tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSick and Wrong Ch. 02

Sick and Wrong Ch. 02


author's note: This is a story with female on female rape, breast torture and some spanking. All of them do end up enjoying themselves immensely =) I hope you enjoy as well.


Having gotten her fix for being punished from Justin, Priscilla found that the next night she had a different kind of craving. Her ass was still sore... from his dry rape of it when she was tied on the bed, and then when they were in the shower he'd taken his slick dick and shoved it in again, pounding her up against the tile wall as the water had sluiced down on them. It had been hot, but painful, the water had helped make things easier, but her hole had become swollen and tight. Having taken such abuse, Priscilla found herself craving to heap abuse onto someone else.

Someone who would take it well... pleasure her...

Her eyes lit up. There was a girl at her school who was rumored to be a closet lesbian, one who liked things a little rough. Meg... yes, that was her name. That would be perfect; take a girl, push her to her limits, get some good pleasure out of it. Priscilla liked to do things dirty and hard, she liked to be degraded and also to degrade another woman. Besides, the girl was pretty and she had big tits. Priscilla loved busty girls, their tits took punishment soooo well... and you could do so many creative things with them!


Priscilla had easily gained access to Meg's house, the stupid bitch actually slept with her window open. It couldn't have been a more perfect opportunity if she had created it herself; the girl was practically asking to be raped, sleeping on the ground floor with her window open. Practically naked too, all she'd been wearing was a bra and panties. Although rather surprised by the bra, Priscilla figured that it made sense; Meg's tits were huge for her slender frame, she looked rather disproportionate really. It was a moment's quick work to get Meg tied facing up, her eyes covered by her own sleeping mask, and her mouth stuff fulled of her panties.

Cutting off the bra, she crooned as Meg sobbed, trying to plead through the pink panties that had been cut from her body. Priscilla just rolled her eyes and tossed the bra off to the side; sick of the whimpers and whining she started slapping Meg's very pale breasts. The girl had such milky white skin that with the first slap her boob turned bright pink; Priscilla laughed and slapped the other one harder, going back and forth and playing them like bongos.

Tiny nipples got hard, little pebbles on huge mountains of flesh, Priscilla sneered at them and pinched them, twisting roughly and smiling as the girl beneath her writhed and tried to pull away. Must hurt or something. She snickered and twisted harder. Letting her fingers trail down the girls body, she scooted down until she could look at that spread pussy, smiling as Meg's legs pulled against the ropes around her ankles which spread them apart. Sliding her fingers up and down Meg's pink slit, she found a little bit of wetness.

"So..." she murmured, "We DO like rough treatment... what a slut..." and she slapped the exposed pussy, making Meg jump and wail. With every rough slap against it, the pussy got pinker and wetter, making sucking sounds as her hand slapped down, "Well if you like it rough then you are going to LOVE tonight."

The girl underneath her wriggled and writhed, in sexual pain and excitement as her pussy was spanked, Priscilla reveled in her domination. Looking around she opened the drawer to the nightstand, looking for Meg's "goody" drawer. And oh what a goody drawer it was! Laughing, Priscilla pulled out some vicious looking nipple clamps, still in their original packaging.

"Never been used?" she asked in a shocked tone, "Well that's a shame... I think we should definitely try them out tonight." Dropping them on the bed next to Meg's bound body she also pulled out a long length of rope, a cat-o-nine whip, an inflatable butt plug and a vibrator with a clit stimulator. Wrapping the rope around Meg's breasts in a large figure eight, she bound those massive mammeries so that they were pointing straight up like large torpedoes, swollen and sensitive. Squeezing them roughly she laughed as the girl writhed, her pussy dripping even more as her breasts were bound.

Then Meg started shrieking as Priscilla attached the first of the nipple clamps, the rubber squeezing the tender bud tightly and crushing it. More shrieking and writhing as Priscilla attached the other and then leaned forward to flick her tongue across the dark red parts that were swelling out of the tight clamps. Humming to herself as Meg strained and sobbed, pain shooting through her breasts every time she moved, Priscilla slid the buttplug around Meg's extremely wet pussy, making the girl hump her hips as confusing waves of pain and pleasure washed over her. As soon as she was satisfied that it was covered in pussy juice, just lubricated enough to get it in, she started forcing it into Meg's tight ass. The girl moaned and thrashed, shrieking as her tender breasts jiggled on her chest, the clamps biting harshly into her nipples.

Priscilla finally got the whole thing shoved into Meg's tight back door, she pulled and twisted at it, making the girl whimper in sexual frenzy.

"You're such a dirty slut," Priscilla sneered, "Dripping like a wet whore while you're all tied up, with clamps on your nipples and a plug up your ass... and you're loving every minute of it, aren't you?" Meg nodded frantically, her hips moving up and down despite the pain in her breasts, "You'd like to cum, wouldn't you?" she twisted the plug as Meg nodded, her whimpers turning pleading. "Well you're going to make me cum first."

And with that Priscilla pulled the panties out of Meg's mouth and lowered her own excited pussy onto the bound girl's face. Immediately Meg started licking at her, sucking on her pussy like a pro and Priscilla moaned and ground her pussy down on the girl's face. Picking up the cat-o-nine whip, she let loose a lash against Meg's pussy, making the girl shriek and lift her hips, her scream muffled and vibrating against Priscilla's pussy lips.

"Oh that feels fantastic..." moaned Priscilla and she whipped Meg's pussy again. She kept whipping it as Meg screamed and licked, thrashing underneath her as she strove to get Priscilla off, her tongue pushing frantically into Priscilla's hot hole. Suddenly Priscilla realized that Meg herself was dangerously close to orgasm, just from the whipping her pussy had been getting. But that wasn't right, it was going to be Priscilla that came first.

Dropping the whip Priscilla pulled the clamps off of Meg's nipples and moaned loudly as the girl screamed and shook; pinching the brutalized and purplish buds, she rubbed feeling back into the sensitive nubbins, making the girl underneath her writhe in sexual pain. Pulling on the girl's nipples she moaned happily as Meg screamed and licked, trying to get Priscilla off so that it would end the torture to her poor breasts and then she would be able to get off.

Unfortunately for Meg, when Priscilla started cumming her hands clamped down on Meg's boobs, crushing the bound mounds of flesh and making the girl scream even more into the pussy that was dripping orgasmic juices into her mouth. Panting hard, Priscilla rode out her orgasm, grinding her entire pussy against Meg's face and muffling any sound that was coming out of the girl underneath her.

When she was done, Priscilla sighed and climbed off of Meg, completely satiated.

"Good girl," she crooned, stroking Meg's cheek. The girl actually leaned her face into Priscilla's hand and smiled at the compliment.

"Please," she begged.

Priscilla considered not helping her out... but she had been awfully good, and Priscilla had been very pleased by her passionate response. Why not. It was well to reward good behavior. Grabbing the pump on the inflatable buttplug, Priscilla started squeezing, filling the thing with air and making it expand inside Meg's tight ass. Meg moaned, her insides stretching with the plug and her pussy dripping even more, she felt like she was on the brink of going insane from being denied her orgasm as her boobs and nipples burned, her ass full and uncomfortable.

Working the vibrator into Meg's pussy, Priscilla examined the girl for a moment and then turned it onto high right away. Meg started screaming in orgasm and Priscilla stuffed the panties back into her mouth to muffle the sound. As the girl shook and sweated in continuous orgasm, unable to stop cumming, Priscilla loosened the ropes around one hand. Meg would have to work her hand out before she would be able to remove the vibrator or untie herself, and the way she was thrashing and shaking in the throes of her orgasm... she might not have the focus to do that right now.

Priscilla walked out, quite pleased with herself as she left the girl on the bed, still cumming ecstatically as the pleasure became almost painful with its intensity. In some ways, she was rather jealous of Meg's pleasures... although it had been good for Priscilla, it seemed that Meg had enjoyed herself even more. Still... her pussy felt good, she felt good. It was a good night. And tomorrow would bring something else new.

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