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Side Order

byPenelope Street©

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Side Order

© 2011 by Penelope Street

From the moment our eyes met, there was only him. The prattle of customers and co-workers, the sizzling meat on the grill, and the clatter of stainless steel; all of it must have reached my ears, but went no farther. I couldn't smell the permeating odor of grilled animal fat or feel the coarseness of my uniform over my shoulders.

Only a vision reached my mind's inner sanctum: Sky blue eyes; complexion fit for a baby; the vaguest hint of a beard; chin, nose, and brow, all pointed just so; short, golden hair that didn't need a comb to look in place; shoulders broad without being bulky; a torso that tapered to his loins, where my eyes were want to linger no matter which way he faced.

My vision brought a dream with it. My fingers roamed the ripples of his belly, a texture I had never even seen, but could still picture. He spoke to me, simple things, "Hey, beautiful, good to see you again." His subtle muskiness greeted my nose as he leaned his mouth toward mine. I tasted the salt, then the sweetness, of his lips.

But my dream was only an instant of indulgence before reality intruded. A buzzer sounded, announcing the French Fries were done. The girl two registers down dropped a shake. In the lobby, a baby began to cry.

Again I wondered if it was but my own wishful imagination that he never got in anyone else's queue, no matter how long mine was. I flashed him that smile, the one I saved just for him, before forcing myself to count out my current customer's change. I hurried through the other patrons in my line with due haste.

After another half an eternity, he stood once again just across the counter. How I longed to greet him with anything aside from, "May I take your order?"

Not that I needed to ask, since I already knew what he would order.

"Grilled Chicken Sandwich Meal, hold the sauce, with a medium Coke."

Each time he said it, I wanted to reply, 'You want sex with that?' But, of course, I never dared.

Still wearing a smile, though not his special one, I punched his items into my register, all the while lost in my own little piece of heaven. I had already totaled his order when he continued, "and a Double Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe, Medium Fries. Oh, and a Large Chocolate Shake."

Curious, but not alarmed, I amended the order, accepted his payment, gathered his food, flashed his special smile again, and thanked him before our brief time together was once more at an unwelcome end.

I watched him walk away, that short trip to his favorite table; so near, yet so far. Only then did I become distressed, and rightly so, for his companion was the horror of horrors, a petite little blonde; so cute that regular cute ran and hid for fear of comparison. How could she devour a Double Bacon Cheeseburger Deluxe and a Large Chocolate Shake yet stay that thin? It defied all the laws of the universe, and some beyond that.

It just wasn't fair!

I glanced to his hair, then hers, and prayed the comparable hue identified the couple as siblings. I looked lower, to the girl's nose, then to his, searching in near desperation for similarities.

"Miss? Hello? Miss?"

I pried my attention from them and looked across the counter.

"I'm sorry, Ma'am," I said. "May I take your order?"

* * * * *

I left work that day far more dejected than most. The majority of days I was a twenty-six year old who wondered if tomorrow would be the day when she finally chose to change her life. Today I wondered if I would ever change it. And all because some guy I didn't even know had eaten lunch with some girl I didn't even know.

I scolded myself for being so depressed about such a silly thing and departed the food court with the intention of wandering the mall for a bit and trying to take my mind off of it all with a little window shopping.


I turned to locate the source, expecting that there was simply some other person with my name nearby. My heart all but stopped. I opened my mouth as if to speak, but my lower lip simply hung quivering.

He waited several seconds before he asked, "Your name is Rebecca, isn't it?"

I nodded. "Yes, but my friends call me Becca."

"I'm Todd." His eyes drifted down to my bosom, then bounced back to my face. "May I call you Becca then?"

I shook my head. "Not until the third date." My lips tightened as the boldness of my words registered within the portion of my brain not responsible for speech.

Todd chuckled through a grin. "Well, I have been meaning to ask you out for a while, but I don't think it's right asking a lady out when she's at work because she can't tell a guy to get lost, you know."

I could hardly keep from laughing. Like anyone would ever tell you to get lost. I caught myself leaning with my nose as I tried to gain but a hint of his aroma.

"Well?" Todd prompted.

I vibrated my retreating head. "What?"

"I said I couldn't ask you out at work."

"So," I said, still not daring to believe the obvious, "are you asking me out now?"

Todd nodded. "Yeah, I'm asking."

My lips blossomed once again into that special smile. "I accept!"

* * * * *

"So, who is he?" asked Valerie.

I spat out a few pieces of my salad before looking across the table to my older sister. "How did you know?"

Val bounced her eyebrows once and then held them high. "You have that glow, like you're finally getting some. So, are you?"

I blushed and glanced about the food court, seeking any passersby within earshot. Seeing none, I brought my gaze back to my sibling. "His name's Todd. So far we've been out twice."

"Twice already? You have been holding out on me!"

"No," I said. "There really isn't much to tell. Just dinner and a movie. Nothing special."

Valeria laughed. "If it's nothing special, why are you so aglow?"

"Maybe because I want it to be something special?"

"Don't we all! You still didn't answer my question?"

"Which one?"

"Are you getting any?"

"You're the worst!" I rolled my eyes. "We haven't even kissed. Both times he walked me to the door and said goodnight."

"So he's the perfect gentleman?"

"Yes, damn him! I wanted to ask him inside worse than you know, but I didn't want to appear sleazy."

"Oh, I know," said Valerie. "Trust me, I know. But last I heard, we'd made it to the twenty-first century. We don't need to worry about appearing sleazy, especially not at our age. If you want it, sister, you should just go for it."

"Are you sure?"

"Hey, I'm not just your sister, I'm your bestest friend. And, yeah, I'm sure."

"Thanks," I said with a subtle grin. "You are my bestest friend."

"Ok then, what's bothering you now?"

"What do you mean?"

"Your expression," she said. "You just had some doubts, didn't you?"

I shrugged. "Well, Todd was with this cute little blonde the day he asked me out. I have this nagging feeling her appearance that day was no coincidence, but I didn't want to be nosy and ask about her."

"You are such a wimp!"

"Oh!" I grimaced, tensed, and squealed all at once. "I know!"

"Never mind, Sis. I'll find out for you."

"You will?"

"Sure," Valerie said. "What are bestest friends for? Now tell me all about him."

"Oh, I'm not even sure where to begin?"

"That's easy. Start with the good part."

"His eyes," I said. "His eyes are like, uh, what's that blue gem, lighter than a sapphire?"


"Yeah! Those!" My gaze drifted upward and my focus became distant. "His eyes are just like those."

* * * * *

Thirty hours later, Todd escorted me back to my apartment door in an awkward silence. I wanted some crickets to chirp, but no sound reached my ears beyond the movement of rubber over asphalt on the nearby street.

When we reached the door, he stopped and turned those big blues down to me. "Thank you for a lovely evening."

I smirked; his good-byes were more predictable than his lunch orders. "Me too." I took a deep breath as if it might supplement my courage. "But I don't want this evening to be over just yet."

Todd's head leaned to one side; otherwise he neither moved nor spoke.

I pushed my lips together in a line. Releasing his hand, I turned and brought my key to the handle. With a quick twist, I threw the door wide and stood aside; inviting him to enter and practically daring him to do anything else.

Todd swallowed and wandered through my doorway. He glanced about and shuffled with his hands in his pockets. "Nice place."

I followed him inside, closed the door, and turned on the inside light. Ok, he's in. You made that third date comment when he first asked you out. He can count to three, can't he?

With a smirk, I decided there was only one way to find out. I grabbed his shirt and pulled his body to mine, then stretched my legs to bring my face toward his.

Our first kiss was anything but restrained. I seized Todd's lips with my own, caressing, exploring, and massaging them, until seconds later he began to reply in kind. So unwilling was I for the moment to end that I continued on until want of oxygen compelled my withdrawal.

"Wow," Todd gasped. He slid from my arms and fell to his knees. My entire body stiffened as he grabbed the lower edge of my loose-fitting tee and tucked his head beneath.

I could but swallow, being otherwise paralyzed by his sudden display of initiative. He began to kiss my abdomen and I tensed. With his lips kissing their way across my midsection, he loved with his mouth that part of me about which I had always been most self-conscious. My legs began to quiver and my hands sought his still-shrouded head for balance.

His fingers found my jean's zipper. I kicked my shoes from my feet and he drew the denim down my thighs. I closed my eyes and shivered as I imagined where his lips might be next. He didn't make me wait long. I had but felt the coolness of the air on my bare legs before he stood, taking the hem of my tee with him. I raised my arms and soon I stood before him clad in only my bra.

His eyes roamed my body before settling on the only portion still covered. "Oh," he breathed, "you are so beautiful."

My hips squirmed as I heard the words I'd so often fantasized he might say. "Tell me again," I whispered.

"You." He pulled my body to his and lowered his face. "Are." He rubbed the tip of his nose on mine. "Beautiful."

Again we kissed. His hands slid about me, and his fingers found the fasteners of my bra. With a delicate languor, he undid each hook. If my mouth hadn't been full of his, I might have told him it was easier just to pull the damn thing over my head.

Unlike the motion of his fingers, our lips beset one another at an urgent pace. We licked. We nibbled. We whimpered. At last I felt fabric loosen. He eased his mouth away from mine and stepped backward, taking with him the last of my clothing. Again he ogled me with those blazing blue orbs. He licked his lips. "Big circles too," he said. "I love them. You are so lovely."

"Show me," I begged. "Show me."

He knelt and pulled me to him. His face nestled between my breasts. Each of his hands cupped a side of my bosom, and he pulled my flesh toward his. With his eyes closed, he rubbed his cheeks upon me thus.

He kissed me right over my heart. "Yes." He shifted and kissed the inner edge of my left breast. "So round." His lips moved to my right. "So soft." He nipped at my softness. "So perfect."

With continued praise, he made his way towards my nipple at an all too calculated pace. My shoulders undulated with my want. I wrapped my fingers in his locks and dragged his face those final precious inches.

"Yes," I said. "Do it!"

He engulfed the entire center of my breast and began to suckle with his tongue playing over my enraged nub. I let go of his hair, but kept my hands wrapped about his scalp and pulled his face deeper into me. Closing my eyes, I savored the sensation of his mouth upon me.

He suckled and slurped and laved and nibbled until I said, "The other one's jealous." I again grasped his hair and steered him to his new target.

"Umm," he murmured as he accepted my other nipple into his mouth. His hands left my bosom and began to roam my body, groping me in time with the movement of his lips and tongue. My breath soon came in anxious gasps and tremors shook my body.

"I want more," I breathed.

One of his arms wrapped about my waist. The other encircled my thighs and he lifted me with startling ease. "Show me where to go," he whispered before shifting his mouth back to my other breast.

I wrapped my fingers in his hair and gave his head a twist. His legs responded at once. Using his locks in the manner of reins, I steered him through my tiny flat, ducked through a doorway, and guided him to my bed, where we collapsed with his lips still glued to my bosom.

"I want to feel you in me," I whispered.

He ran his tongue once about my areola, then kissed and nibbled his way along the underside of my breast and onto my tummy. Down my abdomen he went, leaving a trail of moistness in the wake of his lips, all the while looking upward into my eyes.

When I realized what he had in mind, I scissored my legs and rubbed him with my thighs. "Oh, yes," I said. "Do it!"

He rubbed the tip of his nose three times about my navel before continuing onward to that softest portion of my tummy. There he kissed and nibbled again, just like he had done with the underside of my bosom.

To one side he veered, off my abdomen and onto my thigh. A spasm jerked my hips.

"Wrong way," I said and coiled my fingers once more within his locks. Using his hair again in the manner of reins, I guided him from my leg and until his nose was planted within my folds.

He closed his eyes and inhaled an audible and lengthy breath. "Oh," he said with his exhale tickling me just so. "I love the way you smell."

Again he inhaled before shifting just enough to plant his open mouth over my moistness. His confined exhale warmed me, but his tongue was nowhere to be felt.

My hips vaulted from the mattress. I tugged his hair. My sex clenched, echoing a tightness apparent in my tone. "Don't make me wait," I whispered. "Do it. Do it now!"

I felt his fingers bite into the flesh of my ass. Onto my thighs his hands slid, caressing and groping as they went. At that point, I much preferred the latter.

He did not stop until his spread hands cupped the backside of my knees. Upward he pushed, forcing my thighs skyward and backward until he had almost folded me in half. With me thus exposed, his tongue at last sprang from his mouth to lave the length of my crease.

My sex twitched beneath his tardy assault. "Oh!" I gasped and unwound my fingers from his hair. "Yes! That's it. Lick. Lick!"

Again and again, he drew his spread tongue over my folds and, when they had at last parted, between them.

My fingers stroked his scalp in time with the motion of his tongue over me. "Inside," I begged between ragged breaths. "I want you inside."

I half-expected he'd disobey and tease me more, but he answered my whimpered want by plunging his tongue into me while his nose rutted amid my upper folds.

My mouth flew wide and I inhaled a brief gasp. My hips pushed upward even more, compelling him to grind his face onto me and allowing him to reach just a few more nerve endings that screamed for his attention. Within me, his tongue swirled in deep, deliberate, delicious circles. My entire form began to undulate in sync with the movement of his diminutive, yet glorious muscle.

"Oh, oh!" I gasped in time with a pair of brisk exhales. My spine arched all the way to my neck. I closed the lids over my quaking eyes and felt the moisture squeeze from therein. My thighs pushed against where his hands still held my knees, to no avail.

Within my shivering sex, his tongue imparted a sublime heat that smoldered a precious few heartbeats before becoming a tingling, like a terrible itch that begged to be scratched, yet was just out of reach.

Except it wasn't out of reach. I slid my splayed fingers under my thigh and over my abdomen until they found the enraged nub his nose teased instead of pleased. There I massaged my flesh in time with the tango of his tongue.

My hips shuddered. My ass cheeks tightened. My thighs trembled. I felt his fingers press into the sides of my knees and the pressure of his forearms on the backs of my legs as he held me in place. My body wound itself until my lips spasmed over my clenched teeth.

I emitted a brief, warbled moan. Between my rubbing fingers and his rutting tongue, a tingling ignited and every muscle in my form quivered. An extended wail left my lips and the tension flowed from my body in a tangible, fluid form.

He sputtered for a half-breath before his tongue once more laved my inner passage.

"Oh," I breathed. "Yes. More!"

I felt my moisture flow over and between my ass cheeks before soaking into my sheet. So wet. So wanton. So wonderful. I became absorbed with the ecstasy of that moment, and all of those that followed.

* * * * *

"So what did he do next?" asked Valerie, excitement apparent in her high pitch and low volume.

I stole a glance to make sure no strangers had crept within earshot, and then leaned across the table. "It was unbelievable! I don't think he ever took his mouth off of me, no matter how much I squirted him." I squeezed my thighs together, reliving the encounter in her mind "He must have licked me for like an hour as if I was Cleopatra, or some fucking goddess."

"Really? An hour?!"

"Ok," I said, "Maybe it was half that. I really don't know, but it was so long and he was so good. I came more last night than my whole life before."

Val bounced her brow. "And?"

"And I may need a new mattress."

"Get a plastic cover. What happened next?"

"Finally I got up enough nerve to tell him I'd like to fuck."

"Nerve?" chortled Valerie. "The man had his tongue in your twat for how long and you were worried he wouldn't want to put his dick there instead?"

"Well, he'd licked me for so long I was beginning to wonder, so I finally asked. And guess what?"


"He said he doesn't care for condoms. Just hates them." I paused to again scan for eavesdroppers. Finding none, I looked back across the table. "So I told him I didn't care, I wanted to fuck anyway."

Valerie bolted upright and gasped. "You didn't!"

"I did, but he still wouldn't."

Val exhaled a sigh. "Good for him! Sounds like he could be a keeper." My sister leaned back across the table. "Then what?"

"So then I offered to blow him."

"I thought you hated that?"

"It was all I could think of." I shrugged. "I figured maybe I could learn to like it."

"Oh, you can," Val sniggered. "You definitely can."

"Yeah," I said. "I know. You've told me a hundred times."

Valerie smiled. "In that case, why don't you tell me just once so I know you heard?"

I sighed and gave another glance left and right before turning her eyes back across the table. I leaned forward and said in a semi-sarcastic tone, "Men want sex more than women, so learning to please your man orally is important."

"Crucial," said Valerie. "Not just important, it's crucial."

"Yeah, yeah," I replied. "Ok, it's crucial because you can satisfy him in five minutes when you're really not in the mood."

"You forgot swallowing. That's crucial too. It's like the icing on the cake for them, and who wants a cake without frosting?"

I wrinkled my nose. "Totally gross frosting."

"You haven't even tried it."

"You told me how it tastes."

Val shrugged. "It's an acquired taste to be sure, but once you see how much they love it, you'll know why it's worth acquiring."

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