tagInterracial LoveSidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 03

Sidni Learns a Lesson Ch. 03


I sat on the bench sipping my soda and watched the men fix my car, not believing the thoughts running through my mind. I got up and went to the restroom to clear my head of the recurring thought of how empty my pussy felt without a big nigger cock embedded in it.

I sat on the toilet and watched copious amounts of nigger seed flowed from my used pussy. I stared at the creamy ooze, and the first thing that shot through my mind was I have been soiled for the first time in my young life. I'd been fucked by more men today than in my entire life, and every one had been a dirty ghetto nigger!

I started to cry. How could I let this happen to me? I turned into a whore to protect Daddy's reputation. What would he say if he could see me now? Daddy's little princess, spreading her white thighs for a bunch of filthy black men and imagining doing it again right after.

This was not me, I told myself, what is happening to me? I thanked God that no videos had been sent out, little did I realize then...

I sat there pushing out globs of those black men's spunk for a few minutes before getting up and composing myself. I walked back out to the shop and sat back down on the bench, taking up my soda like I hadn't just seen what a whore I'd become.

Sipping at my soda I watched, first blankly, then in awe at these men who worked on my car. They had started taping it up for the paint process and finishing the mechanical aspects. I watched as the sweat from the men beaded on their brow. With every movement the men made another bead of sweat would drip off their forehead as every muscle in their body would flex.

My pussy began to quiver and drool, making me hornier every moment that passed. Finally, my pride succumbing to my want, I could not stand it anymore. "Malcomb," I said shyly, "I'm ready to continue my payments."

Malcomb whistled and called a young man of about 20 over from the car. "Not much for you to do for a half hour, so have at her," he said matter-of-factly.

The young black man strolled over and dragged me to my feet with authority, with a roughness that shot a thrill down my naked spine. He kissed me deep with a passion I've never felt from a kiss, like he owned me. My hands must have had a mind of their own, reaching for his belt. In no time I was pulling his black snake out.

I stroked his cock for a couple of minutes, feeling it harden in my hand, before sinking to my knees and taking him into my mouth -- without being told. His flaccid cock rose to life as I got a rhythm going, slurping along his dark length. I kept my nose buried in his kinky pubic hair, and his heavy male musk inflamed my desire to please this man; I closed my eyes, trying to forget his coal black skin. When he fully hardened his cock was easily an inch longer than any of my white lovers.

I was so absorbed in bobbing up and down that a hard smack to my bare ass made me jolt back to reality. "Lift dis' fine piece of meat in the air bitch," a booming voice ordered.

Without taking my lips from around the first cock, I stood up and raised my ass without question. A hard slap landed again as soon as it came up. "Good little white girl, making up for all the years her ancestors put down the black man," He landed another slap on my now-tingling ass. Every time I jumped and let out a muffled moan.

The cock filling my mouth started to swell and pulse, getting close, and then a finger pushed into my ass. The penetration forced a yelp from me and I choked when the cock in my mouth spewed rope after rope of black tadpoles into my belly. I pulled back coughing and gasping, and the last creamy spurts covered my face.

A harder slap than before made me cry out as the man behind spoke, "Don't waste the goods bitch! You swallow all our nigga spunk next time," He delivered another slap to my raised rump before another black dick was stuffed into my cock pit.

I groaned as the brutal assault on my white heritage continued. "Little white whore is just happy to make reparations to all us fine niggers," another smack with another moan obediently following.

There was a roar of laughter from the work men as I started to rock back on the black spear rutting into me. "Look at that!" he said, "She's learning the superiority of black men the white man's been burying for years!" SMACK!

"Ohhhh yes!" I cried out, my pussy quaking around his thrusts. But my white pride began to boil against all of them.

Another dusky worker strode over and leaned in, pulling my head up by my hair, "Once your day's over here bitch," he said, "You'll realize that the black race has always been superior to all you whites," Smack, I bucked harder even as my indignation flowed.

"Nooo, not true! The white race is superior," I moaned out, earning me an authoritative slap to the face.

"White man has lied to you for years, little girl," he boasted, "Our ancestors were kidnapped from their homes because they were stronger, had more stamina and could just do everything better than you wimpy crackers," He delivered another slap to my face, but that didn't stop us.

"Not true, not true!" I shot back, "Blacks are just lazy drug dealers living in the ghetto that- Ahhh!" I came all over the black cock pounding me just then, earning the laughs and sneers from all the blacks around me.

"The white race did this to us after the abolishment of slavery. Not giving us jobs, charging us more than anyone could pay, looking down on all us. But we survived because of our superiority -- and we're getting stronger."

"Oh My God! C-Cumming -- Ahhh!" My body betrayed me again on that black dick, "T-That's a lie."

"Really? Look where you are, fucking black men to keep a secret from embarrassing your dear Daddy," another hard smack punished my ass.

Stinging and tingling from all the harsh spanking, I came right after coming down from the last just as I felt the cock buried inside me start to swell and pulse. I rocked harder to make my orgasm last. The man behind me yanked my ass tight to his thighs and exploded into my pussy, dousing my pale womb with torrents of black sperm. I was shaking so hard from my orgasm my knees shivered. When he let go I slumped to the floor.

I had just barely caught my breath from my orgasm before being pulled up to kneel with the bench as support. The man who had just given me a lecture started spreading my sore ass cheeks when I felt the knob of his black tool press hard against the virgin rose bud of my ass.

"No, not there! I've never done that..." The only answer my weak pleas received was a stern slap to my ass.

"Bitch, you'll be getting it any way we brothas want. Whether you like it or not ain't stopping me from popping this cherry, so relax."

"Please no," I begged, "I can't take it all in there!"

"That's what all you whores say until you get that first feel of nigga cock stuffed up your prim white ass," A roar of laughter erupted through the garage.

I felt the pressure as he pushed his cock against my tightest hole. He pushed for a couple of minutes with no luck; my ass wasn't giving itself up to this nigger. But a smarting slap to my already stinging ass made me yelp and jump, and with that opportunity his ebony knob pierced into me. I screeched.

"OWW! Oh God stop! It hurts!!"

"Relax bitch! Give into the sensation and I guarantee you'll soon be begging for more," he said laughing as I squirmed on his invading dick.

To my surprise he didn't tear into my ass. Instead he rocked gently back and forth, entering my tight ass a little more with each tiny thrust. I was able to relax and let his black cock stretch out my virgin asshole with the gentleness he was showing. A few minutes later, when I felt his heavy balls slap my quivering pussy, he stopped. He slapped my shivering ass, "Good girl."

It took a couple minutes to relax and let myself get used to having his thick member deep inside me -- or to come to terms with having a black man's cock buried balls-deep in my once untouched white ass. "Please," I pleaded once my pussy began drooling all over the floor, "Be gentle..."

"I've done all I'm gonna do. The rest is up to you, whore."

I didn't understand what he was talking about. He didn't move. I started begging him to fuck my ass or touch my pussy, but still nothing. For the second time my pride gave in and I started rocking back and forth on a nigger, willfully impaling my ass on his dark weapon.

The initial pain had subsided and it started feeling good having a cock stuffed in my ass. Really good. I was rocking onto the pleasure-giving shaft harder now, and his heavy balls would nudge and bump my wanting clit every time I bottomed out. The stimulation from his black fruit slapping my clit and his black dick stretching my ass soon had me on the verge of another orgasm.

I slammed back on to the shaft and my orgasm exploded, "Ohhhhhhh fuck, yessss!" I wailed, pussy gripping at nothing as he pulled his long cock out slow.

Pulling me back by my hair he sprawled himself out on the bench. "Ride my nigga dick like a good black cock whore," he commanded. I straddled the bench and impaled myself on his black dick and moaned aloud as it sank deep into my pussy.

"Don't move," his voice suddenly boomed, and despite myself I stopped. His hands spread the cheeks of my ass while I ground it against him, stirring his black rod inside me.

But I stopped moving entirely when I felt the knob of another cock probing my recently deflowered ass. Without any care at all the second black man speared into my tightest hole. I screamed, but it turned quickly into a groan -- his fat dick stretched me but it did not hurt. It actually felt rather good the two men started moving again, fucking each of my holes.

Once we got into the rhythm of this oreo threesome I started moaning how good it felt, to the delight of those dirty negros. "Whore's starting to realize the superiority of black cock now that she's double-stuffed with it, ain't she?" The garage echoed with laughter, making it sound like there was a room full of black men watching me get defiled. And at that moment I did not care.

My body and mind being abused by unknown men had me on a sexual high I could not deny. I was born to make up for my ancestors bigotry, they jeered at me. I would not admit to this and continued to deny them to their faces despite groaning like a whore over their hard cocks fucking me on either side. "You filthy niggers are not superior! Ughhh -- all of you are just worthless ghetto scum! Oh fuck! You don't deserve to even look at me!" I screamed. I screamed louder when the men rammed into me with a vengeance.

The man lying on the bench shouted, "Somebody shut this racist bitch up," as they drove into my white body. A third man drew out his cock and grabbed my jaw. I resisted until he squeezed and had no choice but to open wide and take it.

I now had three large black cocks using me as a sex toy, and I was enjoying it despite my pride. I sucked and rocked on all three at the same time and their thick dark meat stretching and pounding me made me wish they would never stop. Before I knew it I went color blind, not caring that they were black.

"Use me. I'm a whore. Ahhh! Just fuck me! Fuck me!" I was lost. I belonged to these niggers.

A voice in the distance shouted, "She's a black cock slut now - knock dis white bitch up!" a roar of laughter from all the victorious black men surrounded me.

"I'm on the pill -- oh god yesssss!," My groan raised to a squeal as I came on their pumping, pulsing dicks.

"You'll be throwing those out pretty soon. Then you'll be breeding black like a good whore!" one from the crowd shouted. Just then all three thrust deep and hard into each of my holes and unleashed their dark African fertilizer into my pure white heritage. The most tremendous orgasm overtook me, making me see stars and scream in ecstasy. Only one thought was clear then: I hope I just got knocked up.

After filling me completely with their spunk, they pulled out and laid my limp sweaty body onto the bench. There I fell asleep for a short time. Then I had the most horrible dream: I saw all their African swimmers, each one coal black and wriggling inside me, fighting one another to gain access to my pure white womb. I watched in horror as they broke through my defenses and mobbed my pure white egg, and watching the wriggling tail of one disappear into it I saw the end of my proud white bloodline...

I awoke with a start, sweating and feeling my belly, smiling and letting out a relieved sigh remembering my pill. I got up and stumbled to the rest room to drain my bladder and their dirty semen from me. When I returned my car was being driven back into the garage looking just as good as new, "It's done?" I asked.

"Yes, good as new. I have some paper work for you to sign," Malcomb said.

I followed him into his office and signed the paperwork, "How much do I owe? I questioned.

"Your bill is paid in full." Malcomb said handing me my bag and dress. Reaching into my bag I found my bra and panties gone.

"Where are my under garments?" I demanded.

"If you want those you will have to return at a later date, otherwise..." Malcomb said, trailing off.

"Otherwise what?"

"Otherwise they will be hung on the wall in the shop as a souvenir and reminder to my workers what hard work gets them," Malcomb grinned.

I threw on my dress and Malcomb walked me to my car before opening the door for me, playing the gentleman with a huge grin. I backed out carefully but as fast as I dared. As I did I thought if I really did want them back. Feeling the still-hot cum sloshing inside me I realized that yes, yes I did.

Malcomb gave me directions to the highway and I soon made my way towards safety. I was not surprised when the semen started leaking out of me. I could not believe the amount that was still inside me, despite my best efforts. I pulled into a rest stop to clean up as much as I could.

I sat on the toilet and started fingering out the semen from my pussy. I was getting excited with the movement of my finger inside me and the feeling of that nigger cum squishing around in my white pussy. Being late at night and no one around, I laid my head back against the bathroom wall and soon fell into a daze. I got so into fingering myself and the thoughts of what the mechanics kept telling me I must have started talking out loud.

"Oh yes fuck me," I muttered, "Fuck me with that big black cock. Oooh fuck me harder you dirty nigger! I want your black baby -- Mmm yes! Yes, ruin my pure white heritage with your superior black sperm. Give me all that black cum and breed me right. Seed my lily-white garden with your black seed. Knock this black cock slut up good - Ohhh!"

A knock startled me back from the brink of orgasm. Looking at the stall door I asked, "Who is it?" before noticing no one was there.

"It's what you want, white girl," a voice answered to the side of the stall.

I looked around to see a large black penis thrust through a hole in the stall, "Oh my fucking God! What do you want?"

"Your sweet lips sucking my lollipop," a deep voice said chuckling.

"What? I don't even know you." I sputtered, my eyes fixed to the jet-black dick.

"You asked for it and I'm offering, now start sucking," he demanded.

I had not noticed until then that my finger was still working my sloppy pussy and I was extremely horny still. With only a little hesitation I leaned to my left and took the strange dark cock between my lips. The mechanics I could see, but there was something about sucking a strange black cock with no face to go with it that just heightened my excitement to a level that made my pussy quiver almost immediately.

I sucked this strange cock with a passion that made me want more. I sucked and bobbed on this cock for all I was worth, savoring the new but familiar taste. After a few minutes the mysterious voice on the other side said, "Give up that white pussy, whore." His command echoed in the dank room.

I can't explain why this demanding voice convinced me to do it. My ass lifted off the seat as if on its own. I stopped sucking his cock and turned still stroking it between my fingers, wondering if it was even possible. I bent at the waist and pulled the hem of my dress up to my lower back. I slapped my ass with the cock a couple of times, liking how heavily it struck my still-red cheeks.

It took a minute to realize how I might give up my pussy to this strange black man. I put a foot up on the toilet and reached between my legs. I felt the cock hit my thighs and guided it up to my eager pussy. When it split my nether lips I cried, "Ohhhh fuck yesss," My emptiness was filled again.

"Fuck that dick you black cock whore," the voice said.

I started rocking and driving my pussy onto the strange cock. I was lost in my thoughts of how dirty and irresponsible and totally hot this was. Not seeing the face of the man whose bare black cock I let into my naked pussy made it more exciting than any of my white boyfriends could ever manage. I was soon in a state of euphoria that had me in a continuous state of orgasm. My whorish moans and wails echoed for all to hear.

I could vaguely hear my ass slapping the wall as I fucked this cock with unbridled lust. Soon the man behind the wall started grunting he was going to cum, "Oh that's it almost there baby. Gonna give ya that black baby soon."

I drove faster, "Ohhh tell me when," was all I could manage between my moans.

"Now whore!" he bellowed.

I drove my ass back as far as I could screaming, "Yesss! Shoot it all in me and knock me up with a little black bastard."His dick exploded, assaulting my pale womb with his dark African sperm. Like a cannon his globs of semen fired hard fast and deep in my wanton honey pot.

His cock finally stopped pulsing and he pulled out of the stall's hole. I was just able to turn and sit before my still-shaking legs gave out. Through the hole I could hear his belt buckle clink and zipper pull up before I heard the door open and slam shut. I sat there alone again as his semen drained into the bowl, mixing with all the other negro cum that had drained out before.

I had one thought sitting there: What has come over me?

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