tagExhibitionist & VoyeurSigma Iota Omicron Ch. 02

Sigma Iota Omicron Ch. 02


(Summary: This is part two of how college freshmen are becoming part of the Sigma Iota Omicron sorority by showing their newly shaven private parts to anyone who asks in the right way to see them. Andy and Letetia are heading over to Letetia's boyfriend's room for some new adventures. Their main nemesis, Gretchen or The Bitch, continues to do her best to cause them much embarrassment)


Charles' Room

After showering and dressing in our skirts and shirts, no underwear and no bra, we headed across campus to Charles' room. Letetia said that his roomie was home for the weekend and he had the room to himself. She made him promise to clean it up or we would turn around and leave.

Crossing the quad, we had to show our pussies to three groups of students. A girl from my English class said they were the two most beautiful pussies she had ever seen and asked if we would like to have her lick them.

We declined the offer. We were almost to Charles' dorm when three guys crossed our path. One of them, I recognized as the Bitch's boyfriend, one guy I had seen before but didn't really know and the other was Brad, the dreamboat from my French class.

The Bitch's boyfriend made both of us lift our skirts. This time Brad again looked briefly at Letetia and then stared into my eyes. He avoided looking at my pussy, even as I shook it back and forth to be sure to get the other guys really hot.

He smiled and said, "Hi, I'm Brad. I'm in your French class."

He held out his hand. I had to drop my hem to grasp his hand. I realized he did this on purpose so I could cover up. I blushed recognizing his kindness.

I shook his hand and said, "Yeah, I know. I'm Andy."

"You're very good in class, your accent is excellent," he said.

"Thanks, I spent a summer in France with an uncle. It helped a lot."

The other two guys had quickly lost interest after we put down our skirts.

"Come on, Brad, let's go," one said.

Brad did not even look at them, just said, "Go on, I'll catch up in a minute."

The other guys grumbled but moved on.

I introduced Brad to Letetia.

"So, you liked it?"

Brad looked puzzled.

"Hey, mister Cool Dude, I saw you check out this beautiful, black box of love. So, did you like it?"

Brad smiled and said, "Yes, I admit I looked and I think you are beautiful, and not just below the waist. Both of you are beautiful."

He returned his gaze to me and my stomach flipped.

"Sorry, I have to run. I'm meeting up with some friends for a touch football game."

"Ooh, sounds so fraternity-like," snarled Letetia. "Bet there will be a keg and a whole bunch of pretty little blond bitches jumping up and down on the sidelines."

Brad laughed.

"Yep, all that and maybe some tuna sandwiches with the crusts cut off. But, I said I'd go, so I'll go."

"You always do what you say you will," asked Letetia with a strong tone of doubt.

"Try to," said Brad.

He turned back to me and said he looked forward to seeing me in class.

"Maybe, you could help me with my accent," he asked.

"Peut-etre," I replied with a giggle.

He waved and jogged off in the direction of his buddies.

"Girl, I think that white-bread, All-American, Lacoste-wearing slice of hunkness wants a piece of your skinny little ass."

I elbowed Letetia and said mockingly, "Right."

Inwardly I hoped she was right, because I would gladly give him as much of my ass as he wanted.

We found Charles in his room, which did not look too bad for a jock's dorm.

He was dressed in baggy shorts and a basketball shirt, exposing his shoulders and powerful arms. He was at least six-seven and must weigh over 250 pounds. His head was clean shaven.

He picked up Letetia in his arms and swung her around. They kissed as he slipped his massive hands on her butt and pulled her tight.

Breaking away, he looked at me and reached out his hand. I shook it and he said, "Hi, Andy. You lookin' fine today."

He turned to Letetia and said, "You lookin' fine, too, Girl. Almost like you had yourself a great fuck. Am I right?"

Letetia snuck a glance at me and then kissed Charles again.

"Oh, yeah, baby. A primo fuck."

"Damn, that gets my blood going thinking about that."

I felt things were going way too fast, but I was caught up in the sexual tension in the room.

Letetia let her hand travel up and down the front of his shorts.

"Well, babe, why don't you show Andy where all that blood is heading?"

Charles stepped back and in one smooth motion slid his shorts off. He was wearing no underwear. Letetia lifted the front of his shirt, and he peeled it off.

Standing naked in front of me, he displayed himself without shame.

He was heavily muscled from head to toe. His abs sported a fabulous six pack. He had no body hair except at his groin, where a thick and full wire jungle rested. Flowing from the jungle was a thick black cock.

I have since seen and been with other black men and know that the myth of all black men having huge cocks is just that—a myth. But, on that day, Charles was the first black man I had even seen naked and he had the largest member that I had ever seen.

I stared without blinking. The cock hung straight down, a long thick vein pulsing on the top and ending before a huge mushroom cap tip. Charles' balls hung half-way down the length of his cock.

Letetia ran her hand up and down his length.

"Isn't this a work of beauty?"

I could only nod.

Letetia quickly stripped off her clothes and knelt to take the tip in her mouth. I had never seen a woman do this and immediately felt the dampness between my legs.

Letetia kissed, licked and sucked, and Charles kept his gaze on me.

Letetia stood and faced me.

"Let's show Charles something white and pretty," she said.

She came and stood behind me and undid my skirt. She let it drop exposing my bald pussy to the giant man in front of me. He smiled and stroked his cock.

Letetia then swiftly peeled off my sweater and shirt, leaving me totally nude.

"She's sweet, honey," said Charles.

"I told you she was," she replied.

Nudging me forward, we approached Charles.

Letetia ran her hands up and down my front, tweaking my nipples and giving my clit a soft rub. Whispering in my ear, she said, "Take it in your hand."

I thought if this is the first cock I am going to touch, I am starting off with world-class.

I tentatively reached out and let my finger tips graze Charles' shaft. His cock twitched a bit and I moved my fingers up and down, barely touching his skin.

Letetia reached around and took my hand to encircle the shaft. I could just about make my forefinger touch my thumb. I lifted it and felt its heft. Letetia moved next to Charles and slipped her hand on his balls.

"Feel these, Andy"

I put my free hand on one of his testicles and was amazed at how heavy it felt.

Our attentions were starting to take effect. Charles slowly grew and hardened. Soon his black cock stood out at a forty-five degree angle. I moved my hand up and down, increasing the tempo.

Letetia kissed me and slipped her tongue inside.

"Kiss it, Andy, kiss it."

I told her I was not ready for that, something I regret to this day.

"Let's go to the bed," said Charles.

He led us to his bedroom and we fell onto the narrow dorm bed. I resumed stroking him and enjoying the feeling of his hardness in my hand.

Charles groaned. Letetia said, "Let me have some of that, Andy."

As I moved off, she began working him. She took most of him in her mouth. She moved up and down on him rapidly, and fondled his balls. Charles pulled me up and kissed me, thrusting his tongue deep into my throat.

I felt his hand on my nipples and then his lips and tongue were there. He teased them, making my juices flow freely.

"I want to see you fuck her," Charles said to Letetia.

She broke from his cock and he stood up. I lay back and Letetia kissed me and worked her way down to my aching pussy.

"Oh, yeah, do it, girl," cried out Charles.

Letetia used her tongue and fingers to bring me quickly up the slope and then with a push of her tongue deep inside my sex, pushed me screaming down the other side.

I think I almost blacked out. When I could refocus again, Letetia was unwrapping a condom.

"Want to put it on him," she asked.

"I never did it."

"It's easy," she said. She positioned the rubber on his tip and instructed me to roll it down. When I had finished, Letetia eased me off the bed and lay on her back.

She spread her legs and motioned me to that spot. I leaned in and ate her until her juices were flowing past my chin and onto the sheet. I felt a large finger enter me and Charles probed my still damp interior.

"Now, Charles," cried Letetia.

I moved away and Charles knelt between her spread legs. She took hold of his erection and guided it to her slit. I could not imagine something that big being inside me.

He pushed a little and she groaned. Slowly, putting it in and backing out, he kept working until his shaft was completely buried.

Slowly they began to grind, then picking up the pace they screwed hard and fast.

I sat on a chair next to the bed, fingering myself as I witnessed this unbridled lust in the bed. Letetia circled her legs around his middle and put her hands on his ass and pulled him hard against her.

Each of the lovers was making primal noises as they rushed to their climax. Letetia again echoed the words she used with me the night before, screaming, "fuck me, fuck me, God, fuck me hard."

Charles grunted and pushed down into her. He yelled as she screamed, each one stretching out their orgasms.

In a few moments, Charles collapsed on top of her and they lay still.

I realized that I too had screamed as my fingers brought me to a climax that equaled the scene I witnessed.

Still entwined, Letetia moved Charles onto his back as she road what was left of his erection. She beckoned me to the bed. Exhausted Letetia and I fell into each other's arms. Charles moved to his roommate's bed and collapsed. Soon, the three of us slept the sleep of the greatly fucked.

I woke later to see Charles walking back into the room carrying a beer. His cock swayed as he moved. He was unbelievably beautiful and erotic.

He saw I was awake and offered be a sip. I first took his cock in my hand and timidly brought the tip close to my mouth, but stopped shy of kissing it. Looking up, I mouthed the words, "Thank you."

He bowed at the waist, smiled and said quietly, "My pleasure."

I drank the cold beer and as if I had just stumbled in from the desert. Letetia stirred and sat up. She took the can and drained the rest. Shaking it, she indicated more was in order.

Charles turned to go out to the common room's fridge for more.

"Love that ass, baby," Letetia called.

"Amen," I added.

She kissed me and said, "Well?"

"Incredible. Fucking incredible."

"Don't you mean incredible fucking?" she asked.

"That too, yes, that too."

We spent the rest of that afternoon enjoying each other. Letetia demonstrated for me the finer points of blow jobs. She brought him off letting him ejaculate while amazing me at the amount that he shot all over his stomach. Letetia said she usually takes it all down, but wanted me to see what it looks like.

I watched the two of them fuck one more time. And then they both teamed up on me with their tongues and fingers driving me to ecstasy. By supper time, we were worn out. We said good-bye and headed back to the dorm.

In our room, lying naked together on one of our beds, Letetia said she was so sore.

"I don't think I could ever get anything that big inside me. Jesus, Letetia, that is fucking huge."

She giggled and said it certainly filled her up.

We snuggled and feel asleep.

In the morning we awoke to kisses from Kathleen.

"And, what may I ask has been going on in my own room?"

Letetia said, "Get out of those clothes join us and we'll tell you the whole story."

She did. And as she lay between us, we relayed the details of our previous day. She begged us for more details of what Charles' cock looked like and what it felt like in my hand and Letetia's pussy. As we described it, we each had our hands in someone else's crotch. Soon, our descriptions of Charles flittered away and we concentrated on bringing each other to climax. That was to be the first of a string of three-ways we enjoyed. Together, with occasional one-on-one sessions, the three of us were never more than a night away from some fabulous fucking.

Kathleen confessed she'd love to see Charles' cock. She was almost as inexperienced as I was.

Letetia said that could be arranged. She just hoped that Charles would not develop a need for white meat.

"I don't think you have to worry," I assured her. "The way you two fucked, I don't think either of us could compare. Especially since we are virgins when it comes to men."

"We could arrange to change that," said Letetia. "I'm sure Charles would not mind."

I kissed her cheek and said, "Sweetheart, I love you for offering and think that Charles is magnificent. But, I cannot even consider having my cherry busted by something that big. I think I need to work up to it."

"Jesus, Mary and Joseph," said Kathleen. "When do I get to see this monster?"

"How about tomorrow?" suggest Letetia.

They agreed and Kathleen accompanied her to Charles' room the next day. The story of her encounter was similar to mine. Charles loved her white body and she went crazy for his dick.

"I sucked that thing until I thought my jaw would break," she said. "God, what a beautiful cock."

Letetia said Charles loved it. He even suggested the three roommates join him some time.

"Hmm," was all we could say.

Helping a Sister

By the third week, I felt like there was nobody within a 100 miles who hadn't seen my pussy. It got to the point that I would lift my skirt and continue talking to my friends, not even paying attention to people looking at my crotch.

I think my attitude influenced Letetia, Kathleen and Tran. The four of us hung out a lot and they began to see the fun side of flashing. We would love getting control by using our naked pussies.

Bridget was still having trouble. She had to wear the wrap around dress for another week because she failed to open it up to show her whole front. In addition, she had another paddling and had to groom every one of us for a week. Bridget was embarrassed having to be so closely intimate with our pussies as she shaved each of us. Tran told us that Bridget had not had sex with any of the girls, even though Tran had volunteered. We figured that seeking consolation from a woman was not in Bridget's nature. Now, she had to have six pussies in her face. She did her best, though, and never complained.

Julie warned her if she failed again, she would be dropped from SIO. We felt sorry for her, but it was kind of a rush to have this tall, beautiful blond shaving all our little pusses. She even had to finish every session with a long kiss on the freshly shaved area. I felt sorry for her, but we dared not disobey an order.

Gretchen Gets Hers

One day I was leaving the cafeteria and heading over to the gym to watch b-ball practice.

I saw Bridget standing in front of a bunch of guys I had never seen before. Then I noticed Gretchen in the crowd. I made my way over and pushed my way in to stand beside Bridget.

"What's going on, Gretchen?" I asked.

"Well, these young men are visiting our campus. They are here for a crew regatta tomorrow. I was giving them a tour around campus and happened on our dear, dear Bridget. I was about to say the magic words. The last time I did, poor Bridget did not behave well and I was forced to report her. I understand the consequences were, let's say, both painful and personal. I hope she doesn't become fainthearted today."

With a wicked smile, she uttered the correct words.

Bridget turned scarlet and her hands were trembling. Gretchen was looking at her watch.

I knew if I didn't do something to unfreeze her, she would fail for a third time and be booted out.

"Bridget," I said forcefully, "you can do this. Look at me."

Bridget slowly turned her head to look at me.

I faced the gang of strangers and peeled my shirt off. I dropped it on the grass and undid my skirt and let it fall to the grass. I was now totally exposed, top and bottom. Even Gretchen was shocked.

Bridget saw me standing naked and breathed in deeply. Slowly, she pulled on the belt at her waist and let her dress fall open. She put her hands on her hips and proudly pointed her bare front toward the group.

The multiple sets of eyes shifted between the two of us, though most of them quickly returned to Bridget's awesome chest after spending a split second on my tiny titties.

Gretchen looked like she swallowed a turd. She thought she had Bridget.

"Well, guys," I said, "by the looks of those oars in your pants you are sure ready for your races. But here's a little extra treat for you."

I walked directly up to Gretchen. She had this confused look. Standing no more than two inches from her, she tried to back up, but the crowd of guys didn't let her. I snaked my arm around her neck and pulled her head to me. I leaned in and kissed her smack on the lips.

The guys howled. One shouted, "Lesbo make-out! Lesbo make-out!"

Gretchen first tried to pull back, but I kept her face smashed to mine, and put my other arm around her waist and held her close to me. Her eyes were wide open, searching mine. Then, to my great surprise, I sensed her kissing back, just a bit. I wasted no time and pushed my tongue against her lips until I touched her teeth. Unbelievably, she opened and I rammed my tongue into her mouth.

The guys were now chanting "Soul kiss!"

I explored her mouth and withdrew my tongue, leaving my own lips parted. Slowly and tentatively, Gretchen eased her tongue into my mouth. I pulled away just a bit to let the guys see her tongue extending to my lips. I then kissed her hard, while I worked my naked thigh in between her legs. I felt the heat from her crotch through the thin khaki of her shorts. I moved my leg, putting pressure on her pussy. I could swear I could hear a moan coming from her.

I was shocked how much Gretchen was getting into this. I was more shocked by the wetness gathering in my own puss.

I put my hand on her ass and pulled her lower body tight to mine. Suddenly, Gretchen's eyes refocused and she seemed to snap out of a trance. She pulled her head away and pushed my chest to get me off her. Either by accident or on purpose, her fingers alit on my totally hard nips and she let them linger there for a second longer than necessary.

She backed into the boy behind her and then yelled at me, "Fucking slut."

She turned and ran back in the direction of her dorm.

The guys all stared at me and one by one began to applaud. I did a deep bow, and picked up my shirt and skirt and walked through the middle of the group. I could feel their eyes on my bare and swinging butt. Bridget followed me. We looked at each other and broke out screaming. We both began running. Panting, we rounded the corner of the building.

We looked at each other and burst out laughing and hugging. I was trying to get my breath when I heard a male voice say hell-o.

I turned to see Brad standing a few feet away. My heart leapt to my throat. God, now he was seeing me completely naked. Bridget was also caught off guard and her dress hung open revealing all her abundant beauty.

All I could do was mutter, "Hi."

"Guess this might be a bad time to ask you a question," he said with a smile.

"Why would you say that? Don't you usually run into nude girls and ask them questions," I retorted, with more annoyance than I actually felt, purposely not trying to cover any of my naked parts.

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