tagMatureSigns at the Gate

Signs at the Gate


At the Gate

My hand hovers shaking just within reach if it's goal.

Dare I?

I want to do it so badly. To open this little bit of wood and metal. To step into the haven of her sanctuary. To invade it like the barbarians of old.

Inch by inch I exert the will that would move mountains yet my fingers demand twice that effort.

The latch is in hand!

I look up then. I can see her. She is bent over in one of the dozens of large flowerbeds. Her hands full of dirt.

She said to come over any time. That she would welcome the help.

I want more than that!

I want her. I want to have her in the warm sun of her backyard. Our skin sweaty and grass covered as we cling to each other. Panting, kissing, hands running wild with passion and lust.

I open the gate.

She turns at the sound. I love the way her face lights up seeing it's me. With a grin she waves me over to her side.

I walk with unsure steps to that place of near worship. I sink to my knees next to the goddess, this woman of divine beauty.

She hands me a small pot and points to the soil.

I smile when I see the slow movements of her fingers.

I nod.

My fingers dig into the warm black earth. I turn to ask something but she is looking up at the white bloom filled dog wood tree above us. I follow her gaze.

The brilliant red bird his little beak quivering sends up a trill of such terrible silence.

I look from the bird to her. Her eyes are upon its silent song watching the beauty and agony of such with a placid look. Like she cares not in the least that the bird's song is silent.

"I love you." I tell her then. "I love you so very much. You have such an incredible warmth and beauty and I want to feel every bit of it against my heart."

I know I spoke the words. I felt my throat vibrate. The bird takes flight at them.

As she turns to look at me I see her smile. She hands me several more of the little potted plants.

I work with a will to please her. I place plant after plant into the soil, and then her hand is on mine.

Looking up I see her lean forward. She points to my work and shakes her head. With little gestures she indicates they need to be farther apart.

My nod hides the fact that my eyes are on the open throat of her blouses. My eyes are locked like they will never be moved from the creamy white hills encased in their snow-white caps of cotton. The tiny spots of her freckles sit upon the hills like trees in fall their leaves given to a thousand shades of reddish gold.

She's grinning when I look up quickly. She glances down at herself then back up at me. She gives me a shake of her fingers.

I watch her make the sign for naughty boy.

I give an embarrassed shrug. Before she can turn I lift my hands in front of me.

With agonizing slowness I sign back.

"I'm sorry." I tell her. "I can't help it, you're just so very beautiful."

She laughs. I wish I could hear that with all my heart. I would be willing to give up years of my life to just hear that sound.

I watch her hands as she denies my claim to her beauty. She makes a sign I don't know. I ask her to repeat it.

She spells it out.


I give my head a shake. "No."

She looks at my face then shrugs.

"Thank you." She signs.

I nod and turn back to the flowers.

Looking over my arm I see that she is facing away from me.

"I want you. I want to kiss you so very badly. I want to kiss first you lips then your neck, then lower. I want to feel you in my mouth, like a hard little nub of pleasure...I want to feel you moan as I suckle."

When she glances up at me I smile and go back to planting.

I hide my mouth from her view.

"I want to kiss your pussy. I want to lick and suck and nibble every part of you down there."

As I dig in the warm soil I continue my confession of lust to this woman. This sexy woman. This teacher of the deaf.

My teacher.

"I want to feel you along the whole length of me." I say imagining what she would look like under me or better yet bend down in front of me.

Like she had been when I opened the gate...and she had turned at the sound.

She had turned at the sound!

Slowly my hands starting to shake I turn to look at her. She's looking at me with a look that's half grin, half blush and all lust.

"Please continue." She signs. "I'm loving to hear what you're wanting to do to me." "How?" I ask in both sound and sign.

"I'm legally deaf but I still have about twenty percent hearing one ear." She smiles. "Now what were you saying about my ass? I believe you were talking about... fucking it?"

The gate swings shut with a bang that I can not hear as I run through it.

But I know that she can.

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