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SIL Surrenders


As in my previous stories, this is fantasy, not reality. The names have been changed to protect the lusted after, and if you're under 18, you should not be reading this. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it. Have fun and stay safe.


Ever since I've known my wife Sandy, I have been in lust with her sisters. They're all pretty nice looking and I've been trying to get them into bed pretty much since I first met them. Now, my wife knows about it. She tells me no way, uh uh, nope, nada, nice try. That doesn't stop me though. I still offer my "services" to them every once in a while. I don't do it as often as I used to, but, I still lay it out there in the hopes that one day they'll say yes. This story is about the day my sis-in-law, Leslie, finally said yes.

Leslie, my sis-in-law is about 2 years older than my wife and I. She's the "martyr" of the family; always helping out at the family parties, but, also complaining about it and drawing attention to the fact that she did help out. It's one of her few faults, but hell, we all have them. Thankfully, she's built like the proverbial brick shit house. Very long legs, which she loves to show off with short skirts and dresses. Big beautiful breasts, which also get shown off quite a lot and a gorgeous face with big beautiful eyes. If you saw here, you'd understand why I want her so badly. She has put on some weight over the years, but is still gorgeous. Marilyn Monroe/Sophia Loren/Jayne Mansfield gorgeous. Big and beautiful. Full bodied. A "real" woman!

Like I said, ever since I met my wife, I've lusted after at least one of her sisters. The other two, Kathy and Samantha are younger. When my wife and I first met, they were off limits. VERY off limits. Leslie, on the other hand, was of age and very easy on the eyes. Luckily, Sandy has always been cool about my lust of her sisters. She knows I wouldn't do anything stupid to jeopardize our relationship. She also knows I'd love to bed all of them at once. Hey, I know it's a dream, but what a dream! Anyway, we've always been close and I've bent over backwards to help them out when I can.

When Leslie left her first husband, I was there to help her move out. When Samantha needed help moving, I was there. When Kathy required help moving, I was there too. If they needed money, I loaned it. No complaints, I was just there. Now of course, I did some "adult" joking with them. I'd ask for a flash of titty or perhaps an hour in bed as compensation, but always said it as a joke. Well, one day, the joke became reality.

Leslie hasn't made the greatest choices in the world regarding the guys she's dated. Her husband was an asshole. He wouldn't share his money with her, didn't put her name on the deed to the house they lived in and had his parents as first beneficiaries on his life insurance! Like I said, he was an asshole. The only fun they had together was when they were drinking. Going through life drunk is not the brightest idea. Her choices since then haven't been much of an upgrade. She usually finds them in bars and they wind up screwing her in more ways than one. It was after one of these screw jobs that I got my chance.

My wife and her sisters are very close. They talk almost every other day, especially during the holidays. They'll call to find out what the kids want for Christmas or to let us know who we have in the family grab bag. Usually Leslie will say that she hasn't been laid in a while and I'll immediately offer my services. This gets met by stoney silence or nervous laughter on the other end. I'll then hand the phone over to my wife. Well, this time she shocked me by asking me how soon I could be over. I about choked and she just laughed and asked to talk to her sister. I handed the phone over to my wife and turned my attention to watching TV.

"So, how would you like to fuck my sister?" my wife asked. I just about choked on the soda I was drinking.

"What? What the hell are you talking about? You're not serious are you?" I replied.

"Yeah, I'm serious. Since we've opened the door with Kathy, why not? I know you love them like you love me and you won't hurt Leslie like her boyfriends do. She asked if she could borrow you this weekend to help her move some stuff. I think she wants to borrow your 'tool' this time too."

I was speechless. I mean, if this was on the up and up, I'd be having sex with my second SIL in three months! One that I've lusted over for just about 25 years now. Talk about your dreams come true.

"Okay, when does she want me?"

"She mentioned sometime Saturday morning. Knowing her, you should probably shoot for noon. She needs to rearrange her bedroom and den furniture. She said it would take all day, but I think she has more planned than just moving furniture."

I quickly agreed and Sandy called Leslie back to let her know I'd be there on Saturday.

Saturday arrived and I headed out to Leslie's place. She lives about 30 minutes from our place, so I made it pretty quickly. She greeted me at the door wearing bulky sweats. Damn, I thought to myself, too good to be true. She let me in and we got to work right away.

Three hours later, we were ready for a break. I think we moved every damn piece of furniture she owned. I was dog tired but happy to help her out. She grabbed a couple of beers from her fridge and we sat on the sofa.

We made the usual small talk and then she dropped the bombshell. "Still interested in getting in my pants?"

This time, I did choke on what I was drinking. She laughed as the beer flowed from my mouth and nose. "I guess that means yes?"

I got control of myself and stuttered, "Yes, I'd love to get into your pants."

"Well, today's your lucky day then."

She leaned over and gave me a kiss. My cock started to respond immediately. Her hands drifted down to my crotch. I felt her kneading my cock through my sweat pants. "My, my, my, you really DO like me, don't you?" She asked with a smile.

I moaned in response as she untied my sweats and grabbed my cock. I thrust my hips towards her hands as she started to stroke my shaft. I was busy trying to undo her bra. I stopped her from kissing me again and I removed her sweat shirt. "You like those too, huh?" she teased.

My cock throbbed in her hand as I viewed her breasts. Nice and big, like I always thought they would be. Probably a D-cup but I didn't care. She could have been flat as a board with just two nipples for breasts and I still would have wanted her. I reached behind her and undid her bra. Her beautiful tits came into view. A nice amount of sag considering their size. I began to fondle her and she responded by jerking me faster. I kissed her lips again and she stuck her tongue in my mouth. So different from Kathy. Leslie knew what she wanted and went after it.

As Leslie continued to tongue fuck my mouth and stroke my cock, she made little mewing sounds. Like a cat in heat. I reached over and took her nipples between my fingers. I started to pinch and pull on them. Leslie let out a loud moan into my mouth and really started to jack me off.

"Leslie, honey, if you continue to do that, I'm gonna come."

"So, cum. I don't mind." She leaned down and took my cock in her mouth. The hotness of her mouth and her continued stroking of my cock set me off. I came. She backed off of my cock and let my cum fly. It hit her tits and stomach. She continued to jack me off and my come oozed out of my cockhead and onto her sweats. She bent over and licked the head of my cock. She then took me into her mouth and cleaned the rest of my come off my cock.

"That was nice, Danny boy. You taste pretty good. My turn!"

She took me by the hand and led me up the stairs to the bedroom. She removed her sweat pants and I was greeted with an awesome sight. My lovely sis-in-law was wearing a wicked weasel bikini bottom. She was shaved smooth, just like my wife. She started to remove her bottoms when I stopped her. I asked her to leave them on and let me take them off, with my teeth. She smiled at me and spread her legs a bit. "Come and get it my dear, sweet brother-in-law"

I started by kissing her feet, slowly moving my way up her legs. I kissed and licked her ankles, then her calves, then her knees. I paid special attention to the backs of her knees. She got a little weak-kneed as I continued my way up her legs. Next were her thights. I kissed my way to her inner thighs. Her pussy smelled great. I love the smell of arousal. She sucked her breath in sharply when I ran my tongue over her panty clad pussy lips. Well, they weren't really covered by her bottoms.

I licked one lip and then the other. I ran my finger tips up and down her legs from calves to ass. She moaned a little more when I pushed my nose against her clit. I stuck my tongue under her bathing suit bottom and licked the area around her pussy lips. She grabbed my head and pushed it into her cunt. "Eat me you son of a bitch. Make me cum!"

I pushed her back onto the bed. I grabbed the wicked weasel bottoms and tore them off. I buried my face between her legs and began to lick and suck on her pussy lips. She came. I lapped at her pussy and ran my tongue over her clit. She screamed and lifted her ass off the bed. I reached up and twisted her nipples. She screamed again and ground her cunt into my face. Her hands pulled at my ears trying to get me deeper into her pussy. I licked like a madman, drinking up whatever juices came out of her. She thrashed wildly and came again.

So different than Kathy. I knew I could be a bit rougher with Leslie. She'd been with guys before so I knew she'd point me in the direction that pleased her most. I felt her hands push my head downward a bit. I started to tongue fuck her pussy. My nose continued to push against her clit. Her legs stiffened again and she flooded my mouth with her juices. The smell drove me wild. I fucked her again and again with my tongue, making sure my nose rubbed against her clit. Her legs thrashed wildly almost crushing my head. I continued my assault against her pussy. I looked up and saw her pull on her nipples. She tugged roughly at her breasts as she came again. I reached up and cupped her titties. She continued to pull on her nipples.

Pretty soon she pushed my head away. "Okay, enough. You're gonna kill me." She whispered. "Damn, that felt so good. No wonder Sandy loves you so much."

I moved up and laid next to her. I pulled her close and kissed her forehead. "I love you Leslie. I've wanted to do that for so long. I've wanted to touch you and pleasure you like you deserve. I really do love you."

She looked at me kind of funny and said, "You're not gonna leave Sandy are you?"

I laughed. "No, baby, never. I love her more than life itself. I just wanted you to know that I love you and that I'm available to you anytime, anywhere, anyplace. You deserve to be loved and not just sexually. I've always had this dream where you, Sandy and I are in bed, naked of course, but just holding one another. Like we're doing now."

She snuggled deeper into me and became teary eyed. "That would be nice, but, is Sandy willing to share you like that?"

"I would hope so. I would hope she knows I love her and would never leave her for anyone. She also knows that I believe that you deserve better than what you've been getting. She agrees with me. That's why I'm here, in bed, with you." I kissed her forehead.

"Speaking of being in bed." Leslie replied, as she reached down and fondled my cock. "Seems like someone's ready to play again."

"Anytime, anyplace, anywhere my sexy, slutty sis-in-law."

"I'm a slut? Fuck you!"

"That's what I'd hope you say!" I laughed as I moved on top of her.

I positioned my cock head at her pussy. I moved forward and slipped right in. "Oh Christ, that feels good Les."

"I bet it does. How does it feel to be in your sister in law's pussy?"

"It's so damn hot and slippery." I started to push myself in and out of her pussy. "It feels so damn good." I moaned. "Oh shit, I forgot the rubber, hold on."

"That's okay, baby, I'm on the pill. You can come inside of me whenever you want."

She grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to her. Her pussy felt heavenly. Nice and tight, but not overly tight like Kathy's. I'd call it a broken in pussy, I guess. Not the best term I know, but most guys probably know what I'm talking about.

"Can we change positions a bit? You're a tad bit heavy for me" Leslie asked.

"Sure, no problem" I moved over to the side and Leslie spooned against me. She reached down and led my cock to her pussy. I pushed back in and started to pump her again.

"Oh, Dan, that feels so good."

"You're telling me" I replied with a smile.

I started to move faster in and out of her cunt. Her pussy lips sucked at my cock as I drove in and out. I reached around and grabbed one of her generous titties. I pinched the nipple between my finger and thumb. Leslie sucked in her breath and moaned loudly. I pumped her faster and she came, another strong orgasm. I pulled out since I was close to coming. I then had her position herself on her hands and knees. "Time for a little doggy style." I commented.

Leslie got up on her hands and knees and wiggled her ass at me. "Come and get me, Schwager."

I got behind her and aimed my cock at her pussy. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back to my cock. I slid in easily. I started to pump her forcefully and deeply. Her tits swayed wildly as I drove back and forth into her pussy. She was continuously moaning my name as I fucked her. I reached down and grabbed her breasts in my hands and fondled her. This sent her over the edge again and she drove herself back onto my cock again and again. I felt my balls slap her pussy lips and I could feel her jerk as they hit her clit.

"Oh shit Leslie, I'm gonna come sweetie. Are you ready?"

"Fuck yes, fill me up with your come, Danny. Fuck me, you bastard!"

I shoved my cock into her cunt one last time. She screamed in orgasm as I spanked her ass while I came in her.

"Oh yes, Danny. Spank me. I'm such a dirty little cock sucking slut. Punish me. Oh fuck, it feels so good." she screamed, as I dumped my load into her.

I stopped spanking her and ran my hands over her ass. She collapsed forward onto the floor and I rolled to the side so my weight didn't crush her. I massaged her body from head to toe. She turned to me and kissed me.

"Oh shit, that was fun!" she exclaimed as she came down from her orgasm. "It's gonna be a great fucking weekend!"

"I'm here for the weekend?" I asked.

"Yes, you are. I'm calling Sandy now to let her know you'll be back sometime Sunday. Hope you're up for it!"

I just grinned and let her make the phone call. I talked with Sandy a bit. She told me she loved me and told me to have fun and she'd see me on Sunday. She also made me promise to treat Leslie to the best weekend she'd ever have. I told her I wouldn't let Leslie down. Hell, we were off to a pretty good start already.

Life, is good!

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