tagBDSMSilence: A New Beginning

Silence: A New Beginning

bybarbarian queen 2©

Eileen sat on the sofa reading. Silence was in his accustomed place on the floor leaning close to her knees. He, too, had a book. His concentration was frequently interrupted as she played with his hair. Silence smiled and leaned his head into her touch. Her hand caressed, her fingers tangled in his hair and combed through the midnight softness.

Silence finally gave up trying to read and just leaned against her knees, falling into memory as she played with his hair. He shivered slightly at the memory of how close he had come to losing that touch. He touched his collar, heavy silver, a thick band around his neck. It was an unusual collar. It settled around his neck easily but did not fasten together or lock. He could remove it anytime. And that was what kept him from doing so. Choice.

When Michelle had lured him into her suite and had her submissives...her slaves...overpower him, blindfold him, and literally string him up, he had been full of rage. The whipping had plunged his mind back into the abyss she had put him in when he had been hers. Each stroke of the whip was accompanied by vicious comments on how he deserved no better, how only she could give him true pleasure and it was his place to be hers, to suffer for her.

His experience with Eileen had given him the strength to resist Michelle, and nothing she did aroused him. He had heard the whip hit the floor when she threw it away. He didn't know that she had picked up a weighted cat o' nine tails. She intended to maim him, to shred his genitals with the metal-tipped lash and render him permanently impotent, a eunuch. The sudden commotion when Eileen and his parents had burst into the suite confused him. Only the fact that Eileen had managed to put her body between him and the whip had saved him. And he almost threw away that most precious gift.

Eileen's hand was still caressing his hair. He sighed softly and turned his head slightly to gently kiss her knee, then relax his head against her. The last few months had been a new beginning of sorts for both of them. Silence thought it had been harder for Eileen than for him. He was submissive by nature, so the shift to consensual slavery had been fairly easy. Eileen had barely gotten used to having a submissive and now she had a slave. His lips brushed her knee again. He closed his eyes and let his mind drift with the pleasure of her touch.

Eileen was watching him. She had felt his shiver and had seen his hand touch his collar. She smiled and continued to play with his hair. He wore if fairly long, just brushing his shoulders, and the silky softness soothed her. She felt him relax and smiled again, filled with wonder that this huge, strong man was hers, had chosen slavery to be hers.

Eileen gently tugged his hair. Silence moved to his knees, eyes down. A slaves posture. Eileen sighed.

"Silence," she said softly, "look at me." His gray eyes raised to her hazel ones. "I...miss...the way you were...before..." Her eyes were sad, her tone wistful. "I know I accepted you as my...slave..."

Silence had gone pale. Was she sorry she had taken him back? Eileen leaned forward, her hands on his face.

"Please..." she hesitated, "oh, damn, why can't I find the words!"

He was still, eyes searching hers. The way he had been before? Suddenly, he smiled and moved. Eileen squeaked as he swept her up off the sofa and stood. Her arms went around his neck as he lifted her against his chest.

"Oh yes," she sighed as he carried her to her bed. He slowly removed her clothes, his lips on her body as he revealed more and more of her flesh. Her soft moans of pleasure told hem that he had guessed correctly. Eileen's fingers tangled in his hair as she kissed him, tasting him, losing herself in the feel of his body against hers. She pushed against his shoulders. He rolled onto his back with Eileen draped over him. She took his wrist in her hands. He was wearing the leather cuffs she had buckled on his wrists when she took him back. He wore them as often as he could.

Snick. She had fastened his wrists together and raised them over his head. He heard the soft clink of the chain as she secured him. Her fingers caressed his face. Then she began teasing him. Her hands, her lips, her skin. She used it all to arouse him. She soon had him writhing, his penis swollen and throbbing. She licked the hot tip, causing his hips to rise off the bed. She took her time, her hands smoothing his skin while her mouth and tongue tormented him. His breathing quickened as the pressure built. Suddenly, she sucked on him, pulling him as far into her mouth as she could. The feel of her tongue, the caress of her throat as she swallowed was his undoing. His body went rigid, then his hips jerked as he exploded. Eileen sucked harder, swallowing quickly as his hot sperm filled her mouth.

Silence finally relaxed, trembling a little. Eileen lay curled against him, her hand stroking his still rampant penis, her head pillowed on his stomach. She raised up to look at him. He tugged at his bound wrists, eyes turning smoky with desire. She saw no fear in his eyes and was glad. She had worried that Michelle might have hurt him too much. Again. Smiling, she slid her body along his, skin to skin, until she was looking directly into his eyes. He tugged again, eyes gleaming.

"Shall I release your hands?" she whispered, her lips almost touching his. He nodded. "And what will you do?" He moved his body against hers, slowly, suggestively. "Mmmm," she murmured. "Perhaps I should leave you this way and just go to sleep." He moved against her again and slowly shook his head. "No?" Silence smiled, slow and lazy, rubbing his foot gently along her leg. Eileen wiggled until she lay along his body. She slid her hand along his arms up to his bound wrists. She twined her fingers with his and claimed his lips for a long, hungry kiss.

Silence could still faintly taste himself on her tongue. He almost groaned, his breath expelling forcefully as she continued to kiss him. She let go of his fingers and released him. His arms went around her and he rolled over, pinning her under his heavy body. She wrapped her arms and legs around him, kissing him with fierce hunger. With a sudden surge of his hips, Silence penetrated Eileen's hot, wet vagina. Her moan of pleasure vibrated against his lips as she took his massive penis deep into her body. He began moving long and slow in her. Her orgasm convulsed around him again and again until he again climaxed, pulsing deep into her.

For long moments, they lay unmoving except for the occasional quivers of their fading orgasm. Silence was very heavy on her, yet Eileen did not push him away. His weight, the slow softening of his penis still in her, his breath soft in her ear, she savored all of these things. Eventually, he moved so she could breathe easier. Eileen kissed him, murmuring softly. And they slept, bodies still joined, still tangled together. Sometime during the night, they separated. Silence woke briefly and pulled the duvet over them. Then he settled back to sleep, his arm protectively over Eileen.

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