(by Prejudice for Literotica 29.08.2010)


"Oh I want to show you something! Let's get off here." he grins and tugs at my jacket to signal that it's time to wake from my daydream.

"What? Aren't we going to the zoo after all?" It's easy to hear my childish disappointment; I really love lemurs.

"We can go there later. This won't take long. Come on!"

I totter after him. My legs ache already and I start to regret my choice of high heels today. Who goes sightseeing in stylish boots anyways?

He moves through the warm, noisy tunnels of the London underground. Someone plays a harp somewhere close and my attention is lost to the quest of finding the source. My friend walks after me;

"Don't you have undergrounds in Norway?"

"No, hardly..." My reply is merely a whisper as I let the beautiful, timid notes from the harp soften up the balled up stress in my body.

"If we're gonna have time to see the animals we'd better go." Carefully he leads me away from the tranquil oasis.

My favourite part of the underground system is that you are below the ground for a short while and when you pop to the surface you're in a completely different place. Almost as by magic!


The street is filled with all kinds of people. This seems to be a very including and accepting bit of London.

We scurry off down the road when we see a lightning bolt zigzag across what little sky is visible to us. A moment later the clouds open and rain pours down.

"We'd better find somewhere to seek refuge! I didn't bring a coat!" I pick up speed and head for a nearby cafe. He grabs my arm and points at a store across the street;

"That's our destination! Cafe can wait!"

I nod and we run across to the opposite side. He holds the door for me and I hurriedly step inside. I get a second to look around before he comes up behind me to admire the look of incredulous shock on my face.

"Like?" I hear he's close to laughing.

My eyes widen as I take a few timid steps into my first ever fetish shop. It seems to be empty save for us and I venture a laugh;

"Is this what you wanted to show me? It's brilliant! Good boy..." My voice trails off as I look around, and my aching feet are completely forgotten.

Some of the contraptions baffle me; they look like proper torture devices, but I easily recognise arm binders, collars and whips. Whips! I move across the room to a colourful display of riding crops. My eyes fall on a ruby studded one and I catch myself wanting to know the price.

"Let me know if you want to take a closer look at the quality." A woman has appeared from the back of the shop.

"Oh, hello." I blush; "we're just looking, but thanks." I smile and just KNOW my ears are burning; why couldn't she have stayed hidden until I had left? I don't really like letting people know that I find collars and whips fascinating.

I pretend to lose interest in the crops and move over to study a cat suit clad mannequin when I notice my friend still peering at the collars. I forget my sexual shyness for a moment and point at a simple but very sexy collar;

"That one would suit you, I think. I like the combination of black leather and silver, and the red rhinestones is proof that you have a classy Mistress."

He laughs but I notice that he can't keep his eyes off it now.

"And it would match the crop over there."

He lifts his gaze and grins when he sees the crop of my dreams. The one I've written.

"I have to close a bit early today, but I won't kick you out though." The shopkeeper locks the front door and unlocks the two cabinets and removes the items we've been looking at. She hands both to me and smiles;"you wanted a closer look, I believe?" Her face is coated with a mischievously knowing look.

"T... thanks." I've never actually held a crop like this before, and it makes me feel awkward and awesome at the same time.

"Well? Claim your pet and follow me. I'll get you started." The shopkeeper inclines her head at my companion before vanishing into the backroom.

My friend looks at me, at what I hold in my hands, at where the woman vanished, and back at me;

"Ehm... so..." He looks flustered.

"What? NO way! I'm not going back there!" I back into the cabinet with the crops. "You know what happened in that story of yours! It would be wrong! I let fantasies be fantasies!"

It seems to dawn on him what might happen, and he cleverly conceals a grin.

The shopkeeper returns;

"Oh well, come along." She grabs the collar from me and attaches it around my friend's neck. "It's difficult to close it up properly so as to make it nearly impossible for him to remove it himself." She fastens a leash to it and leads him away; "if you don't join us, Mistress, I'll be forced to have all the fun with this one alone."

I want to run away, but I'm rooted in place. I know there's an invisible, and quite imaginary, force field around the door. After a few minutes I slowly follow them into the gloomy corridor. I notice a sign on the wall leading down to the basement;

"When you wear a gag ball no-one can hear you scream."

I sneak down the stairs as quietly as I can and once again I curse my choice of footwear.

"Ah there you are! I did wonder if I'd scared you away, Mistress."

I take in the scene in front of me; my friend is undressed and chained to the wall. A strangely familiar feeling of belonging wakes me up. The room is not a dark, dingy grotto. It's a light, warm and pleasant room filled with interesting furniture.

Only now do I notice the shopkeeper properly; she's dark haired and wearing a school girl outfit. I'm fairly certain my friend is enjoying the situation but I dare not look at him.

I enter the room and I must have seemed like a lost puppy, because the woman moves close and takes my cardigan from me.

"Lesson number one is to show your pet what he can get if he behaves well." The woman introduces herself as Beth and helps me off with my top thus revealing my black satin bra.

"Oh Mistress! That's a stunning rack."

She kneels down and removes my panties with expert hands; why did I abandon my usual jeans for this stupid skirt? And why didn't I wear pantyhose? She must have marked me as easy prey the second I walked through the door!

I feel a soft kiss on the lace of my stockings and I feel myself relax into the situation; maybe it'll be fun?

I do worry about the fact that there's a naked man in the room with me, and that it happens to be a friend. I don't even remember the last time I was intimate with anyone, and I wonder if I will remember how they function.

"Do you enjoy how Mistress looks, bitch?" Beth has turned and unchained my friend.

"Uh yes, very much, Miss." He seems to have trouble believing his eyes.

Beth tells me to sit down in a wing-backed leather chair while she brings me my prize. I feel a slight shiver run down my spine as I sit down in that comfortably sexy chair and see my friend being led towards me and forced to his knees in front of my feet.

"Grovel before your owner, you useless slut." Beth pushes him down on all four. He immediately start kissing my boots. She signals to me to give the crop a try, but I shake my head and she resorts to spanking my friend with the palm of her hand. He yelps and thanks her for punishing him because he deserves it.

She nods at me again and I know I have to do it or she'll take my pet from me. I start as I realise that I'll not let anyone steal MY slave, and the feeling of ownership as the first blow lands releases a moan from my lips as well as from both my pets.

"See? He likes it because he deserves it. He's a dirty slut and he knows it." She kicks him out of balance and as he's getting back up I throw an involuntary glance at his cock; it's rigid already.

He kneels in front of me with his eyes fixed on the floor in front of me, or on my boots, I'm not sure.

Beth walks over to a shelf and retrieves some items. She signals for me to stand and hands me two small, silvery objects;

"Do you know what these are?"

I know what they are, though I've never seen any before. I lean over to attach the clamps to his nipples. I tremble enough to make him reach up to steady me. When Beth is pleased with my work she tells me to take my rightful seat again. She points at my pet and asks me to give him his orders.

I vaguely remember something from a story I once read and run my crop down his chest, barely touching the clamps to make him wince, and order him to polish my boots like the slave he is.

Beth smiles and stands back to admire the scene. She returns to the shelf and when she turns around I see she's now wearing a strap on on top of her plaited skirt. I know what will happen next, and I can't suppress a low laugh as I tell her to be gentle with him.

He looks up at me with a curious and slightly fearful look; I don't suppress the urge to use my crop to remind him of his duties. He moans and returns to my boots; he's almost done and I'm not sure I want to know what will happen when he finishes.

He yelps as Beth's strap on touches his ass. She grabs his hair and pulls his head back so she can whisper in his ear;

"Are you a slut?"

He nods as well as her grasp allows him.

"I didn't hear an answer, you worthless whore. Will you please Mistress like the pitiful cunt you are?"

She rubs her strap on against his ass and it's hard to tell who enjoys it the most.

"Yes, Miss. I'm a slut. I am not worthy of my Mistress but I will attempt to please her if she'll let me. He looks up at me with a pleading look.

Beth looks up at me as well;

"What will it be, Mistress? Will you allow this slave to try his best to make you cum?"

I know I'm about to cross a threshold, and as I look at my slave and my faithful assistant I decide to let go of my shyness just for a day;

"He may."

The look of relief on his face is priceless, and as Beth pushes his face towards my pussy I hold them both back for a moment;

"No-one cums before I do."

I do spot a smile on my friend's face before his tongue makes me forget where I am.

I barely notice a flinch as the shopkeeper pushes her strap on into him. I hear him groan with pleasure and I know she won't make it easy for him to obey my rule.

I moan aloud and dig my nails into the armrests. I want more and I let my crop make contact with his back;

"Use your fingers as well, pet." I'm not sure if it's possible to discern my voice between my moans but he obeys immediately. I can sense he really wants this as he inserts one finger, then another. He steadies his pace of fucking me to match Beth's efforts on him.

The collective sensation of being treated like a queen with a thunderstorm raging somewhere above my head sharpens my senses. His efforts and Beth's moans makes an orgasm build inside me.

I grab hold of my willing slave's hair and press his face into my pussy. I hear him yelp as Beth picks up her pace, and his fingers fuck me faster. I hear him whimper and moan and it's easy to read that he's desperate for his release but is even more desperate to please me. This realisation removes the last bit of conscious control I have and I cum with a loud"Aaah!"

There is a moment when the scene seems frozen in limbo as my slaves admire my orgasm. With a low sigh I pat my pet's hair and tell them both to cum for me.

My male pet releases a thankful growl as he ejaculates on the floor in front of me before leaving a soft kiss on my thigh and crawling out of the way. Beth pulls out of him and asks me to grant her the greatest of favours. I nod and she removes the visible parts of her toy, leaving only her own dildo.

I carefully lead her over to a table and make her bend forward with her legs apart. I fuck her with the dildo while I let my beautiful crop turn her bum deep crimson. She cums with a scream and reminds me of the sign leading downstairs.


"It was a pleasure doing business with you. Feel free to come back at any time."

The shopkeeper smiles as we make our way out with our purchases. We hear her lock the door and scurry off in the opposite direction. My riding crop is wrapped in silk and hidden in a black bag.

We're almost at the subway when my friend stops;

"so, cafe? I'm afraid it's a bit late for the zoo now."

"Sure. I could use something to eat after that experience. But let's perhaps get you out of that collar first. Hand me the keys, please."

"I thought you had them?"

"No, it's your collar."

"But you're the owner."

I peek in my bag to see if she slipped the keys to me assuming we were a couple.

"Uh oh..."

***by Prejudice for Literotica 29.08.2010***

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