She stopped and let her hand rest there for a moment, feeling the soft mat of hair that lightly carpeted him from his chest down. Then continuing down she brushed her hand across his cock. To her surprise, it was almost fully hard.

Tracy began to stroke lightly it for awhile, and felt as it grew a little bit with each touch of her hand. Soon Ron's cock was fully hard, but Ron was still asleep. Tracy pulled her head under the covers and made her way down to it. Softly she placed her lips on the smooth head and began to stroke the very tip of it with her tongue. Ron's body did not stir. Parting her lips slightly, Tracy slid a little bit more of Ron's cock into her mouth. Her lips moved back and forth along its smooth shaft, gliding up and following every contour from its tip to the very root of his thick cock. The thought of having his cock in her hand, stroking it, with her lips wrapped its shaft, made her tremble with excitement. She had only sucked one other cock in her life, her husbands. Tracy had sucked her husband only after he had forced her into it. Ron had never asked her for it, so Tracy was eager to do it. Tracy was a woman truly in love. As her sucking became more intense, Ron began to stir. He woke up with a vague realization of what was happening. Tracy continued working on the full length of his shaft, intent only on driving Ron to ecstasy. Ron's hips started to move, meeting Tracy's movements as her lips moved back and forth along his shaft. Ron started to moan, his body writhing with each movement of Tracy's lips. Tracy wrapped her hand around Ron's cock, stroking the full length of his throbbing shaft. Her tongue swirled around the head of his cock as her lips encircled it just behind the head.

"Oh... Tracy here it comes".

Ron was rapidly approaching climax. Tracy began stroking faster and sucking harder. Suddenly His cock began to jerk involuntarily. Tracy knew what would happen next. Tracy continued to suck and stroke his cock. Then it came, a hot eruption of cum gushed from Ron's cock. Tracy was not quite ready for the amount that came at that moment, some cum escaped from her lips and ran down the side of her chin. Swallowing each surge as they came, Tracy continued to stroke his shaft, determined to milk every last drop of cum from his pulsating cock. As the flow of cum started to subside, Tracy pulled her mouth away from Ron's still surging member and kissed him on his chest.

Ron looked at Tracy's lips as they touched his chest and remembered the first time that he had kissed her. Her lips were smooth and gentle in their touch. He loved when Tracy kissed him. She seemed to give him more than just a kiss; she was communicating her love to him each time their lips met. Ron drew Tracy's lips up to his and gently started to kiss her.

Tracy crawled up on top of Ron, her nipples stood out firm and erect. Ron reached up and softly caressed her breasts. Tracy maneuvered her soft mound over Ron's partially erect cock, sliding her mound back and forth the length of it. Ron began to caress Tracy's nipples, tracing his fingers lightly across them. Ron's cock started to grow for the second time that morning. He could feel the wetness of her pussy as she slid it back and forth along his shaft.

At that moment the phone rang, Tracy put a finger to her lips to signal Ron not to make a sound. Ron nodded his head in acknowledgment. Tracy picked up the phone and settled back to rubbing her mound along Ron's shaft.

"Hello?" there was a slight pause.

"I am OK, how is your trip going?"

Ron felt uncomfortable about the situation, but Tracy continued to glide her mound along the full length of his cock. Tracy spoke once again into the phone,

"When will you be home "?

Tracy continued to listen to her husband's voice on the telephone for a moment and then pulled the phone away from her ear. Ron could hear an angry man's voice lecturing her about keeping her nose out of his business. Tracy reached down and guided Ron's cock to the opening of her pussy. As she lowered herself down onto him, Tracy could feel the head of his cock press its way past the opening of her wet hole. As it slid deeper into her, Tracy could feel the sensation of Ron's cock filling her as it entered her. Ron was struggling to keep his composure in such an awkward situation. Once Tracy had Ron fully inside of her, she began to move her hips back and forth in a slow and deliberate motion. The sensation was overwhelming to Ron and Tracy both. Tracy knew that she was doing this as much to excite Ron as she was doing it as a means of defying the voice that continued to bellow at her through the phone.

Ron felt a mixture of fear of the situation, and anger at the voice that was still heaping out generous amounts of verbal abuse. Most of all he felt love. He loved Tracy, and silently vowed to rescue her from this person on the phone. Tracy would periodically speak into the phone,

"Yes, I am still listening".

The motion of her hips kept going in a smooth rhythmical fashion. Ron could see the game that she was playing now and decided to play along. Placing his hands on her hips, he started to assist the thrusting motion of her hips.

Pressing himself deeper inside Tracy, Ron began moving her hips faster. The effect on Tracy was immediate. Ron began to slow down a bit for fear that Tracy might not be able to talk on the phone without betraying that something was amiss. Tracy looked down at Ron and smiled, increasing the pace on her own. Tracy started to speak again but Ron did not hear what she was saying. Pressing a pillow to his face for fear that he might make a sound, Ron felt the wave of an orgasm overcome him. Tracy smiled when she felt Ron's cock pulsate inside of her. As Ron's orgasm subsided, Tracy stopped moving. After a moment she raised herself up with one leg to allow Ron's cock to slide out of her cum filled hole. At this, Tracy slid one of her fingers up into her drenched pussy moving it around in a circular motion. The voice on the phone was shouting

"Tracy... Tracy! Answer me!!"

Tracy replied, "I am still here."

Tracy withdrew her finger and looked at it for a moment. It was wet with a mixture of Ron's cum and her juices. The voice in the phone droned on. Tracy placed her finger to her lips and began to lick the mixture of juices off of it. Then placing her finger into her mouth, she sucked the last remaining juices from her finger. Pulling her finger from her mouth, she spoke into the phone for the last time.

"OK, I will... goodbye".

Hanging up the phone Tracy looked down to Ron and said

"How did you like that"?

Ron didn't quite know what to say. He liked it... he definitely liked it. Ron knew that now was the time to tell Tracy what he wanted to say to her the evening before. This time there would no distractions and no dissuading him. Tracy started to speak but Ron cut her off.

"Tracy, listen to me. I want you to be with me, I want you to come live with me... I love you very much and I want you to come away with me...I want you to marry me".

Ron knew that he sounded like he was babbling incoherently, but he hoped she that understood.

Tracy looked at him and began to weep softly. Ron was confused.

"What's wrong sweetheart?"

He wondered to himself what he could have said that would make her cry.

"Nothing", she replied, "you just said the most beautiful thing to me, that's all. I'm very, very happy right now".

At this Ron felt relieved,

"Well, will you. Will you marry me?"

Tracy did not speak.

"Tracy I love you and I want to take you away from that man that treats you like you are nothing, I want to take care of you; and most of all Tracy, I promise I will love you and cherish you for the rest of my life and beyond. I mean it, I want you to come with me now and be with me for the rest of our lives".

Tracy lowered herself down and kissed Ron lightly.

"I have known that I loved you since the first time that we met, yes I want to marry you".

Ron's heart jumped, he felt overcome with emotion. For a moment he thought he would start to cry. Tracy rose up once more; her face had a sober look on it.

"Ron, there is one thing I must do before I am able to go with you, I must ask you to please try to understand. I must do this, it's important".

Tracy paused for a moment hoping desperately that Ron would understand.

"I will not be able to go with you unless I do"...


Tracy had not talked to Ron for two days. She had told him not to try to make contact with her. She would contact him when she could. Tracy had a lot to think about. She knew she was taking the biggest risk of her life. If something went wrong, she could loose Ron forever. She thought out her plan a thousand times, and then thought about abandoning the whole idea an equal number of times. Tracy wanted to be with Ron more than anything, but she had to be sure about him. As the hours passed, she refined her plan that she felt would serve two purposes. One, she would find out for sure if what Ron felt for her was truly love.

Two, she would take great pleasure in exacting a personal kind of revenge on the man who had brought her so much pain over the years.

Tracy cursed herself for doubting Ron's intentions, but she had to be sure, she had to be absolutely sure. If she was to go with Ron, she wanted to devote her whole heart and soul to him. After all, if Ron went through with her plan, he would be more than deserving of her devotion.

Ron spent the next two days in a daze. He would leap for the phone each time it rang. Several friends had called him to ask where he had been. Ron said that he had a cold and needed to rest. Time passed and still Tracy did not call. Thoughts raced through his head, was she OK; did her husband come home and hurt her again? Had Tracy changed her mind and decided to cut their relationship off? The strain was starting to affect him. He couldn't eat, and his sleep was haunted by dozens of fractured dreams that he could make no sense of at all. Ron's biggest fear was that he was being used, or worse, played for a fool.

Ron decided to seek the advice of a trusted friend, the woman whose wedding he was attending when this whole thing started. He picked up the phone and then quickly put it down. No, he should discuss this with her in person.

As he opened the front door to his apartment the figure that stood there startled him. Ron stammered for a moment,

"Tracy, I didn't expect you, how did you find out where I lived?"

She stood there for a moment and smiled at Ron.

"I didn't mean to startle you Ron; I just stopped by for a moment".

Tracy's voice seemed strangely distant to Ron, his fears began to surface once again. Was she here to call it all off? The thought was unbearable to Ron.

"Well", Tracy spoke once again, "Aren't you going to invite me in?"

"I'm sorry... Please come in". Ron started to stammer again.

Tracy stepped through the doorway and immediately turned to face Ron. Ron pushed the door shut quickly, fearing that someone might see Tracy at his apartment and somehow expose their affair. As Ron finished closing the door, Tracy was already in motion. She rushed into his arms so suddenly that Ron was caught off guard. Their collision caused him to fall back against the wall behind him. Tracy wrapped her arms around Ron and held him tight. Ron could feel Tracy's body trembling as he held her close to him.

"Ron I have missed you so much". Tracy's voice held an unmistakable hint of desperation in it.

"Are you ready? Are you ready to leave"? Ron asked.

Tracy stepped back from Ron for a moment and looked into his eyes for a moment as if she were searching for something.

"Ron... Do you love me? I mean do you really love me, I really must know how committed you are, how much thought you have put into this. If I leave my husband, I will also have to leave this town too. He has too many powerful friends in this town and I know he will never let us have a minute of peace as long as we stay here. That means if you want to be with me, you will have to pack up and leave this town too".

Tears were forming in her eyes as she spoke. Ron replied without hesitation,

"Yes I do sweetheart, I love you so much that I cannot stand the thought of living without you. Tracy, I want you to come away with me. I want you to marry me and be with me for the rest of our lives".

Ron stepped forward to embrace Tracy but she quickly retreated.

"Ron, there's something else... I have to ask you to help me do something. If you help me, I will be able to go with you".

Ron fell silent. He wondered what she would ask of him. Was Tracy plotting to kill her husband? No, she was not capable of such a thing. Ron looked at Tracy for a moment and then spoke.

"What do you need me to do?" Ron asked.

Tracy seated herself on the sofa and motioned for Ron to sit beside her.

"I have a plan..."

Tracy explained her plan to Ron in detail. She felt relieved to finally have gotten it all out. Now her only concern was what Ron would think of her, now that he has heard her plan. Ron sat for a moment running over in his mind what Tracy had just asked of him. He could see a sort of genius in her plan, and it had an interesting bit of irony added for good measure. It would be a huge risk, but it all would be worth it if it meant that he would have Tracy for the rest of his life.

Tracy was waiting for a reply from Ron but could wait no longer,

"What do you think of my plan" she asked.

Ron laughed for a moment.

"Well, it's sort of insane, but it's got plenty of style. I don't know why, but I like it."

A sense of relief came to Tracy. It was as if his words were washing away all of the fears that haunted her for the last two days. Ron took her hand into his.

"How soon can we do it, I want to have you with me as soon as possible."

Tracy's arms wrapped themselves around Ron and held tight. Tears were flowing down her cheeks. Ron put his arms around her. As he held her there in his arms he spoke softly in her ear.

"I love you Tracy, I love you so much that I can't believe that I am so fortunate to have met you. And I am so happy that you are in love with me too.

Now Tracy began to sob even more, she has never felt so loved in all of her life. In Ron's arms she felt warm and safe. She felt his love for her so clearly that no more doubt could possibly exist. She knew that he was the man that she would be with for the rest of her life.

Tracy considered for a moment that she might abandon her plan and just leave with Ron, but no, she must do this, she must...

Ron felt as if he had just had a wonderful gift granted to him, Tracy would be with him. He was anxious to proceed with her plan so that they could finally be together.

"How soon can we do this?" Ron asked again.

Tracy's reply came as a bit of a shock to him,

"How about Monday night?" she asked.

That only left one day to prepare to put Tracy's plan into motion, they agreed on Monday night at midnight as a fitting time to execute her plan.


Ron looked at his watch; it was 11:48 PM. He was right on schedule. In his hand was a small gift for Tracy, a single flower. He crossed her back yard and carefully reviewed in his mind just how he would make his way through her house. The glass door was unlocked just as she said it would be. The house was unlit, also as he expected. After he entered the house, Ron stood in the shadows for a few moments to gather his nerve and to allow his eyes to adjust to the darkness.

A dim moonlight barely filtered through windows here and there making it even more difficult to see.

Ron decided the time was right so began to make his way through the house. The fear inside of him began to grow. There would be no room for mistakes tonight, he must do everything perfectly or he would invite disaster. Ron placed his foot on the first step of the stairs. Slowly he shifted his full weight onto it, mindful that the stairs could creak and alert Tracy's husband.

His ears strained to detect any sounds from the house, but only silence greeted him. The time it took to reach the top of the stairs seemed like forever. He felt a great inner relief that he had made it undetected so far. At the same time he felt the fear inside of him grow even more as he approached his ultimate destination. Ron paused at the top of the stairs for a moment, hoping to allow himself time to calm down. Never in his life had he ever done such a thing, entering a house that was not his own, in the middle of the night like a burglar. Ron looked down the hall that led from the top of the stairs. It seemed longer than it really was.

Ron slowly made his way down the hall, gathering courage from the progress that he had made so far. At the end of the hall were the double doors that led into the master bedroom, where Tracy and her husband were. Arriving at the doorway; Ron peered into the bedroom. Moonlight bathed the room in a soft mystical glow. He could see Tracy and her husband lying in the bed, and could hear each breath Tracy's husband took as he lay there sleeping. Ron's whole body was trembling with a mixture of excitement and fear.

Slowly he stepped into the room, pausing with each step, careful not to make any sound. Ron looked toward the window where the moonlight that illuminated the room entered. The moonlight added to the tension of the moment, with its mysterious glow, creating an effect that distorted one's perception. This caused everything to look different than it really was. Ron detected a flicker of movement out of the corner of his eye. His heart started to pound as he turned his head to see what it was. Tracy's arm was reaching out from under the covers. Her hand beckoned him to come to her. Ron should have known that she would not be sleeping, but her stillness had led him to believe otherwise. Ron stepped over to Tracy quickly and knelt beside her. Her hand touched his shoulder lightly, helping to calm his nerves.

This was the moment that would shape Ron and Tracy's future together. If he did as planned, they would have the rest of their lives to spend together. If not, Ron knew that their future was uncertain at best. Ron reached under the covers of the bed where Tracy lay motionless. His hand touched the skin of her thigh. Her skin felt warm to the touch and it was as smooth as one could ever imagine. It's started, there was no turning back from Tracy's plan now that he has gone this far. Tracy's body reacted immediately as Ron slowly ran his hand down the length of her leg. Ron stopped for a moment, fearing that her reaction would betray what they were doing. Slowly he began again, moving his hand across her smooth skin, caressing and touching her entire body a little at a time.

Tracy did not feel as she thought she would. She thought that what she would feel was a mixture of fear and one of revenge. Instead she felt a strange sense of excitement and arousal. It was as if a burglar, some thief in the night had come into her home and was now taking liberties with her. He was taking something very personal, and something very much forbidden.

He was not there for money or jewels; he was there to steal something else. She was the object of the theft. It was her that he had come for. As his hand touched her body, he was stealing her right from right under her husband's nose. Tracy lay there allowing this man to steal this forbidden thing from her husband. She realized that this was what she had wanted out of her strange but somehow erotic plan. She had wanted this forbidden thing to be stolen from her husband, from right under his nose.

Her husband had been so arrogant in his infidelities with other women and now it was her turn. He had hit her so many times during their marriage, defying her to fight back. Many times he had bragged that a woman belonged to him, once he had her in his bed.

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