Silent Man


He stands in the shadows, a flickering street lamp the only source of light in the dark narrow alleyway. He slowly opens and closes his fists making his hands more comfortable in the black leather gloves he wears. Dressed completely in black he waits silently for his prey.

He sees her at the far end of the ally walking quickly toward her back gate. With her head down searching in her handbag for keys she doesn't notice the slight movement in the gloom as he pulls down the ski mask. Reaching the gate the attractive twenty two year old furtively looks around her as she thinks she hears a noise, but it is nothing. She reaches for the gate handle and turns it stepping over the threshold of her yard.

Before she is even through the gate something solid and heavy slams into her back sending her sprawling forwards onto the cold damp concrete. Looking up and around she screams as she sees him. The tall broad man looming over her, his face covered in an emotionless featureless mask. Head to toe in black with not a single area of flesh showing. She takes it all in in a split second, so dark, so cold, so terrifying.

He reaches down and grabs her by the hair, he doesn't even attempt to stop or stifle her screams. With a single brutal tug he lifts her to her feet and traps her body against his with his free arm. So strong, so confident, he picks her off her feet effortlessly and before moving kicks backwards. A second later there is a loud bang as the gate is slammed shut against it's frame. The sound only adds to her terror, nobody would be able to see what was happening now, just the way he wants it she thinks as she screams long and hard again.

Frantically she tries to struggle against him but he is too strong. She feels a moment of hope as she catches sight of a nearby bedroom light come on in a neighbours house, but her hopes dissolve as it is switched off just as quickly. She flails her legs and kicks out trying to hurt him or break free but it is useless as his arm tightens around her waist and he reaches for her bag. Without a pause he up ends the small brown leather bag so that it's contents spill to the floor. Her purse, a lipstick, mascara, hairbrush, some tissues, her mobile phone, and the item he is looking for scatter around their feet. Suddenly he bends and retrieves her keys from where they have fallen, it happens so quickly that she doesn't even have the opportunity to struggle free or at least try too.

With the keys in hand he moves for the door, all the time the girl struggling and screaming, he doesn't care, he will have her inside soon. As he approaches the door a security light blinks on and illuminates the yard and what is going on in it. Without a seconds thought he smashes it with the elbow of his free arm as he passes and the yard is plunged back into darkness. As he gets her to the door she begins to struggle harder and even has the presence of mind to scratch and punch at him, but that doesn't matter, he likes it when they fight. Without breaking his stride he slams her face first into the door, it completely stuns her and he knows that the wind has been knocked out of her. Quickly he tries the different keys that are attached to the key ring and on the third attempt there is a satisfying click as the door unlocks and then swings inward slightly. Pocketing the keys he drags the stunned girl through the door and into the house.

There is just enough light for him to see that they are in the kitchen and at the other side of the room there is another door leading out of it. Letting go of the girl he pushes her to the floor and manhandles her onto her front. She is regaining her senses now and begins to struggle as he grabs an ankle and drags her a couple of feet backwards towards the door they just entered through. As she tries to push herself up in a bid to stand he cuffs her hard around the head and she instantly drops back to the floor before he drops to his knees straddling her midriff but facing the door. Fishing into his pocket he pulls out the keys and finding the correct one re-locks the door from the inside. As she hears what he is doing she renews her efforts to get free, she screams and thrashes around beneath him attempting to dislodge him. But again he simply ignores her and re-pockets the keys. Abruptly he stands up and she suddenly has nothing keeping her from moving. With terror gripping her and adrenalin rushing through her she springs to her feet and heads for the opposite door. Three, Five, seven metres pass before she is stopped in her tracks. A burning hot pain sears through her head as she is jerked backwards by the what seems like inhumanly strong grip holding her hair. She is pulled backwards all her momentum gone now, and as she turns to claw at her attacker blow lands across her cheek like a thunder clap. Her knees go weak, her vision blurs momentarily, and her head swims as she tries to cling to consciousness.

The iron grip loosens and she crumples to the floor not entirely aware of what is going on around her. She can sense movement and hears furniture scraping along the tiled floor, but all she can see are stars. The cold of the tiles beneath her seems to help bring her round as it seeps through the linen skirt and thin cotton long sleeved top that she is wearing. Murmuring she groggily pushes herself to a sitting position and starts to look around at what is going on.

The man finishes moving the large kitchen dining table to the centre of the room and clears the chairs from around it as he keeps one eye on the girl. She is almost ko'd by his back hander, but is already moving and recovering. He sees her push herself up and start to look around before she screams and tries to stand once she sees what he is doing. He springs forward in three paces to intercept her as she clambers to her feet. This time she is able to put up a bit of a fight and begins punching, scratching, and even kicking at him. He pays the blows no heed as he unceremoniously grips the fabric of her top and flings her across the room toward the table. She half stumbles and half falls as his shear strength propels her.

He is on her again, this time from behind. He bends her over the table forcing her chest flat against it's surface, her face pushed painfully on one side as he grips her wrists behind her back with one large leather gloved hand. She feels him moving, almost stretching, then she hears it. The metallic ring of a blade being unsheathed. He leans his weight down on her back as she tries to pull away from the sound and begins screaming and begging to be let free.

Keeping her pinned he moves his blade between her legs and thrusts it through the fabric of her skirt, there is an audible rip as the cold steel cuts cleanly through it. Not wanting to put the knife down he clenches it in his teeth as he pulls her around and manhandles her back down to the floor. Again he ignores her struggles as he gets her onto her front and straddles her across the small of her back so that he is facing her feet. Once there he manoeuvres her arms so that they are straight down by her side and then pins them there with his legs. Then to be certain she will not be able to move he sits his weight down on her back. Almost immediately her struggles weaken as all she can realistically do is wriggle a little and breathe.

Kicking her legs and drumming her feet on the hard floor she continues to scream and cry as he reaches down and tears the skirt straight down the centre from the cut he has made with the knife. Quickly but purposefully he rips long strips from the fabric with his bare hands and stuffs them into a pocket on his trousers.

Standing up quickly he reaches down and grips her by the hair and hauls her to her feet again. She is sobbing and moves slowly as the realisation of what is about to happen dawns on her. He pushes her back so that her backside is pressed up against the edge of the table, so that she has to lean backwards to get away from him. He puts his hand on her chest and pushes, the force of it causing her to stumble backward over the table top she attempts to sit up but again his hand presses firmly between her soft tits, she knows what he wants her to do. A few seconds later and after an awkward wriggle she lays on the table with him standing menacingly over her. Placing the knife on a work top the man fishes in his pocket for the rag strips and steps toward her. She pleads with him to leave her be, to take whatever he wants and just leave. Whimpering, she tells him that she won't even call the police. Roughly grabbing one of her wrists he yanks her arm up above her head to the corner of the table top and ties a strip tightly around it. Then guiding the strip over the edge he ties the other end securely to the table leg before repeating the process on the other arm. He makes sure the knots are tight and dig into her flesh harshly before moving to her legs.

She writhes and wriggles against the restraints, even tries lifting her legs and lashing out at him but he simply grabs one and slams it back down before wrenching it to the corner and tying it as tightly as he had the wrists. Forcing the other leg open so that she is spread-eagled in a cross shape. He ties the final knot and moves up towards her head smiling wickedly behind his mask.

Her eyes are like saucers as they stare fearfully at him approaching, his hands clenching the last couple of rag strips. She begins to roll her head from side to side to make it more difficult for him, but he simply grips her hard around the jaw and digs his leather clad fingers into the sides of her mouth. The pain it causes makes her scream again and before she has the opportunity to snap it shut again he is already forcing a piece of screwed up rag in hard until it hits the back of her throat. Her screams muffled now he forces another rag in after the first and then whilst moving around behind her he unravels the final piece. He lays the piece over her stuffed mouth and runs it down either side of her face to tie it painfully tightly behind her head leaving her gagged so completely that she can hardly draw adequate breath let alone scream for help.

Taking a moment to admire his handy work the man steps back from the table and flips the knife in his hand. The girls eyes are wide open and her nostrils flare each time she tries to inhale. He grins behind the mask again and moves to the side of her quickly. He lifts the bottom edge of her top to reveal the waist band of the ruined skirt before cutting through it with the sharp blade and running the cold steel down the length of the skirt. Sliced from waist to hem the skirt falls open to reveal a pair of crisp white panties barely covering the pouting labia of a smooth shaven cunt. Next he grabs the neck of her sweatshirt and cuts down the centre of it between her pert breasts. This too falls open, and beneath it he sees a firm pair of perky tits a little on the small side but held in a crisp white lacy bra.

The girl is sobbing and trying to drag air into her lungs whilst she lays helpless and sweating at the mercy of the man. Her head is swimming, her lungs are burning, and she can feel the bruise already starting to come up on her cheek from his blow. Without preamble the man cuts through the bras centre and pulls the two halves open to expose creamy white supple flesh topped off with two small rose pink nipples that stand erect in the chilly air. Not able to resist the man reaches down and roughly mauls the quivering tits and slaps them several times before turning his attention to the panties. Slowly he drags his fingers over the mound of her cunt taking particular pleasure at the sight of her smooth tanned thighs trembling at his touch. He traces the crease up the middle of her young mound and purposefully presses harder as he reaches the top of the cleft. The girl has stopped screaming now and is simply trying to breathe and stop from trembling as the animal touches her. She feels so weak, so helpless, her adrenalin is pumping and she can feel every tiny movement of his finger tips and every pressure of his touch.

Suddenly he pulls the gusset of the underwear away from her flesh and deftly slices through it with the blade leaving the garment hanging open. He pulls back the top flap and feasts his eyes on the sight of well shaven pouting and slightly open cunt.

Wasting no time the man moves to the bottom of the table to stand between her legs and then raises the knife so that she can see it. For added effect he twists the blade in the air so that the light catches it, it has the desired effect. The girl begins to scream as hard as her oxygen starved lungs will allow her but all she manages to do is make herself light headed from the effort. Pulling himself up onto the table so that he is knelt between her legs the man looks fixedly at the cunt before him. She sees his eyes clearly for the first time and her blood runs cold at the sight, even his eyes are almost black. They are so dark that the brown of the iris almost matches the black of the pupils, they look soulless. New fear grips her and she suddenly knows that she is not going to survive the night, hopelessly she begins to cry again.

Slowly, ever so slowly the man drags the pointed tip of the knife blade up one of her labia and then back down the other. All the time her legs tremble but she dare not move for fear of being cut by the sharp tip, he liked that too. He liked that she was so frightened that she wouldn't even move. He can hear her ragged breath and delights in her whimper as he circles her clit with the knife point. Her skin visibly tenses as he torments her with the cruel sharp steel, it's razor edge gliding over and around the small pink bud.

Without breaking the fluidity of his movements the man draws the shimmering blade down and across her left inner thigh causing her to whimper through the gag and ripples of fear to rush through her. Smiling to himself he sees that the cunt is moist and getting wetter with each moment that passes. He drags the shining blade over the soft vulnerable flesh with the skill of an expert and lets the broadest width of blade brush against and caress the pouting lips. He increases the pace of his movements and he is soon darting the keen edge all over her quivering mound. Rigid with terror the girl lays in mute shock at what is happening. After some time he ceases his tease and gets down to business.

Parting her cunt lips with one hand he guides the knife blade to her wet entrance. As the tip of the blade spikes the inner fold of one of the cunt lips she wails into the gag and her tears begin to flow once more. Slowly, deliberately he pushes the cold steel into her. Ensuring his index finger runs along the length of the blade with his finger tip at the point he slides it in millimetre by millimetre until around 5cm has penetrated her. Looking up to see the expression on her face he begins to slide the blade and his finger in and out of the soaking cunt. Her face is a mask of fear, yet he sees a glimmer of something else, something primal. Her cheeks, neck and chest are blotched with a deep flush of red, and he cannot help but notice that the girls cunt is almost flowing with arousal. Her head raises and their eyes meet, hers frozen wide in fear, his cold and unforgiving. Holding her gaze for several seconds he then withdraws his index finger from it's position at the blades side and watches as she registers what he has done, and in fact what he is about to do.

Slowly he slides the blade back a few millimetres before pushing it back inside. He keeps the movement slow and unhurried, and pushes a little deeper with each inward thrust. He watches closely as the polished steel becomes ever more coated with her juices. He can see that the little whore is getting off on it despite her obvious fear. He chuckles inwardly as he thinks "her mind says no, but her body says yes yes yes." The blade is a good three inches inside the little whore now and she still hasn't moved a muscle. Her skin is deathly pale, and her eyes are wide as she strains to see what he is doing. Morbid curiosity grips her as she tries to reason that he can't really be fucking her with a knife, can he?! Before long she can feel the blade inside her, violating her, it's cold steel making her pussy throb with each movement. She stops herself from shuddering as she thinks about what that blade could do to her, how it could mutilate her. She watches the man as he calmly begins sliding the blade back and forth a little faster. She can feel it penetrating her deeper with each thrust, feel it's sharp edges sliding over her sensitive cunt walls. She sucks in a sharp intake of breath through her teeth as she feels him twist the blade from left to right, she feels it trying to either push her cunt walls apart or worse cut into them. She screams urgently hoping that this will somehow make him stop, but it soon becomes apparent that he isn't going to.

Within moments of that thought she feels the blade being pushed into her deeper than it has ever been. Panic rushes through her as she remembers that the blade looked like it must have been eight inches long and she feels herself starting to go faint. As the man fuck's her with it she begins to sob again not only at the fear of what he is doing to her but also at the humiliation of being made to endure such a horrific act. She feels the knife invading her, raping her, she is a piece of meet, a rag doll, the thoughts flood through her and finally she looses her battle to stay conscious.

Her head swimming with dazed confusion the helpless girl slowly awakens from her blackout. Reality snaps her back to full awareness as she tries to move but remembers that she is firmly restrained. Realising that the man is no longer over her, his blade no longer impaling her she begins to let out a slow breath of relief as she begins to sob uncontrollably over her ordeal. Her trembling calm is shattered when she hears movement from elsewhere. Her head whips around trying to locate the source of the noise but she is unable to see anything but the cold bare interior of her plain modern kitchen. Then like a monster from a horrific nightmare the fiend appears through the door that leads into the modest homes hallway. He stops just inside the room turning his soulless gaze upon her. Her stomach lurches and an overwhelming sense of nausea washes over her as he inclines his masked face and stares at her through cold black eyes. With her mouth still stuffed with rag she screams impotently through it as he advances toward her.

Reaching the table he climbs up onto it and manoeuvres himself so that he is on all fours with his hands flat on the tables surface on either side of her head. The blank black plastic of the mask is inches from her terrified pale face as she stares frozen in fear up at him. Savouring her fear for several seconds he reaches down with one hand and unzips his fly. She shakes her head and tears roll from her eyes as they plead pathetically up at him.

Releasing his hard cock from the confines of his heavy duty trousers the fiend lowers his hips towards his prize. Finding the outer lips of the whimpering girls sweet pussy he nudges at the entrance noting with some amusement that the little whore is still wet. He feels her trembling beneath him, her sobbing filling his ears as he begins to force his way inside. Parting her lips as he pushes forward his engorged cock head meets resistance as he starts to penetrate her. Savouring her moment of final resistance he grins as he pulls back ever so slightly.

Oppressively he pins her in place, his bulk presenting an immovable barrier that she doubted she would be able to overcome even if she were not restrained. The sound of his fly being unzipped makes her stomach lurch as a stab of inevitability lances at her consciousness. The blank pitiless gaze stares out from behind the cold black plastic as he lowers his face towards hers. Just before she turns her face away she notices that there is something there now, a glint, a flicker of intelligence, of lust. That one single moment of clarification, of recognition that this beast, this animal wasn't just some mindless moron that was smacked out of his head and mugging for cash or valuables with the added bonus of a fuck thrown in scared her far more than anything that had happened so far. The fact that he was getting off on it and had probably planned the whole thing was truly chilling.

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