clenching down hard on him and increasing the stimulation for both of them. Three more brutal thrusts and he buried himself inside her with force that knocked the breath out of her; her grip on his dick was so tight that she could actually feel him pulsing against the ring of her tight hole as his cum sped through his dick on its journey into her ass. Sobbing, she sagged underneath him, her body accepting the load that he was delivering into her, still rippling around him as he finished cumming.

They lay there for a few minutes, both of them just panting, and then he gathered himself together and pulled away. She squealed as his dick popped out of her ass, new tears springing to her eyes. Justin sat back and admired her raw, reddened asshole. Just enough force to really hurt without tearing her up... perfect.

Although he untied her, he made her keep the gag in her mouth as they went to the shower. Smiling, he tapped her pink butt... she would need it. He planned on raping her ass again as soon as they were all wet and slippery... and that was going to hurt.

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