tagSci-Fi & FantasySidney and Lexi: Rufus

Sidney and Lexi: Rufus


This is chapter eight.

Sidney, Lexi, Brandon, Rufus and Morag stood outside of the box and looked in on Ruby, who was still attached to Sharon.

"She gave us you back," Morag said to Lexi, "but she has decided to keep Ruby."

"Man, this is really fucked up!" Said Brandon, "I was like, six guys."

"So you were all the men who had sex with me?" Asked Lexi.

"All?" Asked Sidney, "how many men had sex with you after I went to bed?"


"Well," said Sidney, "I am glad it was just a dream."

"Don't worry daddy," Lexi said to him, "I'm your girl and no-one else's."

"You belonged to Sharon for a while," put in Morag.

"So, how do you plan to release Ruby?" Asked Sidney.

"I am going to have to go in there," said Rufus, "I need to try and understand Sharon, to find out what she wants."

"I need someone out here to help me," said Morag, "in case anything goes wrong."

"I think that ship has already sailed," put in Lexi.

"Teach me what to do," Sidney said to Rufus, "I will stay out here and help Morag."

"What about me?" Asked Brandon, "What can I do?"

"Come back in with me," said Rufus, "I might not be able to manage her on my own."

"Who?" Asked Morag, "Sharon or Ruby?"

Lexi snickered, Sidney chuckled, Rufus blushed.

* * * * * * *

"We're going to crash!" Shouted Brandon as he and Rufus wrestled with the controls.

"Then strap yourselves in, kids!" Shouted Rufus by way of reply.

The class twelve interstellar freighter swayed in the air, stalled and then fell. It hit the soft crust of the planet, which lessened the impact, and sank below the surface. All was dark and silent, then the lights inside the spaceship flickered into life.

"Are you two o.k.?" Rufus asked.

"I am," replied Ruby.

"Me too," replied Brandon.

"Well, at least we are down safely," said Rufus, "I sent out a mayday call just as the engines started to fail."

"But how long will it take for them to come and rescue us?" Asked Brandon in a rhetorical tone.

"Not more than a few days I hope," replied Rufus.

"Well, I'm going for a coffee," said Ruby, "do you boys want any?"

"Please," they both replied.

Ruby removed her harness, slid out of her seat and walked off the flight deck.

"They should not have allocated her to this old tub," said Rufus, "it was only a matter of time before it failed."

"The boss said she didn't want to do her any favours, seeing as she is her niece. She said Ruby had to learn the business the hard way."

"Well, it doesn't get much harder than being stuck on Kellog fifteen's third moon."

"The price of being the youngest skipper in the fleet is that I get to fly the crappiest ship and look after the boss's sister's brat."

"You don't like her much do you Brandon."

"Trouble is Rufus, I like her too much. I can't concentrate when she is on the flight deck."

"She is rather distracting, I agree."

"Talking about me boys?" Asked Ruby as she walked back onto the deck, carrying a tray of coffee and biscuits.

"Brandon here was saying how much he likes you," Rufus told her.

"Shut up!" Brandon hissed under his breath.

"I can't say I've noticed," said Ruby, "he doesn't speak to me much, except to bark orders at me."

"As your superior," replied Brandon, "I am duty bound to instill an amount of discipline in you. Your aunt told me to instruct you in flying a freighter and make you grow up a little."

"What do you think, senior navigator Katz?" Ruby asked Rufus, "has captain Hawes achieved his targets?"

"Well," replied Rufus, "you are certainly a lot more mature than when you first came on board."

"I was seventeen when I first came on board!" Exclaimed Ruby, "I have spent the last two fucking years on this crock of shit! I have patched up the hold, helped maintain the engines, put out electrical fires and learned to make decent meals out of the most hideous alien crap you two have been conned into buying from the most noxious aliens we have met up with. I think that qualifies me as being pretty fucking mature!"

"Oops," said Brandon, quietly, "you touched a nerve there professor."

Ruby handed the two men their coffees and went and sat in her seat, a scowl on her face.

* * * * * * *

"Are you alright Ruby?" Rufus asked as he was passing Ruby's cabin the next morning.

He could hear her moaning loudly and a look of concern appeared on his face. He opened the cabin door and looked in.

"Oh, sorry," he said as he saw her.

He wanted to close the door and walk away, but he was unable to. He just stood in the doorway and stared at her. The beautiful blonde was lying on her bunk, her legs spread wide apart, rubbing her sex at a frantic rate.

"Ooooh!" She cried out, "Ooooooooh!"

"What's happening?" Asked Sidney as he watched Ruby's monitor.

"She's having an orgasm," replied Morag.

"But the others are still pretty inactive," said Sidney in a puzzled voice.

"Don't you get it ,daddy?" Asked Lexi as she stood behind Sidney, watching Ruby's monitor over his shoulder, "she's having a wank."

"Oh, yes, of course," said Sidney, blushing a little.

Rufus finally managed to drag his eyes away from Ruby's writhing body, close the cabin door softly and walk off.

* * * * * * *

"You think I didn't notice, don't you," Ruby said to Rufus as she put a plate of food down in front of him.

"Notice what?" Asked Brandon as he stuck his fork into a pile of what looked like blue spaghetti.

"He opened my cabin door and looked in while I was pleasuring myself."

"I was concerned for your welfare," said Rufus hurriedly, "I thought you might have been concussed from the crash and from the noises you were making I thought you were having a fit."

Brandon snorted with laughter.

"Did you like what you saw?" Asked Ruby.

"Stop it Ruby," said Brandon, "you are embarrassing the poor old fellow."

"How do you two satisfy your needs?" Asked Ruby as she sat at the dining table and stuck her fork into the food in front of her.

"The usual way," answered Brandon.

"You've never made a pass at me," Ruby said to him, "in two years on this old tub, you have never tried it on with me."

"If the boss found out, she would probably have my balls."

"She wouldn't find out. If you didn't tell her, I wouldn't."

"What about hm?" Brandon asked, pointing his fork at Rufus, "he is the biggest gossip in the whole fleet."

"He couldn't tell her if he fucked me as well, not if he wanted to keep his balls, that is."

"Rufus' monitor just went crazy!" Cried Morag, "he's onto something."

"Brandon is showing signs of activity too," said Sidney.

"You want to have sex with both of us?" Asked Rufus.

"Listen," replied Ruby, "I'm nineteen years old, I lost my virginity to a round from a thirty millimetre cannon because there were no men to lose it to on this piece of shit freighter. I have lusted after you, Brandon, for months, but I thought you didn't like me, the way you have bossed me about. We are going to be stuck here waiting to be rescued for God knows how long. I just want to fuck somebody."

"Oh look!" Exclaimed Lexi as she watched Brandon's penis begin to grow, "it's as big in real life as it was in my dream."

* * * * * * * *

Ruby stripped off her clothes and climbed onto the large bed.

"This is really soft," she said as she lay back and opened her legs, "how come I only have a small bunk in a cramped cabin?"

"The boss told me not to let you have it too easy," Brandon replied, "anyway, the captain's cabin is always the best."

"Ship's navigator requests the honour of preparing the crewman for the captain," said Rufus, standing to attention and saluting.

"Seeing as how you are already naked," Brandon replied, "request approved."

Rufus stepped forward, climbed onto the bed, settled himself down between Ruby's legs, put his face to her sex and licked her.

"Oooh," she murmured as she felt his tongue brush up and down her outer lips.

Ruby closed her eyes and relaxed. She let the old man pleasure her with his tongue, enjoying the feeling of someone else attending to her, rather than having to use her own fingers, or a piece of ordnance.

"She is getting very aroused now," said Morag as Ruby's monitor started to squeak.

"Lucky girl," Lexi whispered into Sidney's ear.

Rufus worked her labia apart and stuck his tongue inside her. Ruby moaned loudly as she felt the old man's tongue stimulate her vagina.

"Here she comes," said Morag as the level indicators began to peak.

"Oh fuck yes! Oh fuck yes!" cried Ruby as she felt her contractions start.

"She enjoyed that," said Brandon as Rufus came up from between Ruby's legs, her cunt juice dripping from his chin, "now let's see how she enjoys this."

"Oh my God!" Exclaimed Ruby as she opened her eyes and saw what her captain was intending to put inside her, "I didn't know you had one that big!"

"Bloody hell!" Cried Sidney, "what a racket!"

He clamped his hands over his ears to try and block out the sound of the monitor which was screeching loudly.

"She's getting very excited," said Morag.

Brandon climbed onto the bed and lowered himself onto Ruby. She gasped as she felt the engorged head of his cock spread her labia apart and penetrate her.

"I'm not sure I can take all of it inside me," she told him, a note of apprehension in her voice.

"Just relax," he told her in a reassuring tone, "I'm not as big as all that."

Brandon began to thrust back and forth slowly, pushing just a bit more of his cock inside Ruby with each forward thrust.

"How does it feel?" He asked her.

"It's lovely," she replied, smiling at him.

After a short while, all of Brandon's cock was buried inside her and she wrapped her legs around his waist and started to pull herself upwards, fucking him as much as he was fucking her.

"Oh Ruby," he said to her as they began to speed up, his cock going in and out of her at a pace, "oh you lovely thing."

"Fuck me Brandon!" She cried out to him, "fuck me, fuck me, FUCK ME!!"

"And there she goes again," said Morag as Ruby's monitor started screeching.

"And Brandon," said Sidney as Brandon's monitor did the same.

"You don't need a monitor to know that," said Lexi as she watched Brandon ejaculate all over his own body.

Brandon stopped moving as he started emptying his balls into his subordinate. Ruby squeezed him to her as she experienced an intense orgasm.

"Either we wear ear plugs or you modify those monitors," Sidney told Morag, "they way those two are carrying on, they could deafen somebody."

Brandon climbed off of Ruby and stood up.

"Now you," Ruby said, looking at Rufus who was standing beside the bed, his cock dripping pre cum onto the floor.

Rufus climbed onto the bed and settled himself between her legs just as Brandon had done.

"After the captain," he said to Ruby, "you won't even notice me inside you."

"I'm sure I will," she replied as she wrapped her legs around his slightly tubby frame as far as she was able and pulled herself onto him.

"Oh fuck," he said with a sigh as he felt the young woman's cunt envelope his stiff pink cock.

"She's off yet again," said Morag.

"Rufus is having sex with her," said Sidney as he looked first at Rufus' monitor and then at his supine body on the table in the box.

"The dirty old sod," said Morag.

"He's doing it to help her," said Lexi, "and besides, it's only a dream."

Rufus fucked Ruby as energetically as his sixty-six year old body would let him. He hadn't come for a long time and all he wanted was to put his spunk in the beautiful young blonde beneath him.

"Mmmm, Rufus," said Ruby in a husky voice, "that feels so good."

"God, Ruby," he replied, "I have dreamed of doing this to you ever since we left Earth."

The fucking went on for a minute or so longer and then they both let out cries of passion and Rufus stopped moving.

"He's come," said Sidney.

"So has she," said Morag.

Rufus emptied his wrinkly old balls inside Ruby and her vaginal contractions squeezed every last drop of cum from his softening cock. He mouthed a thank you and climbed off her to sit on the bed and wait while his heartbeat slowed to a reasonable rate.

"He's out of condition," said Morag as she watched Rufus' monitor, "his heart is racing."

"No," said Sidney, "he's not out of condition, he's just old and he has just had sex with a nineteen year old smoking hot blonde."

"Good point," conceded Morag.

* * * * * * * * * *

"I might as well go outside and look around," Brandon told his crewmates as he pulled his space suit on, "you never know, there might be some Berillium or Ginoffica crystals out there."

"Yeah," said Ruby, "just lying on the ground, waiting for you to pick 'em up."

"You don't look, you don't find," said Brandon as he stepped into the air lock.

* * * * * * * *

"Did you enjoy fucking me yesterday?" Ruby asked Rufus.

"Yes, very much."

"Would you like to do it again?"


"Come on then."

Ruby pulled down the zipper on her flight suit, pulled the sleeves down her arms and let it fall to her waist. Rufus whimpered when he saw her small firm breasts with their pink nipples which stood out proudly from her small pink areolas.

"Do you like my tits?" Ruby asked as she cupped them and teased her nipples with her thumbs and forefingers.

"Oh God, Ruby," said Rufus, "you are so beautiful. You have no idea how much I want you."

"Fucking hell!" Cried Morag, "his heart is going to burst at this rate."

Sidney stood behind her and looked over her shoulder. The monitor in front of them showed Rufus' vitals were in a state of turmoil, his heart was racing, his adrenaline levels were at maximum and his testosterone reading was bumping the top of the screen.

"Thank God you disconnected those bloody loudspeakers," said Sidney, "judging by those readings, we would have had our eardrums burst."

Ruby pushed her flight suit down a little further, exposing her soft blonde pubic bush.

"Oops," she said, staring into Rufus' eyes, "I forgot to put any panties on."

"Bend over that control console," Rufus told her as he pulled the zip down on his flight suit, "I have to stick my cock in you right this minute."

Ruby let her suit fall to her ankles and shuffled over to the console. She put her hands on the polished metal surface and arched her back, pushing her cute little derriere towards the advancing Rufus who had his stiff cock in his hand, ready to stick in the randy little blonde.

"She's warming up," said Lexi as she watched Ruby's monitor begin to flicker, the level indicators rising and falling, as if they were panting.

"Oh yes!" Cried Ruby as Rufus stuffed his cock in her up to the hilt, "come on then you old goat, fuck me."

Rufus started to thrust rapidly, each forward thrust accompanied by a grunt as he rammed his meat into her as hard and as deeply as was possible. Ruby pushed back as he pushed forward, loving every inch of cock that filled her every time that it did.

"She is on her way," said Lexi as she watched Ruby's monitor peak.

"Oh yes!" Cried Ruby as she felt her contractions start, "oh fucking yes!"

"Oh Ruby!" Cried Rufus as he shot his load, filling her tight little cunt with as big a load as he had ever produced.

"He's come," said Sidney as he watched Rufus' sleeping body ejaculate all over his tubby old stomach and his grey pubic hair.

"Send me the captain when he comes back aboard," Ruby told Rufus.

* * * * * * * *

"Well," said Brandon as he took his helmet off and put if to one side, "there's nothing out there but dust."

"I just fucked Ruby again," said Rufus, "I think she expects you to do the same."

"I thought you looked a bit dishevelled," said Brandon, "where is she?"

"Flight deck."

Brandon removed his space suit and walked to the flight deck. He was wearing his boxer shorts, which he pulled down and cast aside as soon as he saw her sitting in his chair at the control desk.

"You're back then," she said as he walked towards her.

"Get out of my chair," he told her, "stand up and bend over that console."

"Yes captain," she replied, a wicked grin on her face.

Ruby adopted the same position as she had when she had he gone with Rufus. She stood legs apart, hands flat on the work surface, arms straight and braced to steady herself.

"Are you ready for me?" Brandon asked her.

"Mmmm, yes captain," she replied.

Brandon held his cock to her slit and pushed. He could feel the mixture of cunt juice and old man's cum on his glans, lubricating him as he fed his big thick cock into her.

"Oh captain," moaned Ruby, "that feels so nice."

"Oh Ruby," he replied, "you hot little minx."

Brandon started slowly and built up speed as his ardour grew. Ruby pushed back as he thrust forward, both of them moaning and grunting with pleasure as they enjoyed each other.

"She's coming again" said Lexi as she watched Ruby's monitor.

"OH YES!" Shouted Ruby as her orgasm started.

"UUUUUHHHH!" Shouted Brandon as he pumped a huge load of cum into her.

"I wish I could produce all that," said Sidney as he watched Brandon ejaculate all over himself again.

* * * * * *

"Been here long?" Asked the captain of the salvage vessel.

"Three days," replied Brandon.

"Well, you can go home on our tender and we will get to work on this old tub."

* * * * * *

"Look at Ruby's monitor," said Sidney, "the screen has gone completely green."

"So has Brandon's," said Lexi.

"That's new," said Morag, a puzzled expression appearing on her face, "they have never done that before."

"Rufus' monitor is red," said Ruby.

"I think Sharon is sending us a message," said Sidney, coming to terms with the idea of a machine becoming sentient.

"Let's see if she will let us have them back," said Morag as she opened the door to the box.

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