tagNonConsent/ReluctanceSilenced Ch. 02

Silenced Ch. 02


Groaning out, Alli rubbed a hand over her face as the spiteful sunshine glared down upon her. It was morning. Fuck. She had slept for too long, and the events of yesterday came crashing down upon her. Heart wrenching in pain, the betrayal of her friend Sarah took a larger toll on her psyche than she had realized. Reluctantly, she opened her eyes to stare down at her half nude body. After Alexander had the garment torn off of her, there was no salvaging it and she had resigned to sleeping in just her pants.

Surprisingly, the bed was very comfortable and the room was spacious. Shoving the silken sheets off of her body, Alli looked dismayed at the dried cum on her breasts. She had been too distraught and exhausted to shower last night, and now she really wish she had. Hesitantly sliding down from the tall bed, she padded quietly on the hardwood floors and walked through a spacious opening with no door. Much like everything in her new room, there were few doors and no locks.

Prying open the clear glass shower door, she turned on the clean crystal knob and didn't bother turning the water on hot. The cold water would awake her nerves and help her come up with a plan. Peeling down her snug black pants past her voluptuous hips, she took a moment to stare at herself in the mirror. Alli wasn't self conscience, and admired her endlessly long legs as fingers rolled her lacy thong down her thighs. Stepping out of the lacy lingerie, a hot flush painted her cheeks when she noticed her own dried juices staining her thong.

Before shame could swallow her, she stepped under the cool spray of water. Stifling a gasp, the cold water streamed down her nude body in chilled rivulets, washing away flakes of Alexander's jizz. Fingers massaging over her breasts to completely rub away all traces of Alexander's cum, her pink little nipples hardened beneath the attention. They were still sore from the rough play of yesterday. Gently rolling the tight peaks between her thumb and forefinger, she closed her eyes, taking herself back to when Alexander had been pulling and pinching them. It had been painful, but Alli's pussy immediately spasmed at the memory.

Leaving her aching nipples, she let her hand trail down her flat stomach until her fingers found her puffy pussy lips. Her cunt was already aching to be touched. Unable to resist, she delved her fingers between her swollen lips, thumb finding and strumming her buzzing clit. Middle finger finding and teasing her tight little entrance, she firmly massaged her clit until she felt her juices begin to pool. About to dip her long finger inside her tight depths, her attention was stolen by the sensation of her shower door opening. Eyes opening, her gaze was drawn to the looming man in front of her. Alexander.

Embarrassed, she quickly moved her away from her objecting cunt. "Alexander, what--" Before Alli could muster the words, Alexander's strong fingers wrapped around her arm and drug her from the shower. Squeezing hard on her arm, Alexander pulled her through the bathroom and back into her bedroom. Taking a seat on the edge of Alli's bed, Alexander yanked Alli over his knee.

Rubbing a hand over Alli's wet, pert ass he raised his arm and applied a firm smack to her creamy cheeks. "Did I give you permission to masturbate, little girl?" Alexander accented each growled word with a smack to Alli's wiggling backside.

Struggling over his lap, Alli couldn't believe the audacity of the man! In feeble attempts to claw at the bed and escape, Alexander trapped her thighs between his legs, his free hand firmly planted on her lower back. "That actually hurts, stop it!" she squealed the words out indignantly.

Rapidly spanking Alli's quickly reddening cheeks, he paid particular attention to a pretty red welt forming. "You will ask my permission if you want to touch yourself. This is a mere warning." Alexander spoke calmly, ignoring her struggles as his heavy palm reigned quick smacks over her bottom. Pausing, he took a moment to pinch and rub over the sensitive skin before resuming his fast paced smacks, watching Alli in amusement as she writhed over his lap.

"Please, Alexander..!" Crying out the words, Alli felt as though her ass was on fire, the stinging slaps electrifying her skin. However, it wasn't just pain that lit her up, but also arousal. Clamping her legs tightly together she hoped that he wouldn't notice her slick pussy absolutely juicing from his rough slaps.

The feminine scent of his slut's arousal teased his senses, Alexander didn't need to see that pretty shaven cunt to know that his pet was burning with arousal. Quickly he applied a volley of smacks between her two reddened cheeks with a heavy hand, inwardly admiring the bright shade. Pausing to give a quick soothing rub over the tops of her thighs, his hand raised and fell over her ass in a long succession of spanks.

Alli bit down on her lower lip to keep from whining out, her poor ass sporting an unbearable sting. Wincing with each smack, she couldn't help but notice that her struggles had somehow turned into grinding, and she wasn't the only one that noticed it by the feel of his impressive bulge pressing against her taut stomach. She felt absolutely pathetic, practically humping the leg of the man who has imprisoned her.

A rare smile graced Alexander's mouth, feeling victorious as his little pet dry humped his lap in desperation for release. Ceasing the spanks, he trailed the tips of his fingers over the red curve of Alli's ass then dipped his digits between her thighs. Teasingly, he traced his finger up her soaked slit, gathering up a good amount of juices. Moving his hand back from her cunt, he reached forward and smeared Alli's juices over her face. "I'll keep in mind how much you love punishment.. Since I want to keep my new pet happy and all." He spoke with a patronizing leer.

Alli's fingers grasped tightly at the bed sheets, thighs compliantly spreading when Alexander forced his hand against her soaked pussy. More hot shame rolled over her at the sensation of her juices being slathered over her face, secretly lusting for Alexander's hand to return to her cunt. However, much to her dismay another series of smacks bit at her plump backside, emitting a soft squeal in both frustration and pain.

Alexander loved the little noises his new slut made. Pressing his palm firmer against Alli's lower back, he unleashed another flurry of smacks and this time he didn't stop after the first dozen. Slap after slap he continued on for what seemed like minutes, Alli's nude little body thrashing and struggling against his lap. Then there it was. The first sound of her crying. Orgasmic bliss coursed through his veins, reveling in the true noises of a damsel in distress. Finally he stopped his spanks, noticing a few light blue bruises forming. The sight forced him to bite his lower lip to keep from moaning out.

"Wider, little girl." Alexander spoke in a deep masculine purr, giving a few light slaps to the inside of Alli's thighs. A few loose tears rolled down Alli's soft face when the pain of his punishment finally overwhelmed the pleasure. Reluctant to resist, she slowly pried her thighs further apart, knowing that her wet little pussy was now nicely on display.

Loving the view, Alexander lightly trailed the tip of his digit up Alli's drenched slit. "So wet for your Daddy.." Alexander murmured to himself. Fingers dipping between her pussy lips, Alexander nudged the tips of his two fingers against Alli's tight little entrance. Fuck, she was tight. Abandoning his index finger, he pressed his single digit past her small entrance and inside of Alli's warm depths. His finger was hardly wedged all the way in before he met the resistance of her hymen. "A virgin?" Alexander questioned curiously, considering tanning that ass all over again for withholding such important information. Retracting his finger, Alexander didn't want to break the barrier before his dick had the chance to. Instead, the tips of his calloused fingers found the pink bud of his slut's clit, pinching the bundle of nerves tightly.

Alli's heart leaped in both embarrassment and fear at Alexander's new found discovery. It wasn't as though she wanted to be a virgin, she just hadn't ever found a guythat was able to turn her on enough to make her want to give it up.. But Alexander was a different story. As soon as his rough, masculine fingers began toying with her sensitive clit she was writing, so fucking lit up by his touch. It was so humiliating to know that all of her juices were soaking his fingers and surely staining his Armani slacks, but all the shame in the world couldn't prevent the wonderful sensations he was inducing. Hips rolling and grinding back into his touch, a soft moan permeated the room when he feverishly rubbed her tight clit.

Alexander's cock was painfully hard at this point, the way his little girl moans and ached for him made his arousal all that more potent. Crudely, he used his free hand to spread his whore's bright red ass cheeks, examining her tight little hole. He'd take that virginity too, eventually. "You are not to do as much as fucking breathe in this household without my permission.. You are to either ask or beg for everything." Alexander growled, the tips of his fingers grazing over her asshole threateningly. He knew that his bitch was close by the way she arched, his fingers pinching and rubbing at her clit, coaxing her close to the edge. Then he stopped. "Ask." It was a command laced with a heavy Russian accent, not a request.

Wanting to scream out when Alexander stopped stimulating her silken pink flesh, her hips ground against his thigh until she realized it was absolutely useless. "May I cum?" She panted the words out, her toes curling. Alexander's fingers rested on her pussy lips, touching but not rubbing.

"May I cum...?" Alexander murmured in a dark voice expectantly.

Swallowing what was left of her broken pride, Alli closed her eyes. "May I please cum, Sir?"

Hearing Alexander's grunted "Yes, slut.", he delved his fingers between her swollen lips and vigorously massaged at her clit. Unable to hold back, Alli's insides tightened until what felt like a burst of light seer her vision. Her tight little cunt began pulsating, the first intense waves of her orgasm crashing over her. Clutching her fingers into the bed sheets, Alli's moans wantonly rang through the room, her hips bouncing against his fingers to prolong the euphoria. The convulsions of her orgasm seemed to last forever, the pure bliss of having her first orgasm caused by a man ringing through her body. Though, she wasn't going to tell him that. When the high sensations finally died down, she laid limply over his lap, breathing heavily.

Staring down at his sated whore, Alexander smiled. However, he couldn't let her see any trace of kindness. Cruelly, he shoved Alli off of his lap, staring apathetically as she fell down onto the floor. Standing up, he seemed to look dismayed at his dirtied clothes. "My personal stylist Sasha will be seeing you soon. Hopefully he will be able to make a whore look presentable." Alexander's stern eyes softened some when Alli flinched at his words. Fuck, he barely knew this whore and for some reason he wanted to reassure her, hold her. Fuck. That. "Don't worry, he's a faggot. Not like he'd want that dirty cunt, anyways." Refusing to look at his slut's sad face, he walked from the room, passing Sasha on his way out.


Once the orgasmic high died off, Alli was left with just her shame and fear. She had never been so out of control.. or so aroused. Fuck, she was sick. Scrubbing her hands over her dirty face, she knew no matter how hard she scrubbed she could never truly get Alexander out from her mind. Feeling the presence of another person in the room, she peered through her fingers.

In front of her was another well muscled man, but his face wasn't hardened and stern like the others. In fact, she could actually trace some laugh lines etched in his face. Obviously, this was Alexander's personal stylist. The man's shoulder length blond hair was sleekly straightened, and his choice of clothing was stylishly androgynous. However, with all that muscle, he was obviously male. When he spoke, his voice was lithe and kind, but blatantly detached from her sick little situation. "Why don't you shower, and I'll help you get ready." Alli thought about her options, and figured there was no point in resisting at this moment. Nodding dejectedly, Alli stood up on shaky legs and walked sluggishly back to the shower, the water was still running.


Alexander was on his way to his office when his stomach rumbled hungrily. With all of his work and the distractions of his new pet, simple things like eating seemed to take second. Fuck, his pet was probably hungry too. Walking straight to the kitchen where his personal chef was cooking for the other men that lived in his mansion, he cleared his throat. "I need a high protein meal for two. Set one place at the table, and one place on the floor. Make sure that it's meal a woman would enjoy, too." At that, a few of his men sneaked a glance at him. It was rare for Alexander to feed his previous pets more than scraps, and he never once cared if they liked it. There was no judgment, though. Alexander walked a fine line between cruel and evil, and his closest associates had worried about his sanity.

Alexander left the kitchen and walked straight to his office. He planned to busy himself with work until he could see his slut again. Fuck, he shouldn't be this excited to see a woman. Growling, he grabbed a stack of papers and numbers and buried himself in work.


As Sasha completed the finishing touches on Alli's make-up, she realized that she had learned absolutely nothing about Sasha in the last couple of hours. Every question that she had asked had been carefully deflected with generic answers. Of course, Alli was trying to use every psychological trick she had learned in Grad school to manipulate this man, but he was a stonewall. Obviously he has learned a long time ago not to become too close with those he worked with. Alexander must pay him a lot.

Looking at herself in the mirror, she admired the new haircut Sasha gave her, he could do amazing things with a pair of scissors. To top it off, Sasha spent at least an hour to carefully curl the locks.

Sasha carefully applied a light coat of lip gloss, and then backed up. "All done."

Smiling, Alli felt genuinely beautiful. It looked at though she had some fancy dance to go to, except for the fact that she was naked. "Did Alexander leave me anything to wear?" Alli asked softly as she stood up. Looking at a side view of her body, the red had disappeared from her ass, but a few light bruises remained.

Sasha pulled out a pair of lacy panties, and a colorful lace up corset. "Sort of." He replied sympathetically.

Well, it was better than nothing. Taking the garments from Sasha, she stepped through the panties, sliding them up her satin smooth legs. The stupid panties didn't even cover the curve of her ass. Groaning in annoyance, she slipped the corset around her torso and breasts. Being the polite man he was, Sasha helped her lace it up.

Never had Alli dressed so slutty before, especially in a mansion full of testosterone pumped men. Sasha gently grabbed her elbow and began to lead her out of the room. "Alexander would like to see you now."

Sighing, she nodded and let herself be led from her room. She had to come up with a plan, quick.


Alexander waited for Alli at the table by himself. Just as ordered, Alexander stared at his seafood fettuccine hungrily. However, he wanted to have this meal with his new pet. Although, he would be the only one enjoying the meal at the table, his slut would have to learn how to eat on the floor. Alexander was feeling extremely generous, he even gave her a plate to eat off of and utensils. Sasha's voice interrupted his feelings of goodwill. "Alexander?"

Standing up, Alexander turned to look at his pet. Damn, she looked gorgeous. So extremely fuckable. His cock stirred in response, he picked out the perfect clothes for her. Alli looked like the embodiment of sex. Alexander didn't even notice Sasha leave, his gaze was too transfixed on his whore. Not wanting to seem too impressed, he sat back down and pointed at the spot on the floor for Alli. "Eat." He ordered moodily.

Alli looked down at the plate on the floor indignantly, and just laughed. "You have to be fucking kidding me. I'm not an animal, Alexander! You have no right to treat me like this!" Her courage grew with every word, her body shaking as anger overwhelmed her usually passive mind. Angry tears flooded her eyes, but she quickly blinked them away. She couldn't look anymore vulnerable than she already was. "I'm a good person.. I did nothing to deserve this. You're a fucking monster!"

Everything seemed like a blur. Within a second Alexander was on his feet and his palm slapped hard across her face. "That is enough, slut." He spoke in a soothingly calm voice. Gently, he caressed the pad of his thumb over Alli's now crimson cheek. Sliding his fingers up her abused face and over her scalp, he locked his grasp into her raven locks. Pulling hard on his whore's hair, he began to drag her from the kitchen. "I'll show you how much of a monster I can be." Again, his voice was cruelly calm.

Alli's face paled as she struggled against his hold, trying to kick back and throw elbows, but somehow he evaded every attack and only tightened his grasp. "Let me go! You're hurting me, Daddy!" She whined out, hoping the sick endearment would somehow earn her mercy, but he only growled in response.

Pushing his whore into the hallway, he used his free hand to reach down and yank up her panties into the crack of her ass. Mmn, he loved looking at that now bruised ass.

Alexander kicked open the door to the workout room, where all of his men were doing their daily workout routines. Pushing his foot on the back of Alli's knees, he forced her to kneel. He then crouched down behind her and pushed her down by her hair, shoving her face against the dirty floor. "I could order every man in here to rape both of your virgin holes until you're bleeding, bruised, and broken.. Would I still be a monster then?" Alexander asked suavely, every man in the room stopped what they were doing and simply watched, lust in their eyes.

Alli whimpered softly, eyes flooding with tears. "I hate you.." She whispered softly, her words being met by a hard slap on her bruised ass.

"Not as much as you're about to, pet." Alexander spoke with a hardened voice, trying not to let her words affect him. Hooking his fingers inside her panties, he ripped them off, throwing the scraps aside. Roughly, Alexander pushed Alli's knees apart, staring at his whore's damp cunt. Fuck, she wasn't wet enough yet.

Alli was at least proud of herself for not being totally soaked like she was every other time he roughed her up. However, her pride cracked when the sickening noise of Alexander's zipper lowering filled the deafeningly quiet room. "Alexander, err.. I mean, Sir.. You're going to ruin me if you just.."

"Shut up!" Alexander barked, fishing out his painfully hard cock. For some weird reason he couldn't bring himself to just barrel inside of his slut, he wanted her to take sick enjoyment in his abuse. Pressing the tip of his swollen red head to her entrance, he teasingly circled her tiny orifice. Removing his head from her entrance, he instead slid his head over her slit, stopping over her clit. Using his free hand to spread Alli's pretty pink pussy lips apart, he slapped his meaty shaft against his slut's clit. "Soon, you will be worshiping my dick, princess.."

Alli's hips twitched when he slapped his cock against her sensitive clit, heat pooling at her entrance. Fuck, she didn't know how he was able to arouse her so quickly. The added humiliation of knowing that every man in Alexander's household was eye-fucking her was definitely a boost. "Alexander.. I wanted my first time to be special.." Alli spoke with a timid whisper.

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