tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilence is Golden Ch. 2

Silence is Golden Ch. 2


Karen closed her eyes and held her breath. Another Friday night, and Karen once again found herself alone, enjoying a soothing warm bath and smoking a joint. She felt her lungs aching and expelled the smoke in her lungs with a sigh of relief. Karen did not drink much, she did not have anything against it, she just did not care for the taste of alcohol, but she did enjoy relaxing with some good grass. She took another hit, and let her mind wander, enjoying the warm water and surrendering to a feeling of contentment that was starting to fill her. She tried to clear her mind, but it kept coming back to the same thing it always had for the last month...the night she was raped.

Maybe rape wasn't the right word, but she was taken against her will, at least at first. Karen had read stories about women who were raped, but their bodies betrayed them, and they could not help but enjoy the act being forced on them. She had known women who had been raped, and she knew this was not true. Rape is an act of violence and force, more about power and control than anything else. Karen's was more a sensual seduction from a silent and unknown intruder.

A loud clap of thunder brought Karen back to the present, and she lit the small remnants of her joint and took one last hit. She got out of the bath, and toweled herself off, and then lightly sprinkled powder over her glistening body. She slipped on her robe, and walked into her bedroom just as another big clap of thunder hit. Karen was glad she had gotten home before the rain hit. She enjoyed the sou...suddenly a pillowcase was shoved over her head. An involuntary scream was stifled by a hand quickly put over her mouth, and Karen knew that her silent friend had returned as he promised her he would.

How the hell had he gotten in? Karen was sure she had locked the door. She resisted slightly as the intruder took her across the room, where he cut off the bedroom lights. Without a word, the intruder removed the pillowcase and quickly put a ball gag in Karen's mouth, and blindfolded her. "How could this be happening again?" she thought, as she felt hands opening her robe to expose her naked body. She felt her robe pulled back and taken off, and then his body pressing next to hers.

"You smell wonderful." He said. These were the first words she had ever heard him say. She did not recognize the voice, yet there was something oddly familiar about it. She now felt her hands being pulled behind her, and tied with a rope of some kind. Her hands were tied, but not together, there was about a foot of distance between them. Her hair had been pined up loosely while she bathed, and she now felt the pins removed as he softly kissed her neck at the same time. Her long blond hair came cascading down, and he slowly ran his fingers through her lush hair as he ran his tongue along her left ear. An involuntary shudder ran through Karen as the combination of the pot and his sensual touch was getting her excited.

She stood there motionless as she heard him removing his clothes, and then she felt his warm hands engulfing her breasts as he pulled her close. She felt his erection against her

buttocks as he slowly moved back and forth against her while massaging her now hard nipples. Grabbing her hair, and pushing it over her right shoulder, he now used her own hair to softly rub across her nipple. He kissed her exposed neck, and moved backwards so that now just the hair of his balls lightly touched her buttocks. The sensations she was feeling were incredible, and being blindfolded only added to her already heightened feelings.

While still playing with her right breast, she felt him take her left hand and wrap it around his cock. He was rock hard, and yet soft and warm at the same time, and she slowly massaged his erection, while she cupped his balls with her right hand. She felt a certain strange power as she held his manhood in her hand, and she enjoyed the feeling. She was starting to feel dizzy now and leaned back into his body. Her breathing was coming quick now, and the ball gag was making it hard to catch her breath. The man sensing this removed the ball gag.

"Is that better?" he asked

Karen nodded.

He turned Karen around and kissed her lips as he slowly started to run his fingers through her hair. Karen wanted to put her arms around him, but they were still tied behind her back. She was then led over to the bed, and he got behind her again and slowly pushed her forward, and with her feet on the floor, and her ass in the air, she felt him press his erection against her now wet pussy. He entered her slowly; a little more going in with each thrust until she felt his balls pounding against her. She loved the feeling of him inside her as he completely filled her. As he continued to fuck her, he massaged her shoulders and gently kissed her back, and Karen was now lost in another world, one where she was wanted and desired.

He was fucking her faster now, and she felt herself starting to climax. She held off her climax as long as she could, and when she felt him tensing up, she came at the same time he did. It was undoubtedly the most intense feeling she had ever experienced. He continued to move inside her a while longer, and then he withdrew, leaving Karen exhausted and lying with her head on her bed.

Karen heard the water running in the bathroom, and knew her intruder was in the bathroom washing himself. She was to exhausted to try to run even if she wanted to. "Who was this man?" He had spoken a few words for the first time, but she could not place the voice. She felt his hands on her shoulders as he lifted her off the bed and turned her around and kissed her gently.

"Please tell me who you are," Karen asked.


"Please," she asked again.

"I don't think that would be wise," he said.

"You said you worked with me, was that a lie? I don't recognize your voice." She said.

"I work in the same building you do." he said.

"Do I know you?" She said.

"We have met," he said with a slight laugh.

Karen was tired of these games, and she yelled, "Fuck you," as she flayed against the ropes on her bound hands.

"I have had a crush on you for a long time," he said softly," but I knew I would never have you unless I did it like this. I have often fantasized about you when I was with other women, and I have dreamed of kissing you and running my hands through your gorgeous hair."

Karen was stunned. "Why me?" She said, "This does not make any sense."

Silently, Karen felt herself pushed back on the bad, and her feet were quickly tied to the bedposts at the bottom of the bed. Karen did not struggle. Her hands were then untied, and retied to the headboard of the bed. Still clothed in darkness, She felt his lips brushing against her cheeks and nibbling on her ears. He lay beside her now, rubbing his growing cock against her leg as he continues to kiss her ear and run his fingers through her hair with long slow strokes. Once again, Karen enjoyed being so desired. His hand moved down to her waiting bush, and gently played with her clit. His touch was gentle and sweet, and sensual. His finger now split her cunt lips, and found a warm and hungry home. She bucked as much as she could in her restraints to meet his quickening thrusts, as he put two fingers, and then three into her love canal. He kissed Karen hard, as he continues to work his fingers in and out of her.

He moved down now and started to kiss and probe her swollen pussy with his tongue as he effortlessly slid his cock into her hungry mouth. Karen climaxed twice before he sent a welcome present down her throat in large spurts. She continued to suck on his glorious cock as he slowly massage her swollen cunt, until he rolled over, and she laid there catching her breath.

"I know you enjoyed that," he whispered in her ear, "so did I."

"Who are you?" was all she said

Silently, he untied Karen from the bed. He wrapped his arms around her and kissed her long and softly, almost as though it was the last kiss he would ever give her.

"If you want to know who I am, then take off the blindfold," he said, But know this before you do. After you know who I am we may never make love again."

Karen enjoyed making love to this man, but she needed to know who he was. She reached up and removed the blindfold. Karen was alone in her bedroom. "What the hell is this," she thought. She heard a noise in the living room and walk into the living room to find a man sitting on her couch calmly drinking a coke. No, not a man, a BOY...a boy of maybe 18 years she had never seen before in her life.

To Be Continued...

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