Silent Dreams


Across the bar, he watched her smile and laugh, with great appreciation. She was radiant when she smiled, and when she laughed she glowed with energy. He sat at the table, sipping his now warm beer, watching her curves in the backlight of the door, her hips calling him, he breasts perky and stretching her shirt tighter. He watched his friends and people he didn't know as they talked to her, making her laugh, desiring her, wanting to be closer to her, and this just made him want her more.

As he approached her, she smiled widely, and reached out her arm to hug him. She hadn't noticed he was there until now. He embraced her and ran his hands down her back and pushed his warm body against hers tightly. She was soft, and warm, and smelled like baby powder. As she pulled away, and grabbed her drink, she rested her hand on his thigh, drumming her fingers on the inside slowly, methodically, tantalizingly. It was driving him wild, and he suspected she knew this.

As he sat at the bar, and she stood next to him, they had nice conversation. He had no idea what he was talking about; he didn't even know what words he had said. He was watching her mouth, her lips shiny with moisture, her breasts bouncing slightly as she gesticulated. He felt himself begin to swell, just slightly, and he realized he wanted her so badly now, that he was having a difficult time controlling it. He reached out, and put his hand on her hip, pulling her close to him, up against his thigh, he smiled at her, staring into her eyes. He was hoping she understood his advances. He wasn't very good at this, and she seems to like things straightforward.

She did understand. As he pulled her closely, she knew, this was he making his move. She had been waiting for months, being in the same room, talking all night, glancing, touching, but never anything serious. She allowed him to pull her closer to him, and met his glance. She turned and set her drink on the bar, touching his chest as she did so. When she turned back, she moved closer to him, between his legs, him settled on a bar stool. She pushed herself close, and ran her hands over his chest. She could feel him swelling already below his jeans, and that excited her even more. She leaned in and kissed him, slowly, nibbling on his bottom lip. She ran her fingers across the back of his neck, scratching the back of his head slightly, making it tingle. She ran her other hand up the inside of this thigh, resting it on his swollen crotch. Squeezing it slightly through his jeans, feeling him push himself against her trying to get up. He wanted to take her now, in the middle of the bar, he didn't care.

She backed up from him, grabbing his arms and guiding him to his feet. He leaned in for a kiss; he wanted so badly to keep feeling her close to him. She put her hand on his chest and gave him a telling look. She grabbed his wrist and made her way through the bar, through the back, through the hall, dragging him behind her. She glides when she walks, he was thinking. Effortless, her hips tossing her shirt just slightly from side to side with each step, she moved with such grace and yet such sexual energy. They stopped at a door, and she spun around. There was that smile again, wide and bright, lighting everything around it. She backed up against the door, and pulled him against her. Spreading her legs slightly, pushing her hips against his. She put her hands on his face, kissed his bottom lip, as she placed her hands on his back and pulled him into her.

He was speechless. He wanted her so badly he had thought of nothing else for weeks, months even. As he stood there, throbbing in his jeans, pressed against her, breath heavy, he realized they were breathing together. She reached behind her and turned the doorknob, and pushed through it, pulling him with her. Once they were through, she shut the door, and locked it. He looked around him, they were in the alley, nothing but concrete, and bricks, and large metal dumpster in the corner. She walked backwards, pulling him with her, until they were concealed on the side of the wall.

She slid out of her shoes, and tossed them aside. Now she stood there, under the moonlight, in a skirt and t-shirt, her hair hanging down, catching the light. She pushed him against the wall, not with force but with desire. As she kissed wildly, she ran her hands under his shirt, pushing it upwards exposing his chest. She began to lick his stomach, slowly, nibbling here and there. As she made it to his chest, she was gliding over his belt buckle with her long fingers. Before he knew it, his belt, along with his jeans, were around his ankles and he was pushed against the wall. He felt used, and he loved it. She slid her hand up his thighs, tickling, stroking, until she made it to his boxer briefs. She ran a finger through the waistband from one side to the other. The bulge in them was so large at this point it was tight as she teased him. She pulled them off, sending them to meet his pants at the bottom of the pile.

He closed his eyes and leaned his head back, as she took his cock into her mouth. She began to lick it, and run her tongue around it, he grew even more. She wanted him inside of her so badly, she ached for him. She stood up, and grabbed his hand, sliding it down her body, under her skirt. She slid his hand between her legs, letting him feel how wet and ready for him she was. He took the cue, and slid his fingers inside of her, pushing his thumb against her clit as he thrust his fingers deep, tickling her g spot. With his other hand, he slid off her shirt, caressing her breast, kissing her nipple. He could feel her rock and push into his hand, grinding into him, wanting him inside of her.

He picked her up and she wrapped her legs around him as he pushed her into the wall. She met his effort with an eager thrust of her hips and pulled his head to hers tighter. He moaned into her mouth with eagerness and desire pushing his thumb against her clit and sinking his fingers into her, feeling her push against his hand swallowing it. As she tightened around his hand her head rolled back and her lips parted as she let out a whispery moan and released herself to the climax. Her perfection in this moment brought him to his knees in awe and desire. His tongue dove deep, circling inside of her, making her buckle into him.

The desire for him had become so overwhelming she could stand it no longer. She grabbed him by his hair and moved him back to meet her gaze. As she licked herself from his lips, she guided him down to the ground. He watched her eagerly as she stood above him, then began to kneel between his legs, her perfect breasts bouncing inside the black bra, begging to be touched again. With fluid motion, she straddled him and slid down on his throbbing desire. She rocked back and forth on it, rolling her hips around in circles and arching her back. Then she leaned forward and grabbed his hands, guiding one to her breast again and the other to her rocking wetness, sliding his hand between her lips. As he began to work at her ever growing excitement, she closed her eyes and her lips parted again, letting out soft breaths that increased with each push. He felt her tighten around him as she thrust herself forward onto his chest, grinding harder, her breath increasing. He met her movements and thrust himself inside of her faster until she released herself again to the pleasure and collapsed on his chest, panting and glistening in the moonlight with sweat.

She lifted herself off of him and climbed to her feet, straightening her skirt. As she bent over to pick up her shirt , he laid on the cold pavement marveling at the sight of her hoping to do it all again. She pulled her shirt on and tied her hair up in with a grace only she possessed. She sauntered across the alley and stuck out her hand to help him up. Once one his feet, standing naked in the night air, the moisture of their encounter glistening on his member, she kissed him softly then backed away.

She disappeared into the bar and left him standing in the alley wondering if he'd imagined his brief encounter with the woman of his dreams.

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