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Silent Seduction


I have read many stories about mother and son incest, some possibly real, others fictional. In all these stories reasons, legitimate of otherwise, are usually given: She is a single parent or divorcee wanting sex; her husband doesn't satisfy the mother sexually; a mother had given up her child just after birth and they meet years later not knowing they are mother and son and become lovers. I believe this is called "genetic attraction."

In the better quality stories much is made of the mother and son bond and the sexual attraction involved is acted upon, usually during a crisis situation. The mother is usually fantastically good looking with overdeveloped mammary glands and long sexy legs.

Often the guy is still a virgin and mum decides to break him in, or he's broken hearted because his girlfriend has just dumped or she won't let him into her pussy and he goes complaining to mother who takes pity on him.

Well that's enough, because if you're reading this you probably know as much if not more than I do about the circumstances given in mother and son incest stories.

Having decided to set down my own experience of incestuous sex with my mother, right now I'm sitting in front of my computer wondering what to write next. You see, my mother is not a single parent, she is not divorced, I don't know what my parents' sex life is like and she didn't give me up at birth.

I suppose I was always fond of mum, and she of me, but it seems to me it was in quite an ordinary way. Mum and I are not fantastically good looking; we look okay I suppose, but that's all. I haven't lacked a pussy to put my penis in and so I had no reason to go wailing to mother and I don't think mum is a nymphomaniac or I'm extra virile.

I suppose having got this far I might as well make a stab at it and relate how I came to get my penis in mother's vagina, but if you take my advice you'll stop reading this and turn to more salacious stories than this one is likely to be.

* * * * * * * *

I suppose it all began when mum started walking in on me while I was naked in the bathroom. She had not done that since I was about ten years old and I suppose that's fairly normal, you know, reminding me to wash behind my ear or brush my teeth. But she started again when I was nineteen.

She seemed to take an inordinate interest in my penis which I didn't think was of any great interest. I mean, if it was ten inches or more long I could understand the interest, but when I measured it once when I had an erection it was a modest six and three quarter inches long.

I usually get an erection while showering and mum would stare at it for a few moments, smile enigmatically, and then leave.

Another thing is, I'm the sort of guy who likes to lie around in bed in the mornings and mum always came into my room to kick start me for the day. She got into the habit of pulling back the bed covers saying, "Come on, get up, you can't lie around all day."

Now like a lot of guys I usually had a morning erection when I woke up and since I slept naked mum got a full view of my penis. Again she would give that funny smile, flick my penis with her hand and say, "You are a big boy, you'd better fix that before you come for breakfast," and then she'd leave me to get on with my masturbating.

The first time she did this I was a bit embarrassed, but it became a habit for mum to do this to me and I quite liked it, there was something seductive about it, like her coming into the bathroom when I was in there.

I've often thought about the reason for her behaviour, and I suppose it's not abnormal for a mother to take in interest and she likes to think she's produced a reasonably acceptable male specimen.

Apart from this slightly quirky behaviour mum didn't seem to go out of her way to try and seduce me. You know the sort of thing, wearing sexy clothes or letting me see her in panties and bra. She just had what I thought of as odd behaviour but I really found it quite pleasant, and didn't imagine it would go beyond that, but it did.

* * * * * * * *

Now I'm not suggesting that mum deliberately planned what happen, she couldn't have done any way as you will see.

It came about like this. One stinking hot day and decided to skip my last lecture of the day and went home. When I arrived home I called out to mum to let her know I'd arrived, but got no answer. I was soaked with sweat and so deciding I was alone in the house I went to my bedroom, stripped off and went to take a shower.

When I entered the bathroom, there as mum, stark naked, drying herself, she didn't gasp, yell, scream or anything like that, she didn't even try to cover herself, she just stood there smiling her strange smile.

I suppose I was taken aback seeing her like that because I'd never seen mum naked, and so I froze and just stared at her. She turned her back to me and bent over, apparently to dry her feet, and I got a full view of her anus and the long cleft of her vulva its lips having that swollen and slightly wet look when a woman is aroused.

I got an erection and mum stood up again, turned towards me slightly, smiled again and then bent over, this time holding on to the edge of the hand basin, once more exposing her genitals to me. What this display was about I wasn't sure, but it had to mean something, and so I stood there and watched.

As I watched mum let go of the hand basin with one hand, her arm went down the front of her body and her hand appeared under her crotch and with one finger she made a beckoning gesture.

I approached her and she continued to beckon until I was standing right behind her, and then she resumed her two handed hold on the basin. My interpretation of her actions fortunately proved correct, because as I slid my penis into her vagina she started to push back on me.

It was to say the least, beautiful, so smooth, warm and soft. I was enjoying this sensation when she suddenly gripped my penis with her vagina muscle. That dragged a groan out of me and she continued flexing her vagina round my penis for a while until she started to push back on me harder and faster.

As she started to gasp I let go of my orgasm and ramming my penis into her I started to fill her vagina with my sperm.

We both ended up breathless as my penis started to slacken in her. Not a word passed between us and when I finally pulled out of mum she stood up, turned, smiled and patted my cheek. She clamped a towel to her genitals and still without a word left the bathroom.

Odd it may have been, brief it may had been and unexpected, and although when she left me I was bewildered and wondering about the why this had happened, I wasn't about to complain, because knew I had experienced the most satisfying sexual intercourse ever. The mere thought that I had put my semen in my mother's vagina was incredibly seductive, but don't expect me to analyse why, I'll leave that to the learned ones.

* * * * * * * *

I did wonder if this was an aberration, a one off on my mother part; perhaps some desire to find out what it was like to have sex with her son. Whatever she found out seemed to have appositive effect and I soon discovered that it was not to be a one time event. Not that I initially made a point of going into the bathroom when mum was in there, but she made a point of entering when I was there, and that seemed to signal it was okay if I went in while she was there.

At first it followed a familiar pattern. Mum would bend over and take hold of the hand basin and...well, I simply put my penis in her vagina and kept moving until we both orgasmed. Things took a slightly different turn when on waking me in the morning mum would sit across me and we'd do it that way.

The really weird thing was that we hardly ever spoke. We'd simply copulate and then mum would leave. Quite apart from the act of fucking nothing was ever said about it at other times.

It might have gone on like that indefinitely except that one weekend dad took himself off to watch an away football match. Mum for the first time had something to say, and she was very clear about what she wanted.

"You'll be coming to bed with me tonight," she said abruptly, and to bed with her I went.

This time it was a very different event. Previously there had never been any foreplay, but in bed there was kissing, nipple sucking, cunnilingus and fallatio. It was also talk time when we told each other how much we enjoyed having sex with each other. That set a new pattern and whenever dad went of on one of his football or golf jaunts mum and I got together in her bed, or perhaps on the divan in the living room.

It got a bit worrisome when mum announced that she was pregnant. She told me not to worry because it could have been dad who impregnated her, but the way she said it left me with the impression I was daddy.

I said I wouldn't try to justify or explain why mum and I became lovers, but I have wondered, is there something extra special about having sex with one's mother, that something extra that makes it so enticing?

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