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Sigma Iota Omicron


We were all instructed to get out of our clothes, put on the robe in our room and come down to the living room. I thought this is a weird way to start life in a sorority. I should back up, just a little.

Although I am now in my thirties, then I was just beginning my freshman year. It was Rush Week, when all the fraternities and sororities recruited members. Sigma Iota Omicron was different. It didn't recruit or accept pledges; it just invited special members to join. If you agreed, then you were accepted—provided you completed orientation, lived by the rules and never complained about them.

My mother was a SIO, and so I was a legacy. Of the seven girls now assembled in the living room wearing only a terrycloth robe, four were legacies. The other three were a tall black girl, an Asian, and a beautiful red head with a delightful Irish brogue.

We were instructed to take a seat on the hard backed dinning room chairs lined up facing the room. The other SIO's were seated on the couches, chairs and cushions on the floor. There were twenty-five other girls with a mix of hair colors, skin colors and body styles. The one thing in common was they were all gorgeous.

A tall, blond entered the room accompanied by two other girls. She took her place in front of us with her back to the rest of the room.

"Welcome to SIO. You are now a Recruit. If you complete the orientation, you will be a younger sister for your freshman year. Then, you will be a sister, like the rest of the girls in this room. As a sister you will pledge eternal loyalty to your other sisters and to SIO."

The tall blond looked around at all the other girls and we smiled broadly at her. She continued, "I am your big sister. Other sororities have presidents, you have a big sister. You may call me Big Sister Julie. You may call the other girls Sister. As, Sister Annie on my left and Sister Kaitlin on my right."

"Our mission at SIO is to help you become the most successful women possible. Your initiation—we prefer to call it orientation-- is really training. We will help you understand how to use all that you possess in physical, mental and psychic beauty to become successful. Your brains, your talents, your personality, and yes, your body and your looks will be addressed so you know how to use each to reach the top of your chosen fields."

Big Sister Julie smiled at us, and we all began to believe her. I knew that my mother was incredibly successful. She was a psychiatrist in private practice, served one day a week in a low income clinic, was on a couple non-profit boards, and was recently elected to the board of one our state's largest banks. In addition, she was the coolest mom I knew.

When we talked about this college and SIO, my mom told me to be prepared to stretch myself, learn new things about myself and others, to experience incredible new adventures and to embrace the whole experience—no matter how intimidating it may be. She smiled and said after the first year, she and I would have a "sister to sister" talk, and I could ask her the million questions she knew I would have by then.

Julie looked at us and began again. "Some of you may have heard the term, shave-tailed recruits. It comes from the military and means brand new recruits. Now, that's what you girls are going to be--shaved-tail recruits." Julie smiled once more showing perfect white teeth. "Now, girls, please stand and drop your robes."

We all looked at each other, probably thinking the same thing. "She wants us to stand naked in front of the entire sorority?"

Julie said it again, this time without a smile. "Girls, you have to learn the First Rule for recruits. Whenever I or any sister gives you an order, you must obey. Obey at once and without hesitation. If you do, you will find this orientation time valuable; if you do not, you will find the consequences will be valuable, but certainly not as pleasant. So, girls, drop your robes."

I, like the others, slowly undid the sash, opened the robe and let it fall to the floor. There we were, seven totally nude eighteen year old girls standing in front of a room of beautiful and fully clothed older girls.

"Well, done, Recruits. And, my suspicions have been confirmed. Please take a look at each other and then answer me why you are all unqualified to be considered shave-tailed recruits for SIO?"

Shyly we turned our heads and checked out the other naked girls. I was standing between the tall black girl and the red headed Irish lass. I looked at the black girl, who had to be at least 6'2". She had large breasts that were a café au lait color in contrast to the dark coffee skin on her face, arms and legs. Her enormous breasts stood up as if by some invisible force. Her nipples were dark chocolate and were centered in slightly milk chocolate areolas. She had a six pack stomach, accented by a gold belly button ring. Her legs were long and shapely, with clearly defined muscles. Her butt was wide, but looked firm. She had a thick patch of dark, wiry hair between her legs that was shaped into a wide rectangle.

The red head was about my height, 5'7", with incredibly curly hair cascading over her shoulders. Her skin was milky white with a covering of freckles reaching from her forehead, over her shoulders and fading out as they reached her blindingly white breasts. Her breasts were average sized with sort of a teardrop look. She had a tiny areola with a small rosebud nipple on each. She was not muscular like the black girl, but had a nice shape with wide hips and freckled covered legs. Her pubic hair was an outrageous tangle of red curls that spread out onto her thighs and poked up toward her navel.

They both checked me out to see my short cropped brunette hair, done to accent my long neck. I had small breasts, 32A, with puffy nipples on top of rose colored areolas. Being small, my breasts and nipples stood firmly on my chest. I have narrow hips and shapely legs. My own private area is a dark patch of silk, trimmed but not shaved.

We quickly looked over the other naked Recruits and noticed that they all had different shapes and sizes of breasts, legs, butts and torsos. I then realized what we all had in common, and what Big Sister Julie was probably referring to.

"So," Julie asked? "Why are you Recruits non-compliant?"

No one spoke for a minute, then I slowly raised my hand.

Julie asked me my name. "Andy—short for Andrea," I replied.

"Well, Recruit Andy, what's the answer?"

I gulped and said in a timid voice, "Is it because we all have, um, you know, like, um, hairy pussies"

The other Sisters laughed. "Exactly, Recruit Andy'" said Julie. "So, the first thing is to take care of this problem. I want you to pair up and help each other out. And, I mean you are not to groom yourself, one of your fellow recruits will do you and then you can return the favor. Then you can put your robes back on and come down for your first education session."

Again, I raised my hand. Julie frowned, but nodded in my direction. "Uh, Julie,..."

"Big Sister Julie," she corrected.

"Sorry, Big Sister Julie, uh, couldn't we each just sorta take care of ourselves?"

"Recruit Andy, you are really helpful today. First, you enlightened your fellow recruits on why they can't be considered shave-tails, now you give us a splendid opportunity to instruct your fellow recruits on the First Rule, which is?"

Julie's eyes burned into mine. I felt my throat go dry and tried to remember what she said just a couple minutes ago. I shook my head like an idiot.

Julie grinned, but it was not a happy grin. "Step forward, Recruit Andy."

I took a shaky step toward her. Julie put her hand out to Sister Kaitlin, who handed her a ping-pong paddle.

"Turn around, Recruit Andy, and face your Sister Recruits." I did so and heard Julie speaking from behind me. "The First Rule is to always obey an order from a Sister. Do you remember now?"

"Yes, Jul...Big Sister Julie."

"Good. Now, Recruit Andy, please spread your legs."

Feeling vulnerable, but afraid to disobey, I spread my legs a couple inches, anticipating what was to come.

"Farther," said Julie.

I spread them farther and then felt the edge of the paddle pushing against the inside of my thighs. I spread my legs farther, until I thought I might lose my balance.

"Bend over and grab your calves," instructed Julie.

I complied, realizing how exposed my backside was to Julie and all the girls sitting behind me.

"Lovely," spoke Julie. I felt what I thought must be the handle of the paddle move up the inside of my right thigh and then stop at my exposed lips. The handle outlined their shape and nudged them open. I felt completely exposed, mortified and a bit turned on.

"Lovely," repeated Julie. "Sisters, doesn't Recruit Andy have a beautiful little puss winking at us?" There were murmurs of agreement from the girls. I then felt the bat being balanced on my lower back and soft hands feeling my butt cheeks. The hands spread my cheeks exposing my anus to the crowd. I heard a couple oohs and then felt a finger poking at my tightly puckered opening, which had only had things coming out and never anything in the other direction. I tensed even more as the digit slightly probed my rear. Finally, my cheeks were released and I gave a small sigh of relief.

That relief exploded in the next second when I felt the sharp smack of the paddle on my bare ass. Before I could do more than gasp, there were five more whacks, a total of three on each cheek. I cried out and stood up.

"Did I give you permission to stand up, Recruit Andy?"

I was softly rubbing my throbbing ass and holding back tears. I sniffled a reply of "No."

"Then, please resume the position." Dreading the outcome, I obeyed. Without warning, I felt six more attacks on my butt, and even sensed the pain in my exposed pussy lips.

This time I could not control my tears and openly started sobbing.

"Now, Recruit Andy, please stand up and face me."

I straightened and turned toward Julie. I heard a low murmur from the six Recruits behind me as they gazed at my ass that must be beet red now.

"What is the First Rule?"

"Always obey a Sister's order," I choked out between sobs.

Julie came up to me her face an inch from mine. She reached up and wiped my tears away with the cuff of her cotton shirt. She then slid her hands around me and cupped my aching ass. Her hands were cool and felt good on the hotness of my behind. Her eyes locked on mine and then she pinched each ass cheek hard. I opened my mouth in reaction only to find Julie's lips on mine and her tongue deep inside my mouth. The combination of the painful pinching, the sensuous kiss and the tongue probing me made my nipples harden and my juices stir. Julie removed her tongue, but kept pinching my cheeks. She kissed me softly on my lips. She then removed one hand from my ass and slid it to my breast, feeling the stiffened nipple. She took it between her fingers and pinched it, but not as painfully as her fingers continued to do on my behind. She pulled the hard nub and again I felt wetness between my legs. Her eyes were open and locked into mine. She saw the confusion in them as I struggled with the anger of being spanked and humiliated, pinched, kissed and now fondled. Julie also saw the raw rush of pleasure escaping from my eyes.

She broke off, and turning me by my shoulders gentled pushed me back to the line of other Recruits. I turned and took my place.

Julie paired the others, and since there were seven, put me, the Irish girl and the black girl together.

"Be back in one hour, with just your robes on, Recruits."

We all left for our rooms upstairs.

Grooming 101

Even though the robe was soft, it chaffed my sore ass as we climbed the stairs. As soon as we entered my bedroom, I tugged the robe off and stood in front of the full length mirror on the door. Turning and looking over my shoulder, I inspected the damage. My cheeks were red raw and I could see two scarlet places where Julie pinched them.

The Irish girl said, "That looks awful. Is it really painful?" I grimaced and nodded.

She introduced herself as Kathleen. I told her to call me Andy. The black girl came over and looked in the mirror to see my throbbing bottom. "Girl, you have got some serious hurtin' there. Damn, if Big J tried that on my thunder butt, I guarantee you that puny little paddle would have shattered into a thousand pieces." She grinned and patted me on the shoulder. "I'm Letetia." We shook hands and I immediately felt a bond with her.

"Shit, girl," Letetia continued, "Big J put some hot moves on you. Do you know her?"

Still gazing at my sore and scarlet butt, I said, "Just met her. I was really embarrassed."

"Well, it could be worse," said Letetia. "At least Big J is a hottie herself."

Just then the door opened and Sister Annie entered, followed by two other sisters carrying an assortment of bags, which turned out to be ours.

The girls dropped them and left, then Annie spoke. "Big Sister Julie has decided that you three will share this room." She reached into her sweatshirt pocket and pulled out a tube of some sort of ointment. "Recruit Andy, I suggest your roommates apply some of this soon to your butt, it will help with the pain and make the skin heal faster." She tossed it to Letetia.

Then she told us we needed to get to work. "Andy you shave Letetia. Letetia, you do Kathleen, and then Kathleen you take care of Andy. Now, you two, take off your robes."

Kathleen and Letetia dropped them and stood along side of me. Annie looked closely at each of our hairy patches. From her back pocket, she pulled a pair of long, thin scissors. She crossed to Letetia and reached out and ran her hand through the big girl's wiry strip. Letetia pulled her hand away and twisted Annie's arm.

"Let go of me or you will be very sorry," said Annie.

Letetia glared at her and reluctantly let her arm drop.

"Do not ever touch a sister unless you are told to do so. We can touch Recruits, but you cannot touch us. Understood?"

Letetia gave her a big grin and said "Yes, Sister Annie."

It was far from a sincere agreement.

Annie again grabbed the wiry pubic region and this time pulled with enough force to make Letetia rock forward.

"This mess is so thick, you will need to trim it with the scissors and then shave it. Actually, all of you will have to start with the scissors. Be sure you get all the hair, including between your pussy and your asshole, and around your butt. We will inspect you and we want to see nothing but your pretty little slits."

She looked at each of us and reminded us that we were not to do ourselves, or the consequences would be harsh. With that, she took a seat on one of the bunk beds and waited.

"OK, Andy, get down—and I mean down, girl—to business," said Letetia.

Kathleen grabbed a towel and set it on the edge of one of the beds. Letetia sat and I knelt in front of her. Now, I have never been this close to another women's sex. In fact, other than some geeky practice make out sessions with a couple high school buddies, I never had a girl kiss me before. Now, I had been kissed, French kissed, groped, felt up, and my nose was five inches from the pussy of the biggest girl I had ever seen. Whoever said college would be full of new experiences certainly was a master of understatement.

I tentatively reached out and pulled a small tangle of hairs out as far as they would stretch. "You're not going to break my arm, are you?"

"You nip my honey pot with those scissors or that razor and you won't even have an arm left to break." I figured she was kidding, but I was going to be super cautious just to be sure.

I snipped, pulled snipped and repeated the action, until I had cleared Letetia's pubes down to a low layer. Kathleen handed me a can of shaving cream and a razor. I squirted a glob in my hand and rubbed it all over her crotch. I could feel her lips under my fingers. I slowly shaved away a mass of short curls, while avoiding the area close to her slit. I decided the only way to finish it was to run one finger down the insides of her lips, clearing away the cream, and then bring the razor right to the edge while pulling the flesh taut. I did so and felt the big girl squirm. "Am I hurting you?" I asked tentatively.

"No, dammit girl, you are making me wet. Jus' do your thing and get the hell out of my pussy."

I finished up and wiped the cream away exposing two very large, meaty outer lips with the inner lips of bright pink showing through. Letetia lay back, pulled her feet up on the bed and spread her legs wide, so I could clean up all the strays. Her sex opened a little, and I could see more pink, some darker areas and the glistening of wetness. She then turned over, again spread-eagled and I completed the job around her anus.

Letetia stood and walked to the mirror to examine herself. "Shit, that looks kinda sexy. My man is going to like eating from a clean plate."

We all laughed, including Sister Annie. "Nice job, Recruit Andy. Now, you two others get moving".

Kathleen was next. Letetia repeated the snipping process on her, only she had about twice the amount of hair to trim with the scissors. When she got to shaving close to her slit, Kathleen put a hand over the black girl's.

"My clit is so sensitive. I am already close to cummin', so please be careful."

Letetia caught my eye and winked. "Honey, you mean this little bump up here?" Letetia ran her fingers over the red stubble-covered hood with the tiny knob of flesh sticking up.

Kathleen screamed and clamped her legs shut, but we both knew it was too late. She gasped for breath, shook once or twice, raised her bottom off the bed and then collapsed.

"Damn, you are quick on the trigger. I bet the boys love you."

Kathleen, whose face was now as flushed as my battered butt, kept her eyes closed and softly said. "Other than my own little fingers, that is the first time anyone has been there."

"The fuck you say! You mean to say that I just gave you your first big O?"

"Aye, that's what I'm saying."

"Well, sorry, little one."

"Don't be sorry, it was brilliant!"

We all laughed. Annie urged us on so we would not be late getting back down stairs.

Letetia quickly completed the grooming of her front. Kathleen's lips were not nearly as meaty or large as Letetia's.

Kathleen stood up and turned to me. I sat on the bed and immediately jumped up. My butt was way too sore to sit. Letetia suggested I stand and put one leg on the bed. I did so and felt much more exposed than either of them looked. Kathleen took the scissors and started in. Following with the shaving cream, she had a touch as light as a butterfly, I seriously started dripping. Kathleen just looked up and smiled and kept the razor moving. Soon I was as bald as the others. I let Kathleen clean in between my legs and then bent over and she finished my backside. Looking across the room into the mirror, with my shaved beav, tiny tits, and short hair, I looked like a twelve year old escapee from a labor camp.

Kathleen picked up the towel with the black, red and brown clippings and carefully carried it into the attached bathroom to dump in the wastebasket. Letetia then told me to get down on the bed on my tummy.

She took the tube and squeezed some cool liquid onto my cheeks. "Hey, Kathleen, you do one cheek and I'll do the other. I don't want the word going round that I'm the only one messing with all roomies."

Each sat on either side of me and softly rubbed the lotion into my sore butt. Kathleen's touch was like a caress, and Letetia's more like what you would expect from an experienced masseuse. It felt really good and I felt my self reacting to the touch and opening my legs. They each moved their hands to the insides of my thighs and rubbed the lotion there, almost imperceptivity and, I think accidentally, touching my outer lips.

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