tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSigma Omega Ch. 02

Sigma Omega Ch. 02



Sara looked over the list once more. She knew two of the places, but the other two were unfamiliar to her. Luckily, not did she know the first place, but she knew her boyfriend would be there tonight. With the outfit she was wearing she'd be sure to turn some heads, and with his help, would hopefully get most of the bottle filled.

She looked at it again. How many guys would it take to fill this up?

As they got closer she began to really notice how hard her heart was beating. She'd teased plenty of guys, but it was quite another thing to have them masturbate into a bottle. And then there was the signing later ...

She pulled open the door to the bar, making her way inside.


"So she's coming in too," she thought. Would they have any problem with her talking with her boyfriend and recruiting his help? Too late to worry, as he'd already seen her.

He made his way over. "Hey babe, thought you had that girl's thing tonight."

"I do. This is part of it."

He raised his eyebrows. "Oh yeah?"

"Yeah." Maybe two dozen guys in the place, but she only recognized a half dozen.

She showed him the bottle and waved it in his face.

"I need to fill this bottle."

"Oh yeah? With what?"


His jaw dropped.

"I'm serious." She took another look around, then met his eyes. "Want to be the first?"

He chuckled. "Are you serious?"

"'Fraid so. Hurry up, okay?"

"You want me to cum in this bottle?"

"Yeah. Unscrew the cap," she did so, "and jerk off into it. It's simple."

He looked around. "Where? Here?"

She gave him a look. "No, behind the bar. Sheesh. Go into the bathroom or something."

"Geez. Okay. Sorry." He took the bottle and headed towards the bathroom, looking back at her as he neared the hallway.

Sara, however, had already started over to his friends at the bar.

They had already noticed her.

"Sara! How's it going?"

She made her way over, standing between two of them.

"Initiation today, right?"

"That's right, and that's why I'm here. Can I ask you guys a favor?"

They all agreed, of course.

She grinned. "Thanks guys. It's a little weird, but there's this bottle, and I need you jerk off in it."

Naturally, they were all a bit shocked.

"Seriously?" "That's some weird initiation." Etcetera.

She looked at them. "Yeah, seriously."

She expected it, especially from him. "So, you going to show us something in return?"

She rolled her eyes. "No."

"I don't know, wearing an outfit like that ..."

"Is none of your business."

He was back, and with the bottle. She took it and glanced.

"That's it?"

"Huh?!" His friends were laughing hard.

Naturally, they all took a turn, but when she got it back it was hardly an eighth of the way full.

"You guys are not as much help as I thought you would be."

"Ouch. You're no fun."

She stood up and started to make her way to one of the pool tables, which a couple guys are using.

She felt a hand on her ass. "Where you going babe?"

She turned around. "If I want in, I have to fill this up."

"All the way?"

"If I want to beat the other girl. Yeah."

"I'll help." He started to stand.

"No," she gently pushed him back down, "I should really do this myself." She glanced over towards the corner, where her guide sat. She'd been watching most of the time she'd been her, and she thought it was disapproval that she had seen on her face.

She glanced at the clock. Already nine?

"Damn. It's later than I thought." She turned and made her way quickly to the pool table.

Behind her, a grunt of surprise.


There were five of them playing, for what seemed to be money. While it was early, it looks like they had started earlier, or were partying hard. A couple of them, not paying immediate attention to the game, watched her come over.

She stood and watched for a moment, before speaking.

"Hi guys."

They grunted and nodded, save one.

"I was wondering if I could ask you guys for a favor?"

The one closest to her started first, moving towards her slightly, and looking her up and down. "What kind of favor?" He grinned.

She smiled back. "See, I've got this bottle," she raised it up and shock it a bit, "and I've got to fill it up."

He moved his face towards it, a bit perplexed. "What ..."

"It's cum."

He moved back as if struck. Then laughed.

"You're fucked up."

She smiled again. "Actually it's a trial, you see ..."

The one who had been silent before straightened, and turned towards her. He paused as he gave her a quick glance.

"Hmm." He paused again. "And what do we get for helping you out?"


He smiled. "I haven't fucked for a couple days. I've got two conditions." He paused.

"First, is that your boyfriend over there?" He motioned towards the bar.

She didn't look back. "Yes."

"You didn't even look. Are you sure?"

She glanced over her shoulder. "Yes."

"One. We do it out here."

She stepped back. "Huh?"

"Me and my buddies will put cum in your bottle, but we do it out here, not in the bathroom."

"Okayyy ..."

"Two. You put the bottle between your legs."

"Umm ..."

"Otherwise, I call over to the bartender and tell him to call the cops."

She looked around at the other four guys. Not turning out the way she hoped.

"Five seconds."



"Great. I'll go first."

"But ..."

He motioned one over, and whispered something in his ear. He then motioned to two others who made their way behind Sara.

She glanced nervously at them.

"Don't worry, they're just sheltering you a bit from everyone else."

They each put a hand on her and moved her a little more towards the corner, and fully beside the pool table.

Meanwhile the first had gone over to another group of men and was talking to them.

Not at all what she was expecting.

"Let's get that bottle between your legs."

He put his hands at the bottom of her skirt and pulled it up. Her hands started to move down, but the two behind her grabbed them.

The crotch of her white lace panties came into view, but he continued to pull on her skirt, until her panties were fully exposed. Her heart was pounding.

Next he took the bottle and gently eased it between her legs, using his free hand to move them apart. Within moments she could feel the bottle touching her pussy.

Still holding the bottle, he unscrewed the cap, placing it to the side. She looked to the right and noticed the first man was back, with the other group of men, their eyes devouring her.

She heard a zipper and looked forward, as man pulled down his zipper, reached in, and pulled out his cock.

Despite it all, it lay only slightly rigid, mostly limp. He very slowly started stroking.

The others kept their eyes on her, taking only the briefest of moments to see how he was faring.

She glanced over her shoulder, back at the clock. It was almost fifteen 'til. Had time really gone that fast?

She looked forward again. "Can you go any faster?"

He stopped. "What's that?"

"Can you go any faster? I'm kind of in a rush." She realized too late it was the wrong thing to say.

"Oh, excuse me."

"I ..."

"You'll jerk me off?"


"That's what you were going to say, right?" He leered at her. "You were going to offer to jerk me off, right?"

"Umm ..."

The one holding her on the right moved her hand towards the cock. She fought for a moment, before giving in.


She moved her hand on her own, towards the tip of his cock. She tried to wrap her pointer and thumb just under the 'helmet' of this penis, and inched it back and forth.

He laughed. "You'll have to go down further than that if you want lots of cum, babe."

She smiled slightly, and began stroking further down.

Twelve, thirteen. The heat radiating from his cock was intense. Twenty-five, twenty-six.

She looked at his face. He was enjoying it, but wasn't close ... and he wasn't close to the bottle either. If he did cum most of it would miss. She pulled him closer.

"That's right babe, don't want me to miss." He moved his hands up and grabbed her breasts. "This'll help me." He grinned.

He started pumping hard in her hand. She tried to move her other hand, but it was held in place. She lost hold of his cock once, then twice. Behind her, she could feel a finger move up her leg, then under her panties.

The man in front of her moved a hand to his cock and started pumping hard. Within seconds he was cumming, shooting most of his load into the bottle, but some struck her hand. Nearing the end, he started slowing down, then jerking hard in long strokes. He moved his tip against the bottle's opening, pushing the last bit into the bottle.

He moved away, and Sara rubbed her hand against the bottle's opening, trying to scrap as much as she could inside.


She moved to pull the bottom from between her legs, but the one behind and to the right stopped her.

"There's more sweety."

She looked up and saw another of the men step in front of her, his fly already open, his cock straight out.

He moved in close, putting one hand on shirt, grabbing a breast, and the other on her hip.

Reluctantly she moved her right hand down to his cock. This time she beat hard and fast.

She took care of the next two in a similar manner.

Behind her, the one holding her on the left moved away, letting another take hold of her. He leered at her.

"I want you from behind bitch." He looked over to her right. "That okay?"

She looked over and saw the bartender, and much of the bar, on the other side of the pool table.

"Sure." He too grinned at her.

She started to look forward again, but met the eyes of her boyfriend. He wasn't smiling.

He met her eyes and turned away.

"How had she lost control," she thought, as they moved her towards the pool table.

Someone took the bottle from between her legs as the two behind her moved her into position, gently pushing her chest towards the table.

She felt a hand slip between her legs, its fingers rubbing against her pussy, before they withdrew and once again the bottle was between her legs.

They moved her left hand behind her, while the man moved into position. He placed his cock in her hand before putting both his hands on her ass.

He started pumping in her hand, as his hands pulled her panties up her hips. She could feel the material strain around her pussy, digging deep against her lips.

In front of her, a couple of the men had their cocks in hand, and were gently stroking, waiting for their turn.

Her attention snapped back as the hands on her ass moved their way to her cheeks and began pushing the back of her panties towards her crack. That done, she felt the smack as he struck her, first on one, then the other cheek.

He grunted loud as he came, but she could most of it hitting against her skin, hitting her legs and ass.

Another quickly stepped behind her, putting his cock in her hand. His hands then moved around to her breasts. He leaned closer and started grunting in her ear.

Meanwhile the men in front of her were stroking harder, with a couple looking ready to cum.

"Not on the table."

"Then she better put out her hand."

The one to her right side took her hand and moved it in front of her face.

Two men moved their way in front of her, pointing their cocks towards her hand, but at her face. She closed her eyes as they grunted, cum hitting her above the eye, on the cheek and her lips, with the rest pooling in her hand.

She heard the movement as others took their place and their turns.

Her left hand was pounding, but a couple came at her from behind, with more and more hitting her legs and ass.

Finally, they were done.

She moved her fingers against her face, trying to clear the cum from her eyelids. Blinking, she tried to stand up, but almost lost the bottle.

The first man put it on the pool table. "Don't want you to lose it now, do we."

She frantically started scrapping her fingers and hand against the bottle, trying to get as much in as possible. She used both hands to wipe the cum off her legs and ass, then alternated between holding the bottle and scrapping into it, before moving back to her face.

She made her way to the bathroom.


She looked at herself in the mirror. At some point one of her pigtails had come loose. She started to move her hands, before stopping, and washing them off first. She dried them, then re-did the pigtail.

She wet a paper towel and wiped the back of her legs and her ass. Another paper towel for her face.

All that and a little over half a bottle.

She made her way out of the bathroom, through the bar, and out the door.

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